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My Sun

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The sky was growing darker. The early morning light had dawned a bright pink from the rising Rao sun. Sunrise appeared to be the only time that the dense fog that usually hung low on the trees of the forest like a heavy ornament on a brittle Christmas tree evaporated. But the salmon colored sky turned a violent red and then eventually a muted maroon as purple clouds blossomed above the main facility, contrasting sharply against the deep green of the trees. Thunder rolled in from the distance until its booms were directly overhead. 

Lena was a step behind Kara as they left their rooms when another quaking boom shook the facility. She had spent much of the morning sitting at the window of their dwelling unit, watching the sky darken. She loved storms. The electricity they brought to the air, the bright smell of incoming rain. As she had sat at the window she had desperately wished she could stand just outside and feel the thunder. But this was a different planet and they had no idea what to expect with a storm here. 

The halls of the living corridor were empty and silent. Lex and his teams of goons had already awoken and gone, she was glad to see. She loosened her grip on her messenger bag without the presence of the others and doubled her steps to come alongside Kara. Reaching out, she took her hand and smiled. Maybe it was the storm that made her feel so alive, or maybe being reunited with Kara and working together is what was giving her this rush of anticipation and motivation. She felt confident and ready for anything. 

They entered the command center from one side as Lex entered from the other. The three of them were the only ones in the room and Lex looked uncomfortable with the given situation. They all evaluated each other for a brief second before forced smiles and morning pleasantries were said. Pretenses, at least for Lena, were kept up though she did wonder about Kara’s motives. Was she really going along with Lex’s plan? They should have talked more last night or this morning and made a plan. 

Lex announced that he had been outside watching the incoming storm. A pang of jealousy struck Lena in the stomach. She took a step toward the direction where he had come from but immediately, as if she had set off a trigger, the sound of rain rushed down on the roof overhead. 

Not seeming to care about the storm, Kara sat down at the center console. She typed in a few commands trying to find the specific menu she needed.

“What are you doing?” Lex asked suspiciously. It was clear that he was irritated by Kara’s growing ease with the facility and its systems. 

She continued to type, barely raising her eye to Lex as she did. “Deploying the water system of the Rao trees. I designed them to catch water during storms to store for use and cool down the system.”

With pursed lips, he hummed rigidly. He was not only physically out of his element but it was starting to dawn on him that Kara possibly surpassed him in overall knowledge too. His fingers drummed on the desk that encompassed the station that Kara sat at, unsure of what to do with himself now that she had somehow, without his realizing, taken over the moment. He was nervous even at the best of times, paranoid and distrustful. But he was especially edgy now. A foreign planet, an unknown storm, and a Kryptonian in his way. 

Lena, who was used to Lex’s restless behavior and need to control, could barely contain the sly grin on her face at her brother’s uncomfortable state. Though she didn’t want to push him because, like an animal, he was predictably violent when backed into a corner, it was nice to see him get put into his place every now and again. She sat in what had officially become her area within the command center – a single chair in the corner out of everyone's way and next to a console that they had not deemed to have a purpose yet. 

“So now what do we do?” Kara spun from her station, oblivious to Lex’s agitation. She was doing what she always did: helping the group. Although their night had ended in frustration, she hoped the morning would bring about a solution with everyone rested and minds clearer. She could think of several things she wanted to do personally, explore the entire facility and the information in its systems, but playing nice with Lex and his team was her ticket to keeping Lena and herself alive. Though she had agreed outwardly to Lex’s immediate plans within the facility, she was still wary of his motives and overall plan. 

Lex peered out of the command center. The present members of Discovery team were milling about in the immediate hallway. They had checked, and double checked, then triple checked their equipment in an effort to look busy and stay occupied. They had had breakfast and been debriefed of what little of a plan Lex had passed to their leader. But they were frozen until the Conquest team could execute their duties. Those on Conquest team were also stalled. Their exploration of the other smaller, outlying facilities for the day was still impeded by the Kryptonese systems and now a storm of unknown effect. 

“We’ve got to get the system translated,” Lex huffed. “We’re handcuffed here.” He triggered the door to the control and fired off orders for all personnel not providing security to return to the rec area or the living corridor for the time being. As much as he liked being in charge, he worked best alone or in the company of a few chosen collaborators. And he felt stifled by their presence and stares through the windows into the command center. He may have been considered by most to be a top notch villain or hero, depending on which side you took, but he still bore the small reclusive nerd persona that had been ingrained in him since his early schooling. 

