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Unwanted Butterflies

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Chapter One: Office Copulation


Yoongi sighs as soon as he opens the door to their apartment, throwing the keys on the purple couch to his right he despises so much. The only reason it’s still in its place is because Taehyung insisted upon keeping it, saying it brought a modern touch to their house (he also threatened to sleep in the couch outside if it were to be thrown. Yoongi didn’t mind but Jimin did). Said guy walks behind him with the grocery bags tightly held in his small fingers. Right when he’s about to ask Yoongi if he wants to order some food or cook something up, his boyfriend spots Jungkook’s leather jacket thrown carelessly on the floor and groans. “For fuck´s sake, he’s here again.”

“Really? That’s a new record.” Jimin laughs, amused as he begins saving the fresh vegetables and fruits into the fridge. Yoongi holds the door open for him, leaning against it with a frown on his face.

“Not funny. Thanks God Tae’s room is upstairs.” He murmurs, eyes going instinctively towards the ceiling.

“As if that ever blocks any sounds.” Jimin scoffs with a shake of his head which makes his orange hair move, strands falling on his forehead and blocking his view forcing him to run a hand through it as he usually does. “They probably already finished.”

“Oh then…” he bites his lip, realization slowly sinking in.

“Yup, any minute now.” Jimin nods, arranging the milk and the orange juice next to the beers, the brown paper bags at his feet.

“3…2…1” Yoongi counts with his fingers, trying hard to find the situation as amusing as his boyfriend does. It’s not like he can complain anyway, since he’s the one that moved in their apartment a few months ago. He’d wanted to get their own place with Jimin but they couldn’t afford a good one and considering this one was already paid for by Taehyung’s rich parents, he decided not to rush it. That being said, he wasn’t aware of Tae’s loud hobbies. At least the guy has the decency of never doing it throughout the night.

“You fucking idiot!” Taehyung’s loud yell is heard through the apartment, earning a cackle from his best friend at the accurate countdown.

“Like clockwork.” Yoongi can’t help  but smile as he sees Jimin’s eyes shine with the slight tremble of his lips as he laughs.

“You wanna cook?” He asks him once his laugh stops.

“Yeah but help me out, will you?” He asks while trying to recall his mom’s old jajangmyeon recipe. Jimin grins as he begins following Yoongi’s expert orders with enthusiasm, since he’s barely allowed inside the kitchen at all after almost burning the entire apartment down while trying to make some toast. It was traumatic to say the least. He’s chopping the onions trying not to harm himself as the blonde cuts the pork into small pieces at his left, the oven separating the two dark marble counters. They both stay in silence, pretending not to hear their friend’s quarrel.

“Why are you calling me an idiot when you fucking agreed to this!?” Jungkook says then, the rage obvious in his voice.

“Find the key or I swear to God---“ Tae threatens back just as a piercing laugh is heard, cutting his sentence off.

“What? You’ll slap me like the little bitch you are?”

Yoongi chuckles at that and Jimin sends him a glare with his eyes shining due to the onions.

“Call me a bitch once more! I fucking dare you!” Taehyung proclaims and silence follows suit before Jungkook, a smile clear on his voice, says, “You love it when I call you a bitch though,”

“Jungkook, shut the fuck up.” Tae replies, embarrassed and mad. After being his best friend for years now, Jimin can recognize every emotion behind his words, despite his attempts at hiding them. That’s why he likes Jungkook so much, because he makes Tae incredibly flustered and irritated, which never ceases to satisfy him.

“Make me.” The challenge is laced in his husky voice and even Jimin shudders at it, earning a weird look from his boyfriend.

“I can’t when I’m tied up like this!” Taehyung yells back then, his throat probably hurting ensuing his screaming.

“Ew, ew, ew!” Jimin shuts his eyes in disgust, not finding the situation amusing anymore as he pictures his best friend tied up against his king size bed, strip naked.

“They are kinkier than I thought,” Yoongi laughs. A murmur is heard then which spikes Jimin’s curiosity. His hands stops chopping for a second, and even Yoongi pretends to be inspecting the pork in utter silence, fingers touching the fresh meat with a fake interest, concentrated on the task like a natural chef. That is, until…

“You had the key all along! You fucktard! Get back here!” Taehyung is yelling louder than before, the bed moving along with him and reverberating through the apartment. His friends  hear nearing footsteps and find a few seconds later a smirking Jungkook buttoning his black shirt with ease. His black hair is slightly messy in a way that still manages to look undeniably  hot.

