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“I’m not sure about this,” Rohan said, staring down at the intricate rope-work latticing across his bare chest. The thick red lines cut into his skin, deep enough to hitch his breathing but light enough to cause no pain. He squirmed and couldn’t help but test the strength of the knot around his wrists, but no matter how hard he tugged, he couldn’t bring his arms below his head. “Isn’t this something only experts should do? What if you hurt me?”

“Do you doubt my skill?” Dio asked, punishing him for the slight with a sharp tug to a knot he was finishing off. Rohan didn’t want to say yes, especially when Dio’s overwhelming confidence made it hard to doubt him on anything, but the anxiety in his stomach refused to loosen, growing all the tighter when Dio smiled that razor-sharp smile and laughed. “If I wish to cause you harm, there is little you could do to stop me. Trust that I know my own intentions.”

Rohan bit his lip and tried to calm his breathing, the rope making it hard to breathe deeply. He was wrapped from neck to thighs, completely exposed to the vampire’s hungry eyes. “It’s you keeping your intentions to yourself that worries me,” he murmured, wincing when Dio looped a few complicated coils around his thighs, hoisting them up to keep him from closing them. Why had he agreed to this? He hated losing control, and letting someone tie him up was about as close to his definition of hell as he could get.

Dio’s eyes burned where they fell on his body, drinking in the sight of him bent and held in place. “Would it make you feel better if I told you what I intended to do before I did it?” Dio smiled, sweet and altogether mocking. His large, clawed hands cut like the ropes as they passed over Rohan’s skin. They traveled higher and higher, from his rope-framed cock to his nipples, teasing the rope that lay just over top of them. Dio was just as naked as Rohan, holding Rohan’s face in place, but he looked as composed as if he were in a well-tailored suit. “I’m going to kiss you,” he said against Rohan’s lips, making Rohan whine. “And then, I’m going to blind you.”

He didn’t have time to process the words before Dio was making good on them. His painted lips covered Rohan’s, stealing the breath from his lungs as if it were his just due. His tongue pressed inside when Rohan opened up to moan, to writhe, and the bulk of his beautiful body held Rohan in place, forcing him to take what he was given, as slowly as it was given. There was nowhere to move, nowhere to run, and when Dio yanked his headband down over his eyes, Rohan’s world turned black and small.

Ripping his mouth away from Dio’s skilled tongue, he gasped for air that wouldn’t come. “Dio-” he tried to say, but Dio was moving his attention lower, licking and biting along his neck. Rohan struggled against the ropes, but his squirming only made the knots tighten. What would Dio do next? Rohan couldn’t see, he couldn’t see at all, and when hands settled on his spread thighs, he jumped, breathing so hard that he felt faint.

“Breathe, my dear Rohan,” his warm, low, mellifluous voice crooned, somewhere near his hip. “I want you to breathe.”

“It’s…I…Dio, I can’t-” Rohan panted, panic warring out with the pleasure.

“You can, and you will,” Dio ordered, stroking along his thighs slowly. “It is just me. There is nothing to fear here. Trust is everything, Rohan, so have a little faith in me.”

That was easier said than done, especially when Dio’s fangs teased his inner thigh every time he spoke. With his heart hammering in his chest, Rohan took a slow, shallow breath, rubbing his cheek against the pillow beneath his head. It smelled like Dio and incense, spiced and heady. “Keep talking to me,” he pleaded, hating how weak he sounded. “What are you doing?”

Dio hummed like a predator sizing up which part of its prey to eat first. “I am drinking in the beautiful sight you make,” he answered, kissing Rohan’s thigh, his fangs scraping along the sensitive skin. “Should I describe all I see and paint you a picture of you helpless in my bed?”

He knew he was blushing, and he knew Dio could see it. His cock twitched at the attention though, giving him away completely. There was no point in denying his interest, so Rohan bit his lip, nodding short and clipped. For a moment, he was grateful for the blindfold, just so he wouldn’t have to see Dio’s delighted expression. Dio always loved it when he was honest, especially if it carried over into these moments.

“You really are so beautiful,” Dio laughed, rewarding him with a kiss to the head of his aching cock and huffing out a chuckle when Rohan gasped. “Where do I begin? Should I speak of your skin, as pink as a rose blushing deeper with every touch I give? Or should I perhaps tell you of how you glisten in the candlelight, the ropes casting a spider web of shadows along your erotic body, like a beautiful trap beckoning me into its grasp?” Rohan choked on a moan and rolled his hips up, begging for a deeper touch. Dio held him in place with a hand to his hip, trailing his lips along Rohan’s cock. “Or,” he began, making sure to direct his every breathy word to the sensitive shaft, “should I describe how lewdly you twitch down here, your entrance just begging me to kiss it the way I do your pouty lips?”

“Please,” Rohan mouthed, his entire body shuddering at the barely-there caresses. His hands grasped the pillow above his head, doing little to satiate his need to touch. “I want it, please, Dio.” The ropes slid across his skin as he began to sweat, catching on his nipples in fiery lines of slick, dragging silk. Rohan couldn’t sit still, every inch he moved giving him the contact that Dio was withholding.

