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Scully & Jade's House

It had been too long since she’d felt the touch of another lovers fingertips caressing her body. Desire stroking the kindling deep in her lower abdomen, sparking the flames into a raging inferno.

Scully was pressed against her bedroom door, the wood groaning from the added pressure of their bodies. Mulder’s lips slid down from her jaw to where her shoulder and neck met, his mouth sucking hard. The throbbing between her legs intensifying ten-fold from the action and Scully’s hands reached for his shoulders and pulled him from the warm confines of her neck.

Their eyes met.

It was like fireworks.

No, there were literally fireworks .

The robust colours lit up the sky outside Scully’s window; flecks of orange, purple and green.

Lips colliding once again as Scully dug her nails against Mulder’s back, feeling the muscles tense underneath the delicate and precise motions of her hands. Both of their faces being painted in effervescent colours from the crackle and pops of coloured lights outside the window.

Mulder’s own hands were caressing the narrow confines of Scully’s waist, sliding up underneath her white button down top which elicited a shiver up her spine.

As she reached for the button on his slacks, Mulder began slipping the disks through the fabric of her shirt. As soon as her fingers dipped into the back of his pants, her fingers splayed hotly against his ass, Mulder groaned, tearing the rest of her shirt off of her, buttons flying all over the room.

She arched her back, breath hot against his lips as they broke apart once again.

Mulder’s eyes were crinkled in the corners, a small smile tugging at his lips as he gazed down at the petite redhead; azure orbs trailed downwards from her heaving chest constricted in white lace.

His fingertips toyed with the belt-loops of her pants for a moment, waiting for her eyes to meet his - big, wide and wet, after a moment she pressed her fingers against the backs of his own and helped him strip the pants down.

So many years had passed between them. Would they be picking up where they left off? Would it feel the same or...displaced?

Scully’s cheeks flushed, feeling the heat of his gaze on her, she swallowed deeply. at the same time his eyes discovered the scar from her pubis to her navel. Her hand automatically pressed against the now exposed flesh in an almost subconscious effort to hide it.

Mulder’s fingertips grazed the back of her hand covering the scar, gently caressing her.

“You’re beautiful.” His words were soft, breathed into the space between them.

Tears welled in the corners of Scully’s eyes; making them sparkle in the moonlight. Swallowing past the lump in her throat that had lodged itself there in the past few moments, she breathed a soft sigh at Mulder’s warm, loving touch.

She knew he was waiting for her to make the next move and make that move she did. Letting their hands fall to their sides, the redhead pressed her body closer against his until there wasn’t a breath of space between them.

Scully dove back in, no holds barred, her mouth seeking out his as a lukewarm tear trekked down her cheek. Mulder’s hands framed her hips, tugging her as close to him as he could, his mouth covering her own. He could taste the salt of her tears and the sweet decadence of the cookies they’d shared on her tongue as it came out to tease his.

Only between the two of them could it go from nostalgic to heated and back again.

Her warm, naked body was pressed to his and she could feel his hard member through the slacks of his jeans that she’d momentarily forgotten that she’d been unbuttoning.

Pulling back from the long languid kiss they were sharing and nipping at his lip gently, which elicited a throaty groan from Mulder, Scully went back to her previous task of stripping him bare.

Mulder pulled his shirt off as she finished unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them and his briefs together down past his hips to which he kicked off into a corner.

Once again, she looked up at him, this time in all his naked glory and the throbbing between her legs was almost painfully delicious now.

Scully’s breath shuddered as she reached a hand out to press against his chest and push him backwards across the room until the backs of his knees hit the bed and he toppled backwards – to which his arms hooked around her waist and pulled her down with him.

She could feel the hard, defined ridges of his abdominal muscles tense underneath her as her fingers traced the contours of his body. Crawling backwards on her knees, she pressed kisses to every inch of skin that distracted her. Mulder threw his head back when her hand finally, finally gripped his cock firmly.

With every stroke Scully watched Mulder’s face closely; her grip sliding from the base to the tip, her thumb teasingly swiping the tip and watching his eyes roll back into his head and his hips jerk at her very touch.

She let out a throaty chuckle and Mulder opened his eyes to glare at her, to which she retaliated by leaning down and wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock. Mulder groaned, his hips canting upwards slightly, with her free hand Scully placed it against his lower abdomen and applied pressure to hold his hips still. It was a delicious, sweet torture.

Scully opened her mouth wider slid her lips down the base of his cock, relaxing the back of her throat as she took him deeper into her mouth, up and down, up and down, up and swirling her tongue around the tip before taking him deeper and hitting the back of her throat. Her core was throbbing the harder he got. She repeated this pattern for a few minutes, taking note that she could feel her own wetness dripping and spreading down her thighs.

Suddenly Mulder’s own grip wrapped around her forearms and squeezed gently, Scully let his cock fall out of her mouth with a pop, her cherry lips glistening, eyes darkening at how wide his irises were. Crawling back up towards him she pressed her lips to his once again, her tongue darting out to play with his and Mulder slid his fingers into her hair pulling her closer as she sucked on his tongue.