Parts of the teams marched through the command center and past Lena who watched them out of boredom. By the look on their faces, most were not bothered for the time off from their duties as they headed back to their rooms. Lena knew they could keep themselves occupied. She had seen decks of cards, Earth books and magazines, and a variety of small sporting items last night on her way to her and Kara’s rooms. They had all been lost in goofing around without Lex’s watchful eyes to keep them in line that she passed by unnoticed. Usually her own presence dulled their playful atmosphere, afterall she was a Luthor too, but last night they were having too good of a time to pay her any attention. Except for a solitary bearded man in the far corner who was not participating in the antics with the rest of the teams. He met her eyes as she passed and she had the brief sensation of being thoroughly scanned and known. She had looked for him this morning but had not yet seen him. She was curious of anyone who seemed different but also slightly intimidated by his stare. Most people never met her eyes, fearing that her Luthor blood made her Medusa and they would meet their demise should they look at her head on. At times in her life this fact had amused her but other times it was down right annoying. Not many people brazenly looked at her let alone met her gaze and kept it as the man had done so.  

The last of Lex’s men passed through and the command center door shut with a soft click.  “And what about me?” she asked. Whatever they did she wanted to be close to Kara. 

“Until we get the system translated there isn’t much you can do,” Lex said. Then in an effort to exert his dominance he smarted, “Can’t believe you’ve been dating a Kryptonian and you can’t even speak Kryptonese. That’s not like you.”

She opened her mouth but Kara’s words filled the air before her own could get out. “It’s my fault. I told her I didn’t want her learning it.”

“But why?” His question was to both. He found it unbelievable that Kara wouldn’t want to share her culture but also that Lena, driven to know everything, hadn’t pressed to learn it. 

Kara bit her lip and guilt painted her face. “I-I had my reasons. I haven’t always been the proud daughter of Krypton.”

Lex’s eyebrows shot up, his interest piqued, but he didn’t press the issue though it was clear he had filed her little confession for future use. She was toeing the line of following his elaborate plan to use her and Kal to bring their part of the galaxy together and being taken advantage of because she feared his threats against her, Lena, the aliens of Earth...the entire Earth, really. A part of her believed in his plan that uniting all living beings could be done and could be done peacefully where all would benefit. But anything that was of Lex’s creation had to contain destruction and hate. 

“I think I can get the system translated,” Kara said, partly to distract them from their current conversation. “I was thinking about it last night and I remembered something from a long time ago, when I was being trained in a lab on Krypton, that might help. I don’t think I can translate them in one go but I may be able to get one system translated and then move along to the rest so that you and your teams can start working behind me as I go.”

Lex thought this over. He didn’t like the implication that she gave that their work depended on her but if she knew how to get them productive quickly then he’d tolerate it. With a hard swallow, as if the words he was about to say were disgusting, he agreed. “Fine. I’ll keep exploring on this console until you’ve got the main computer ready to go.”

Kara nodded and turned back to the console at the center of the room. She took a deep breath at what would be the monstrous task ahead of her and began punching away at the keypad. Her muscle memory was so used to Earthly keyboards that it was slow at first but the more she typed the more her fingers got used to or remembered how to flow with the Kryptonian systems. She pulled up the Kryptonian version of a new window on her screen and navigated to where she thought she remembered might be the location for her to make the language settings different. She felt like a child again, in her father’s lab trying to find her way in their world. 

As she worked, the memories and old feelings came rushing back. She had never really belonged anywhere. Sure, she was a Kryptonian and belonged to their world but at the time of its destruction she was trying to break the wall into the adult world. She had never fit in with the other children on Krypton because she had been smarter than them. Her acknowledgment of it wasn’t done in arrogance but because she never understood their games and social dynamics. Science made sense. The logic of her peers did not. Then, she came to Earth and was somehow an even greater outcast. She didn’t understand their logic and social customs either. But this knowledge didn’t comfort her, she found no peace in embracing the ‘always the outsider’ life. The only time she had felt at peace, felt like she could be herself and be understood, was when she met Lena. Lena was an outcast too and though they came from different worlds and backgrounds they had so much in common because of their shared experiences. Lena was her home. 