“Do you now?” he asked, his warmth disappearing for a moment as he pulled away from Rohan’s parted thighs. “You certainly look needy, but how do I know you’re truly ready for me? Shouldn’t I take my time to make you comfortable?”

Rohan couldn’t see, but he knew with absolute certainty that Dio was grinning like the devil. A whine built behind his teeth before he could swallow it down, and Rohan writhed pointlessly, desperate for the kiss of the sheets against his skin. “Dio, Dio,” he begged, hating that he couldn’t tell where he was in the room. “I’ll do anything, please. Touch me.”

“Anything?” his voice asked, right in Rohan’s ear. Rohan jumped, the ropes tightening another notch from the jerk. Dio was posed over him, holding himself just above Rohan but far enough away that there was no inkling of warmth to give him away. “Did you say you’d do anything?”

He knew he’d regret it, but Rohan nodded anyway, tears beginning to soak through the fabric of his makeshift blindfold. “Just let me cum,” he whispered, nearly startling again when Dio pressed their lips together in a filthy kiss. He returned it as well as he could, his lips and chin sticky with saliva and lipstick. What color was it again? He’d be a rainbow of colors once this was all said and done, if Dio ever deigned to end it.

Dio broke the kiss with a wet groan, moving his attention to Rohan’s rope covered body. His fingers caught on every coil, dragging and rubbing until Rohan felt dizzy with the burn. “You say you’ll do anything if I let you cum,” he smiled, his mirth a sharp bite of its own in the small of Rohan’s neck. “But how should I go about it? So many options, and I’m finding myself impatient. Should I just flip you over and let you rut against the bed? It’d be so simple,” he sighed, stroking through Rohan’s messy hair, “and I’m feeling so lazy.”

“I want you to use your mouth,” Rohan said, horrified at his own words. His breath came short and he flushed bright enough to burn. The idea was in his head now, and he couldn’t imagine anything but Dio’s soft, clever tongue against his ass. “I want you to eat me out, Dio. Please, I’ll-”

“Do anything?” Dio finished with a laugh. He kissed his way back down Rohan’s body, taking a moment to lift the rope over his nipples to kiss and lick them each in turn. “I’ll hold you to that, my dear Rohan,” he whispered against the abused flesh, his breath cool and soothing.

Rohan knew he should feel more anxious about selling himself to a proverbial devil, but when Dio finally pressed his fingers to his entrance, he could only feel relieved. “Yes, yes,” he gasped, his toes curling when something slick, wet, and warm joined them a moment later. “Dio, please, please.”

Dio gripped his hips and dragged him closer, letting loose on him in vehement opposition to his claims of feeling lazy. Rohan threw back his head and moaned wantonly, wishing he had the leverage to roll into his tongue. Gone were the teasing laps, the soft licks; Dio was fucking into him messily, supporting him with one arm as he curled his fingers alongside his tongue, intent on bringing Rohan off fast and dirty. He knew just where to aim, and Rohan was too strung out to even think of holding back.

“Dio,” he cried, every sense heightened with the loss of his sight. “Dio, Dio, I’m going to-”

He never managed to finish his warning. Dio massaged his prostate with unerring accuracy, his tongue hot enough that it nearly burned. Rohan came with a broken “Dio” on his lips and the barely formed thought that he may have just made a mess of Dio’s hair. The blackness was comforting though, shot through with white as his vision succumbed fully, and he let himself ride out the waves that followed, Dio still lapping at his entrance like a particularly pleased cat.

“Rohan,” he called after a few moments of silence, retracting his fingers gently. “Rohan, are you still with me?” Dio’s voice was soft and gentle, his body so warm as he moved up Rohan’s body to tug away the headband.

Rohan blinked in the sudden brightness of the room, catching only a glimpse of Dio before he decided to keep his eyes closed. He murmured something unintelligible, wishing he could lower his legs and fall bonelessly into the sheets. When Dio didn’t immediately untie him, he opened a single eye, taking in the expectant grin on the vampire’s face.

“Let me go now,” he mumbled, his thighs nearly numb from the tight grip of the ropes. “I’m so tired.”

Dio clicked his tongue, making Rohan flush when he licked lasciviously at his lips. “Oh, you’re tired? My poor Rohan,” he crooned, and it was only then that Rohan caught sight of the dripping cum caught in the brilliant gold of his hair. “Would you like to sleep?”

Rohan opened both eyes, looking up at the lion poised to devour him whole. He swallowed slowly. “Yes,” he said, wishing he had the blindfold back. Was that how Dio had looked at him before?

“I’d love to let you sleep,” Dio returned, in a way that said the exact opposite. “But you did promise me something, now didn’t you?” His hands stroked along Rohan’s trembling thighs, and when a bead of cum caught on his cheek, his tongue sneaked out to lap it up. “It’d be bad form for you to renege after getting what you wanted.”

He felt so small, he realized, when Dio looked at him like that. Like he was on the verge of letting loose of whatever control he had and giving way to the beast lying in wait just below the surface. Rohan felt the ache in his muscles and the burn of the ropes’ path across his skin. He’d be an absolute mess when this was finally over, he just knew it.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, resigning himself to his fate.

Dio grinned, leaning down to kiss him with his filthy mouth. He didn’t need to reply. His smile was answer enough.