Feeling his hardness pressing against her abdomen, she moved to kneel above him once more, gripping him firmly and sliding inch by inch down onto his shaft, her inner core squeezing against the new-found pleasurable intrusion. She was so wet that he slid in so easily and Mulder let out a moan at how warm, wet and tight she felt around him.

As she settled at the base; Mulder moved to sit up and Scully gasped wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, her legs sliding over his thighs for a better angle. This moment felt surreal and she was going to indulge in every way possible before the night was over. When their eyes met again, Scully gave a small nod and a teasing squeeze of her inner core muscles around his cock, to which his eyes – if it were possible – darkened further.

As Scully lifted her hips up and ground back down against him, Mulder encased his hands around her hips to help direct the rhythm. Scully threw her head back as Mulder leaned forwards to press wet, open-mouthed kisses against her neck. Her body was writhing within minutes, from the hard press of his abs – to the kisses now coating her chest – to his cock deep inside of her. Her head was spinning.

“Oh, fuck.” She choked out.

“In the process of that.” Mulder quipped.

“Shut up, Mulder.” She half-laughed, half groaned as his thumb found her clit and brushed against it.

A small smirk remained on his lips, but he didn’t say anything further. Scully’s thighs were starting to burn from the exertion already, with every grind down she felt his cock nudge her cervix and she let out a moan at how deep he was inside of her.

Her fingernails started to dig into Mulder’s shoulders as her hips began to twitch from how close she was getting, she knew she was going to be leaving crescent-shaped marks, Mulder noticed the hitch in her breathing and hips and started to increase from the lazy figure 8 patterns on her clit to drawing the alphabet, the pressure increasing her pleasure tenfold.

The pressure in her abdomen was increasing and she could feel Mulder’s own hips twitching, so she knew he was close as well. So, she ground down harder, faster, deeper, chasing the pleasure. She was right on the edge, her breaths coming out shallow now and Mulder pressed his thumb against her thumb as he thrust up into her deeper and Scully fell over the edge, her moans turning into a shout as her earth-shattering orgasm swept through her and Mulder came into her with a groan.

Washington University Dorm Living Room

Jay was sitting nose-deep in one of her text books, her classes had been hitting her hard over the last few weeks, she had a feeling that her blood was permanently diluted by coffee by now.

She’d gone to a poetry slam two weeks ago with Logan, or so a few people had told her, the stress seemed to be hitting her so hard lately that she couldn’t even remember some parts of her day. Logan also wasn’t talking to her over something that had transpired that night but Jay was too swept up in her studies to figure out what he was so peeved about.

A Chocolate Stoute Waffle Sundae that was smothered in chocolate and ice cream was placed in front of her, she felt as though she’d slip into a diabetic coma from just looking at it. Freya then set her own plate down opposite Jay’s, a sparkle of mischief in her eyes.

“Thought you might enjoy a study treat, after all it’s only a matter of time before the caffeine runs out.” Freya sent her a wink.

Jay laughed and looking up at Freya, who had dyed her hair a grey purple last week and gave her a wide smile, that sent butterflies wreaking havoc on Jay’s insides.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it, traitors, Jay chided.

“Thanks, Freya.” She felt her cheeks warming.

A few minutes passed as they dug into their waffles, Jay only looked up when she hears Freya clear her throat. The brunette looked at the taller woman who was sitting down next to her, her expression determined but she could see a flicker of something else lingering behind it.

“I had a lot of fun at the poetry slam...I had no idea you were so spontaneous.” Freya chuckled, taking another bite of her waffle.

The fork Jay was holding paused between the plate and her mouth, chocolate dripping onto her plate. Freya was at the poetry slam? And her? Spontaneous?

Jay just laughed not wanting to admit that she had no idea what she was talking about.

After they had finished their respective plates Jay grabbed her own plate and stood up, Freya did the same but the brunette quickly took it from her, their fingers brushing gently which elicited a shiver up her spine.

“I got this.” Jay insisted.

Only then did she notice how close they were in proximity, she knew that if she took a step forward she could…

Freya closed the distance between them and pressed her lips sweetly against Jay’s.

“Thanks, Jay.” She grinned, before turning on her heel and heading towards her own dorm room.

Jay stood frozen watching the purple-haired beauty walk away, her fingers gripping the ceramic plates so tightly that her knuckles started turning white.

Oh my God. Did she just kiss me? Did that really just happen?


Scully & Jade's House

Mulder and Scully had spent the night catching up, in many different positions. When morning came, the sun rays filtering in through the crack in the curtains fell upon Scully’s face, who was wrapped in Mulder’s arms.

“Good Morning.” He said quietly, as though afraid to break the spell of the moment.

Mulder always had this uncanny ability to know when she was awake, but still, after all these years she was surprised he could still tell.

The redhead turned around in his arms, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, pulling the sheet with her as a cool breeze came in through the window.

