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A Series of Short Stories

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Yurio has been feeling down lately. He’s been hanging out with Victor, Yuuri, and Otabek had come to town to visit, but despite it all he has been feeling left out and kinda alone, especially when the topic of family came up.

When Yuuri asks Yakov about Yurio’s family, the trainer explains that Yurio’s only family is his grandfather. His parents have never really been in the picture, and Nikolai isn’t always able to make it all of Yurio’s performances, and because Yurio spends most of his time training, he never really had time to get to know anyone.

“Yuri doesn’t have friends,” Yakov states without a hint of sympathy.

The statement felt like a sting to Yurio’s heart, but what he wasn’t expecting was the piggy getting upset out it.

“Yes he does, us, and don’t ever forget that,” Yuuri argues firmly, taking a step forward, hands clenched at his sides.

Since finding his confidence after the GPF the Japanese man is more of a force then he used to be.

“To you, he’s nothing more then a money maker, bringing in sponor-ships, and celebrity status, but the moment he retires, you’ll just have another skater already lined up ready to take his place. To us, he is OUR FRIEND, and if you ever forget that, I’ll be here to remind you,” Yuuri exclaimed.

And as if to prove his point, he walked over to Yurio and pulled the shorter man into a tight hug.

He wasn’t sure what to make of the situation, emotions of shock, bewilderment, hope, and happiness flooded him. Slowly he reached up and wrapped his arms around the slender body of the man holding him as he heard his mentor speak up.

“We are his family Yakov. Yes?” Victor’s voice spoke.

Otabek responded with a simple gruff. “Yes.”

Tears stung at Yurio’s eyes and he clung to his friend tighter, willing them away, despite them slipping down his cheeks.

Yukov huffed and walked off, where too, Yurio couldn’t care less.

Yuuri eventually pulled back, smiling down at him.

“You.. You mean that?” Yurio asked quietly, his cheeks flushed from uncertainty.

“Of course. You’re like the little brother I never knew I wanted, but I’m glad I have,” Yuuri said with a smirk.

Yurio rolled his eyes, and lightly punched the Japanese man in the arm, while grinning.

Before he knew it, Victor pulled him into a hug, and again he felt sting of salty tears in the corner of his eyes, as they slid down his face.

“You are loved,” Victor whispered in his ear and the young lad pulled the older man closer as a small gasp escaped him.

Once he was calm, they parted and he took a chance and glanced at Otabek, who had been standing some feet away watching.

“You’re already my best friend,” Otabek said with a small smile, one that warmed Yurio’s heart.

He looked around at the smiling faces looking back him and couldn’t stop the smile that took over his own features. He was with friends, with family. His family.

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'Not now, not today'.  Victor thought as he looked in at himself in the mirror.

He had dark bags under his eyes and he looked more pale than usual. He hadn't slept well last night, tossing and turning in bed unable to get comfortable, as a headache and a stuffy nose kept him from sleeping. Thankfully Yūri, his beloved fianće, wasn't there for him to disturb, as the raven haired man had returned back to Japan to attend the funeral of a family friend, that Victor wasn't familiar with. He would be returning later that day though, so that perked the Russian man up a bit. He had grown very attached to his lover, and could no longer stand the lonely nights when they couldn't be together.

Victor trudged his way into the ice rink in the hopes of working on his program, and unceremoniously dropped his gym bag on the bench from across from the Russian Fairy who was lacing up his skates. He dropped down on the plastic seat and sneezed three times into the crook of his arm, then blew his nose on some tissue he had in his pocket. He savored the moment of being able to breath again but the moment was short lived and soon his sinuses were clogged again, and he was left to breath through his mouth once more.

"You look like shit," Yuri said once his skates were laced up and he was standing.

Victor just groaned as he pulled his own skates out of the bag. He bent over to pull one of them one, having toed off his shoes, and groaned again as his head suddenly exploded with pressure. His sinuses filled even more, if that was even possible, and he felt dizzy suddenly.

"Seriously old man, go back home. I don't want whatever plague you have," Yuri protested, glaring down at him.

Victor grabbed his head hoping to stop the spinning and pressure building in his noggin.

"When is the piglet coming home?" the younger man asked, concern showing in his voice.

"Tonight," he sighed, though he felt it wasn't soon enough, as all he wanted in that moment was to be curled in his lovers arms under a cozy blanket with a hot cup of tea.

It was then that Yakov came over and was about to say something when he stopped, noticing how terrible Victor appeared.

"What is this? You're sick?" He demanded.

Victor simply looked up at the older man, with a sad frown, and sniffed as a response.

"Go home Victor, you'll be no good on the ice," he said in sympathy.

Victor was about to protest when he was seized by a coughing fit, that caused a great deal of phlegm to come up from his chest. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was sick, and Yuri was right, he felt like shit.

"Alright, alright. I'll go. Perhaps you could bring me some golubtsy?" He asks the younger man with pleading, puppy eyes.

"I'm not your keeper, call the pork cutlet bowl and have him bring you something on his way back," Yuri chided.

Victor frowned and didn't respond. He was too tired to spar with the Russian tiger today. With a sad expression, he packed his skates back up, and slowly made his way back home.

Once he was back in his apartment, Makkachin greeted him with a wag. He wanted to lean down to give his poodle some love, but knew that the action would only cause him more pain. Dropping the bag by the door, and leaving his shoes and jacket there also, he found his way to the couch, and flopped down on it. He pulled down the throw blanket that normally laid across the back and covered himself as best as he could, as his beloved pup laid down on the floor beside the sofa. He reached a hand out and scratched behind his ears and yawned. He was exhausted. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it wouldn't be for another seven hours before Yūri would be back in Russia. He whimpered as the headache only increased.


A soft, cool hand pressing gently on his face woke him from his slumber. He blinked his eyes open to find the most beautiful brown eyes gazing back down at him, and he smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Yūri asked softly. He was kneeling beside the couch, his black coat still on, cheeks pink from the cool air that had been blowing outside that day.

He coughed before he could reply, which seemed to answer the question for him.

"Better now that my Katsudon is home. Have I really slept all day?" he inquired. He didn't feel like he had slept for seven hours.

"No. Yuri phoned me, and told me how you were sick. So I caught an earlier flight and came home to take care of you," he explained with a small smile.

Victor's face softened at the words of his lover. His Yūri came home just to take care of him. He knew he was always the center of Yūri's world, as he would sometimes pick on the man for his obsession throughout most of his life, but to know he was the Japanese man's whole world was still something he was getting used to. To be someone's everything, even for him, could be overwhelming. Just then his whole body shivered as he was hit by a wave of utter coldness. It was as if his entire body was dunked into a lake of ice water and with his stuffed up nose, and inability to breath very well, he felt like he was drowning.

Yūri must have seen this, as his expression turned from loving to concern instantly. "Let's get you into a hot bath," the man offered, gently pulling him up into a sitting position. Victor smiled as best as he could before he started coughing, causing his head to hurt again.

Yūri pulled him into the bathroom, and helped him undress after getting the water started, and once he was naked, he shivered uncontrollably. Yūri got him in the tub with the hot water, but he still shook. Without saying a word, he looked over at his love with pleading puppy eyes in the hopes that he wouldn't have to bathe alone. His fiance rolled his eyes with a smile, and quickly disrobed before sliding in behind the Russian, and wrapped his arms around the taller man's body. They didn't do anything other than hold each other in the large claw footed tub. When Victor felt like he could breath again through his nose, and that the coldness was washed away from his body from the warmth of the bath and his lover's body heat, did they get out and towel off.

After slipping into some comfortable cotton pajamas, Victor thought they would be heading back out to the couch, but instead Yūri pulled him into their bed, and tucked him in under their covers.

"You're not going to stay with me?" He begged, his voice taking a higher pitch than normal.

"I can't right now Victor, I need to make you something to eat. Have you had anything?" Yūri asked, as he softly pushed back a few strands of loose hair from Victor's eyes.

"No, nothing sounded good," he admitted. He could barely drink, much less get any food to go down without feeling like he was going to choke on it.

"Then I need to make something, or else you won't get better. My mother sent her recipe for Okayu, and also her well wishes for you to feel better," he said smiling softly.

Victor loved Yūri's mother, well his entire family really, but Hiroko-san always make the best meals, and made a point to treat him with the same love and affection as she lavished on her own son. Knowing that she was thinking of him during his ill health meant more than he could express causing his heart to warm, and his eyes to sting from the unshed tears. Yūri leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his brow, which was already slick with sweat due to his fever, then headed off to the kitchen.

He laid in bed, with the covers pulled up to his chin, trying to rest, but his chest hurt from coughing so much, and he still couldn't breath through his nose. The headache still throbbed in his head, and his entire body ached.

"Yūri," he tried to call, but his throat was sore from hacking up flem so often. "Yūri..." he called again, and again, and again until he heard footsteps quickly coming to the bedroom.

"Victor?" What's wrong?" Yūri fretted.

"Would you get me some water?" He asked, his eyes big and round as he peeked from under the blanket.

Yūri smiled and nodded at him. "Of course," he said. He left and within moments was back with a glass of water.

"And some advil?" The Russian added as his lover had gotten up to leave.

Yūri looked back and nodded again at him. Victor waited as Yūri went into their bathroom and retrieved the bottle of medication.

He sat up and carefully swallowed the pills with the water before he slid back down under the covers. Yūri got up to get back to the rice porridge that was simmering on the stove when Victor stopped him again.

"And some tissues?" He asked and punctuated it with a loud sniff.

Yūri stopped and nodded again, this time not looking over at him.

"Yūri," he said softly before the man could leave the room.

"Yes Victor," the Japanese man said a slight exasperation in his voice.

"I love you," he offered.

"I love you too Victor." Yūri said looking at him now. He gave his sweet smile before he left for the tissue. He came back with the tissue housed in the poodle cover and handed it to him.

Victor pulled a tissue and blew his nose wishing the pressure would ease up a bit.

"Can I have some tea also?" Victor added, as Yūri was about to leave, the request caused the other man to drop his head before heaving a sigh and leaving the room.

Once Yūri left, he snuggled back down into his covers, and waited patiently for his love to bring him what he needed. After a few minutes the shorter man came back with a mug of steaming tea and placed it carefully on the bedside table.

He accepted the ginger tea, laced with honey and lemon, and blew on it before taking a few sips. The hot brew coursed down his throat, soothing the itchiness and irritation. Once he was completely taken care of, using many tissues and drinking more tea, he slid back down under the covers and allowed Yūri to tuck him in once more.

"Stay?" he asked quietly. He wanted his lover to cuddle with him, and make him feel protected and loved.

"I can't yet, I have to clean up the kitchen, but I will when I'm done, promise," Yūri offered, but Victor pouted at him.

"But Yūri, I'm dying for your touch" he tried to argue, and coughed again, as if to drive home his point.

"Victor, please, just get some rest. I'll be back in five minutes," Yūri gently pleaded.

The Russian tried his best puppy dog eyes, but his lover wasn't having it, and with a kiss to his forehead, Yūri left. After five minutes Victor was yelling for his lover.

"YUUUUUURRI!" he called as best as he could with his sore throat.

"Victor?" Yūri asked as he came back in.

"Yūri, I really think I'm dying. Come, cuddle with me one last time before death comes to take me," he declared.

Yūri sighed lightly and closed his eyes for a moment before responding. "You're fine. Like I said, I'll be back when I finish up in the kitchen."

He was pouting even more now, "but you said five minutes, and it's been five minutes," he argued.

Yūri pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment. "Give me five more minutes then."

Victor cuts him off, he wanted his Katsudon, and wanted him now. "But Yūri, I'm suffering here." He tries to cough, only this time it's obviously faked.

Yūri rolls his eyes before he comes back to sit on the edge of the bed. "You're fine, do you need more water?" He offers reaching for the glass on the night stand.

"No, but I do need you to stay. You're the Eros to my Psyche, please don't make me have to go through the three trials before I can find myself in your sweet embrace again." He hoped he could sweet talk his love to join him.

Yūri gets up to leave without another word and Victor tries again to persuade his lover to stay.

"Yūri, don't leave me! I'm dying." He pleaded.

Yūri comes over and reaches for the pillow besides Victor's, "Here, let me give you a hand and put you out of your misery."

Victor's face fell and the puppy eyes were back. "But you said you would cuddle me," he argued as best as he could. His whole body hurt, he couldn't breath, as he sniffed loudly, tears springing up into his eyes and he wanted cuddles from his lover. His lips began to tremble, and he pulled his legs up closer to his chest as he pulled the blanket over up past his nose as a tear slid down his face. He really was dying after all. He closed his eyes as they began to fill with tears and he hiccuped from the sorrow he felt.

Before he knew it, he felt a dip in the bed, and a warm body curl up behind him as a pair of arms wormed their way around his body.

"Please don't cry Victor, I'm sorry. I'm here," Yūri cooed.

A soft kiss was placed on the nape of his neck, and he stretched out his legs so they could intertwine with his lover's. He did his best to stop crying, and ended up coughing again, causing his body to hurt even more. He turned so he was facing the smaller man, and snuggled up into the man's arms, placing his head beneath the raven-haired man's chin, arms wrapped around the smaller man's frame. For a moment he simply listened to the soft thumping of Yūri's heartbeat, letting the sound of it calm him.

"Did you make me soup?" He asked into his lover's chest.

"Yes, but you were asleep when it was done, do you want it now?" Yūri asked.

He shook his head in response. "Later Yūri, when I don't feel so miserable," he whispered.

For a while they simply laid there, content in each other's arms. The tea must have made him sleepy, as soon he could no longer keep his eyes open, and drifted back off to sleep.


For the rest of the day Victor drifted in and out of sleep, only taking note that at some point he was sleeping alone again. It wasn't until early the next morning that he woke fully as sunlight streamed down into his face. He opened his eyes to find Yūri sleeping peacefully beside him, their fingers entwined. With his other free hand, he tentatively reached out to gently pushed back the soft black hair giving him a better view of Yūri's soft features. His long black lashes lay flush on his soft skin, his expression peaceful, and his breathing quiet, gentle, and steady. Victor wondered what he had done to deserve someone so perfect. Though he still didn't feel well, the warmth that spread from his heart to throughout his body caused a new kind of ache. One that promised love, desire and happiness for a lifetime to come. He didn't notice the tear that slid down his cheek or the smile that played on his lips as he watched his lover sleep.

He ran his thumb softly across Yūri's cheek, reveling in the feel of the soft skin beneath his finger. The sensation must have been too much, as beautiful brown eyes, the ones that held an entire galaxy and Victor's heart looked over at him with a questioning glance.

"Victor?" Came Yūri's soft voice, filled with concern and love.

"Sleep well?" The Russian asked softly, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness of the quiet morning.

"Yes, now that I'm back home with you," Yūri admitted quietly. A smile formed on Victor's lips, as he kept rubbing gently across Yūri's cheek. "Do you feel any better Victor?"

"Yes, though another day of rest wouldn't hurt," he confirmed never taking his eyes off those of his love.

"I can heat that okayu for you," Yūri offered as he moved closer, causing Victor's hand to fall to the side.

Yūri pulled Victor into his arms, and he nuzzled his favorite spot on Yūri's neck, causing the man to moan lightly.

They stayed that way for a while, before the smaller man complained about needing to use the bathroom. Once up, Victor went out to the sofa and curled up on the couch, pulling Makkachin in to cuddle with him. When Yūri was done, he went directly into the kitchen and warmed the rice porridge up for them, and brought out two bowls that they ate in comfortable silence. Once the food was gone, and the dishes cleared, Yūri tried to get Victor back into bed.

"But I want to stay out here with you," he whined.

"Victor..." Yūri tried to protest.

"Please!?" He begged, with wide blue eyes, that could give Makkachin a run for his dog food.

Yūri heaved a sigh, knowing it was pointless trying to argue. If the man could make it out here once, he probably wouldn't stay in bed anyway. So with a promise on Victor's part to stay on the couch and not leave it, Yūri gathered extra blankets and got his lover comfortable on the sofa.