“Hey guys.” He smiles at them as if they haven’t just heard the whole thing.

“Hey, Kook.” Jimin nods, a red blush rising from his neck to his cheeks as he forces his eyes to head back to the cutting board. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Jeon Jungkook is one of the (if not the) hottest men in Seoul. Not that Jimin would actually ever voice his thoughts, but he’s proud of his bestie for finding such a hot piece of ass to fuck every week. Regardless of how dysfunctional their relationship is…

“Jungkook!” Taehyung almost falls through the stairs as he runs towards him with only a white sheet covering his body, holding it tightly to his chest.

“What now?” The younger rolls his eyes turning in his direction.

“You’re going to pay for what you did back there.” Taehyung says with gritted teeth, his index finger pointing at him accusatorily, eyes narrowed with the intense promise of revenge. Jungkook stares at the finger trying to hide his amusement against such a lame threat, and failing miserably.

“I really ought to go now.” He says, not even trying to look apologetic in the slightest.

“No. You stay until I say so.” Tae demands, but is ignored by the other who couldn’t care less about the his attempts to sound scary.

“Bye guys, nice seeing you.” He smiles once again to both Yoongi and Jimin before the door slams behind him on his way out. Taehyung throws himself into the purple couch he adores so much with a shriek.

“I fucking hate him.” He covers his face with the palms of his hands, groaning into them.

“Well, you are the one who fucks him.” Yoongi shrugs from the kitchen counter, resuming his meat cutting.

“Shut up.” Tae glares at him in reply.


Jungkook is on the elevator towards his own penthouse when he remembers he left his leather jacket back at Taehyung’s and for the way he stared at him when he left the apartment, he will most probably have a hard time getting it back. He sighs as the metal doors slide open and he walks with determined steps into his home.

“Back from Tae’s?” Namjoon asks without looking up from his Sudoku, his black rimmed glasses resting on the bridge of his nose and a red pen on his slender fingers.

“Yup. I’ll quickly take a shower and leave.” He lets the older know as he plugs his phone on his charger. He’s been sharing the penthouse with Namjoon, his older brother, for over three years now. Their parents bought it back when he was sixteen and Joon was nineteen, deeming it an appropriate age for them to live on their own and learn the hardships of life. Without even attending university, they both got jobs in their dad’s world-known tech company, Bangtan. Namjoon was his father’s right hand, being smart enough to tackle every issue with finesse, while Jungkook limited himself to smaller tasks since he wasn’t interested and therefore didn’t put much of an effort in anything he did. It isn’t a big surprise his dad prefers Joon over him, the younger, wilder and rebellious Kookie who supposedly wastes his whole potential.

“Again? It’s ten p.m.” Namjoon comments, making a show of staring at his wrist to check the time even though the man is a living clock himself.

“Do I have a curfew now?” Jungkook asks half amused leaving the bathroom’s door open to hear his brother better.

“No, but you have work in the morning.” Namjoon grumbles and Jungkook is forced to ignore the slight boil of his blood. The condescending tone to his every word combined with his idea of actually changing Jungkook into a better, mature man, are enough to rile him up. It has already happened many times before but right now he really doesn’t have the time nor the interest in fighting his brother.

“I’ll be there. Don’t worry, boss.” He spits the words with emphasis, his hands quickly unbuttoning his shirt. He reminds himself not to wear shirts when he is going to be fucking someone’s brains out. It can be a bit of an inconvenience, mostly when Taehyung is so damn needy.

“I do worry though. Where are you even going?” Namjoon questions him, the Sudoku long forgotten on his lap. Jungkook turns around inspecting the red marks Taehyung left drawn on his back. Fuck, the idiot.


“You literally just got back from having sex with Tae, and now you are heading to do the same with Yugyeom.” Joon states, incredulity on his words as he crumples the Sudoku book in his fists without even realizing it.

“Sounds about right.” Jungook smiles, turning the shower’s head on with a quick move of his wrist.

“How are you so horny? Are you going to fuck everyone in the office until dad finds out?” He asks him then, the questions direct and hurtful as usual. After years of hearing them though, Jungkook is more than used to them. He bites the inside of his cheek nonetheless, refraining from snapping at him.

“Can we save the lecture for later?” The younger brother asks, head peeking out from the bathroom’s now half-closed door. “Like, tomorrow morning when I want to do anything but work?

