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Moon of My Life

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“Can you shut your thinking for once? Be grateful that the Alpha agreed to this or you would be in my dungeon pleasing my guards right now.” Princess Kate sneered with an obviously fake smile, lying on her side on the couch. It reminded Stiles of a hyena his dad once killed while it was still laughing.

Kate was known to be an evil and selfish beta woman who wanted nothing more than to be the center of attention. Huh. That’s probably why she wants to get rid of me, Stiles thought to himself. Even since it was spread across the village that Stiles had presented as an omega, Kate had always glared at Stiles with hate and jealousy.

Stiles’ thoughts are interrupted when a tan, shirtless man approaches them with a tattoo on his upper arm. He discreetly takes a sniff of the air and recognizes the man as a beta. Stiles is surprised when the young man meets his eyes and smiles.

“Is this the omega? He is beautiful,” Kate’s nose wrinkles when the unknown man says that. “My Alpha will certainly be pleased with him. I am Scott.”

Kate snorts, “Well Scott, your alpha has very low standards then. He is too skinny for an omega.”

Scott only smiles again, “An omega me. He’ll want him.”

Kate rolls her eyes and sighs. “I know how this game goes, McCall. We give the alpha a status,” she gestures to Stiles, “and he’ll give us an army. Thousands of shifters will raid the other kingdoms, people will cry out for their rightful ruler. The name Argent will go down in history.”

Scott looks a bit disturbed, but apparently he’s smart enough to know better than to argue. “Certainly, your highness.”

Stiles, who's been watching the whole exchange silently, looks away. He doesn’t have a doubt in his mind that Kate will do anything in her power to make her plan come to pass.


The moon is high in the sky when their guests finally arrive. They are three large men on what appear to be wolves, all with different tattoos.

Scott leads Stiles and Kate to the men and clears his throat to speak in an unknown language to Stiles, “I present beta Princess Kate Argent, sister of King Argent. Next in line of the Argent throne. Her charge, omega Stiles Stilinski. Son of Knight Stilinski.

Stiles stares curiously when the men nod in greeting. “This is Alpha Hale’s trusted pack.” Scott informs them.

The shifters all turn their stare to Stiles. Stiles quickly averts his eyes to his feet. 

Scott puts his hand on Stiles’ shoulder and guides him to look in the direction of the back of a muscular man. “That man over there, dear omega. That is Alpha Hale.”

The man’s body absolutely screams Alpha. Hale is the tallest man in the courtyard, with cropped jet black hair, and smooth tan skin. His back has a spiral shaped tattoo, that Stiles can’t identify.

Scott pulls away from Stiles and starts to head towards the Alpha’s direction. Kate leans closer to Stiles, looking at the Alpha. “You see that tattoo on his back? It’s called a triskele. All Hales and their mates have this tattoo. It’s a symbol for alpha, beta, and omega. When you become his omega, you will get the tattoo as well.”  

Stiles stays silent and stares at the Alpha. The man’s face is harsh and his dark brows are furrowed. His eyes though, are what captures his attention. They’re soft and are a green that’s he’s never encountered in real life before. The man is quite beautiful, but it’s not enough to change Stiles’ mind about the marriage.

“I don’t want to be his omega,” Stiles whispers brokenly. “Please. I don’t want to, I want to go home.”

Kate keeps a mask of calm, but her eyes burn with anger and her voice is harsh when she whispers, “Home? You have no home. Your father left you because he didn’t want the burden of a useless omega whore .”

Stiles’ eyes fill with tears, but that doesn’t stop the harsh words from continuing. “I’d let all his men fuck you, all thousands of them and their dogs too if that’s what it took. Now, clean your eyes.” The Princess sneers.

Stiles’ wipes the unshed tears, and watches as Scott begins to come their way with the Alpha in tow.

“Smile. And stand up straight. Let him see that omega body of yours. God knows that it isn’t that impressive to begin with.” Kate whispers nervously.

Stiles stands up straight and puts on a fake smile.