"Thank you Yūri," Victor offered once he was cozy.

Yūri looked down and smiled sweetly at him, before he leaned over and gave him a small kiss on his temple. "Get some rest watashi no ai," the younger man said before he walked off to clean up the kitchen.

A few hours later a knock was heard at the door, and Yūri, who had taken up space at the end of the couch, as Victor dozed off and on, got up to see who it was. The noise had woken the Russian and he cracked his eyes open to see who it was. He couldn't see much, but he heard voices and besides Yūri's, another stood out to him as familiar. Though they were quiet, he could still tell who it was. After a few minutes he heard the door close again, and there was mostly silence as Yūri took something into the kitchen, where the refrigerator door opened and then closed a moment later. When Yūri settled back down onto the sofa, Victor spoke up.

"Who was that?" he asked quietly to not startle the other.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" Yūri asked.

"It's alright. Who was at the door?" He asked again.

"Yuri and his grandfather. They brought you some golubtsies. Yuri's grandfather made them for you, and they hope you feel better soon," Yūri said, relaying the message.

Victor smiled, he knew that Russian tiger cared, even if he didn't want to show it. "I'll have to thank them when I'm well," he responded.

"Do you want one now?" Yūri offered.

"No." He answered taking a moment to close his eyes and rest. His throat was still slightly irritated but he was beginning to breath better, which was a godsend. "May I have some tea?" He asked instead.

"Of course," Yūri answered fondly.

A weight lifted off near Victor's feet as his love went to fetch him the brew his throat craved. Anything to sooth this itch in the back of his throat would be heavenly. He coughed a few times as if the cold was responding to his thoughts in disagreement. It wanted to linger while he wanted it gone. Yūri brought the tea within a few minutes and helped him to sit up so he could drink it properly. Once it was gone, he leaned against Yūri who was sitting beside him, and had wrapped an arm around his shoulders. He wondered how he had managed in life before Yūri came into it. Despite always being surrounded by people, hundreds if not thousands of fan, screaming his name, wanting so much from him, he had always felt lonely. Now here, in his quiet home, with just him and one other person, he felt more alive and wanted then ever before. The warm sensation that spread throughout his body was back, and again it made him want to cry. He wondered briefly if he would always feel like this whenever he put thought to how much he loved his Japanese Katsudon. Resting his head against Yūri's chest, he let his eyes drift close, with a soft smile on his lips and quickly fell back to sleep.

Hours later, with the moon light shimmering through the room, causing dust particles to sparkle like fairies in the night, Victor woke gently. He was laying against Yūri, with his love fast asleep in the corner of the sofa. A blanket had been thrown over his body, and Makkachin was nearby sleeping soundly. He took a deep breath and found it easier to breath. The headache that had plagued him was finally gone, and his body now only ached from the position he fell asleep in instead of being due to fever. He was nearly over the flu that had racked his body. He stretched his legs out letting them take the length of the rest of the couch, and he listened to the sound of his lover's heart beat, a gentle reminder of the love he had found within the most gentlest of souls. The soft thrumming lulled him back to sleep as the moonlight gleamed through the window, bathing them both in a soft light, causing their skin to lightly glow, creating an image of two angels slumbering in love's sweet promise of forever.

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It was 12:31 am in Almaty, and Otabek’s phone dinged again, for the umpteenth time. Which meant that it was 9:31 pm for Yuri in St. Petersburg, and the boy was still awake sending the Kazakhstani text message after text message.

All of them cat related. But not just cute kittens, or silly cats missing their landings, but weird cat stuff.

At first it was cats that had been given strange haircuts that made them look silly. Then it was cats that had been Photoshoped with human teeth, which Otabek found very creepy.

From there it was cats were the image was manipulated to look like a cat-spider, a cat with a dozen eyes on it’s face, another cat whose face was shrunken.

After that came the Siamese cats. That was when he had to put a stop to it. He picked up his phone and texted:

Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.

Under a minute came a reply:

If I have to suffer so do you.

Otabek rolled his eyes and knew he was in for a long night. Yuri was bored, and that meant he had to either entertain his friend, or put up with being bombarded with creepy cat images.

Do you want to Skype?

Otabek didn’t even get a text back, instead his computer began to ring, notifying him of the incoming Skype call.

“Hey asshole,” was the greeting he got before he could even adjust his camera properly.

“Yuri,” he nearly grunted. It was going on one in the morning and he was tired.

Yawning, he leaned back in the chair, his arms stretching above his head as he stretched out his back, popping a few vertebrae in the process.
“If you were so tired you should have said something,” Yuri said sounding grumpy.

“You’re bored,” Otabek countered as he sat up and looked directly at the camera.
“That doesn’t mean you have to stay up to entertain my ass,” Yuri argued. Otabek could see he was getting irritated.

“You know the time difference Yura, if you didn’t want my attention you shouldn’t have sent me a hundred cat memes.”

“Not a hundred, it was only a few” Yuri tried to defend himself, but Otabek could see him sulking.

“Fine, whatever.” Now it was Otabek who was getting irritated. It had been a long day of practice, and he had another one tomorrow. Not getting enough sleep wasn’t going to help him.

“You know what, I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” and before Otabek could argue, Yuri disconnected the call.

With a groan, he ran his hands over his face, then went back to bed. Just as he got comfortable, his phone dinged one more time, and when he looked, he laughed:


Grumpy Cat

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Yuri winked at him again. It was the third time that day.

They were all in Japan. Victor had set up some crazy show that all the male figure skaters were invited to partake in and they were all staying at Yu-topia.

He and Yuri were sharing what the small Russian called ‘his attic’ as it was the same space he lived in during the month he was here the first time. The space was slightly cramped, but since they only used it for sleeping, he didn’t mind.

However, almost since he arrived, Yuri has been more … touchy feely.

First they went shopping, and ended up getting matching tiger t-shirts, which was fine, except Yuri would grab Otabek’s hand and pull him to every new piece of clothing the man wanted to look at.

Then the Russian leaned on his shoulder, babbling about how much he loved the Japanese dish that was shoved in Otabek’s face as he got to experience it for the first time.

At night, although they would fall asleep a foot apart on their respected tatami, somehow by morning he’d have a face full of blond hair and his arms full of a lean muscular body.

Which, if he was honest with himself, he really didn’t mind. It felt nice waking up to another warm body, especially one that smelled so good, and made him smile like only Yuri could.

Today however was different. Yuri was still being Yuri. Making fun of Victor and Yuuri, complaining about some of the antics of the other skaters, touching him innocently, but every now and then, Otabek would glance over to see him staring at him. And every time he caught the man, Yuri would just wink at him. Like he wasn’t even ashamed of his actions.

He almost felt like Yuri was trying to get caught. Otabek decided to keep a closer watch on the young blond.

They were walking back from the Ice Castle, behind everyone else, talking causally about the program Victor had created, as Otabek kept Yuri in his peripheral vision.

They were not even twenty feet from the door when he noticed the Russian glancing over at him. Then he felt as the younger man’s fingers brush up against his, seemingly by accident, but by now he knew better.

He figured he play along, and let his own hand causally brush up against Yuri’s, all the while he felt as his neck and ears began to burn at the implications it might be causing.

After a few feet, he felt a nudging at his pinky. On instinct he opened his fingers a little wider, allowing Yuri’s pinky finger to slip in and curl around his own.

At that he stopped, which caused the younger man stop and look up at him.

“Are you flirting with me?” Otabek was dying to know. His heart was beating fast and hard in his chest, and his cheeks and ears burned from the flush taking over his face and neck.

Yuri didn’t even flinch. He took a step forward, smirk curling on his lips as he just barely entered Otabek’s personal space.

“It’s about time you noticed,” he said with a hint of snark in his voice.

Otabek wasn’t sure how to respond, but he did know he wasn’t about to miss out on this opportunity. Not when he waited for so long to finally get the boy back in his life. Stepping forward he came nearly nose to nose with the Ice Tiger and with his own smile he looked deep into those green eyes of a solider.

“I’ve always noticed. Good to know you finally noticed back.”

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Chris’s phone chimed. He was laying on his bed, watching his last practice that Joseph had recorded for him when a notification came through that he received a text from his best friend.

OMG Chris… Yuuri’s mouth is DEVINE!

This made Chris raise an eyebrow, and the corner of his mouth twitch a bit. He knew that Katsuki had lacked experience. Phichit, someone Chris was actually pretty close to, had a habit of talking too much when given a single glass of champagne and had spilled a few secrets the last time they were together at Worlds.

So to hear such an exclamation was … interesting.

As his coach, I’m sure you get him to practice often. ;-)

The Swiss man replied. He didn’t think much of it and had gone back to studying his routine when his phone pinged again a few minutes later.

You don’t understand Chris his tongue, it does things.

He couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this next admission.

Really darling? Like what… do tell me all about it.

He didn’t have to wait long before another message came through.

It’s like his tongue knows exactly where to tease that drives me wild.

Chris was not expecting such an explicit answer, or any response to be honest. Victor was extra, but not normally like this. Before he could respond another message came through.

Fuuuuck. How does he do it, Chris? It’s so f

And that’s where the message ends. Like something kept Victor from finishing his sentence.

Victor? Are you alright? Did Yuuri catch you texting me about his talented tongue? ;-)  

Chris couldn’t help but tease. It was Victor’s own fault. Plus it didn’t help that the thought of Yuuri Katsuki’s tongue doing anything was really starting to make his blood rush to his groin.

It was at least a good two minutes before Chris received any sort of reply, only this time it was just an image. … One he would end up saving in a secret folder on his phone that required a passcode to get into.

The picture looked like it was taken from Victor’s phone at the topmost part of his chest, as his nipples were just visible, and the view went down the Russian’s naked body to focus on the mop of black hair between pale legs. He could just see Yuuri’s face as it was just barely tilted upwards, eyes closed, and tongue flat against the underside of a long thick cock. Yuuri’s right hand held Victor at the base of his dick, while his other was wrapped under the man’s leg, holding on.

Chris just about nutted right there.


Chapter Text

“Tell me a bedtime story”.

“What?” Otabek was confused. He was sitting against the headboard of his bed, casually scrolling through his phone, Yuri’s head in his lap as he slowly and gently carded his fingers through the silky blond hair.

Yuri tilted his head up to glace up at him with an innocent smile on his lips, green eyes looking into brown.

“I want you to tell me a bedtime story,” Yuri said quietly.

Otabek looked down at this phone for a moment, noting it was just before half past midnight. Yuri and he had been living together for almost a year now, after he moved to Russia to train under Victor along with both Yuri’s. The living legend had retired a few years before saying he didn’t want to risk an injury and wanted to focus on his Yuuri’s skating more than his own.

Racking his brain, while feeling slightly foolish, he tried to come up with a simple story he could tell his boyfriend of nearly a year.

“Well … once upon a time,” he noticed the moment he started Yuri snuggled into his lap more. “There was this young prince who was destined for greatness, but in order to get there he had to accomplish three tasks. The first being that he had to rescue a damsel in distress to show he put others before himself. The second was, he had to slay a dragon, to show he could protect his kingdom, and the third was he had to convince a stranger to follow him into battle, to show he could earn loyalty.

“Armed with his best armor, weapon, and his trusty steed, he set off to accomplish these goals. Seeing as how there were not too many damsels in distress, it took him a while, and some searching until he came upon young maiden who had been locked up in a high tower. The prince tried to find an entrance, but wasn’t able too, however, he did notice that a strong vine ran all along the length of the tower and he began to climb.

“When he finally reached the top, he found that the girl wasn’t actually in an trouble. In fact she was the one who had locked the hidden door, hoping to keep people out, rather than let anyone come in. See, unlike Rapunzel, who was locked away, this princess had run away from home, and was hiding in the tower because she was scared of being rejected by her family. She believed she wasn’t as beautiful as the others, or as talented or as skilled enough to be worthy of being called a princess. However, the prince assured her that no matter what, her family loved her, and that beauty came from within, and not her outer appearances.

“After being convinced by a total stranger, the maiden allowed the prince to take her home, where her family welcomed her back with open arms. After that, he went off to find a dragon to slay to accomplish his next task.

“After going town to town, he eventually came to one where the people claimed a horrible dragon lived because it would come and eat their cows all the time. After searching around for a while, the prince came across a cavern where a large red dragon lived. It was a mighty beast and roared and spit fire when the prince approached.

“With his mighty sword in hand, the prince approached the dragon, ready for a fight, however instead, he found that the dragon was already severely injured and was trying to protect it’s eggs. It seems the towns people had lied, and the prince realized that just because the beast was loud and scary, doesn’t mean it was evil. So instead the prince told the dragon about a cave in his kingdom where it could live with it’s eggs. The dragon bowed it’s head in thanks and the prince moved on.

“The final task was that the prince had to convince a total stranger to follow him into battle. He rode his horse to a neighboring village, and there he met a hero who had sworn to protect his town’s people from their warring neighbors who were always arguing over land.

“After talking to the hero, the prince was able to convince the man to go with him to their enemies. Once there, the prince asked to speak to the leader of the other army. Though the hero with him was ready to battle, the prince suggested that they try to reason with the others first.

“When they were settle around a table, with a map of the lands laid out before them, the hero and the leader of the enemies explained how they were fighting over land. The prince had discovered that the reason for the war was because of a natural source of fresh water in the hero’s country, while his neighbors didn’t have any for miles and miles. When the prince explained how if they shifted the boarders so the neighbors could draw water from the large lake, perhaps the neighbors would give up some land to their southern boarders, where the hero’s people could use it to farm more.

“By the end of the day, a treaty was signed, and peace was restored to the land. The prince had not only gotten the loyalty of the hero, but also of his people, and those of the neighbors.

“When he left to go home, he said his goodbyes to his new friends, and then went back to claim his kingdom and his crown … The end.”

Otabek finished his story, but Yuri didn’t say anything, so he figured the man had fallen asleep, until that is when Yuri sudden sat up.

“You made that bullshit up on the fly didn’t you?” the blond asked.

“Of course I did.. It’s after midnight and I’m tired, but you asked for a bedtime story.”

“Well, that’s not how the story ends. There’s no happily ever after,” Yuri argued.

Otabek raised an eyebrow and a tiny smile graced his lips.

“Okay, then how does it end?”

“Well for starters, the hero doesn’t leave the prince, he goes back with him to the castle. Because we all know that in the end the hero wants to be with the prince … right?”

The way Yuri was looking at him, that questioning look in his eyes, the one that seemed to hold his heart, made Otabek realize that Yuri had imprinted himself as the prince and he as the hero. So with a small laugh he nodded and answered. “Yeah, .. He does”

“Right, so they both go back to the castle where the prince lives. And they find that the maiden he saved now has her own prince so they can live happily ever after, the dragon who now lives in the nearby cave now protects the castle, and …”

“And? What about the prince and the hero?” Otabek was curious now.

“Well..” Yuri’s face was turning red and Otabek noticed he had slipped his hand under his pillow, as if searching for something. With big green eyes now looking directly at him, the Russian pulled a small black box from under the pillow. “The prince asks the hero to marry him” as he says this he opens the small box to reveal a single golden band.

Otabek is stunned, his eyes burn from the sudden tears that have flooded them. He finds himself speechless for a little too long, either that or Yuri gets impatient with him and asks “So are you going to marry me or not Hero?”

“Yes,” Otabek said breathless.

Yuri pulls the ring from the box and slides it onto his fiance’s finger.

“And they lived happily ever after” Yuri says before pulling Otabek into a loving kiss.


Chapter Text

It had been a long day of practice at the Ice Castle, and both of them were exhausted. Yuuri had dropped down onto Victor’s bed, with the intention of watching the video that the Russian had taken that day so they could go over what Yuuri needed to work on.

Having been the first out of the hot spring, he was wearing his soft cotton pjs and was waiting for his couch / not sure yet if we’re boyfriends (Post-CoC) to return from the bathroom.