“You’re unbelievable.” Namjoon narrows his eyes at him, disappointment clear on his face. Jungkook clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth at the word.

“Funny, that’s what Taehyung said today when I was fucking him against the---“

“Please, don’t.” He raises his palm up, stopping the words from polluting his brain any more, making the other laugh.

“Okay, sorry. I really have to take a shower though, so…keep the good work.” Jungkook sends him an ironic thumbs up before slamming the door.



“If it isn’t Tae the Tiger.” A voice says from next to him when he’s on his break after an hour long conference meeting about the new apps ideas to be developed during 2017.

“Hoseok, hey.” Taehyung smiles, his hands stirring his hot cup of coffee after having added two teaspoons of sugar.

“You just killed it in there, man. If you don’t get a promotion soon, I’m suing your boss.” The other smiles at him, all charming white teeth and bright eyes. Tae grins proudly against his better judgement, remembering the ideas he’d come up with during the holidays. It felt good to be able to expose them to the professionals and have them actually nod in contemplation instead of throwing him dirty looks that made him wish he hadn’t opened his mouth in the first place.

“Namjoon-ssi is a really wise man. He knows what he’s doing so it’s really okay.” He says anyways, because Hoseok isn’t really his friend and bad-mouthing the boss isn’t what you do with people that aren’t at least your friends. It also helps a ton that neither Jimin nor Yoongi  work here, so he can basically whine and bitch about every single thing without any danger whatsoever (though he likes to think they would never rat him out). And anyway, Namjoon really is a good boss, but that doesn’t change the fact Tae has been working his ass off for over more than two years now and he only got a place on the conference room last month. Even that new guy Lay got to be there, regardless of his bad ideas that made the entire room stare at him with pity.

“Sure, sure. So um…you and Jungkook, huh?” Hoseok’s lips move in a sly smile at the same time he leans against the counter in a relaxed, opened pose.

“Excuse me?” Taehyung asks after taking a short sip that burns his throat. The taste is comforting either way, his tongue already used to the bittersweet flavor that helps him stay awake throughout the day.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally into office copulation.” Hoseok winks at him and Tae has to hold back a startled laugh.

“Copulation, you say?”

“We are all grown adults here, let’s just say it how it is. Office coitus or fornication, whatever.” The brunette shrugs nonchalantly, waving his hand in a careless gesture that makes his light blue shirt wrinkle with the movement. Tae notices the awful bright red color of the tie and hides a wince.

“Why can’t you just say sex?” He asks but oh boy he shouldn’t have asked that, for Hoseok sends him a glare similar to his mom’s whenever he used to skip a class in high school and got caught.

“That’s a crude word, watch your mouth.”

“Okay…” Taehyung replies, getting ready to flee from the weird and awkward conversation.

“So anyway, you and Jeon?” Hoseok insists, not giving up regardless of how uncomfortable Tae obviously is.

The name sends a shiver down Taehyung’s spine, memories of him moaning that exact word the night before have him gritting his teeth yet again. He’s already resigned himself to the physical attraction the two of them have, but he can’t say he likes Jungkook in the slightest. His cocky mannerisms combined with his lack of maturity and responsibility make him one of the last men he’d ever consider a friend, let alone a lover. That and the fact the only reason he even has a job in the company is because he’s the bosses precious son.

“What about us?” He grunts, debating whether he should throw the contents of his cup on Hoseok’s head. But then again, he does want to drink the coffee. He can’t quite believe the nerve of this guy, though. They’ve barely ever talked inside the office as it is, and now he’s asking about his private life?

“You copulate.” Hoseok states with a calm, almost tired expression.

“Sometimes, yeah. So?” He shrugs. It’s not like it’s a secret since even Namjoon knows. Okay, that one wasn’t exactly on propose but the incident still makes Jungkook laugh. The fact that his older brother found the two of them fucking on his own house wasn’t funny for Tae, though. The younger shit hadn’t told him he shared the penthouse with anyone, let alone his damn boss. Still, Namjoon never brought out the topic again and the few people in the office that new about them having sex did not seem to care since it didn’t intervene with their work. It’s not like they’d ever fuck in the office anyway.

“Nice.” He smirks and Taehyung is seriously freaked out.

“Um, sure. I…have to go head back to my desk.” He replies, pointing towards the opened door with his right thumb over his shoulder.