“Morning.” She replied, softly, azure eyes gazing down at her.

Scully looked up at Mulder, pressing a hand to his cheek and moving to close the distance between them.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Mulder groaned, rolling away reluctantly from Scully and reaching for his phone.

“I’m sorry. I have to take this.”

Scully nodded, turning to look at the time: 10:00 am

Luckily, she had the day off today. It was mandatory due to the amount of hours she’d accumulated lately, overtime and all. She wasn’t particularly fond of days off lately, but at least she could use the time to study.

Mulder took his phone call into her bathroom and Scully took that opportunity to make the bed. She had just finished fluffing the pillows when he returned, the look on his face apologetic.

“You have to go.” Scully stated, knowingly.

“Yeah, uh, work stuff.” He told her.

Mulder stood there for a second regarding her in all her naked glory; her red locks starting to frizz, framing her face and curling against her shoulders. Scully gave him a gentle, small smile before walking over to her bedroom door and grabbing her robe to put on.

“I’ll walk you out.”

Mulder got dressed and Scully lead him down the stairs to the front door. Mulder turned towards her and she hesitated, blue orbs darting from his eyes back to the floor. Her heart was clenching tightly in her chest and every time his eyes met hers it clenched even harder.

What were they now? Were they anything? Could her heart handle it? And what about Jay? This wasn’t fair to her.

Looking back up at Mulder, Scully could see that he had been studying her for a few moments and she schooled her features into a neutral expression. She didn’t want to discuss pry open old wounds. It was just two old lovers reconnecting for a night of fun, right?

“Get home safe, Mulder.”

He looked at her for a moment, regarding her and her closed off expression. The opposite of last night.

“Yeah. I’ll see you around?” He asked, hopefully.

Scully nodded, a small smile on her lips but her eyes betrayed her - she was closing off to him and he couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening in that moment.

“Take care, Scully.”

Mulder opened the door and walked through, turning back to give her a wave to which she returned half-heartedly before she closed the door after him.

“Well, it seems someone forgot about our coffee date this morning.”

Scully whipped around at the all too familiar voice coming from behind her.

To find herself face-to-face with Melissa Scully.

“Busted.” Her older sister quipped, raising an eyebrow with smirk tugging at her lips.

“Drop it.” Scully warned, her voice dangerous.

Melissa waved a hand at her, ignoring her comment.

“Yeah, yeah, you’ll be begging to tell me the details later.” Melissa waggled her eyebrows.

“Fat chance.” Scully rolled her eyes and started towards the kitchen.

I have to get that key back from her, Scully thought.

Melissa followed Scully into the kitchen and jumped up onto the counter, readjusting her long skirt when she crossed her legs, watching her sister busy herself preparing the tea

“So, are you and Mulder...together?” She asked, carefully choosing her words.

Scully sighed, stirring the tea leaves, “Two adults who engage in sexual activities don’t have to be ‘together’, Melissa.”

Melissa rolled her eyes at her sisters back, sighing loudly.

“I know that, Dana. But it’s not just two adults...It’s you and Mulder.” She pointed out.

Scully let out another sigh, her shoulders sagging. “I know.”

After she finished preparing the tea, Scully pressed a fresh cup into Melissa’s hands before retrieving her own cup and leaning against the counter next to her sister.

“How’s Raissa handling pregnancy?” Scully asked, smoothly changing the subject.

“She’s good, excited, things are going smoothly, morning sickness hit early though. Nice change of subject, by the way.” Melissa quipped and Scully rolled her eyes.

“How are you handling things?” Scully asked, squeezing Melissa’s thigh in comfort.

Melissa took in a deep breath, then took a long sip of her tea before answering.

“I’m good, I think. It just feels so surreal sometimes that a tiny human is beginning to grow in there, you know?”

Scully could see something in her sisters eyes, something she wasn’t saying. Moving her hand from her thigh and reaching for her free hand, she squeezed it tightly. She could feel the waves of nerves coming from the older woman.

“You’re going to make an amazing mother. You both are.”

Melissa let out a choked laugh and Scully looked up to see tears starting to well in her eyes.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Scully’s phone started to vibrate on the kitchen table from when she had snuck down to make a tea early this morning and scroll through her emails. Pulling away from her sister, the redhead reached for the phone and answered it.

“Morning, mum.”

“Dana, darling. How are you?”

“I’m good,” It was a half-truth, “Having tea with Melissa.”

“That’s wonderful, honey! I’m just calling to invite you to a family dinner next weekend, I already left Jade a message she said she would try to make it. Are you able to come?”

Scully’s breath caught in her lungs. Jay was going to be there? She hadn’t spoken to her since the Scully family tradition of spending the night in the dorm room together. Every moment without her had been agonizing. But if Jay is coming - knowing she was going to be there - maybe she was finally finally ready to talk, to forgive. Her heart began to hammer faster and harder against the cage of her ribs.

“I’ll be there.”