When Victor entered, he was only wearing a pair of the inn’s comfortable, soft green pants, as he looked at his stufent who was laying on his back, watching the video on his phone.

When Yuuri noticed Victor standing there, staring at him with a small smile, and a wishful expression, he stopped the video, put his phone aside, and opened his arms wide as an invention for the silver haired man.

Victor didn’t think twice to dive into those waiting arms, and wrap his own around the smaller man’s mid-section. He nuzzled his face into Yuuri’s chest, which elicited a small laugh, and heaved a heavy sigh of contentment.

They talked briefly of their day, but soon, Victor’s eyes grew heavy, and before he knew it, he was fast, and sound asleep.

Yuuri, who had been gently running his fingers through that beautiful soft hair, noticed when the love of his life drifted off to sleep, and with a smile planted a gentle kiss on that little whorl on the top of his head.

Laying still, so as not to disturb the sleeping Russian, Yuuri wondered if he would be able to reach the blanket that had been tossed aside from that morning. Unfortunately it was just out of reach, and so reluctantly he figured he’d just have to do his best at keeping the man on top of him warm on his own. That was until his sister knocked, and opened the door.

Holding some extra sheets, she raised at eyebrow at her brother holding his coach, who was laying on top of him,  but then she smirked as she leaned against the door.

“Comfy?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, actually.” Yuuri whispered as he hugged Victor just a tiny bit more.

“I’ll just leave these here then, you might need them later,” Mari teased.

Yuuri felt as his cheeks turned pink, but didn’t justify her comment with a response.

As she was about to leave, he called out to her quietly. “Mari?” She turned back to him, as she waited for him to continue. “Would you help me get the cover?” he asked.

She looked over at his dilemma and nodded.

Gently she lifted Victor’s feet as they were laying on the top of the blankets at the end of the bed, then she pulled them over the Russian and her brother, essentially tucking them in.

Yuuri whispered his thanks as he got more comfortable, Mari pushed the other pillow closer to him. With a small smile, she turned the light out and gently closed the door.

Not long after Yuuri fell asleep, Victor still covering his body, Yuuri’s fingers still in his coach’s hair, while his other hand wrapped around the man’s body.

Many hours later, an hour before dawn broke over the horizon, Victor slowly woke up feeling warm, and very relaxed.

The first thing he noticed was how good he felt. Then he realized that the pillow beneath his head moved in a steady pattern, and sounded like the most peaceful drum.

Opening his eyes, he took in his surroundings. He was laying in his bed, covered by his blanket, on top of Yuuri.

He was in his bed, wrapped in the arms of the man who made his the happiest he’s ever felt.

He was in bed, with Yuuri.

He slept with Yuuri

When the thought penetrated his sleep addled mind, he grinned so hard, his cheeks hurt, and his eyes stung from the tears that threatened to fall.

He turned his face, gently pressing his nose into the soft fabric of the Yuuri’s top, as his happiness washed over his mind and body. His arms, that were still wrapped around the other man’s waist, squeezed just a little tighter, and a tiny laugh escaped his lips.

His movements must have woken the smaller man, as he felt the body beneath him shift and move. He looked up just in time to see brown eyes just opening as they looked at him.

“Are you okay?” Yuuri’s soft voice asked.

“Just really happy,” Victor responded honestly.

Yuuri hummed his approval, and gave the Russian a gentle squeeze.

“That’s good,” he said with a yawn. “Is it time to get up?”

“No,” Victor responded. He didn’t really care what time it was, at that moment, he wasn’t getting out of bed for anything.

“Okay. …. Go back to sleep then,” Yuuri said before he placed a soft kiss on the top of Victor’s head. Within moments, the Japanese man was back to sleep.

Victor couldn’t even respond he was too happy, he only hoped that the dawn would take it’s time, and allow him more time to finally sleep with Yuuri.

Chapter Text

It was his 18th birthday party, and he was drunk off his ass. At least that's what that cute guy next to him had said. The man looked familiar, with his deep brown eyes, black, slicked back hair, sharp jaw, and the kind of chest you wanted to curl yourself into while those delicious muscular arms wrapped around you.

Fuck was he drooling. He thinks he’s drooling, but he’s not positive. He tries to wipe at his mouth haphazardly just to make sure.

“Whad you say?” he asked, his head tilting back as he was unable to hold it up without it tipping to the side. He blinked his eyes a few times to get the cute guy into focus.

The guy smiled and just laughed at him. “I said, you’re drunk Yuri.”

“Well no shit,” Yuri answered back. Of course, he was drunk. With the number of vodka bottles and shot glasses on the table, and with how fuzzy he was feeling, yeah, he’d have to say he was drunk.

He raised a hand to try to pour himself another shot when the cute guy grabbed it at the last moment. “You’ve had enough Yura. You should really drink some water.”

“Foooook you,” Yuri said flipping cute guy the bird. “I’ll drink what I want, I’m legal now dammit, and I’ll have as much as I want” he tried to argue but was failing miserably the more he slurred his words.

“Seriously Yura, you’ve had enough,” cute guy tried again, now holding on to Yuri’s hand, fingers entwined.

“Fight me, … you attractive stranger,” Yuri tries to snarl. It doesn’t help that he can’t even sit up straight without falling forward into cute guy. He looks up to find the most beautiful brown eyes looking back at him, filled with amusement. “You’re really fucking cute,” Yuri almost whispers as he looks down at their hands. “What’s your name again?”

This time the guy does laugh. “Otabek,” he says with a laugh. “But you can call me Beka,” he continues.

“OtaBECK,” Yuri says, testing the word out. “OoootaBecK!” he pops the b and the K. He nearly crosses his eyes like he could see the words. “OtaBrrr…” He stops and looks at the man before him. Broad shoulders, chisel jawline, dark hair, thick eyebrows… “Otabear,” he hums with a lustful smirk as he rakes his eyes over the cute guy.

Otabek laughs as if he’s highly amused. His cheeks turning pink in the dim lamplight of the small apartment.

“You can just say Beka if that helps,” Otabek offers.

“Beka,” Yuri tries. “Okay BeKa,” again popping the b and k, “you um… seeing anyone OtaBear?” He said preferring that particular nickname instead.

Otabek, who happens to be sitting on the floor, is leaning against a chair, while Yuri is leaning against a sofa. Brings his knee up and rest his head in his hand that sits on his knee.

“Yeah actually,” Otabek says with a smile.

Yuri suddenly feels very disappointed but decides he won’t be discouraged.

“Are they … cute?”

“Oh yeah, really cute,”

“Damn,” Yuri thinks out loud. He sways a moment before looking back at his drinking buddy. “Do they… um … do they kiss really good? Cuz I’m an excellent kisser,” Yuri says hoping to tempt the man.

“Best I’ve ever had,” Otabek says, smile now getting larger completely reaching his eyes.

“Fuck!” Yuri exclaims. What did he have to offer to be better than this … person. “Do I know them?”


“Are they a friend? Do I like them?” Yuri asked, now worried it would be someone he’d have to face.

“Most of the time,” Otabek said, the smile faltering for a moment.

“Are you happy with them?” Yuri asked quietly, the fight draining from him, only to be replaced with sadness.

“Very.” Was his simple answer.

“Do you …” he swallowed a lump in his throat. “Do you love them?” he nearly whispered.

Otabek didn’t answer right away but looked at him intently. “Yes,” he said quietly.

“I hope they love you back, you look like a really great guy,” Yuri said, his brain deciding it was time to shut down.

His eyes suddenly felt like ten-pound weights had been placed on them, and he couldn’t keep them open. His body also began to feel heavy, and he could tell he was starting to slide to the side but couldn’t hold himself up even if he tried. However, before he met his fate on the floor, strong arms caught him and shifted his body. Before he knew it, he was being lifted and carried a few feet away to some other place in the small home.

His brain barely registered as his clothes were being removed and he was tucked onto a soft bed, and wrapped in cool sheets.

The last thing his drunken mind would remember would be a soft, warm kiss to his brow, and whispered words into his ear.

“I love you, Yuri.”

Chapter Text

Victor and Yuuri are not really dating.  They see all the fan art, they know about the thousands of fanfictions, they’ve heard of Victuuri, but the truth is, they’re just friends.

Victor is really dating Phichit, and Yuuri and Chris have been seen more than once on what looks like a romantic date.

Yurio finds it funny. He’ll call up Otabek, and they’ll laugh about it. Otabek will ask him how his date with Seung-gil went. Yurio will smile, blush a little and then tell his best friend about how charming, witty, and charismatic the Koren is. Otabek will just grin, glancing over to a picture of him and Sara smiling brightly at the camera every now and then.

Guang Hong will see the twitter notifications of how people ship him with Leo. It makes him blush every time, but only because it feels so awkward to be shipped with your best friend. And on more than one occasion he’ll have to remind Michele, his boyfriend, that it’s just the internet, it doesn’t mean it’s real. He and Leo really are just friends. Michele can’t help it if he gets jealous. Who wouldn’t when you have one SNS’s Most Adorable Men’s Figure Skaters in Asia as your boyfriend. He wants to protect that smol bean as much as he can. No one brings a smile to Michele’s face the way Guang Hong can.

Anyway, Leo is too busy trying to keep up with his own boyfriend, Emil, to really be bothered with the most recent gossip that has blown up on Tumblr or Twitter. When there are mountains to scale, forests to explore, music to be heard, and love to be made, there is just no time for the latest ship that wants to be sailed.

J.J. on the other hand loves all the media craze. Granted his boyfriend, Georgi, would appreciate a bit more recognition, as it’s he who has inspired the Canadian’s latest greatest love song, but any publicity is good publicity he supposes. With Isabella off on her honeymoon with Mari in the Bahamas, he would think he’d get a bit more time with his true love, but Jean has been a little more then busy lately. Little does he know of JJ’s plan to propose in the most spectacular way possible. (JJ has already contacted Phichit and Victor to make sure it goes off without a hitch and to have all the best pictures taken. Even Yurio offered his help with making sure the venue looked perfect. He’s such a good friend.)

In fact all the Russians are involved with the big day. Mila is tasked with distracting Georgi, and planned on doing so by taking him out with her and her boyfriend, Kenjirou, to the spa. Her and her cutie, planned on getting his red streak re-colored. She likes to make sure it matches her own shade of red. It’s something they share between them. Then, it’s off for manis, pedis, and a hot oil treatment for her and the boys.

… yeah. What if?

Chapter Text

Yuri and Otabek are talking via video skype when suddenly Otabek’s mother shows up in the fame.

“Oh, it’s that boy who has stolen your heart. When are you going to invite him to Almaty so we can meet him.”

Otabek blushes so hard his face feels like it’s about to burst into flames. Yuri suddenly feels very awkward.

“Maybe I should go Beka...”

“No no, you stay.” Otabek’s mother interrupts. “In fact, you come to visit. In a week,” she insists. “You make his arrangements, I’ll get the guest room ready,” she says to her son who is still in a state of shock.

“Umm... Actually, I was going to travel to Moscow to see my dedushka” Yuri tried to help his friend out who suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

“It’s just your grandfather, yes?” she asks him, to which he simply nods. “Then he should come too. Bring the families together,” she says with a smile, which only makes Otabek’s face turn even redder. “Make sure they both are in first class,” she adds to Otabek, kisses him on the top of his head, and then leaves.

“What the fuck?” Yuri whispers, afraid she might be around to hear him.
Otabek can only shake his head like he has no idea.

A week later, Yuri and Nikolai are sitting with the Altins around the family table.

Otabek next to him, while his grandfather sits next to Otabek’s father. The two men are getting along rather well, while the two young men can only sit stock still, still trying to figure out what’s going on.

Yuri leans over slightly into Otabek’s space. “Why are they talking like we’re dating?” he whispers.
He chances a glance over at his friend, who is once again blushing, something the older teen has been doing more often lately.

Otabek notices his mother looking at him, with a slight smirk on her lips, and a knowing gleam in her eyes.

“Quiet, they can hear us,” he whispers back before he decides to busy himself with his food.

“Weirdest dinner ever,” Yuri adds.

Chapter Text

Seung-gil has just about HAD IT with his mom constantly trying to control his life.  From the endless setups with women, he’s not interested in all the way down to her picking out his daily outfit.

He storms away in the hopes of finding a place to get away from her annoying prattling about some Koren girl who is barely 18 and comes from a good family. He had planned a trip to Australia to study abroad for a year, in the hopes of getting out from under his mother’s thumb, but it felt like his plan was quickly derailing as she insisted she come along on the cruise. It was her money after all. Then she kept insisting that he call her to make sure he looked ‘proper’ for his classes and tell her what he had planned for that day.  And don’t get him started on what she expected on a daily basis in the realm of communication and expectations. The whole thing gave him a massive headache.

In fact, he was rubbing his temples as he rounded the corner, he crashed into another guest on the massive cruise ship.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he got his balance.

“No harm done,” came the soft reply.

Seung-gil looked up and thought perhaps he had died in that crash. Standing there before him was the most angelic looking creature he had ever seen. Though the sunlight back-lighting his beautiful black hair, certainly helped.

“Uhh…” Words were suddenly a challenge.

“Hi! I’m Phichit,” the angel introduced himself with a smile.

Seung-gil looked at the hand extended to him and then back up at the smiling man offering it. “Seung-gil,” he said suddenly remembering his manners and his name. He reached out and grasped the other man’s hand and couldn’t help but notice how soft it was.

There was a shout, and it jerked Seung-gil out of his shock, and he realized he had walked into a party.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt the ….” he honestly wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Wedding reception,” Phichit provided for him. “My best friend just got married, and they’re having the reception on the cruise.”


“Yeah! I’m the best man. Well one of them, Chris is the other,” Phichit pointed back at a tall blond slow dancing with a mysterious dark-haired stranger.

“Oh, I see,” Seung-gil took in the room.

A dark-haired man with a stoic expression was at the DJ booth, as short blond stood nearby chatting at him. A red-haired woman in a knee-length bride’s maid gown was laughing in a small group of others off toward the side. A woman with long black hair, another blonde man, and a purple-eyed man who kept scowling. The grooms were apparently in the center of the dance floor, floating around each other in their own personal bubble, all smiles, and the occasional chaste kiss.

A wedding, free to love whom you want. Free to make your own choices … Free.

Seung-gil just got a brilliant idea.

“Will you marry me?” he asked without reservation.

“What?” Phichit gasped at him. “We just met,” he laughed. Seung-gil thought he might die instead from the brightness and sweetness of the other man’s smile.

“Not really get married, but fake married. My mother is very controlling, and I’m trying to get her off my back…” Seung-gil went on to explain his situation to a patient Phichit. By the end, the bright smile was replaced by a coy grin.

“I can see how that is a problem… alright then. Yes, Seung-gil, I accept your proposal.” Phichit said with as much formality as he could.

Then he grabbed Seung-gil’s arm and dragged him into the party that had moved onto a more upbeat song.

“EVERYONE! CAN I GET YOUR ATTENTION!” Phichit yelled out into the crowd so loudly that the DJ stopped the music to give him the room’s attention.

Seung-gil’s nerves quickly skyrocketed, and he wasn’t as sure about this as he was two minutes ago.

“THIS IS SEUNG-GIL LEE… We just met, and we’re getting MARRIED!” Phichit yelled out.

For a brief second the room was silent, then just as quickly it exploded with cheers and congratulations.

“Why are they not weirded out by this?” Seung-gil was curious. Shouldn’t they be demanding answers?

“Get to know me, and you’ll understand,” was his ‘fiance’s’ only answer.

One of the grooms, Seung-gil assumed Phichit’s best friend’ walked up to them with the only questioning look in the room.

“Phichit, explain,” he said.

“Yuuri, Seung-gil. Seung-gil, Yuuri. He’s my best friend that I stood up for.”