With a final tap of a command, the screen in front of her blinked and the once Krytponese symbols had changed to English words as had the touch pad of illuminated keys below her fingers. The keyboard couldn’t be set up like a traditional one on Earth but it was in English at the very least and would allow more people to start working within the system. 

“Done,” she announced. 

Lex nearly fell out of his chair in his haste to see if she had actually done it. Lena snapped the notebook she had been writing in and rushed forward as well though more gracefully. 

“Nicely done. And that didn’t take very long,” Lex said. He looked at his watch and thought for a second. “Do you want to teach me how you did that or let me start working here while you move on to the next system?”

“It might be easier to show you and then we both can convert as many systems as possible.”

He nodded. “Then let’s do it.”

They both moved over to the next station, one that seemed to be primarily in charge of the facility’s functioning like climate control, utilities, and security. Lex was a fast learner and in a couple of hours they had converted every system in the command center. 

“Shall we break for lunch and then tackle the rest of our day?” Lex was pleased with their progress. He clapped Kara on the back and beamed at her. Their accomplishments of the morning and what they assumed was the passing of the storm for there was no more slashing rain on the facility’s roof had brightened his mood considerably.

Kara made a move toward the console where Lex had been. “Let me do one last thing, I think it’ll help us organize the systems of all the outlying buildings.”

But Lex stepped in front of her. “Oh no need for that. I think I’ve already handled it.” His tone was sharp, a warning for her not to push on this one. 

Kara nodded, trying to hold her doubts at bay. It made her uneasy how quickly he could go from amicable and almost brotherly towards her to emotional and secretive. 

“Great!” He pulled her from the console and led her over to Lena. “I’ll meet you two back here in say an hour? Now that we have the systems in English, Lena, we may be able to use that big brain of yours.” He laughed at his own statement and ushered them toward the door, his arms around both of their shoulders as if they were a big happy family.


The window of their dwelling unit was still back lit by the dark maroon sky much to Lena’s pleasure. It appeared that there was a break of the weather though it was evident another storm was building in the distance. Unlike storms on Earth that built, exploded, and then rained themselves out, these kept building, one after another, as if it was a buffering computer program that couldn’t quite finish. She stepped closer to the window. She took a deep breath and let her eyes continue her earlier examination of the Planet of Light. Right outside of their window was a grove of strange trees that resembled weeping willows back on Earth. Not too far away from the main facility she could see another smaller building. And in the distance there were even more smaller ones though she couldn’t determine how many for the area was thickly wooded like along the path from the beach where the transporter site was. All she could see was a cleared path that led away into the woods and up the side of a mountain edge. 


She turned to find Kara holding out an opened rations bag with a fork sticking out of its top. Taking the bag, she left the window and joined Kara in what was the equivalent of a living room on Earth with seating pieces of all shapes and sizes. She took the fork out of the tag and brought it to her mouth, smiling before she took a bite because Kara was already onto her second helping. As she chewed her own bite she debated whether she should bring up the possibility of them making a game plan, strategize of what to do and when to do it. She truly could not believe that Kara was on board with Lex’s plan. But if Kara was actually wanting to work with Lex and go along with his future he pitched to them back on Earth she didn’t want to alienate herself or make Kara distrust her. 

Mustering some confidence, she swallowed the small bite of her food and then placed the bag on the table. “Can we talk for a second?”

“Did I do something wrong?” Kara froze in panic. 

Lena chuckled. This part of their relationship hadn’t changed despite all they had been through. “Why do you always ask that when I ask you if we can talk?”

“Because ‘can we talk’ or ‘we need to talk’ is the equivalent of Eliza texting ‘call me when you get this’. It’s usually never anything good.”

Lena rolled her eyes. “It’s not bad...but it is serious.” She paused and took a deep breath. “Are you really still going along with Lex?”

“For now.”

“What does that mean?”

Placing her empty rations bag on the table, Kara leaned back in her seat and thought for a moment. She had to be careful. She trusted Lena with her life, there was no questioning that. But she needed to make sure Lena only knew enough to keep up with the plan but not so much that if things went badly Lex would turn on her completely. Lena needed some deniability. 

“It means that for the present time yes I am working with your brother,” she said. “That doesn’t mean that I agree with his plan or will willingly go forward with him always.”

Lena didn’t like that she was coy about this. “Well aren’t you suddenly a politician?”

“Lena,” Kara warned. 

“No. Don’t ‘Lena’ me, dammit. We’re partners, I need to know what the plan is!”