“Nice talking to you, say hi to Jungkook for me!”

“Will do.” He murmurs before turning around, coffee cup in hand. He sighs in relief when he starts finally walking back to the only place he seems to find peace in. As soon as he sits down on his desk and opens a new tab on his computer though, there’s the last person he would like to see poking his head into his cubicle.

“Hey, I forgot my jacket on your house last night.” He whispers and Tae turns away from his computer with arms crossed tightly around his chest.

“Why do I get a feeling I don’t give a fuck?” He asks sarcastically, an eyebrow raised to his hairline and an index finger resting thoughtfully against his chin.

“Come on, I need it.” Jungkook quite literally whines, refraining from insulting the other as he wants to since he knows that approach won’t get him his jacket back.

“And I needed to have my wrist to choke you but hey, can’t let that happen.” He grunts, leaning forward while still seating on his black chair. The younger sighs at that, looking at the ceiling as if asking God for patience. He even murmurs something under his breath that Tae is unable to catch.

“Are you really still mad about that?” He asks after taking a deep breath, as if he needs a whole ritual to not snap at Taehyung.

“Fuck off.”

“You fuck off first.” He fires back and Tae rolls his eyes at the other’s stupidity.

“This is literally my damn office. Fuck off before I hurt you.” He threats, about to stand up. They hardly ever talk to each other inside the company since they always end up fighting (they hardly ever talk to each other at all). It was only once when Taehyung found Jungkook sitting on his chair that he almost lost it, and Jackson Wang from his cubicle next to him had to stop him from punching him in the face. He would’ve lost his job but part of him wishes Jackson hadn’t been there so he could’ve hit him as hard as he wanted to right now.

“Bitch.” The other murmurs loud enough for him to hear and fuck it, Taehyung is ready to lose his job. He stands up, hands balled into fists, nails digging into his skin.

“What did you just call me?” He whispers, but his low voice is worse than when he is yelling and Jungkook should know that by now. They’ve been sleeping around for over two months and known each other ever since he started working here. He should know.

“I said bitch.” The younger smiles wickedly, all red lips, pale skin and perfect parted dark hair. His expensive shirt is glued to his body like a second skin, the black tie in a perfect knot around his neck. And yet, no matter how gorgeous he looks, Taehyung hates him so much he barely contains the rage bursting through his body.

“That jacket you love so much is going to be burnt to the ground and you will never see it again.” He promises with his lips pursing and an intense gaze; his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes shiny with fury. If looks could kill, Jungkook would be long dead by now.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Taehyung.” He leans closer, his perfume making Taehyung sick to the stomach. He hates how used to it he is, how that same smell can be found on his skin right after having Jungkook take him over and over again. The pain of his back is a constant reminder, the hickeys under his shirt a secret companion.

“Try me. I’m sick of you and your stupid games. We’re done.” Taehyung's words echo through his cubicle and sound as final as a novel coming to a heartbreaking end.  His face is a short meter from the other who smiles at him again, entertained because he isn’t having none of it. He has the nerve of simply laughing amused at the older, his mouth open wide in delight and his head thrown backwards. It’d be a beautiful sight if it weren’t for the fact it’s Jeon Jungkook.

“You said that last time.” His expression only riles up Taehyung even more, the vein on his neck that has been kissed so many times before, right where his pulse vibrates under Jungkook's lips, is prominently shown with the tremble of his throat as he screams back: "Yeah well, this time I mean it!"

“Whatever helps you sleep at night. I’ll be collecting my jacket tonight.” He winks before turning around and leaving towards his own bigger, more luxurious office. In where he hardly ever does anything besides sitting on his ass.

As soon as he’s gone, Taehyung quickly takes his phone from his pocket and types a text hurriedly to Yoongi. The smirk plastered on his face is inevitable.


Grab Jungkook’s jacket and burn it in the garden.


I’m not even gonna ask.


Don’t tell Jimin! @:


He’ll smell the smoke but whatever. See ya.


Thanks! (:

Jungkook hears Taehyung’s evil laugh and almost breaks the pencil on his hand into two. His assistant who was pouring him a cup of coffee shudders, making a few drops fall into his glass desk. She apologizes profusely but Jungkook simply waves her off, sick of her incompetence.
He narrows his eyes, focused on Tae’s desk regardless of the view being blocked by the walls separating them. He better have his jacket ready when he gets to his apartment tonight or else.