“Nice to meet you Seung-gil. Now, Phichit, explain,”

After that, Phichit, with Seung-gil’s help, explained what was going on. By the time they finished they had amassed a small group. … well, more like almost the entire party.

“So you’ll need someone to officiate the marriage,” Victor, Yuuri’s groom, offered.

“Done darling,” Chris said indicating his mystery man who smiled and nodded. Apparently, he was ordained and could perform the ‘ceramony.’

“You’ll want rings,” someone else said.

“There’a jewelry shop on the ship, we can get some there,” Mila, the red-head said. “Sara and I can go now and get them.” She pulled the dark-haired girl off towards the gift shop section of the ship before he could argue.

“You’ll want food and CAKE, you have to have cake,” a small, young man with yellow and red hair exclaimed before running off.

“You can’t get married in that,” the short blond, Yuri, from the DJ booth scowled at him.

Seung-gil looked down and took in the horribly tacky shirt his mother had picked out that morning, and completely agreed.

“Beka and I will get you something,” Yuri said before the two walked off.

“No cheeta print!” Phichit called after them. A rude hand gesture was the reply.

“Is this really happening?” Seung-gil asked dumbfounded.

He honestly didn’t think it would work. He certainly didn’t expect all these people to come to his aid suddenly, no real questions asked and then just run off to help. This was crazy.

Before he knew it, he was dressed in a nice pair of black slacks, a white shirt, skinny tie and a black vest over top. He honestly looked really nice. He was standing in a small cabin, looking at himself when there was a knock at the door.

“Hello?” he asked. So many people had talked to him in the past half-hour he couldn’t even guess who it was.

The door opened to allow Phichit in. Seung-gil’s mouth dropped open at the sight of the man before him. He was dressed in a beautiful red and gold outfit. He was pretty sure the cloth shops on the ship didn’t sell stuff like that.

“You clean up pretty nice,” the other man said with a smirk.

Seung-gil snapped his mouth closed as he tried to get that word thing to work again. “You too,” he managed.

“Ready?” Phichit looked nervous, which Seung-gil couldn’t figure out. It was just a fake wedding to get his mother to leave him be.

“Yeah. You?”

Phichit took a breath and nodded.

“Alright, let’s go then,” Seung-gil offered his arm, and his ‘groom’ took it.

They walked from the borrowed cabin to the room where the original grooms were already using for their party and found that the lights were now brighter, and mystery guy was standing at the front holding a bible. A white cloth sash over his shoulders.

They walked arm in arm through the partygoers, all smiling happily and brightly. Soft music played as they marched to the front.

Once standing in front of the minister, Yuuri stepped up to stand for Phichit, and Victor took the place as Seung-gil’s best man.

“I hope this is okay?” Victor asked quietly. Seung-gil only nodded.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Phichit Chulanont and Seung-gil …”

“Lee,” Seung-gil provided, remembering he had never offered his last name before.

“And Seung-gil Lee…”

The rings that Mila and Sara picked out were absolutely stunning. They were a matching set of rose gold, and on the inside was an inscription. A tiny heart-shaped ruby and the words Saved my heart for you were engraved inside the rings. He wasn’t sure how much they cost, but he hoped they were returnable.

When it came time to ‘kiss the groom’ everyone smiled and giggled when Phichit gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, while they both blushed a deep red.

The wedding was short, sweet and pretty standard, but it was enough. It was something Seung-gil could tell his mother happened, with plenty of witnesses. Now, perhaps she would leave him alone, and stop treating him like a child.

Once they were announced as husbands, Seung-gil was ready to face his mother. … Except Phichit pulled him aside for a moment.

“I need you to sign this,” he said pushing a form towards him.

Seung-gil looked down and found it to be a marriage certificate.

“What? This was supposed to be a fake marriage.”

“I know … but … well, see. I need it to be a real marriage. At least for a little bit. You’re not the only one with parent problems.” Phichit rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“What’s wrong?”

“My parents have had me set up for an arranged marriage for my entire life. But I don’t love her, and she doesn’t love me, and we don't’ want to get married to each other. But our parents won’t listen and are forcing us. She already has another man she wants to get married too, but her family won’t even let her leave the house now in fear that she’ll run away. I was only lucky to leave for Yuuri’s wedding. If I wasn’t the best man, they probably wouldn’t have let me go. In fact, they told me that the moment I’m home, I would be walking right into my own wedding. It’s why I have my own wedding clothes,” he indicated to the outfit he was wearing, “So when you ran into me and asked me to marry you, I was hoping my prayers were answered, and that’s why everyone was so willing to help, cuz they knew what I was going home to and how unhappy I was,” Phichit took a deep breath after he managed to get all that out in one. “So… will you marry me?”

Seung-gil looked at the man who was giving him the biggest puppy eyes, and back down to the form. Without a word, he filled it out and signed it.

After a whoop of joy, Phichit followed suit and then tackled Seung-gil into a huge hug.

“So what’s your married name going to be?” Victor asked. “We’re the Katsuki-Nikiforov’s” he announced happily as if he’s been wanting to say it all his life as he pulled his husband to his side.

“How does Seung-gil and Phichit Chulanont-Lee sound?” Seung-gil asked with a smile to his husband.

“Perfect,” Phichit said with a bright smile.


Chapter Text


“Yes, Victor?”

“Do we want to use the dark chocolate or the milk chocolate for the cherry filled ones?”

Yuuri thought for a moment thinking back to the times he’s had chocolate cordials. “Dark I think. Both would be good, but I think dark would be tastier.”

Victor smiled with a nod and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek before placing the bag of milk chocolate back on the counter before he opened the bag of dark chocolate chips and poured it into the double boiler on the stove.

Yuuri was busy at the kitchen table making sure they had everything they needed. Chocolates, flavored oils, heavy whipping cream, and of course the molds. He had gone on-line and found a great selection of different shape silicone molds that came in a collection of six per batch. He ordered two of each so they wouldn’t have to repeat the same thing as many times.

Victor turned the flame on under the double boiler and set it to just the right temperature. Once the dark chocolate was melted and ready they both set to work to coat the molds leaving room for the filling they would add later.

An hour later found them tired, with chocolate covered fingers and a dozen chocolate coated molds. Three hours later and the chocolates were done and sitting on a glass plate.

Victor and Yuuri sat on the couch each with different chocolate in their hand. Victor had a rose shaped, cherry filled dark chocolate, while Yuuri had decorated heart-shaped cinnamon flavored filled dark chocolate.

“These turned out beautiful,” Victor smiled.

“Mmm hmmm,” Yuuri agreed.

Victor turned and smiled at his beautiful fiance who was under his arm leaning against him. “Wanna taste mine?” he asks with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Only if you taste mine,” Yuuri responds with a giggle and a dark blush spreading across his cheeks.

Just as Victor leans in to give his love a sweet kiss, the door bangs open as a small angry tiger stomps in.

“Where’s the chocolates!” Yurio demanded.

Victor heaves a heavy sigh and leans his head against Yuuri’s.

“How did you know?” Yuuri had never been more disappointed to see his young friend, than in that moment.

Yurio just holds up his phone to what appears to be a post on Instagram. Victor had shared a picture of the final results with his followers with a tag of how delicious they turned out.

Taking many off the plate the blond plops down in the chair in the living room, and grabs the remote. “There’s a new season of Voltron. We’re watching it,” he states not caring what he just interrupted.

Victor dropped his head backward on the back of his couch, as Yuuri nibbled on his candy. There was always later he figured.

Chapter Text

Poor little Mrs. Smirnova. She was beside herself with worry. Being the neighbor of the lovely tall man with silver hair, Victor, sweet Victor for the past ten years, has been a joy. He is always so sweet, and kind. Carrying up her bag of groceries when they would meet at the elevator. Or letting her coo over the sweet Makkachin and giving the sweet puppy little treats that she keeps in a jar on the desk next to her front door. He even came over once and helped her hang her fern in the ceiling hook she couldn't reach. Sweet young man. When he brought home that adorable little black haired Japanese man, she knew he had found his forever. She hadn't seen Victor smile so bright in so long that it was refreshing to see that heart-shaped smile again. She congratulated them when they came back after their honeymoon and baked them a rhubarb pie as a gift.

Now, it did happen that sometimes they would get a little loud in the bedroom. So when the knocking occurred against the wall, or when Yuuri called out Victor's name in a long moan, well, she would turn up her soap operas and hum a little tune to herself until it quieted down.

So imagine her surprise when as she went out into the corridor to fetch her daily paper, she saw that sweet young husband of Victor's bringing a new person into their home. A man nearly as tall as him, with dark skin and a blinding smile. She didn't think too much of it at first, but when the knocking sound against her wall started, she was a little surprised. When she heard dear, sweet, kind, Yuuri call out another man's name, she was in absolute shock. As lovely as this Phichit seemed, all smiles and kind face, she can't believe he would seduce the husband of her dear Victor.

She twisted her hands and paced her apartment; she knew she had to tell Victor, but how? she fretted.

What Mrs. Smirnova didn't know was that a full minute before she stepped out into the corridor, Victor had already come home, welcoming Chris in with him. Phichit and Yuuri had stopped in the hall because Phichit just HAD to show Yuuri that picture causing them to fall behind. She had no idea that as Phichit was giving Yuuri reason to moan so lovely, Victor was sitting in the corner armchair watching. His fingers slipping through the soft blond locks of Chris’s hair who was on his knees on a soft pillow kneeling before him, face buried in Victor’s lap, sucking Victor's cock down his throat.

So when poor Mrs. Smirnova pulled Victor into her apartment with tears stinging her eyes, telling him how she believes his dear sweet husband has cheated on him, he had to use all his acting skills to keep a straight face.  He assured her that he already knew and had already dealt with the situation.

When he gets back to his shared apartment, he tells his beloved Yuuri that they have to start looking for a new home. Preferably with neighbors not so close.

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Fake Dating

Emil was getting tired of Michele passing him up for everyone else. Or brushing him off because Sara needed him. (Which he knew was BS. Sara was sick of her brother constantly third wheeling her life.) But no matter what Emil said, it didn’t matter. Michele never looked at him the way Emil knew he looked at Michele.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Chris suggested that they ‘pretend’ to date. Maybe a little jealousy might make Michele see what he’s missing. … Except it didn’t seem to be working. Not only that, but the more time Chris and Emil spent together, the more Emil wished they weren’t pretending.

Where Michele was sometimes cold and aloof, Chris was warm and inviting.   When Chris would cuddle Emil knowing Michele was around, at first it was a little awkward, but it got to the point where Emil wished it would never end.

Eventually, though all things must end.

For Emil and Chris, it was when Michele congratulated them on their new found love. He had been paying attention to their ‘blossoming’ romance and was happy that his best friend found true love.

It was then, Emil knew there was no hope for him and Michele.  It also raised the question of what Michele meant by Chris and Emil being in love.

But that also meant there was no reason for him and Chris to continue their fake relationship. … Except it hadn’t felt fake in a while.

When Emil eventually got back to ‘their’ room that he and Chris were sharing, he wasn’t sure what to do. It wasn’t until Chris came in that Emil knew.

Chris hadn’t expected Emil to be in the room, he figured Emil was out getting drunk. So when blue eyes met hazel green that was red-rimmed and puffy, Emil knew. He knew that his small crush on Michele had faded long ago, to be replaced by the real love he felt for the most wonderful, beautiful, loving man before him. With three strides across the room, Emil kissed Chris with all the pent-up longing he has ever felt. Thankfully, Chris responded in kind.  For their first anniversary, they sent Michele a bottle of champagne. Without a note to explain why.

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Enemies to Lovers.

At first, Seung-gil and Michele had that animosity a lot of competitors had. They would make comments about out-doing the other on the ice. Glare at each other across a room. Things like that.

At first, Michele used the excuse of protecting his sister from the Koren, but that eventually ended when Seung-gil made it clear he wasn’t interested in women. From there he moved on to any reason he could to goad the other skater. Lack of passion, devoid of emotions. Eventually, Seung-gil got sick of it.

To prove his point he pushed Michele against a wall and kissed him with such passion it made Michele weak in the knees. Just when he was about to pull Seung-gil in and give just as much back, Seung-gil pulled back. There was no love or even friendship in his dark eyes. Just a superior smirk before he walked away. Michele was shocked.

Their battle of ice turned into a war of heat. Both on and off the ice. Michele would flirt with Seung-gil, saying things so salacious it would make Chris blush or flirt with Seung-gil until his cheeks turned a rosy red.

But Seung-gil wasn’t to be deterred. When Michele was stretching, pressed against a wall, letting all the tension drain from his body, Seung-gil came up behind him and ran his hand across Michele’s ass. When Michele was sitting in the lobby waiting for Sara, Seung-gil leaned across his lap to get a magazine on the table beside him. Only to brush a kiss across Michele’s cheek before leaving with a smirk.

Michele wasn’t going to go down without a fight, however. When he had about enough, he snatched Seung-gil as he walked by an empty hallway. Michele pushed him against a wall and leaned in so close their noses touched, but when he thought he had the upper hand, Seung-gil grabbed his jacket and pulled him into a deep kiss.

It was then, they realized it was no longer a game. That perhaps, there was more to this banter then who was a better skater. After that, their battle of flirting turned into a game of hide and seek. They would sneak away whenever they thought they could, stealing kisses at every opportunity. The truth was, they weren’t fooling anyone. And they had been ‘found’ more times than they knew, but no one was about to say anything. (Phichit had a betting pool on how long it would take for them to fall in love and become official. It was Sara who won the pool.)

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Slow Burn

They both watched, side by side, as Yuuri and Victor fell in love. They could both tell stories about the late-night phone calls from their BFFs. The pinning, the miscommunication, the building friendship. Chris and Phichit both bonded and had a good laugh at their friend's expense over that one.

From then, they would trade secrets of what they knew about the other skaters from the sidelines. It was a game. Lean into each other’s space. Whisper little tidbits of knowledge or gossip to each other.

Sometimes their hands would brush against each other. Sometimes Phichit would find himself under Chris’s arm. Snug and cozy. Warm and content.
Sometimes, when they were in the same city at the same time, they would spend the evenings in, instead of gallivanting around town. Lazing on the bed. Phichit showing Chris the pictures that didn’t make it to Instagram, as Chris wrapped his arms around Phichit’s waist or rest his head on Phichit’s shoulder. Or the other way around with Phichit leaning on Chris.

They’d wake up in the morning with Chris’s face pressed into Phichit’s stomach, and Phichit’s legs wrapped around Chris’s waist. One hand would typically find itself resting in a mess of blond curls.

They started to find reasons to call each other or face time when they were not physically in the same place. Any reason. Didn’t matter what it was for, because not talking to each other, or seeing each other began to become lonesome.

When they met up in person again, their welcome back hugs became increasingly longer and tighter. And their hugs goodbye always came with tears.

Eventually they didn’t bother to stay out of each other’s personal space anymore. Chris even started hanging off of Phichit the way Victor would still hung off of Yuuri. Phichit never complained, and in fact, would scooch back a little to get into Chris’s embrace a bit more.

It was the morning after the exhibition. They had nowhere to be, their flights didn’t leave for at least another day. Phichit had fallen asleep on Chris’s bed again. He woke up to the sensation of butterfly kisses across his brow and the top of his head. He could barely hear the whispers of French sweet nothings being said into his hair. He had been learning the language lately to surprise Chris for his birthday. Instead, he was the one surprised by the words of love and devotion being promised to him.

Phichit couldn’t help the small sob that escaped him, or the tears stuck in the corners of his eyes. When he looked up at the man, whose arms were wrapped around him, he smiled.

In soft, hushed voices, they talked about their growing feelings. Eventually talking turned to kissing. And before they left for their respected homes, they said their goodbye with a long kiss and a selfie declaring them #boyfriends posted on Instagram.

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Fake Dating: 

Yuuri just didn’t get it. Phichit claimed people flirted with him all the time. Yuuri didn’t see it. But when the third Chad came and asked him if he was going to some party, Yuuri was thoroughly annoyed.