Kara rose from her seat and settled next to Lena on her side of the table. She took Lena’s hand, though Lena was reluctant at first, and placed a kiss on the knuckles. “The plan is to keep your brother happy until we can get back to Earth and we can make contact with Alex and the DEO.”

“And what about this grand plan of his?”

“I don’t actually dislike it.” At the sound of Lena’s sharp gasp, she clarified. “I don’t like all the parts or how he’s going to go about it. But think about it, Lena. We could do great things back home with this technology. Even you said it, like about the Rao trees.”

“No, I get that. I believe that we, as in you and I, could do great things. And I know how much you want to see your father’s lab. But Lex…”

“I know. I’m still trying to figure that part out.” She pulled Lena closer, and kissed her temple. “Once we get home and have Alex and Kal in the mix we’ll be in a better position to take on Lex or at least control him.” 

She knew she needed to talk to Kal too. Lex’s story about how this grand scheme to unite Earth and make it and the human race stronger was Kal’s idea needed to be confirmed. They could do so much good but hitching their lives and their well-being to Lex was the ultimate problem.

“You know I have your back, right?” Lena’s voice was soft, it shook slightly like she was afraid of the answer. 

“Of course I do. Do you doubt that?”

“No, not really. I just–”

“What, love? Tell me.”

“I feel like you underestimate me and you’re too busy protecting me rather than using me. We’d do better as equals, you know?”

“I don’t mean to but,” she sighed, “I guess I do. I’m sorry. I don’t mean for it to come across that you’re incapable. You’re just...human.”

"No offence, but you’re practically human here too.”

Kara chuckled. “You got me there. What can I do? What can we do?”

“Trust me. That’s all I’m asking. Include me and let’s do this together.”

“Always, together. I promise.”         


After lunch they were met by the bustling members of Conquest team in the hallway outside of the command center. They were strapping on their outdoor protection gear, weapons, and other tools needed in their exploration. Something had happened to make them so focused and ready to go. Near the front of the pack, immediately outside the command center’s main door, was Hendrix in his brown Discovery team suit. He was sitting on a supply box and pecking away on a laptop.

“What’s going on?” Kara asked. Through the windows into the command center she could see Lex working away at the main station in the center of the room, occasionally throwing out instructions to the other members of Discovery team who were now manning every computer station including the previously unused one where Lena had made a space for herself. 

Hendrix looked up. “Lex has found what he was searching for. A lab in a different building. We’re about to go there now.”

“What about the new storm?”

“It doesn’t seem to be doing anything. It’s we’re going to move to the lab and hunker there in case it gets bad.”

“Should I go get our stuff?” Lena asked of Kara.

“There is no need for that,” Hendrix supplied. He shut the laptop with a click and stood. “You both will remain here.” 

Kara scoffed and stomped into the command center. If the lab Lex was looking for, her father’s lab, had been found then she wanted to go. 

As Lena went to follow, Hendrix held up his hand. “I wouldn’t piss your brother off right now. He’s in one of his more determined moods, if you know what I mean.” 

“Don’t lecture me about my brother. I know him better than you ever will,” she spat. Yet she took his advice and didn’t go in, opting instead to watch through the window as Kara confronted him about what he had found and why they were staying behind. She saw Lex raise his hands in defense and motion for Kara to take a seat at the main console. They both bent their heads toward the screen as Lex’s mouth moved quickly in what she guessed was his explanation. 

She sighed and turned to watch Conquest team finish readying their gear. Just as she was watching them, she felt herself being watched. Her eyes scanned the smaller groups that had formed within this large team trying to figure out where the feeling was coming from. And then her eyes met soft blue ones.     

There was the bearded man again, staring as he had last night. Lena shivered and tried to hold his eyes though she wanted nothing more than to look away and pretend she hadn’t seen him. She was intimidated by no one and yet it felt as though this man saw her to her core and it was unnerving. She touched Hendrix’s shoulder as he was strapping on his gear. “Who is that man?”

The bearded man, she noticed for the first time, was in a blue suit of some sort. She thought back to the conference room in Lex’s compound on Earth where they had revealed their plan. Guidance team had been the one in blue suits and they had stayed behind at the transporter site to protect it and keep it open for food and other supplies so it couldn’t be one of them. The man’s blue suit didn’t look like the rest of their suits anyway. 

Hendrix smiled down at her hand still on his shoulder and started to ooze what she could only assume was his attempt at charm. She scoffed and jerked her hand away.

