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Sam stayed with Dean and Castiel for a week total, watching how the two interacted with each other at work and when they were at home. He asked Dean when Castiel had moved in with him, and he just replied by telling him that the man needed a place to stay, so it was only natural that he give him a place to stay. He didn’t say anything in reply to that, just smiled knowingly and went about the rest of the day reading and watch them over the top of his book.

When it came time to close up, he watched how they worked with each other. One of them doing inventory and cleaning up the kitchen while the other works on cleaning the dining area and stacks chairs. He notices how they steal glances at each other when they think they’re not paying attention, how they smile as they watch each other. And he is glad that Cas has finally come back, he is glad that his brother is finally happy after everything they’ve been through. And though he is happy for them, he still feels off about something; but he brushes it off when he is approached by Clara.

“Hey Mooooose,” she drawls, grinning at his disgruntled expression. Ignoring his protests, she pushes him over and scoots in next to him in the booth he’s sitting at. “What’re you doing?” He gives her one of his classic bitch faces in answer, and then sighs wearily when it doesn’t seem to faze her.

“Reading a book,” he grinds out and does his best to scoot as far away from her as possible. Clara was the only one of Dean’s workers that didn’t seem to put off by his preference of books and laptop to conversations and people; and while he appreciated that at times, he also very much disliked it. She was a nice girl yes, but she was also rather in one’s face and a bit obnoxious; a perfect fit for Dean’s restaurant.

“What book?” She smiles when he glares at her, and scoots closer, knowing that she’s making him uncomfortable. “Awh, come on Moose! Tell me what book you’re reading! Please? I really am quite curious to know!”

“Fine. But only if you promise to leave me alone afterwards,” he waits for her nod of agreement before he continues. “I’m reading Charles Dickens. Now, please leave me alone?”

“Alright, alright, ya big grouch. I was just curious, no need to get upset with me,” saying that, she sticks a cigarette behind one ear and heads outside for her break; mumbling as she does about moody Moose and silly bosses and their crushes.

Finally able to read his book in peace, Sam starts to open it but stops when he hears two loud gasps. Jumping up, he starts to reach for the guns and knives he no longer carries when he notices Dean and Castiel, standing no more than two feet from each other. Castiel has a hand covering his mouth, and both look very surprised, if not a bit embarrassed.

He’s about to ask what’s wrong, but quickly turns and walks outside when Dean lunges forward and grabs Cas by the front of his shirt and begins kissing him roughly on the mouth. A smile crosses his face as he steps out the door, finally at ease that nothing here is wrong, and wonderfully happy that Dean is finally, truly happy now.

Epilogue Notes

Castiel never completely regains his memory, but sometimes will bring up things he remembers and ask for any clarification Dean or Sam can give him about the memory. It took almost a month, but Dean and Cas came out to the waiters, waitresses and cooks of The Angel with their relationship; not one of them was surprised, but all of them were happy for them. Clara continued to bug Sam every time he visited, but eventually had to stop because she had decided to go to college and get a degree in art. Sam continued his life as a Man of Letters and a lawyer, and was single for a couple years before he eventually found someone and settled down.

And Dean and Cas? They lived long and happy lives together; eventually marrying and adopting a couple brats to run around their home and make messes.