Phichit kept telling him that it was because he was cute and single. Yuuri argued on the first count, but couldn’t on the second.

It was when both Yuuri and Phichit were studying in the library that an idea was hatched. They had been occupying a table away from the busy door, in a nice secluded corner, when yet another Chad came over. He was trying to ask Yuuri about some class he claimed they shared, but really they didn’t. Phichit should know, he was in that class, and he knew every single person in it. Had their profiles up on Blackboard, knew all their majors. Seriously dude, who are you trying to kid? So as Yuuri fumbles with trying to tell the Chad that, No, he doesn’t have the notes you’re looking for, please move along. Phichit leans on Yuuri’s back, his head rests on one of Yuuri’s shoulders, his arm slung over Yuuri’s other shoulder. Looking like the protective friend very much.

The Chad apologizes. He didn’t know Yuuri, and his ‘Boyfriend’ were studying. And yes, you are correct, not in the same class. His mistake. Chad scurries off. Phichit and Yuuri look at each other and smile. From then on, they ‘pretend’ to be boyfriends. The Chads finally start to leave Yuuri alone.

Except for that one Chad. He has his doubts. So when Yuuri and Phichit are at a party. (Phichit’s idea, not Yuuri’s.) Chad!Supreme says that if they’re boyfriends, then they should kiss. They try to talk their way out of it, but Chad starts chanting for them to kiss, and of course, everyone else joins in.

Phichit smiles shyly, Yuuri looks nervous. Phichit tells him a little kiss won’t hurt. Yuuri nods in agreement. It’s just a little kiss. And it was. Simple, short, chaste. Nothing to write home about.

Except for that night, that was all either of them could think about. The memory of the feel of how soft the other’s lips felt. How perfectly they melded together. How they wished it had lasted longer.

After that, they were more liberal with their innocent kisses. A little peck on the cheek when they parted in the hallway between classes. A small kiss on the lips when a Chad was nearby. Holding hands while walking around campus. Arm in arm when they went out to the movies.

But it didn’t stop when they came back to the privacy of their home. Phichit got into the habit of giving Yuuri a kiss for various reasons. A kiss goodnight, a kiss on the cheek for luck. Plus when he slipped past Yuuri, he would let his fingers brush against Yuuri’s back. And cuddling on the couch got more snuggly.

Yuuri blushed every time, but his shy smile spoke volumes. The first time Yuuri gave Phichit a kiss goodnight, Phichit had to hug his pillow tight and squeal into it that night.

One night, a kiss goodnight turned into two, which turned into a third that lasted twice as long. More were soon to follow.

When Yuuri’s mother called later in the week and asked if he ever planned on introducing his boyfriend to the family was when he knew he needed to make a decision. (Thanks Instagram and his sister’s need to keep an eye on him.)

Much to Phichit’s dismay, Yuuri secluded himself to his own space. He said he needed time to think about something. Phichit felt displaced for the rest of the day. He went to classes, but couldn’t focus. He tried to play with his hamsters but ultimately put them back into the safety of their cage when he almost dropped one. He felt nervous and anxious, and for once, he didn’t know what to do.

There were no goodnight kisses that night.

On the other hand, it was a beautiful morning when Phichit woke up. Because the sun was shining through the window, the birds outside were chirping, and Yuuri was kissing him awake with a happy smile.

It got even better when Yuuri explained his reason for needing time to think. He tried to imagine his life if he and Phichit went back to being friends, and well… he just couldn’t. He knew he and Phichit were destined to be together for the rest of their lives. So, with a deep breath, Yuuri asked Phichit to be boyfriends officially. AndMaybeComeToJapanToVisitHisFamilyAndHaveKatsudonWithHim.

Chapter Text

Enemies to Lovers: (Acting AU)

Chris did NOT like Yuuri Katsuki. How the FUCK did some upstart surpass him and get the lead role? That spot was supposed to be his. Chris was SICK and FUCKING TIRED of being cast as the supporting actor, or the ‘sidekick.’ *Shudders*

Chris tried to argue with the director, with the producer, but it was either accept his role, or they would recast his part. Simple as that.

Chris couldn’t even look at the script, it made him nauseous. But this was the long-awaited sequel with a brand new cast of characters. The movie has been hyped since before pre-production. There was no way Chris was going to miss out on it. Not only would the paycheck be huge, but his name would forever be associated with one of the world’s most favorite characters. He couldn’t pass that up. Not because of some black haired, gaudy blue glasses, nerd.

Chris calmed himself with a bottle of wine and a long phone call to his best friend, Victor. The silver-haired fox was currently on set in the Netherlands filming some epic adventure, but he always gave time to Chris.

With Victor’s words of wisdom, Chris sucked it up and accepted his role as the ‘supporting actor’ to the lead. He could do this. Again.
Admittedly Yuuri was a better actor than he expected. Plus the wardrobe department had apparently had a field day with him. Because damn, were those pants painted on?

While Yuuri played the main character, which was meant to swoon the lead lady, Chris’s role was to be his support and give the kind of advice only a best friend could offer. … Except what Chris wasn’t prepared for was the twist.

Yuuri was supposed to sweep the young, dark-haired Italian woman off her feet, say something sweet and romantic and then give her a kiss that would curl her toes in her 3-inch heels.

Except when the time came, instead, he stopped. Said something only Sara could hear, (and the mic above their heads) and then ran over to where Chris was ‘hiding’ behind the bushes. (Cameras in tow)

Chris sputtered, he didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t part of the script. He knew he should try to adlib something, but his mind was whirling so fast he couldn’t keep up. Not that it mattered because now Yuuri (as his character) was telling Chris (or Chris’s character) how much he loved him. How it wasn’t the beautiful Sara that had captured his heart, but his best friend.

The words sounded so sincere that Chris got completely caught up in the moment. Tears stung at his eyes, and his bottom lips trembled. He didn’t stop himself when Yuuri placed a hand against his cheek, as he leaned into the touch. Nor did he pull away when Yuuri pulled him down for a soft kiss.

When the director yelled cut, the world came crashing down around him. Chris excused himself quickly to his trailer.

Yuuri followed.

Yuuri explained that he talked it over with the director and they felt the change in the script was necessary. The chemistry between him and Sara just wasn’t there, but Yuuri felt like perhaps there might be between him and Chris. When he brought this up to the director, the woman admitted that the writers had a second ending. They decided to go in that direction instead.

Chris demanded to know why he wasn’t let in on this. Yuuri explained they wanted his genuine reaction.

Chris was hurt. He honestly thought that for a moment Yuuri… It didn’t matter. It was all a lie. A script. A story to be told for people’s entertainment.

Chris wasn’t sure he could keep going. How was he now supposed to play the part of the lead’s love interest when Chris wasn’t sure he could even look at Yuuri, much less pretend he was falling in love.

Yuuri said perhaps if Chris understood how much he meant, that might help. Yuuri sat next to Chris on his bed in the trailer. Explained how he always looked up to Chris. It was in fact during Chris’s early years as a child actor that got Yuuri interested in acting. Chris was Yuuri’s idol.
Yuuri took a chance laced his fingers with Chris’. He suggested they try that kiss again. You know, to be sure they did it right. Chris couldn’t find it in himself to argue. It wouldn’t hurt to try. For the sake of the movie, of course.

The kiss was tender. The ghost of Yuuri’s hand caressing his cheek. The other slipping from Chris’s fingers and was felt running through the short hairs on the nape of his neck.

Then another kiss.

Before Chris knew what was happening, Yuuri was in his lap, his tongue dancing in his mouth. Chris had his hands under Yuuri’s shirt, rucking it up to touch as much skin as he could.

Okay, perhaps he could do this. He opened his eyes to find rich chocolate brown gazing back. So full of warmth and happiness, and love. Yes, he could do this. He could be the lover to the lead.

And when Yuuri asked him to be his leading man in his own life. Chris couldn’t say no to the part.

Chapter Text

Slow Burn


They were three peas in a pod. The three amigos. They spent the entire summer working for the traveling carnival. From small town, too small town. County fairs to festivals. Emil, Chris, and Phichit could be found wearing their black and stripe polo shirts as they worked the game booths. Emil ran the dart throw, with prizes ranging from small tchotchkes to posters to novelty glass mirrors with brand named beers etched into them. Chris ran the skeet ball races with a plethora of plushies that hung over his head. Phichit either worked with Yuuri at the frog toss game, or he would help Chris with the races. He tried to help Emil once, but after an enthusiastic kid almost pierced his ear with a wayward dart, he kept his distance. Instead, he and Chris would laugh at Emil from the side stall where they would have fun with the people trying to win their supply of stuffed pokemon.

Although each had their BFF that they would be seen going to their designated trailer with, Yuuri with Phichit, Victor with Chris, and Michele with Emil, the three of them always seem to have the most fun when together. Phichit and Chris would taunt Emil, trying to pit their patrons against Emil’s. Placing ‘bets’ about who they thought would win the most prizes. Getting their patrons in the competitive spirit.

“Well, I have this Pikachu, and I bet this … what’s your name mon cher?”

“Tiffany?” The blond said shyly.

“I bet Tiffany can win this Pikachu before any of your people can win that Budweiser mirror,” Chris taunted.

“Really? Well, I bet that this guy,”

“Charlie,” the guy in the sleeveless shirt and a trucker hat, responded.

“I bet that Charlie can win that Budweiser mirror. Ready to win, Charlie?”

“Hell yeah, I am!”

“You ready to kick some butt, Tiffany?” Phichit asked with a laugh.

“I sure am!” Tiffany responded, giving Charlie a stare down.

“Let the battles begin!” Phichit cheered.

It would go on like this, day after day. They’d have their fun with the patrons during the daylight hours and some of the night. Then they would spend their evenings laughing, drinking and recounting the day before they went off with their BFFs to their respected trailers.

As the summer wore on, their fun banter turned into flirtatious teasing.

“Looking a little hot out there, mon beaute,” Chris called over to Phichit as he passed by, arms full of green rubber frogs freshly cleaned for the frog toss.

“Little? I’m a LOT hot!!” Phichit threw a wink and a smile over his shoulder to Chris, who blew him a kiss in return.

Chris was helping Emil in his booth, and when a dart came a little close, he pushed himself into Emil’s side for safety. For the rest of the night whenever a dart zoomed past, Chris made sure to stand just a little closer to Emil. By the end of the night, Emil would pull Chris back by his waist to keep him safe, a shy smile on his lips.

When it came time to close down the stalls for the night, they would help each other, and Phichit couldn’t help it if his hand brushed over Emil’s or giggled when Emil caught Chris from falling backward when a balloon popped all of a sudden startling the Swiss. Their flirting was noticed by everyone.

When the end of the summer finally arrived, instead of laughs or smile as they tore down their booths one final time, there were frowns, tears.

With hugs all around, they said their final goodbyes. Phichit left with Yuuri, whose sister came to pick them up as Yuuri’s apartment lived nearest. Victor had a hand on Chris’s shoulder as he escorted his friend and roommate away towards where his rental waited to take them to the bus station. Michele and Sara exchanged a knowing look as Emil silently loaded up their SUV. Ready to take them on the long drive home.

It wasn’t more than two weeks when a small group of people met up at a local Denny’s for a friendly lunch. It was there that Victor and Yuuri announced their engagement. However, with this new development, that would mean that Chris, Victor’s longtime roommate, would need a new place to live. It also meant that Phichit, who has been staying with Yuuri, would also need a new home. Especially when Mari told him that she planned on going back to Japan to help their family at the inn. Thankfully it was Michele and Sara who spoke up and suggested that perhaps the two now lone wolfs should move in with Emil.

“But… I only have a one bedroom house. Not that I wouldn’t mind the company,” Emil said with a wistful look on his face.

The others just laughed and smiled when Mari stated the obvious. “Like you would need more than one bed.”

Emil, Phichit, and Chris all smiled but didn’t argue.

Chapter Text

Fake Dating to Lovers


Chris was in a bad situation. His mother was INSISTING he come home for dinner to meet this ‘lovely young lady’ she had met at her book club. This was the fourth time this month alone. No matter how many times he told her he wasn’t interested in the daughters of his mother’s gossip group, she wouldn’t hear it. All she saw was that he was still unmarried and she still didn’t have grandkids. He had vented his frustration to his circle of friends the last time they had gathered for wine and their own kind of gossip.

Imagine his surprise when he left his house for his mother’s dinner party and standing on his doorstep was both Yuuri and Phichit. Both dressed to impress, and each held their own bouquet of flowers and both slightly red in the face. Apparently, they had each had the bright idea to show up as Chris’s date and pretend to be his boyfriend, but didn’t bother to tell the other. So they both showed up at the same time. The three had a good laugh, but before a decision could be made, Chris’s mother arrived to pick him up.

In an attempt to explain why two men, dressed up, holding flowers were standing there with Chris, the three stumbled over themselves, all talking at once, in a comical way. In the end, a very confused Mrs. Giacometti was told that Yuuri AND Phichit were both Chris’s boyfriend. (Yeah, that’s it. Both)

In a very rom-com-esque way, the three had a very awkward dinner with Mrs. Giacometti, her BFF from her book group, and the poor young lady who was supposed to getting to know Chris. Needless to say, there was a lot of red faces, stumbling over explanations on how Chris ended up with TWO boyfriends, and a mother who had her doubts.

Chris thought it was done and over with after bidding his mother fare-well, with a kiss on each cheek. Except it wasn’t. Not by a long shot. She started showing up at his house at unexpected times. Asking personal questions about his ‘boyfriends’. He knew he had to act fast, so he explained what was happening to Phichit and Yuuri, and they agreed that they should hang out more at Chris’s place to help field any questions and give the illusion that No Chris was NOT available for Sunday night dinner with Mrs. So&So’s daughter.

Except, hanging out meant… hanging out. Spending time getting to know each other more. Laughing at terrible jokes, and watching a library of movies. It meant impromptu dancing in the kitchen and the slow realization that they were slowing falling in love.

Except it wasn’t a smooth transition from friends to lovers. At first Phichit and Yuuri, both realized they were falling for Chris which put them at odds. It took almost losing each other’s friendship, someone threatening to kick their ass, and an epiphany to realize that they are just as much in love with each other as they are with Chris for the three of them to finally go from fake dating to real dating.

Chris’s mother finally came to accept them when she let herself into Chris’s home one day, only to find three nearly naked men in a heavy making out session. When she could face them again, she brought a delicious cake as an apology.

Chapter Text

Enemies to Lovers


When Celestino first became a senior skater, he had the biggest crush on Russia’s Prima Ballerina, Lilia Baranovskaya. She was the epitome of beauty and grace, but unfortunately, she was also married to a snarly old man (In Celestino’s opinion) whose records in skating were still a bane to Celestino’s career.

Celestino had the opportunity to meet Lilia during Worlds of 1996. She had accompanied Yakov and his skaters that year. Yakov had a promising skater by the name of Ilia Kulik, and Celestino was determined to get Lilia’s attention. So he made Ilia his target. He had to show Lilia he was worthy of her.

With pride and his heart in his hand, he approached Lilia where she stood next to her husband. He took a deep breath and told the most prestigious ballerina in the world that his free skate was dedicated to her. He kissed her hand, and for a brief second his eyes met Yakov’s and he issued a silent challenge in a single look.

Celestino took the gold that year. Lilia noticed. So did Yakov.

Celestino kept dedicating skates to Lilia, and Yakov kept sending him death glares, but he didn’t care, because Lilia would smile. And those smiles were just for him, so he kept skating for her.

It eventually came to a head during the Grand Prix Final of 2001. Celestino planned on retiring after Worlds and Yakov had been spending most of his time training his new prodigy. A boy named Victor.