Alphas, betas, omegas, and children, have all gathered to celebrate their Alpha’s wedding day. Stiles’ sits beside Alpha Hale. He feels weird in the silk fabric of his wedding attire, used to the flannels of his old clothing. Hale doesn’t acknowledge that he is there. He’s too busy shouting commands to his shifters in their language. 

Sat below them is Scott, the Alpha’s uncle Peter, and Princess Kate.They are in the midst of conversation, keeping their voices low. Scott looks up and waves at them every once in awhile though. 

Stiles steals a glance at Alpha Hale. He seems to be ignoring Stiles’ existence, staring at the ground below with no expression on his face. Curious, Stiles looks to see what his betrothed is watching: shifters and beta drummers pounding on drums made of wood as omega men and women start a traditional wedding dance for the Alpha.

It seems as though that these shifters are fairly open with each other. The dance is extremely sexual, and in the middle of the dance a beta man grabs one of the dancers, pushes her on all fours and takes her right there in front of the encouraging crowd. Alpha Hale snorts while Stiles watches on with horror.

Soon almost all the dancers have alphas or betas all over them. The trouble starts when two alphas try to claim the same omega. Both men shift into their wolf form and pounce on each other. The fight is fast and brutal, their fangs blurring in the sunlight. Finally, one shifter stumbles and isn’t quick enough to recover before the other wolf goes for his neck, and tears his throat out. The victor howls in triumph and mounts the omega male while still in his wolf form. Stiles struggles to keep himself from vomiting. 

Kate smirks in approval. Yes, she made the right decision to have these shifters as her army.

Suddenly, Alpha Hale stands up and snarls out a noise that makes everyone stop what they’re doing. Hale looks at Stiles with a blank expression. Stiles finally notices that everyone is staring at him and he feels his face heat up. Stiles stands and follows his Alpha’s lead when he goes down the ramp to the center of the forest.

Men and women of all dynamics come up to them and lay gifts before their Alpha, and new Omega. Soft furs, shiny jewelry, and others make up a large pile at their feet.

Kate approaches with a fake grin on her face. Stiles despises her. “I too have brought gifts,” Kate gestures to three young girls behind her. “This is Lydia who will teach you to speak in the ways of the shifters, Kira who will teach you to ride, and Erica who will teach you…” She smirks. “...the art of love.”  

The Alpha’s uncle is next and he approaches with beta shifters carrying a large chest. “This gift is from me and my sister, Derek’s mother, who passed away,” So his name is Derek . “It was intended for the mate of the Alpha.” He bows and moves away for the shifters to present the chest.

Peter gestures for Stiles to open the chest. When Stiles opens the chest he gasps at what he finds. Inside, are three wombs surrounding fetuses of unborn direwolves.

“Direwolves went extinct when the hunters killed them all. My sister found a pregnant injured one and saved the pups inside. They’re fossilized now, but they are nonetheless beautiful.” Peter explains while Kate rolls her eyes.

“Lies, of course.” She scoffs.

Stiles ignores her and is mesmerized by them, lie or truth. “Thank you Peter. I will cherish them always.”

Derek walks into the crowd, and the shifters split like the red sea for him.

Stiles tries to hide his anxiety when all the shifters look back at him. To him, they are an intriguing species, but to them he is like an alien from the sky. They have never seen an omega like him before.

The Alpha reemerges from the crowd with a small amber ball of fur. The crowd waits eagerly to see how Stiles will react. Stiles feels his heart melt when he sees the small ears pop out from the ball. It’s a wolf pup, and Stiles hesitantly reaches out to take the pup in his arms.

Derek says something in the wolf tongue that Stiles doesn’t understand, and Scott translates. “Alpha says that this pup was the closest color he could find to match your eyes. It is female.”

“She’s beautiful.” Stiles murmurs scratching behind the pup’s ears.

Scott meets Derek’s eyes when he nudges him, and takes the pup away from Stiles. Derek then steps forward, hands gripping Stiles’ waist gently, and lifts him up on top of a large white wolf with gold armor. All the shifters stare at him. Their new Omega.