“Who is he?” she repeated. 

He looked down the hallway and pointed. “Him? That’s Swenson.” He tried to catch her eyes in determination to get her to accept his flirting but realized there was no point. Water could freeze from her irritated stare. He would try again another time. “Hey, Swenson! Luthor here wants you.”

A clean shaven, blond man stood from where he was repacking a crate. He had fear in his eyes as he heard the name Luthor but, much to Lena’s dismay, they relaxed when he realized which Luthor exactly Hendrix meant. “Yes, ma’am?”

Commander Gemmel had exited the command center. “We’re on the move!” he shouted before he slipped on his helmet and grabbed a gear bag that was perched near the door. 

Lena shook her head and moved out of the way as the team started to leave the area. “No, not him. The bearded man at the end,” she said turning back to Hendricks. But when she pointed again the man she was referring to was gone. She spun and looked over the men who had already passed her and didn’t see him though so many had already put on their helmets. “He was right here just a second ago but he was wearing blue.”

Hendricks and Swenson, who had stopped in front of Lena unsure of what she could want with him, looked at one another and then at the empty end of the hallway, the three of them the only ones left in the space. 

“Forget it. Sorry.” Lena said with a shake of her head. 

Lex came out of the command center, smoothing his suit. Hendricks held out a helmet and a tactical pack to him before stuffing the laptop he had been working on away. 

“Be good, sis. We’ll be back soon.”


Kara was quiet when Lena entered the command center. Her head was hung and she didn’t look up when Lena massaged her shoulders. 

“Where are they going?”

“To my father’s lab. And he won’t take me.” This last statement was gritted through tight teeth. 

“They might not find anything.” She knew she was wrong but she didn’t know what else to say. “Did they all leave?”

“Lex said he was leaving behind light security but I think it's just you and I here now.” 

Lena pulled a chair over to where Kara was sitting. “Alone, huh? As in we can find stuff we can take back and make a better Earth without Lex hovering?”

Kara smiled. She tucked some of Lena’s hair back behind her ear. “I guess we could make the most of this time.”

“I’ll get you to your father’s lab, Kara. I promise. We won’t leave here without doing so. Or I’ll make Lex promise to let us come back.”

With a kiss, Kara agreed. “It’d be nice having a run of this place without Lex around. Maybe we can come back.”

Lena returned the kiss. “So what’s first?”

“Well,” Kara thought for a second. “I think there are a lot of tech designs we could take back. My father’s team was working on so many projects especially to renew Krypton’s space exploration not to mention medical technology too.”

“Where do we start?”

“Let’s go to the library.”

Together they wound their way through the simple corridors. Neither had done much exploration of the facility due to Lex’s close eye on them. Twice they had to double back until they found their way to the main entrance. From there, it was easier to rediscover the location of the library. 

The room was spacious with the books lining every inch of wall space. In the center of the room were chairs and sofas of extremely soft fabric. Sturdy desks and tables were scattered about. Unlike the other areas of the facility where sleek and sharp lined designs were prominent, the library was more decorated in a natural aesthetic. The desks and tables had curved legs that were ornate. The colors of the room were darker, warmer than the vast whiteness of the facility. Lena took pleasure in the fact that even Kryptonians knew that libraries needed to be comfortable and intimate. Perhaps it was a universal truth. 

Kara was less impressed than Lena though she found comfort in being among Kryptonian books again. She walked the perimeter of the room, letting her fingers drag along the spines of the books with shiny Kryptonese symbols. The books she saw were the classics of Krypton. The standard books one would expect. Dictionaries, fairy tales, dairies and historical records of the great adventures of Kryptonians past.

In the far corner, she found a shelf not completely full. These books had no titles along the spines and were covered in fabric rather than the cool, light metal of the other books. She pulled a volume from this shelf and discovered that its contents were handwritten. It was a journal of some sort but she didn’t recognize the person’s name in the front. 

She pulled down another and found a different person’s journal. The same was found for all the books on this shelf. 

“Anything helpful?” Lena approached the corner, seatings herself in the nearest chair. 

Kara placed the stack she had already pulled on the table next to Lena’s chair. She took another from the shelf and found yet another handwritten diary. “Not sure. I mean all of these books will help us in some way,” she gestured around, “but I…”

Lena stood, concerned at Kara’s change of demeanor. “What is it?”