Celestino approached Lilia like he always did, except Yakov was ready this time. He tried to intervene, but it was Lilia who spoke up. She told Celestino if he could win gold she would go out on a date with him. (Yakov’s jaw hit the floor.) She explained that her husband had been ignoring her in favor of his new student, and she wanted some attention. She told Yakov if his skater won gold then Celestino had to back off. … BUT if HER student, (though technically Yakov was his coach) won gold, she got to have them both.

Lilia wore a smug smile that night as her student wore the gold medal.

Chapter Text

Slow Burn


Georgi and Mila have known each other for years. Mila has watched as Georgi has had his heart broken time and again, while Georgi has witness, Mila either get dumped or dump whatever new jock that she seems to attract.

Personally, Mila thought it was sweet of Georgi to get that bouquet of flowers to go with the love poem he had written. She had helped with some of the prose and felt it was very endearing with how much effort and thought he had put into his words. So for his now ex to claim he was clingy and break it off, well seriously, that is really uncalled for.

Georgi just didn’t understand what Mila saw in the brawny jocks that would leer and whistle at her. They never treated her like the lady she is, and they all seemed to have one goal in mind. Get what they want, then move on. He hated to see Mila cry.

It was one particular night while they sat on Mila’s sofa, an empty container of what used to be cherry dark chocolate ice-cream sitting on the coffee table next Georgi’s feet. As an old movie they’ve seen a hundred times played on the TV. Georgi sat in the corner, head resting against the back, feet propped up, with Mila tucked under his arm. Her head resting comfortably on his chest, with her feet tucked under her. A soft dark brown throw tossed over them.

“Do you think I’m too high maintenance?” Mila asked out of nowhere.

“What? Of course not,” Georgi was shocked by the question and shifted so he could look down at Mila who gazed back up at him. “Why would you ask?”

Mila heaved a heavy sigh before she cuddled in closer to Georgi. His arm lowered to rest along her waist.

“It’s just that Alexi said he couldn’t handle how high maintenance I am,” she said softly, as she played with a button on Georgi’s shirt.

“Pfft. He’s an idiot. You’re better off without him,” Georgi said before placing a small kiss to the crown on her head.

She looked up at him with a small smile. “But… am I?” Mila asked softly, fear showing in her eyes.

“No. You’re perfect exactly the way you are,” he smiled, letting his free hand come up to cup her face, brushing his thumb across her cheek. “You deserve someone who will take care of you. Who will treasure you, make sure you feel loved every day,” Georgi’s hold on her tighten slightly at his words. As if he were pressing them into her body, making them more real.

Mila’s face turned pink, her eyes widened, as she realized that what Georgi, her longtime friend, had just described everything she has ever wanted, and also himself all at once. Whenever she needed him, he was there. No questions asked. Like that night, he dropped what he was doing, and came over with her favorite ice-cream at nearly midnight to help soothe her broken heart. He always knew what to say to make her smile, to make her feel beautiful.

Her heart burst with the sudden realization that she was very much in love with the man beside her. She felt as her eyes prickled as tears quickly formed in the corners, and threatened to spill.

She sat up and crawled into Georgi’s lap and couldn’t help the smirk when he gasped in surprise.

“You mean, like how you take care of me? How you treat me like I’m the most precious person you’ve ever met?” She leaned forward slightly, letting her hands rest on Georgi’s chest. “How you know exactly what to say to make me smile?” she pressed in a little more. Her face inches away from his.

“Mila,” Georgi whispered. His hands encircled her smaller body, drawing her closer.

“I’ve been looking for Mr. Perfect all this time, and here you’ve been all along,” she whispered back as she leaned down to close the gap between them, eyes fluttering close.

Their lips met tentatively, a soft press of lips, testing the waters. When they both smiled, and Georgi pulled her in closer, their lips met again with more pressure and longing that both felt for too long. One kiss led to many more, and by morning they were happily asleep, wrapped around each other, holding on tight as their hearts filled with a love they both deserved.

Chapter Text

Enemies to Lovers


If Mila came over one more time to flirt with Mickey, Sara was going to scream. For the past semester at the local college, Mila was in one of Sara classes, and two of Michele’s. One of which the three of them shared. It was bad enough they had to deal with Professor Nikiforov and his daily dose of ‘what cute thing his husband or dog did today.’ She didn’t need to deal with some red-headed step-child trying to steal her brother away.

At first, Sara thought it was kinda cute. Michele didn’t really go out, always too busy trying to protect her from all those other nasty boys. So to see someone who might catch his interest was fun. At first. But recently she discovered that Michele had a crush on someone else, and wasn’t interested in Mila. So when the other woman kept flirting, Sara knew she had to put a stop to it. Except Mila wasn’t taking a hint, and it was pissing Sara off.

They would go back and forth. Mila would blow kisses at Michele, Sara would seethe. Until finally Sara discovered that Mila had a young friend who worked at the local café and she decided to stalk the place. Wearing a long brown trench coat she found at a local resale shop and shoving the uglies winter hat she could find on her head, she grabbed a coffee and waited for Mila to show up.

It didn’t take long before her arch nemesis came in. All perky in her high heeled boots that were NOT cute. In those black leggings that hugged that pert bottom so well. Seriously! She NEVER found leggings that good. And that puffy white coat and matching hat? Pfft. Sara could pull that outfit off so much better.

“What do you want, hag?” The blond whose name tag said Yuri scowled at Mila as she came up to the counter. Sara had to stifle a laugh.

Mila leaned against the laminate top. “Something cute with dark hair, and purple eyes,” she sighed.

“Ugg! Doesn’t she still hate you?” Yuri asked.

Sara paused in taking a sip. ‘She?’ Doesn’t Yuri mean he?

“Da. I mean, you would think by now she would see that I’m not mad anymore,” Mila explained as she straightened a few of the tea packets in the display next to her.

Maybe they’re talking about someone else. Sara thought. However, she couldn’t think of anyone else that had purple eyes like her and Michele.

“Maybe if you stop trying to hit on her brother you would have a better chance,” Yuri scowled, his arms crossed over his chest.

Sara slowly put the cup back down on the table before she dropped it.

“I mean, I was going to at first when Michele told me he wasn’t interested, but damn if she isn’t so damn cute when she’s all riled up,” Mila smirked.

“Ugg. You’re so dumb! Just tell her you want to take her out,” Yuri snatched a paper cup from the rack next to him. “You going to order something or not?” he demanded.

“My usual,” Mila said as she handed over a few bills.

Once the drink was made and Mila left, Sara sat there in shock at what she learned. Then an idea formed in her mind. If Mila liked to see Sara riled up, then perhaps it was time to see what Mila was like riled up. Two could play this game.

The next week Sara and Michele entered the class just as it was about to begin.

“I don’t know why we couldn’t leave sooner,” Michele was grumbling, but Sara wasn’t paying attention. She had her eyes on the redhead who sat in the same spot every class. Always in the back corner, kitty-corner to the table Sara and Michele shared.

Just as she thought, there Mila was. Sara strutted to their usual seats, in her thigh-high boots, white thigh high lace peeking out from the top. Her mini skirt just barely brushed the top of the boots as she sashayed her hips. Sara couldn’t help but smirk as Mila’s eyes traveled up and down her body.

As she put her backpack on the floor, she made sure to bend over towards Mila so her lower than usual top could gap open enough to showcase her breast in the push-up bra she picked out over the weekend. She didn’t even try to conceal her grin when she heard an audio gasp come from her target.

She didn’t care if everyone else in the room was staring. Michele could deal with them. She only had one goal in mind. Frustrate the hell out of Mila.

This went on for the entire week, Mila would try to flirt with Michele, and Sara would lean over just so, or would interrupt sweetly making sure to put a little purr in her voice when she told Mila to kindly leave her brother the alone.

By Friday Mila almost knocked someone down in her quick attempt to escape the classroom. Sara felt justified as she casually placed her books in her bag and slipped her coat on.

Sara didn’t expect to see Mila again until Monday in class, so it was a huge surprise when they both showed up at the same costume party an unknown mutual friend was throwing.

Sara had dressed up as a Harley Quinn and turned a corner only to bump into Mila who had dressed up as Poison Ivy.

“What did you do to your hair?” Mila gasped.  

“Why do you care? Why are you here?” Sara demanded. She had hoped for a fun night out, not this.

“I was invited, I know Otabek. How did you get invited?”

“Michele and I are friends with Otabek as well,” Sara proclaimed puffing out her chest. The truth was, she and Michele knew Emil, who was friends with Leo, who knew Otabek. But Mila didn’t need to know that.

Before anything else could be said, Georgi and Michele stepped in chatting when they found the girls glaring at each other. Michele quickly retrieved his sister, while Georgi pulled Mila away.

Other than their first encounter, they were able to stay away from each other. At least during the singing of the birthday song, the blowing out the candles and the eating of the cake. However, it wasn’t long before the party was in full swing, with music blaring from the speakers that had been set up. People dancing in the larger rooms, while others congregated to talk or make-out in the kitchen and smaller rooms. So it was easy for them to run into each other again accidentally.

“Are you following me?” Mila demanded when Sara nearly ran into the other woman again.

“What makes you think that. You’re the one who can’t keep your eyes off of me. You’re probably following me!” Sara accused.

“Would you two just fuck and make up already!” Yuri, the blond from the café pushed through them to get another beer out of the nearby cooler.

“Are you old enough to drink that?” Sara asked as Yuri popped the top off.

“Fuck you!” He flipped Sara off before directing his attention to Mila. “And you! Just tell her already. We’re sick of hearing you two fight. Keep it up, and we’re kicking you both out,” he promised before taking a drink of his beer and walking out of the room.

“Tell me what?” Sara demanded to know, she had a feeling she knew, but she needed to hear it for herself. She needed confirmation.

Mila’s cheeks turned red, and she looked anywhere else but at Sara as she fidgeted with the fake ivy wrapped around her body. “I … I just…” Mila tried to say, but the music was deafening, and another partygoer pushed their way past them. “Look, not here. Hold on,” Mila said and grabbed Sara’s hand.

Mila pulled Sara up the stairs to the second floor to find a quiet place where they could talk. She opened the first door, only to see it occupied by a couple making out. Moving onto the other door was the bathroom, where someone was already passed out on the tile floor.

“This one,” Mila said as she opened the door.

Sara bumped into her because Mila stopped very suddenly before pushing them back out.

“Was that Professor Nikiforov and his husband?” Sara gasped! Mila could only nod.

They stared at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing.

“OH.MY.GOD!” they both giggled before they ran down the hall hand in hand.

They finally found space where they could talk in private when they found a small storage room filled with boxes, a trunk, and other random items.

“I can’t believe them!” Sara laughed as she came to a stop in the middle of the room.

“Honestly, I can. I’ve known Victor for a while. I could tell you stories,” Mila smirked.

“I would love to hear them,” Sara clapped her hands excitedly in the hopes of getting juicy gossip on her professor.

“Sara?” Mila’s demeanor changed from giddy to nervous.

“Mila,” Sara inched forward, her pulse picking up at the anticipation of what could happen.

“I know when we first met, I flirted with your brother, but I didn’t mean to make you hate me,” Mila admitted.

“I only got angry because he turned you down, but you kept hitting on him,” Sara reminded her.

“I know, but I wasn’t flirting with him to steal him away.”

“Then why were you?” Sara was confused. Although she knew what she had heard weeks prior, it still didn’t make sense why Mila would keep flirting with Michele.

“I…” Mila closed her eyes for a moment to gather her strength. “I wanted your attention. Mickey stopped paying attention to me, but you didn’t. … and well… I like you,” Mila whispered the last part.

“You disrespected Michele when you kept flirting with him after he turned you down,” Sara wanted to make sure Mila understood why she had been so angry.

“I know, and I need to apologize to him for that.” Mila stepped forward. “I also owe you an apology. I’m so sorry, Sara." Mila finally made eye contact with her.

Sara thought it over. Even if the woman did piss her off, she couldn’t deny she was attracted to Mila. “I guess I can forgive you,” Sara said.

“Thank you!” Mila smiled.

They stood there awkwardly for a few minutes before Mila bit her bottom lip as she looked over Sara.


“Did you really dye your hair?” Mila pouted.

Sara laughed as she took off the expensive wig she found online and released her hair. “No, just a wig,”

“Oh, thank God,” Mila breathed out the breath she had been holding.

“Do you really like my hair that much?” Sara asked that Mila nodded happily too.

“Mmm.. Very much,” Mila reached out, but then retreated her hand. “Sorry. I just want to play with it. Yuri lets me play with his all the time. Force of habit.” Mila admitted shyly.

Sara closed some more space between them. “You can play with my hair. I like it. Mickey doesn’t do it anymore.”

Mila took that as her cue and reached out and ran her fingers through Sara’s long tresses. “So soft,” she murmured. “Could we could be friends now?” Mila asked her voice filled with hope.

“I think that could happen,” Sara offered with a smile.

They spent the rest of the night talking and getting to know one another after that. They spent the rest of the week flirting with each other in class, over text and at the café where Yuri scowled at them, but otherwise left them alone.

By the end of the semester, they were on their third date, and Michele was getting kicked out his and Sara’s shared apartment for the night.

Chapter Text

Otabek is out shopping with Yura, Victor, and Yuuri. He picks up a bag of Hersey's kisses and thinks about getting them.

"Oh, I bet Yura would love those," Victor teases.

"Hersey's kisses?" Otabek tries to confirm, they are standing in front of a large display of chocolates.

Victor doesn't say anything, he just rearranges Otabek's fingers so the word Hersey's is covered leaving only the word Kisses. With a wink, Victor walks on.

"We're not dating," Otabek curses under his breath for the hundredth time. Despite his desire for the contrary.

He's not thinking when he follows behind the living legend and is about to say something when Yuri walks up, a big smile forming on his beautiful face.

"Kisses?! I love those!" Yuri exclaims at seeing the bag still in Otabek's hand. "Are you getting them?"

Otabek can only nod as he fights the blush trying to form across his cheeks.

"I love hugs too, let's go see if we can find some," Yuri continues as he walks towards the candy aisle.

Otabek is speechless as he follows his best friend. Victor and Yuuri stand a few feet away trying desperately not to lose their shit.

Chapter Text

Yuuri doesn’t like to think of himself as the possessive type. Phichit and Chris beg to differ.

While at the last GPF, where Victor was beneath Yuuri on the podium by a mere .010th of a point, there was woman skater, part of a pair, that wouldn’t take the hint. She batted her eyelashes at Victor, bent down to tie her shoelaces allowing her cleavage to show right in front of him and made other obvious suggestions to the living legend. But Yuuri took it all in stride. He knew he had nothing to worry about. Victor had no problem what so ever showing Yuuri and the rest of the world how much he was loved. Yuuri believed that Victor had a PDA obsession with how much he hung off of him everywhere they went.

But when the blond skater insisted on talking to Victor as they were coming back to the hotel from dinner with Chris and Phichit, Yuuri was about done. He rolled his eyes as the woman giggled *again* as something Victor said, which wasn’t even remotely funny. Phichit smirked and held out his phone, recording his friend’s dismay, while Chris couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he watched Victor fail at getting the women to leave.

When she placed her hand over Victor’s and asked he wanted to join her for drinks, Yuuri had had enough.

He sashayed his hips as he strode over to where his fiancé was being mauled by the blond predator. The sexiest smile worthy of Eros gracing his lips. Without a word, he slipped between the two and kissed Victor with so much passion he thought he might have heard an electric sizzle from the kiss.

After pulling back, despite Victor chasing after his lips, he let his fingers trail along Victor’s jawline before moving over to the elevators and pushed the up button. Still not saying a thing.

Victor mumbled something about his people contacting hers and rushed over to meet his future husband for the ride to their room.

The blond’s jaw was on the floor, as other skaters stopped to see what was happening.

Phichit nearly shook as he holds his phone, still recording the moment. Chris steps into the frame.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what we just witnessed was the murder of Susan Kerrington. As she takes her remains back to where ever she came from we pay homage to what was once a formidable skater.” Chris announces to the camera.

