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Sleepless Nights and Old Friends

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Pacing the living room of the apartment he had been living in for over three years now Tommy McConnell couldn't sleep.

He had already tried beating on the punching bag for a bit but all that did was make his tired mind work harder to figure out what was wrong.

Running hadn't helped either. Now he felt sluggish and awake at the same time. Looking at the clock above the stove he picked his cell phone up and dialed a very familiar number. One that wasn't in his phone for a reason but one that he knew by heart.

On the other side of the globe SSA. Dr. Spencer Reid was getting ready for work when his phone went off. His eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as to who would be calling this early in the morning. It ended when he saw the familiar number.

Picking it up he swiped the bar at the bottom to answer and put it to his ear. "Thought you'd be asleep by now," he teased.

Tommy scoffed at that. "You and me both, mate."

Spencer sighed. He knew what happened when Tommy couldn't sleep. "Memories, huh?"

"Yeah," Tommy said, his voice thick with emotions.

"What happened?"

Clearing his throat Tommy told Spencer what had happened. The latest international case had been a doozy for sure. A serial arsonist had been on the loose through Germany to France then Britain and Ireland. After the third fire the International Criminal Court had been called in with no problem. Everybody in every country had wanted this tosser caught. Especially after he had started taking children.

Tommy broke down after telling Spencer that bit of info. Spencer didn't blame him. There were some times on his job that they had to find a corner to cry in or someone to talk to before they went crazy.

"Hey, it'll get better. A rough case does this sometimes. Especially to my team." Spencer tried to be upbeat but words really didn't help the man in the Netherlands so far away. Tommy McConnell was more tactile than Spencer when it came to comfort but sometimes just hearing a friendly voice helped.

He often called when he couldn't sleep just to talk and sometimes just to vent about a case. This case seemed pretty bad, when compared with the BAU cases. But Spencer knew it could have been worse too. He had seen those cases too.

"Thanks for listening, mate. I needed it after this."

"You know I'll listen anytime, Tommy, what else are friends for?"

Tommy chuckled and yawned, cracking his jaw as he did so.

Spencer rolled his eyes. "You in pj's already?"

"Who says I wear pj's ta bed there?"

Spencer had no response for that one. Tommy was definitely the one that says everything to make it dirty. He had found that out the hard way. "Good night then."

"Yeah night. And Spencer?"


T'anks for listening."

"Anytime," Spencer said and clicked the end button. He still had to get ready for the day.