Stiles grabs onto the wolf’s reins tightly. He whips it gently and the wolf starts to move. Stiles feels nervous at first, but when the crowd parts for him and the wolf moves faster, he smiles. He nudges the wolf to go faster and laughs in glee when the wolf complies. The shifters start cheering, impressed that their new Omega is a natural.

Stiles stops the wolf and turns to look at Scott and his new husband. “Tell Derek he has given me the moon.” 

Scott translates, and for the first time ever, the Alpha smiles. The shifters from the previous day come forth with Derek’s wolf, that the Alpha then mounts.

Stiles' happiness deflates when he sees Princess Kate approaching him with a pleased smirk. She grips his calf, “You make him happy now.” She digs her sharp nails in and Stiles flinches.

Derek begins to trot on his wolf and Stiles follows, looking back at Kate and Scott. Whatever happiness he had felt in the moment has been burned out like a fire. He is now terrified.


Derek eventually stops them at a grassy spot beside a beautiful river with the reflection of the moon. He gracefully hops off the wolf and helps Stiles get off of his. He feels helpless and shivers when a harsh wind blows his way. He doesn't notice when Derek leaves to tie the reins of the wolves to a nearby tree.

When he returns to stand in front of him, Stiles feels tears start to run down his cheeks. Derek stares at him, an unreadable expression on his face. He rubs away his tears with a calloused thumb and a soft noise. “No.” Derek grunts.

Stiles sniffles, “You know how to speak english?” 

Derek shakes his head, “No.” He starts to stroke the hair at the nape of Stiles’ neck, cooing softly in his language. An instinctive maneuver all alphas have to calm down a distressed omega.

Stiles doesn't understand, but he can recognize warmth in the Alpha’s voice. It’s a tender tone that he hasn’t heard since he was a child.

Derek cups his face and continues cooing words in that gruff language. Derek looks into his eyes and Stiles feels his breath hitch when he sees those beautiful green eyes pierce into his. “No.” He says again.

Stiles feels a smile begin to creep onto his face. A big strong alpha, who only knows one common word. “Is ‘no’ the only word that you know?”

The Alpha doesn’t reply. Instead he removes his shoes and starts to pull on the laces on his pants. After a moment of hesitation, Stiles leans in to help him. He pulls off the thick material slowly, breath hitching when he feels the warmth radiating off of the the Alpha’s cock.

When his clothes are off, Derek meets his eyes again. They’re dark and full of lust. Stiles swallows the lump in his throat when Derek gently starts to removes his clothing in return. When his undergarments are removed, Stiles covers his soft cock in shame.

Derek pulls his hands away gently but firmly, “No.”

Stiles shivers when the wind blows over them. He can feel the Alpha’s eyes roaming over his body. Derek nuzzles his face into the crook of his neck, his beard tickling Stiles. He softly starts to kiss and nip along the exposed skin while his hands slide up Stiles’ chest, brushing his erect nipples. Stiles gasps in response and instinctively spreads his legs so his Alpha can slot between them. 

Stiles feels breathless when he feels Derek's slick erection rubbing against his stomach, and notes a sticky warmth between his own thighs. Finally, the Alpha settles his hands on his waist and pulls away from his neck to look into his eyes. Derek cups his face again and Stiles shudders.

“No?” Derek murmurs.

Stiles grabs his mate’s hand and guides it to the wetness that he’s identified as slick leaking from his hole. “Yes.” Stiles responds and cups the Alpha’s face to bring him into a kiss.

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Stiles doesn’t remember how he ended up on a soft bed in a tent. He doesn't get up yet, just breathing slowly while his memories from the day before started flashing in his mind. He's mated now. He wonders how his father would feel knowing he was now mated a shifter.

" Your father left you because he didn’t want the burden of a useless omega whore." Kate's harsh words ring through his head. Maybe she was right, if his father cared about him he would've never left him with someone he knew would use him to their own advantage. Kate was smart, cause that plan was working perfectly in her favor. Soon she'd wreak havoc on the other kingdoms in the country. 