Phichit pans over to Susan as she storms off. Otabek, Yuri, and JJ stand in a line that goes along her path. Otabek raises his hands in a prayer, eyes closed as if saying his last goodbyes. Yuri copies him but doesn’t bother to hide the smirk on his face. JJ crosses himself and recites a funeral prayer.

Meanwhile, Yuuri gives Victor another reason to be happy to be beneath him.

Chapter Text

Yuri Plisetsky presented as an omega at sixteen. It was awkward and uncomfortable, and the only thing he had that even remotely helped was the very faint scent of Otabek on the black hoodie with the white square that he stole.

Which led Yuri to believe that Otabek was an alpha. His omega seemed to think so.

Except when Yuri confronted his best friend about it, Otabek denied any such findings.

“Yura, I’ve been around plenty of omegas, my mother and sister are omegas, I would know by now if I was.”

“They’re family; they don’t count. Plus your sister could kick anyone’s ass, so it’s not like you would need to come to her rescue.” Yuri argued.

Otabek was visiting Russia for a few weeks, with the promise that Victor would help coach him during his stay.

Yuri insisted that Otabek stays with him at Lilia’s, which Lilia allowed, under the condition that they were under strict house rules, which included no sleepovers. But Lilia was known to take a hot-tottie before bed and was out like a light almost precisely at the same time every evening, giving Yuri and Otabek the freedom of hanging out in his room until dusk. Just so long as Otabek left before Lilia woke. They couldn’t hang out in Otabek’s assigned room because Yuri’s unique smell of tangerine and honey would linger in the air, and Lilia would know.

For more than a week Yuri kept trying to draw Otabek’s alpha out, but no matter what he did, the Kazakhstan skater would smile his tiny smile and shake his head.

“I know what’ll work,” Yuri insisted one night as he climbed into Otabek’s lap.


Yuri leaned in closer, a devilish smirk on his lips. His hips pushed down just slightly as his face dipped into Otabek’s neck. Lips tentatively pressed against the spot where the scent gland would be more pronounced if his alpha presented.

They had never kissed, and Yuri wasn’t even sure Otabek felt anything more than friendship for him, but he had hope, and a plan. And unlike the old man who spent far too many months chasing pigtail, Yuri was impatient.

Yuri licked, nipped and sucked at Otabek’s neck. Yuri’s hand slipped around, his fingers gliding through short black hairs at the nape of Otabek’s neck.

“I want your Alpha, Beka.”

Otabek leaned back against the headboard, turning his head to the side to give Yuri more access, as his hands rested on the Russian’s hips.

“I …” Otabek couldn’t stop the slight groan that escaped him. “I don’t know if I am, Yura,” Otabek argued, but in all honesty, he wanted to be an alpha. He wanted to be the one who could put their claim on Yuri. He hated the thought of someone else putting their mark on his best friend.

Yuri had hoped he could draw Otabek’s alpha to the surface. Literally. Kind of like how Yuuri helped Victor’s along, but for him, it wasn’t doing the trick.

On the plus side though, necking turned into kissing, which turned into kissing with a lot of groping. Before either of them knew it, they were half-naked on Yuri’s bed, and the air was thick with his scent, with an undertone of Otabek’s smoky cardamom.

Eventually, before they could take it further, Otabek insisted they call it a night, and despite Yuri’s protesting, he gathered his shirt and went back to his room.

Yuri pouted for the rest of the evening and collected anything that might smell like Otabek off the floor and began to build a small nest with it.

By morning light, he was surrounded by a small circle of shirts, a pair of pants and a towel that Otabek had dried off with from the bathroom.

By the end of the week, the nest had grown in size, and Yuri was feeling the telltale itch under his skin. The one that usually led to him fucking himself stupid on a large purple knotted silicon dick but never getting any real relief.

Yuri had hoped that he would be able to spend this heat with his best friend, but apparently, it was true, Otabek, really was a beta. It was disappointing, but Yuri would make due. He didn’t need some big Brutus alpha to take care of him, as long as he had Otabek, he’d be happy.

They were headed for the local store to get supplies, laughing happily when an alpha, stinking of pre-rut shoved himself between Yuri and Otabek.

“Hey there, beautiful. I could smell you a block away,” he drawled.

“Highly unlikely,” Yuri countered. He knew his scent wasn’t that strong, or else he would never leave his room, much less the house.

“I can tell you’re going into heat, why don’t you let me help you with that,” the beast of a man ignored Yuri and kept pushing on.

“Not interested,” Yuri said and tried to sidestep the larger man, but the alpha wasn’t having it. He stepped along with Yuri and blocked his path.

“Who else is going to satisfy you? This puny beta,” the alpha laughed as he thumbed at Otabek whose expression had gone dark.

“He’d take care of me better than any knotthead like you,” Yuri snarled at him, then tried to kick at his legs.

Except the alpha was faster than Yuri gave him credit for, and caught his foot.

“Tsk tsk little mega, that’s no way to treat your future mate,” the alpha held Yuri’s foot with one hand and slid the other up Yuri’s leg, squeezing at his calf.

Before either one of them could react, a punch flew in along with an overpowering very angry scent of smoked cardamom. The blow landed on the alpha’s jaw, and he fell back on his ass against the hard cement.

Yuri stumbled and before he lost his balance and fell a strong arm wrapped protectively around his waist. Yuri looked at the man holding him, and he had to do a double take. A stockier build was replacing the slim build of his best friend. Where there was once standard muscles of a figure skater, there were now more defined muscles of an alpha. And the growl that rumbled from the presenting alpha sent a strong shiver down Yuri’s spine, that coiled in his groin and ass.

“He said no!” Otabek growled, his voice an octave deeper than usual. His calm face bunched up in a snarl.

Yuri was in lust. No, he was in heat, and the only alpha he would accept was the one now holding him possessively.

“Beka?” Yuri said close to Otabek’s ear. Oh, he could lean in and nibble on that ear. But they were in public, and there was still the other alpha to contend with. “Let’s go back home to my nest. You want to see it right? I used all your clothes,” Yuri said smoothly.

That seemed to do the trick because Otabek turned to him and his eyes darkened even more, which Yuri didn’t even think was possible.

Otabek nodded and soon was walking them back to Lilia’s house. Yuri managed a quick text to Yuuri letting him know the situation and that he still needed supplies.

Yuri knew he was running a risk with having either Yuuri or Victor come over, but it was one he needed to make to ensure they didn’t starve or dehydrate during his heat.

Once they made it back to Yuri’s room, Otabek wasted no time in claiming Yuri’s mouth as his own. Tongues clashed, hands everywhere, as clothes were discarded quickly. They stopped at the edge of the bed. Yuri looked down at the nest he had built and promptly got out of Otabek’s arms to climb into the center of his nest.

“Do you like it?” Yuri asked almost timidly. He had never built a nest for an alpha before.

Otabek’s eyes traveled around the edges, circling around before landing back on Yuri.

“It’s perfect,” he said, his voice still husky.

Yuri preened. His omega very happy they pleased their alpha. The alpha they were able to wake.

Yuri reached out his hand offering it to Otabek. “Join me, Alpha,” he asked.

With a devilish smile, Otabek did.

Chapter Text

In retaliation for the PDA that Victor loves to bestow on Yuuri at nearly every.single.event, Yuuri discovered a great way to get back at his fiance.

He waited until Victor was talking to the press and then casually walked behind his loving 5-time world champion and got a good handful of plump skater’s ass and gave it a good squeeze.

The first time Yuuri did this Victor let out a surprised, undignified squeak and his cheeks turned a dusty pink.

Social media ate it up.

Phichit was beside himself with giggles. Chris couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the night. Yurio thought they were both dumb. But his eyes light up, and a child-like glee appears at every new post that mentions it on Twitter.

Victor… planned revenge.

Chapter Text

***Warning!! This is a Mature Chapter! NSFW****

Bakugo accidentally bumps into a brown eyed black haired beauty and startles the man. Their hands make contact. The dark haired man, whose name is Yuuri, has an interesting quirk. When activated, he can pass on what he feels, (physically) to another person. The problem is, he can't control it when his anxiety flares and/or he's very nervous. So, when Bakugo, the loud teen that he is, crashes into Yuuri, Yuuri's quirk is accidentally activated, giving Bakugo the ability to feel what he feels physical. (NOT emotions, just physical touch) ... Allow me to elaborate.

After a grumbled apology, Bakugo and Yuuri part ways. Everything is hunky dory, like walking and moving around doesn't do anything weird. It's not until Bakugo is back in the dorms that he starts to notice something is off.

For starters, why does it feel like a dog is licking his face?

Then, what's with the sensation that he's taking a shower? WOAH, are there a pair of hands roaming his body? In his hair? WTF? He swears he's not washing up right now.

Everything calms down a bit after that, just a few little twinges here and there.

It's when it's later, as he's trying to sleep that things REALLY start to get interesting.

The feeling of something, or maybe someone pressing against his lips. Fingers through his hair. A weight like a body pressed against his own. He's already in bed, but it feels like he just got pushed into one.

He'd leave, search for help but his body isn't responding to his commands. Plus the pleasure, ... a feeling he's not familiar with, but could definitely get used too.

A pair of lips caress his body, from lips to knees and back up to his hips. Hands touching everywhere, pinching at his nipples. Feather light touches along his abs, a gripping sensation on his hips and thighs.

Fuck. Bakugo groans into his pillow.

Then, Bakugo feels it, a long caress along his cock. Something warm and wet around the head, as something else, flicks along the ridge.

He could die right now and be happy about it.

Then that warmth slides down the entire length of his cock, and he about screams. He’s panting; his hips are jerking off the bed, his knuckles are white as they grip the sheets, leaving small black spots where he can’t control the explosions.

More and more the wet heat surrounds his dick, in an up and down sensation. It doesn’t take much for it to be too much and he cums all over his stomach.

But it doesn’t end there. The touches, the feelings keep going. Before Bakugo can fully come down from his high, he can feel his body being manipulated, and that he should be on his hands and knees, so he turns over.

He doesn’t get a moment to wonder what happens next when he can feel the spread of his ass cheeks and a long stripe goes along his perineal to his hole. His eyes roll to the back of his head as a long groan gets muffled by his pillow.

The pressure comes back to his hole, and it feels like something soft, but firm is prodding at his rim, pushing harder and harder until it breaches him.

Bakugo grips his pillow like a lifeline and moans into it.

More pressure, more prodding, more pleasure. Fingers feel like they’ve been added and his hole is getting stretched. Something deep within him gets brushed, and it sends an electric spark along his spine — tears spring to the corner of his eyes.

He’s disappointed when the pressure fades away it stops, but before he can curse out a protest, a stronger, firmer press if felt against his hole. Then, without warning a push in and Bukago screams into his pillow. It’s so big, so hard, and it’s slowly pushing in without stopping. Then when he thinks he can’t take anymore there is a firm press against his ass. A weight on his back, like someone, is laying on top of him.

A moment of stillness.

Then, the movement starts.

Pressing in, pulling out, back and forth. Hitting that magical spot in his body every time.

The tears are flowing freely down his face. His voice hurts from crying from the pure pleasure he’s feeling.

He didn’t think he would be hard again so soon, but he’s already on edge to cum again.

The pounding in and against his ass continues. Hard and fast. A slapping against his balls, and his cheeks, like another body bouncing off of his. He can feel kisses along his spine, neck and then lips.

Within moments he’s cumming again all over his sheets. Not even more than a minute later, a firm press against his ass and it feels like he’s being filled.

As he lays on his bed, trying to catch his breath, a warm, wet, stickiness slides down his ass and along his thighs.

It takes a while before he can calm his breathing. He’s too tired to move. A weight of a body snuggling up to him envelops his body. He passes out before he can get up to clean off.

Bakugo wakes with the morning light. Hours before anyone else. He checks himself and realizes he can’t feel any weird outer sensations. It’s almost disappointing.

The sheets get stripped from the bed and tossed into the hamper. The shower lasts nearly twice as long as usual as the memories of last nights sensations replay themselves over and over again.

It’s at breakfast, with his classmates around him, that he wonders if he’ll ever know what happened.

Chapter Text

Bakugo and Deku discover they're soulmates in late middle school just before Bakugo tells Midoriya to take a swan dive off the roof.

Deku tries to give Bakugo time to come around, but instead, the blond gives Deku more and more of a hard time, especially when Midoriya gets into UA with an unknown quirk.

Eventually, Deku can't take it anymore. The abuse the bullying. Crying his eyes out too often. Kirishima tries to encourage, telling him to hold on. Be patient, Bakugo will come around, but it gets to be too much.

It's the middle of a Saturday when the pain hits Bakugo. He's studying with the Bakusquad when it feels like he just got Detroit Smashed by All Might in the center of his chest. He can't breathe for a few minutes and tears stream unknowing down his cheeks.

An hour later, Midoirya comes back from his outing with his mom. He's calm. Too calm. His expression is like that of a ghost. Slightly dead inside. When he catches Bakugo's eye, he stands up straighter and stalks over.

"I hope you're happy. You can find someone you want as your soulmate," Miodirya said with tears in his eyes.

"What did you do?" Bakugo nearly whispers, his hand automatically coming to scratch over his chest where the pain still lingered.

"I found someone who can sever soulmate links. I cut ours. Now you don't have to be soulmates with such a loser!" Midoriya all but yelled. Then with a quick turn, the younger boy ran off.

Bakugo didn't know how to respond. His breathing became ragged. Tears slipped from his eyes without permission. Slowly he walked over to the group who watched on in shock. With trembling fingers, Bakugo pulled a sheet of paper from inside one of his books. He didn't even unfold it. He knew what it was. A confession. An apology. All rolled into one. With a single burst from his palms, he burned it.

Chapter Text

Kirishima tried to fix it. He really did. He had known about Bakugo’s feelings for Deku since probably before Bakugo did. So after what happened in the common room, he ran up after Deku, Bakugo not so close on his heels. Kirishima tried to talk sense into Midoriya in the teen’s bedroom, Bakugo sitting on the floor just outside, listening.

Kirishima begged to know why Midoriya would do that? He told Deku that Bakugo had changed, he had written out a confession and everything. Bakugo was trying to find the right time to give it to Deku.

Deku didn’t want to listen. It hurt too much to know he made the biggest mistake of his life. Instead, he yelled back that if Bakugo cared, why did he treat Midoriya like shit? Why did he bully all the time? Why did he call Deku useless, pathetic, loser? Why did he tell Izuku that he’d rather be soulmateless than have a Deku as a soulmate? The pain was too much; everything hurt.

With a shove, Deku pushed Kirishima outside of his room, and for a brief moment, green eyes locked onto the red waiting outside his door. Midoriya slams his door shut and Bakugo runs off to get away from the level of pain they both feel.

Bakugo is the first to go down. Barely a week after being rejected and the teen is struggling to be functional. Losing energy and will power to do anything, more and more. Deku is feeling the same, but he appears to know how to fight against it, something about having to deal with soulmate rejection for so long.

Kirishima is there when Bakugo finally succumbs to the soulmate sickness — catching the blond and as quickly as he can bring him to recovery girl. Not even ten minutes later, Iida is carrying in an unconscious Midoriya.

Laid in separate beds side by side; the students explain what had happened, and no matter what Recovery Girl does, nothing wakes them up.  Nezu has to call in an expert.
It’s a pair of women who show up at the school the next day. One with shoulder-length, deep red, straight hair, and mischievous green eyes. The other with long, curly, brown hair with steel-blue eyes. Red and Winters are their names.

Red’s quirk is a soulmate specialty. As a nurse with wounds, Red can see and manhandle soulmate threads. She can repair them, soothe them, even sever them if she wanted, but she prefers to mend and heal than cut ties. Winter’s quirk is she can see and show other’s alternate realities through skin to skin contact.

The first thing Red does tell the staff that the boys have to be moved.

“No, no! Not separate, they have to be in the same bed.”

