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Even in Death

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Aoi’s eyes blinked open, and he looked down at the control panel- he knew where and when he was, it was just seconds before he’d turned off the lights. He followed through with the motion and grabbed the chainsaw- no time to think, he had to reach Carlos in time. Maybe if he was able to sneak up on him before the other was able to make a decision, Carlos would live? There was no guarantee, but it was worth a shot. He started the chainsaw as a just in case, then dashed out of control- he didn’t know how much time was left, but it couldn’t be much.

‘Carlos, I won’t let you die this time.’

His reaction this time was different- no insistence that Aoi should stay back, but rather suspicion and fear in his voice. It wasn’t good, but at the very least he’d managed to get back before Carlos killed himself. The chances were slim to none, but he still had a chance of saving him…

“Aoi? Aoi, just calm down… I won’t hurt you, I just want to know why.”

Carlos had a white knuckle grip on the axe- he was too tense, too suspicious. If they tried to talk now, one of them would die. Aoi, knew that, and yet…

“Carlos, wait. I didn’t kill Junpei.

He’d gotten behind Carlos so that he could stop him if he tried to kill himself again, but it looked like that was the wrong choice- Carlos’s face was one of pure panic, and he swung the axe wide as he spun around to face Aoi.

He had no time to think about what he was doing before he’d raised the chainsaw, and he felt resistance. Blood and gore sprayed everywhere, and he heard a dull thump- it was Carlos’s forearm, falling to the ground.

“W-wait, no! I-I-“

He dropped the chainsaw and moved forwards, this wasn’t what he wanted. Was he going to kill Carlos this time? He’d tried to prevent Carlos’s death, that was too cruel. His movements were unsteady as he made his way closer to Carlos, trying to apologize, to explain, to do anything that could stop this face-off before it got any worse-


The axe had made contact with his neck before he’d even had time to think, let alone react. It was nicer than when Clover’d killed him- she’d been cruel and emotionless- it hurt, and he was undoubtedly going to die, but it wasn’t torture. Wow, he had to be pretty far gone to consider an axe wound to the neck a nice way to go…

With what was left of Aoi’s vision he could see the horror and regret on Carlos’s face. He had to say something, had to say anything before it was too late…

“Aoi? N-no, I… I didn’t mean…”

“M-Mira…. B-be careful… sh-she killed…”

He tried to finish the sentence, but he had no more air. He could feel Carlos grabbing onto his shoulders, trying to speak to him, but try as he might, he couldn’t form any more words. It was all over for him, now. There wasn’t even any point to jumping- one of them was going to die no matter what, it seemed.

Sorry, Akane… I’ll be joining you faster than you wanted, I guess…’

He took one last shuddering exhalation and then stopped, the last thing echoing in his ears were the sounds of Carlos’s horrified screams.