“I need to look up something…” Kara said over her shoulder as she snapped the book shut and jogged out of the library. 

“But Kara!” 

There was no point. Kara was already out of the room. 

She sank back into the chair unsure of what to do with herself. She had been longing to be in the library but Kara’s sudden departure had dampened her mood. Picking up one of the volumes that Kara had set on the table, she ran her fingers over the soft fabrics before flipping it open. Her eyes had not yet taken in the first symbol on the page when it felt like the air had been zapped from the room. The library had already been silent but somehow it had grown more so, like being in a vacuum.

And then she felt it again. Eyes watching her. 

She looked to the door. 

The man in the blue outfit was just beyond the open door. 

“Hey!” She dropped the book in her haste to stand. “Wait!”

He had turned and started down the corridor as she had risen from her seat. 

“Hello?” she called out. This time she had gotten a better look at him and was convinced she had seen him somewhere before though she could not quite place where. 

She raced through the door and in the direction he had turned. He was clear at the other end. “Wait!” she demanded again but he rounded the corner at the end of the corridor as if he couldn’t hear her or didn’t care to mind her words.  

Though she was not that fast of a runner to begin with, the unique tunic and shoes of her suit that Lex designed hampered her progress even more. At the end of that particular corridor, she slid to a stop as she evaluated the new route. This new hallway split into two and she didn’t know which way to go. She looked between the two paths. He appeared at the end of the hallway on the right. How had he managed that? And if he was so fast why was he making sure she could see his path?

“Please, stop!” she shouted to no avail. As she started down the hallway she realised she had entered a part of the complex that she was unfamiliar with and feared getting lost. “Sir? Please stop.”

He lingered there at the end, long enough for her eyes to fall upon him and then disappeared around the next corner as if made from smoke. 

Lena told herself to pursue him one hallway further but then stop her chase. She wasn’t even sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. Maybe the figure was a figment of her imagination brought on by the stress of the last few months and being in space. One more hallway and she was done with the mysterious illusion. She slowed her pace as she approached the last corner the figure had darted around and tried to listen for footsteps. 

Her ears detected nothing. 

She peered around the corner and saw nothing. Nothing but yet another empty passage though this one ended with two doors outfitted with security lock panels. There was nowhere else for her to chase and he was nowhere to be seen anyhow. A small part of her was relieved yet there was a disappointed pit in her stomach as her shoulders slumped. Somewhere within her a spark of hope fizzled out at the empty hallway before her. She sighed and glanced back the way she had come. 

A click of a lock broke the silence.

She spun back looking for any sign of life. The panel to the door on the right had changed color, and as she approached the door she heard the hiss of a seal being broken. The door slid open. 

The room was compact. An isolated desk in front of a wall of screens where live images of the entire complex played. She noted those left behind from Conquest team were milling outside the complex, providing the light security to the main facility that Lex told Kara about. Kara was in the command center working feverishly on whatever she had discovered in the book from the library. But what was most interesting was a screen where she could see Lex and Hendrix in what she assumed to be the lab they had found. 

Lena stepped forward for a better look, and when she did the door slid shut behind her, its lock echoing in the small room. She started and reflexively grabbed at the door handle worried that she was locked in the room. It didn’t budge. She pounded on the door though she knew no one would be able to hear her. She turned back to the console, hoping there would be some sort of communication device so she could let Kara know where she was...if she could remember how she got her, that is. 

Rather than the console with screens, she came face to face with the illusive man. She gasped and put her hand out to stop herself from slamming into him. But instead of the man’s chest, her hand went through him and she stumbled. 

He was not a man, not in the physical sense. Instead it – he – was a holographic projection. 

As she evaluated him, he looked her up and down too, analyzing every inch of her until his eyes reached the L. Zor-El sewn to the shoulders of her uniform. A smile broke across his face. 

“Tell me, Earthling,” his voice was strong and deep but warm and unthreatening, “do you make my daughter happy?”

“D-daughter?” She had been partially wrong earlier. She had never seen this man before but she had seen the same brow and the same slant of the nose. She had spent hours running her fingers and lips over those same features but on a different person. She looked through him to the screen that showed Kara working in the command center. As if Kara knew that she was being observed she raised her head and stared across the command center, giving Lena a perfect view of those matching features. Lena focused back on the holographic figure and knew before he even spoke. 

“My name is Zor-El and I need your help.”