Kirishima carefully picked up Bakugo, while Aizawa picked up Deku as Iida, Todoroki, and Kaminari moved out the two single beds and replaced it with a larger double bed.

The teens were gently placed into the wider bed laid closer to each other.

“Now make them hold hands. If they’re touching it will help with the connection,” Red continued as she took her place at the foot of the bed.

Kirishima and Todoroki work to make the unconscious boys hold hands. Once they were settled, Red worked the air like virtual reality movements. With a flick and a snap, two ends of a thick deep red cord appeared in the air before her. Each stemmed from a different teen. The ends were frayed like the rope had been cut with dull scissors.

“Who the hell made this mess?” Red complained.

“Can you fix it?” Winters asked, standing beside her partner.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be a while. Whoever did this did a hack job,...” the redhead grumbled.

The woman took two small ends of the frayed rope and tried to heal them together. For a moment they stuck, only to fall apart again. Then after she managed to get two threads to heal, parts of the rope from Deku’s side began to darken and pull away.

“Damnit, that’s what I was afraid of. They’re losing hope in each other. Especially this one,” she said as she gently tugged at Midoriya’s rope. The redness of it slowly turning darker, like it was withering away.

“Alright, let me see what I can do,” Winters said as she went over to the bed. She placed a hand on top of Midoriya’s free hand and closed her eyes.

Within her mind, she reached out and met with Midoriya, who was looking around anxiously and confused.

“Hello, Izuku,” she smiled and then introduced herself and explained the situation.

“Kacchan doesn’t want to be my soulmate,” the boy lamented, but Winters had been informed by Kirishima the truth of Bakugo’s break-through, and she explained as much.

“He was hoping to start over, Izuku.”

“You don’t know that,” he tried to argue, but instead she pulled him into her mind library to show him the alternate path that could have been.

She showed him what would have happened had he changed his mind about severing the bond and going home that day still bound to Bakugo. Upon entering the dorm, Bakugo stormed over and shoved a piece of paper into Midoriya’s chest, but instead of the usual sneer, or angry outburst, a small, and quiet, ‘read this’ was all Midoriya heard before the blond stormed off to his room.

Both Midoriyas read the letter of apology, of all the heartfelt words of how sorry Bakugo was for bullying Midoriya and saying all those horrible things. How much he actually admired the teen and was so proud of him. For the amount of work, he has put into becoming a hero. And also how, yes at first, he wasn’t happy when he discovered that they were soulmates, but now that he’s had time to process it, he’s glad for it. Because he’s really come to like Deku a lot and hopes the teen can please forgive him and give him a second chance.

The letter brings both Midoriyas to tears, and the one from the alternate time-line rushed off to give his own confession and forgiveness, while the current one watched as the scene disappeared.

“I didn’t know,” Midoriya said after a minute. “What do I do now?”

“You can still forgive him. You still have time to confess,” she tried to reassure him.

“But, … I destroyed our soul thread,” Midoriya freaked out.

“More like rope, but don’t worry, I have a friend working on that,” Winters said with a smile.

“So, let’s get Bakugo in here, and you two can talk okay?” Midoriya nodded

Out in the waking world, Winters reached out, and Red lets them know that Winters needs to make skin to skin contact with Bakugo. Someone helped Winters wrap a hand around Bakugo’s wrist that is held Deku’s hand.

Red noticed that the threads from Deku’s rope are no longer withering and are started to hold a little longer.

Back inside Winter’s mind library, Bakugo is pulled into where Winters and Midoriya are waiting. She explains what has happened to him, and tells him Midoriya has something he wants to say. Deku apologies for trying to kill their soulmate bond, he also tells Bakugo that he wants to try again if the blond is still willing. He got a chance to read the letter that Bakugo wrote but had destroyed in their reality.

Because of where they are, they are not capable of lying, so Bakugo admits he wants to try again, and he formally apologies to Midoriya for everything. They have a heart to heart, which results in a better time for Red, who is finally able to repair the damage and get the rope to come back together.

Eventually, the two boys work things out, but Bakugo yells at Winters about how he has no intentions of kissing Deku for the first time in a mind library. Their first kiss will be out in the real world.

Winters is the first to ‘wake up.’

“How did it go?” She asked Red.

“All fixed. It was harder than I thought, their soul-thread is a fucking rope!”

“Just means they were truly meant to be together since it was so strong.”

“Yeah, might also explain why it was hacked up so badly since whoever tried to sever it did such a shitty job.” Winters nods.

“Are they going to wake up?” Kirishima asks, worry very evident in his expression.

“Yes, but they know it’s a circus in here and would like some privacy. They still have more to talk about with each other and don’t need an audience for it,” Winters answered.

Once they get the all-clear from Red, Recovery girl escorts everyone out into the hallway to give the teens a chance to be alone.

The two boys open their eyes slowly from ‘waking’ at the same time. Red eyes met green. Midoriya was the first to speak.

“I’m so sorry, Kacchan. Please forgive me…” but Bakugo interrupts.

“Shut up!” He starts harshly, but softens, “You have nothing to apologize for. I was a shitty person, and you deserved better,” the blond admits.

“Sounds like we’re both at fault. … But we can start over? Right?” Midoriya asks with hope.

“Yeah,” Bakugo says still having a hard time making eye contact with Deku.

They lay side by side, facing each other for a minute.

“You said you wanted to be awake for the first time you kissed me,” Midoriya presses his luck.

Bakugo glances down at the other boy, and a small smirk flits across his face. “Yeah,” he says as he leans over, but he is careful in his actions as if unsure if Deku will push him away, as he leans over the other boy to capture his lips.

Midoriya wraps a hand around Bakugo’s shoulder and runs it through blond hair pulling the boy down closer.

One kiss leads to another and another. Soon both boys are breathless.

“I love you,” Bakugo admits so quietly that Midoriya almost misses it. Almost.

“I love you too,” he responds with a smile.

Chapter Text

Everyone is hanging out in the common room when Aizawa comes in. In his usual bored tone, he gets their attention.

"Everyone, there has been an incident with Midoriya."

"Did he faceplant into another wall?" Bakugo smirks.

"Not cool, bro," Kirishima is quick to quip.

"Apparently, when he was helping a small child return to their parents, the kid hit Midoriya with their quirk."

Several gasps were heard around the room.

"Oh no, is he going to be okay?"

"What happened?"

"Is he dead?"

"I call dibs on his merch."

"The quirk has given Midoriya some .... minor body modifications." Aizawa's lips quirked up in a tiny smirk that was not at all lost on his students. "It'll only be temporary; the child's parents assured us it should only last for a few days."

"Body modifications?"

"Where is Midoriya?" Tsuyu asked.

"Hiding in the corner," Aizawa thumbed over his shoulder, and sure enough Midoriya's silhouette in the shadows could be seen.

"You can't hide back there the entire time," Bakugo shouts.

After a moment, Midoriya slowly emerges from the shadows, and at first glance, nothing looks out of place.

"Tsk. He still looks like the same shitty nerd as always," Bakugo grumbles.

That's when the ears pop up. Long, velvety, green to match his hair, rabbit ears. The entire class is silent for all of half a second before it explodes into giggles and coos.

"Oh, PLEASE tell me there is a fluffy bunny tail to match!" Kaminari practically squeals as he hops up and down. Ojiro doesn't even look back but rolls his eyes and has a sudden pang of sympathy for Midoriya.

Midoriya squeaks, and Aizawa smiles. "He does," the teacher says before he turns and walks away.

Chapter Text

Deku had been leaving school grounds during the weekends more often lately. Bakugo tried to pretend he didn't notice, but it’s hard not to when the stupid nerd who had been practically at his heels for their entire lives was no longer his shadow. 

It happened to be a weekend when both teens had permission to travel home. Bakugo decided he didn’t want to hear the yapping of the other and stayed far enough behind that Deku never noticed him. Since their parents live close to each other, their journeys were the same. 

During the train ride, Bakugo would only glance up every now and then to make sure the nerd hadn’t spotted him, and it was at one such time that he noticed that his biggest rival was getting off at a stop sooner than expected. 

“The fuck?” Bakugo muttered, his expression suddenly suspicious. 

Silently, he followed the other teen, up staircase after staircase, down mostly familiar roads, and around a corner until they reached a playground Bakugo could describe in his sleep. The playground of the primary school they both attended. He expected the nerd to sit on the swing and mutter to himself or something, but instead, Midoriya just kept walking, through the loose sand and wood chips, not even pausing once to give the space a second glance. 

Bakugo continued to follow, his curiosity now leading the way. 

Midoriya’s path led them through the woods they played in as kids. The familiar trails of worn dirt paths bringing back many bittersweet memories. Bakugo felt like he knew every tree, every bush- hell, every bug- that lived in these woods. He almost got lost in his thoughts when he heard a snap of a twig and stopped to witness Deku drop to his knees in front of a large tree. He stopped a little ways back and wondered what the other was doing. Bakugo couldn’t help but remember that Deku used to claim the Japanese maple was his favorite tree because the red leaves reminded him of Bakugo’s eyes. Katuski would always tsk at the sentiment, but secretly would preen at the compliment. 

Just as Bakugo was about to call out to the other, Midoriya started mumbling, reaching out for something in front of him. Unfortunately, because Bakugo was standing behind the other, he couldn’t see what the nerd was doing. And then the crying started. It started with a sniffle, then two, then a full-on gasp before the most heart-wrenching sobs were escaping the other. Normally, Bakugo would be pissed to hear the nerd crying, but there was something about it that stopped him from voicing his complaint. The pain was undeniable in each shuddering breath. With each cry and scream and pull for breath, the wet tears were filled with such anguish it nearly broke Bakugo’s own heart. 

What could cause Deku to cry so hard? To create the most excruciating pain that not even breaking all his bones would cause? Bakugo wanted… no, needed, to know. He needed to pulverize to a bloody smear whatever it was that would cause this kind of unbearable pain. 

It was only a few minutes later when the outburst trickled down to quiet hiccups, and the softest voice whispered through the swaying red maple leaves. 

“I miss you so much,” Izuku whispered as he reached out one more time. 

Bakugo thought of making himself known, to demand answers, but even he couldn’t be so heartless. So he stepped back into the shadows of the forest and kept his silence as his long-time rival quietly passed by him. When he felt he could step out without being seen, he quickly walked over to the giant maple. Glancing down, he only saw the beginning of Autumn leaves and a few roots sticking up from the ground. He almost snarled in frustration when something caught his eye. The largest of the roots had something etched into it. Kneeling, Bakugo brushed his fingers over a very old scratching, one he hadn’t seen or thought about in many years. His eyes widened in shock, his face paled and his breathing caught in his throat, which seized closed. 

Carved into the root, with an old Swiss army knife his grandfather had given him, was the only evidence Bakugo had once called Izuku Midoriya his friend. A secret forever scratched into the wood of a tree that he never gave a second thought to, but clearly, Izuku had. 


Chapter Text

Bakugo had spent the better part of a week in a heat room getting dicked down and knotted. His heats, like everything else in his life, were consistent and (don’t tell Bakugo this) pretty predictable. What no one in class expected, however, was how cuddly he was after his heat. Apparently, getting knotted for days on end did a thing to his omega where the reaction was Bakugo falling into a state of walking bliss. For nearly 24 hours, the usually explosive, angry, temperamental teen turned into the quietest, gentile, and docile kitten. 

The first time it happened took everyone by surprise. They knew Bakugo was off having his heat, and tentatively knew when to expect him back, so when he came strolling through the common room, wearing his usual black tank, and sweatpants, nothing was thought of it. Except, instead of growling his way through the students to get to his usual morning cup of black tea, he walked right past them towards Iida, who was sitting on the couch, scrolling on his phone. 

Without a word, the omega climbed into the alpha’s lap, nudging his face into Iida’s neck, where he took a large breath before he curled up, face still in Iida’s neck. Iida didn’t know what to do, his arms stock still in the air, as a look of shock, with wide eyes and mouth ajar, took over his features. It was a simple, small whine from the omega in his lap that brought him back to the present, and he wrapped his arms around the omega. 

Thankfully, before Iida could question what was happening a streak of green came tumbling into the room.

“Don’t move him, Tenya,” Midoriya said in a loud whisper, clearly meant not to disturb Bakugo. 

“What is happening?” Iida demanded quietly as well.

“He gets like this after his heats. It’s the only time he’ll ever let anyone cuddle with him... Just, don’t push him away, or he’ll get very distressed.”

“How do you know this?” Mina asked as she came up, camera out recording, smirk firmly planted on her face.

Midoriya scratched at the back of his neck and shuffled his feet before answering. “I um…” but he never got a chance to reply before Bakugo spoke up.

“Deku gots fat knot,” the omega said with a purr.

One could say that the number one problem child resembled that of a Christmas tree with how red his face turned in contrast to his green hair. 

“Oh, My. God!” Mina nearly screeched, but Midoriya’s reaction was quick, and he slapped a hand across her mouth before she could go further. 

After that, Midoriya had a small meeting with the rest of the class in the kitchen to explain how docile the omega gets and what to expect. 

“It’s best if you don’t turn him away, or else he’ll feel rejected.”

“Why would we want too? This is going to be the only chance we get at showing him affection without the threat of losing our face,” Sero said with a smile.

“Or our junk,” Kaminari added. 

“How long does this last?” Tokoyami asked from the side.

“About a day, so expect him to be back to his usual self tomorrow.”

“Alright, operation Cuddle Lord Explosion Kitten is a go!” Uraraka exclaimed with a fist pump. 

“Lord Explosion Kitten?”

“Can we call him Lek for short?” 

“Oh my gods, you GUYS! LOOK!” Hagakure said and was pointing out to where Iida and Bakugo still were. (Well, her sleeve was.) 

The class snuck out of the kitchen area to see Iida with his arms secure around the omega in his lap, slowly stroking the blond hair as soft, soothing rumbles emanated from the teen. 

“He’s purring,” Jiro gasped. 

“Bakugo knows how to purr?” Todoroki was shocked. 

After that, everyone slowly filed out and tried as best as they could to sit around in the common room casually. Making sure to make space for Bakugo should he chose them for comfort. 

Eventually, Iida needed to get up, requiring a bathroom break and some lunch. Bakugo pouted at being displaced on the couch. At first, everyone thought he might leave back to his room, but instead, he wandered around a little aimlessly before he plopped and draped himself across the laps of Kirishima and Todoroki. With a stretch to release a few pops in his joints, he made himself comfortable with his head against Kirishima’s chest, and his legs curled in Todoroki’s lap. The two lads were not sure what to do at first, but Kirishima took the lead and began to rub small circles into Bakugo’s back, which made the omega smile slightly; a sight very rarely seen. Todoroki followed suit and gently massaged Bakugo’s legs, from calves to thighs. This was apparently the right thing to do because, in no time, the omega was purring once again, only louder than before. Kirishima and Todoroki shared a smile and continued their ministrations. 

The rest of the day was spent much the same. Whoever had Bakugo would try to keep him cuddled and happy for as long as they could before they inevitably had to move. Shoji became practically a chair that both Bakugo and Tokoyami sat on with his many arms curled around them. Tokoyami had been sitting with his mate when the other omega came over and joined them unannounced. At first, they were worried that Bakugo would try to boot the other omega out, but instead, Bakugo practically used Tokoyami as a teddy bear as Shoji cradled both in his arms, making a cave-like nest for them on his lap. Many pictures were taken. 

From one student to the next, Bakugo cuddled with nearly half the class that first time after a heat, and just like Midoriya said, the next day, Bakugo was back to his usual grumpy self. After that, it became common knowledge within their class to give the omega all the cuddles after his heats. Bakugo eventually made his way through every one of the class. From Aoyama and Tsuyu, fellow omegas to Sato and Shino some of the other alphas. They all, at some point, found themselves with a lap full of blond, purring, omega Bakugo. 

The best part; when Bakugo was back to his ‘normal’ self, they would still secretly smile at each other because now they all knew how to push his buttons just right to turn the tiger into a kitten.