All of a sudden the tent curtains open letting in a ray of bright sunshine. “Good morning, Omega Hale. Would you enjoy some breakfast?” Lydia says closing the curtains behind her, holding out a tray of food. 

Stiles nods eagerly not realizing how hungry he was until he smelt the food. He sits up too quickly though, crying out in pain at the feeling of tender skin around his hole and bruising around his hips. "Fuck," he gasps. "I feel like I've been thrown off a horse."

Lydia looks at him in concern, "Do you feel okay to move?" She sits next to him on the bed and hands him the tray.

"Yeah," Stiles whispers swallowing the lump in his throat. "It's just, I've never done...what we did before. Ever." He scoops the eggs she brought him with his fingers and brings it to his mouth, savoring the taste. Kate never had let him luxuries like eggs and meat, he was put on a strict diet of only liquids to keep his 'omega figure trim' as she liked to put it. 

Lydia smiles kindly as him in understanding. Most omegas were kept virgins until they were to be mated off in exchange for whatever their owner wanted. Thankfully she must notice how uncomfortable Stiles is and she changes the subject. “Once you are finished it is time for our lessons.” She says while pulling a scroll from her bag. 


Stiles was quite proud that he had learned quite a lot in their time, already knowing most of the common words in the shifter language. Lydia was impressed with how much of a fast learner he was. 

"Okay, I think that's enough lessons for today, Omega." Lydia says rolling the scroll back up to put in her bag. 

Stiles smiles at her, "Thank you Lydia. And please call me Stiles."

She looks at him in surprise but nods, "As you wish..Stiles." 

The moment is ruined when Derek opens the tent curtains and says something to Lydia that he has yet to learn. Lydia says something in response, and looks at Stiles. "We will continue our lessons tomorrow. Have a good night." She bows and leaves purposely closing the tent curtains behind her. 

Derek right away looks at Stiles, lust already starting to form in his eyes. "She says you learn fast." He grunts, beginning to strip himself of his of dirty clothes. "I would like to hear your progress sometime." Stiles gulps watching as Derek's erect cock springs out as he lowers his loin cloth. 

Stiles doesn't know what to say to that, he's silent as Derek approaches him slowly and starts pulling at his clothing. Stiles is only able to mutter out one single word as Derek exposes his crotch. “Slow.” Stiles whispers, and Derek pauses what he was doing, he smiles finally able to understand his omega. Then he nods and moves slowly to lower them on the bed. 

Slow.” Alpha repeats, kissing Stiles’ neck before he starts thrusting into him like an animal. 


It had been a 2 weeks since the wedding, and Stiles can't speak fluently in the shifter's language still. At first it was easy, but as the mate of an Alpha he had to learn their laws in their language which was tough. Derek was patient with him though, understanding that a new language is hard. The only thing that still bothered Stiles though, was how Derek took complete control in bed. Not like Stiles wanted to be the one to penetrate of course, but Derek didn’t give Stiles any choice or say in what they did in bed. He wanted to learn to have just some sort of control when it came to their sex life. So he decided to use Kate's gift to his advantage and ask Erica. 

It's early morning when he asks her, Derek is out with Peter and his tribe preparing for Kate's invasion. They're laying on the bed in his and Derek's tent, talking about his life before he became mated and how she has her eyes on one of Derek's most trusted shifters. Stiles laughs when Erica says how she wants Boyd to get his head of his ass already. 

After a couple minutes in silence, he decides to get it over with. “Erica?” Stiles whispers.

“Yes, Omega.” Erica answers with a smile.

“How do I um, get some sort of control over the Alpha?” Stiles asks hesitantly.

“Control with what?” She asks confused.

“ wise?” He asks embarrassed looking down so she doesn't see his face turn red.

“Oh I see.” She says with a smirk, moving over and climbing onto his lap to straddle his waist.

“I’ll teach you.” Erica says and Stiles’ heart beats really fast because he doesn’t want the Alpha walking in on them and getting the wrong idea. Erica has been nothing but kind to him, he'd hate for her to get hurt over him asking a stupid question.

“So, you want to control him? Well, when he comes back in the tent and tries to take you to bed, you tell him no, until you earn the control. Until you’re the one on top, an alpha like him likes a good ride. He won't be able to resist once you're on him.” She says suggestively waggling her eyebrows and making Stiles laugh.

“The Alpha doesn’t want me to be on top. He's always on top or putting me on all fours.” Stiles sighs as Erica takes his hands and moves them to her waist.

“Just like this Stiles, you control it, you tell him how slow you want it to go, how fast." She slowly rolls her hips in example. "Now come on, take control!” She says as Stiles flips them around so she’s on the bottom.

“Great job Omega. Don't put it off," She warns. "Tonight.” Stiles laughs nervously and climbs off the bed to let her up. Tonight. 


Stiles is lying down in bed in his silk robe he received as a wedding gift mentally preparing himself, waiting for the time when his mate barges through the tent waiting to flip him and start fucking him. Not this time Stiles thinks to himself, this time, I will have complete and utter control over him.

Soon Stiles hears him enter the tent, already breathing heavily. Stiles turns around to face him, sitting up quickly.

Derek walks over to the bed, his toned tanned chest free of any wounds. Derek then takes off his clothing until he’s bare. Even though Stiles doesn’t like being manhandled in bed without permission, he can’t lie that Derek has a gorgeous body. His big toned biceps, his tanned chest and long thick cock that makes Stiles’ mouth water with want. 

Derek gets onto the bed, turning him over ignoring his yelp, gripping Stiles’ hips into position and starting to move the robe up to expose his ass.

“No.” Stiles gasps, quickly turning back around and shoving his hands away. Derek is startled to say the least, eyes widening and then turning dark to shove him down once again.

“I said no!” Stiles shouts, springing around and slapping his hands away. Derek grabs Stiles’ wrist forcefully and Stiles stares up at him, making eye contact.

“Tonight I would like to pleasure you.” Stiles says suddenly, placing his hands on both sides of Derek’s face, as Derek begins to loosen his grip on him.

Then he timidly guides Derek onto his back and climbs on top of his lap, taking Derek again by surprise. Stiles guides Derek’s hands towards the tie around his waist that’s holding his robe on him. Derek starts breathing a little heavily as he unties the knot, and slips the fabric off of Stiles’ body, letting it fall off to the side.

Stiles lets out a breath, and rests his hands on Derek’s chest. He rises onto his knees letting his head fall back as he slowly lowers himself down onto Derek’s cock. 

It feels good, bouncing up and down on Derek with slow movements is hitting him right against his prostate causing his slick to leak freely down Derek's cock. Derek’ eyes are full of lust and are glowing a dark red. Stiles can't stop himself from moaning when Derek accidentally brushes his hand on his dick.

Stiles’ movements are faltering and he’s panting so hard that his whole body is trembling. Stiles whines as Derek grips his hips tightly, taking control of their movements and thrusting his hips up. Stiles' cries out, collapsing his chest against his Alpha's. 

“Fuck me.” Stiles breathes against Derek’ ear, letting his mate pick him up and throw him down. Derek keeps pumping into Stiles body growling and moaning around fangs that have become to extend from his mouth. With a grunt, Derek pushes all the way in his eyes rolling back in his head as Stiles begins to feel pressure near his hole. Knowing that he made Derek knot makes him come completely untouched, moaning as he feel the knot expand even more. 

Derek is slowly rolling his hips try to grind the too big knot into Stiles as he comes, pump after pump until finally he stops still attached to his mate. 

Derek rolls over to bring Stiles onto his chest afterwards, something he had never done before. They're both breathing hard looking into each other's eyes, neither have had an experience that intense before. Derek presses a soft kiss against his lips, Maybe this can turn to love, Stiles decides with a small smile as he brings his hands up to cradle his mate's face.