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Teruki watches lazy rays of evening sunlight cut slivers through the half-drawn blinds, orange peels uncurling over the shape of his legs draped over Shigeo’s.

"Are your legs asleep yet?" Teruki asks, rubbing his heel against the back of Shigeo's calf.


"Are you asleep yet?" Teruki smiles, cheek pressed into the softness of the futon, eyes glued to Shigeo, who seems unamused by the silliness of his question and answers matter-of-factly.

" ...Of course not."

"It's a full moon tonight, do you want to do something? Go for a walk?" Not that Teruki really wants to move, even if they were supposed to have plans tonight.

They originally stopped in Shigeo’s room to pick out something for him to wear, and to figure out dinner. Then the pitstop turned into a layover as they discussed the latest blockbuster, the film adaptation of a book Teruki had read in class. When he found Shigeo had not read it yet, Teruki took it upon himself to settle down on the futon and explain the plot to him, simply because Teruki found the book fascinating and couldn’t resist.

Now, Teruki’s exhausted from explaining the plot, as Shigeo didn’t quite get it. Likewise, Shigeo seems tired too, entranced by the dust passing through the stripes of sunlight, his breath kicking the particles into tailspins.

"Maybe see that movie?" Teruki suggests, not actually wanting to see the movie at all.

Shigeo glances at Teruki, and blinks.

"Does that mean we have to get up, Hanazawa-kun? I'm comfortable like this."

"Oh," Teruki sighs. "Good."

"Good?" Shigeo asks, rolling to face Teruki, dark hair mussed by laying on the futon.

Teruki can't help but break into a smile. "Yep, I'm comfortable like this too."

"We can go, if you really want to," Shigeo says abruptly.

"I only brought it up to be polite,” Teruki snorts. “I have no intention of moving from this spot."

Shigeo purses his lips.

"What is it?" Teruki asks.

"You'd tell me if there was something you wanted to do, right?"

Teruki's leg twitches.

"Yes. Well, probably." His gaze quickly flits over Shigeo’s body, catching a sliver of exposed skin on his hip before darting back to Shigeo’s face.

Shigeo's countenance remains placid rather than scandalized. Teruki wonders what range of expressions he could entice from him.

"What about you, Kageyama-kun? Would you sacrifice your feelings in order to be considerate?"

The question awards Teruki several seconds of Shigeo biting his lip while he thinks quietly, and the scroll of sun continues its slow creep up their bodies.

"No," he decides, plucking at a crease in his shirt, his gaze drifting back to the window. "I would be honest."

"Ah, I see..." Teruki combs a hand through his hair.

Shigeo says it so simply, it makes Teruki want to start all over again and uncensor himself. He shouldn’t have to pretend or lie. It’s in both of their best interests to be open, and in that case, there is so much Teruki has to say. There’s so much Teruki wants , and he’s so selfish, but Shigeo is so vivid, lying beside him within arm’s reach.

Teruki's hand closes around Shigeo’s wrist, commanding him once again look away from the wicked sun as it continues to carve through the blinds.

He can barely feel Shigeo’s lax pulse because of his own pounding heart; it batters against his ribs as his thoughts churn in his head.  

Is it too soon? Too soon to be so intimate? They’ve only been dating for two months. Granted, their friendship has spanned the better part of two years, but Teruki grapples with the reality that he could be rejected because he craves more. He wants to see the faces Shigeo makes; he wants to taste him, to tease him until Shigeo cannot control himself, and Teruki will be helpless before him.

Of course, Teruki’s fantasies are exaggerated, but they still fuel him to make the first move. He speaks, bracing himself for failure.

"Kageyama-kun. These last few weeks have made me realize something.” Teruki takes a breath.  “I want to be with you."

"But you are with me, right now--" Teruki cuts Shigeo off with a kiss. “Oh … Aren't we already da--" Teruki kisses him again, this time for longer, soft and laced with a poison he knows Shigeo is very susceptible to. One hand smooths over Shigeo's neck, shoulder, and down to the small of his back.

Shigeo kisses back, still slightly confused by what is happening but mostly focused on how Teruki tastes like Juicy Fruit gum and how he never fails to make Shigeo sweat. He can only suspect Teruki gets better at kissing every time they join at the lips, and his skill is several different types of arousing.

When they part, Teruki licks his lips, and Shigeo feels weak in the knees even though he’s completely reclined.

"I want to do stuff with you, Kageyama-kun," Teruki affirms, eyes gleaming as the stretch of sun licks at their skin, burning hot like his fingertips branding Shigeo wherever they touch.

Stuff? Stuff could mean anything. He wonders if Teruki expects him to see past the ambiguity.

" ...Okay," he agrees.

Without waiting any further, Teruki pulls off his shirt and unbuttons his pants, shuffling them down his thighs, and off onto the floor.

Shigeo takes a hint and starts unbuttoning his shirt but is stopped short when Teruki swings a leg over him and hijacks the task.

Shigeo is left laying on his back, rather helplessly gazing up at Teruki's face, whose lips are pouted in concentration until the final button is undone.

Swooping down for another kiss, Teruki's hands travel over him, groping his chest and tickling his sides. Shigeo's shaking hands find Teruki's hips, working his way up the lean lines of his body. Despite the muscle, there is still a familiar softness, and Shigeo hunts for it blindly. His sweaty hands sweep over Teruki's chest, doubling back to thumb his nipples, and Teruki huffs into the crook of his neck. Pressing his good intuition even further, Shigeo dances his fingers down the length of Teruki's spine, and his boyfriend’s whole body trembles on top of him.

"Kageyama-kun." Teruki’s voice is low and passionate, resonating with Shigeo on a completely different level of arousal— the type of white-hot arousal that stirs in his gut, cuts into his logic, and smolders in his loins. Hearing Teruki speak like that causes the blood rushing in Shigeo's ears to rapidly redirect elsewhere.

Sometimes, Shigeo gets like this. Thoughts are usually ignored, urges usually repressed, but with Teruki groaning breathy words of encouragement into his ear, Shigeo finds himself breaking the chains of his subconscious and soaking his brain in the carnal static of lust.

He grips the flesh of Teruki's thighs and grinds against him in an aimless, primal sort of way, opening the floodgates and letting the sensations drown him.

"N-n-no, wait a second, Kageyama-kun," Teruki suddenly babbles, dismounting Shigeo, "I'm gonna— if we don't--"

"Hanazawa-kun?" is all Shigeo can think of to say, his hands suddenly empty.

Teruki repositions himself lying prone between Shigeo’s legs.

Teruki deftly unzips Shigeo's pants, tugging them off. Teruki slides his fingers past the elastic of his underwear and pulls them down far enough to free Shigeo’s dick.

There isn't much critical thinking happening in Shigeo's brain right now, but as he watches Teruki gently handle him, kiss him, and work his tongue over his erection, a few words surface in the swampy state of his mind:

Hanazawa-kun is beautiful.

...And talented.

Truthfully, he cannot handle the stimulation at this rate. Teruki dipping down and taking him all in one fluid motion before bobbing back up, an adept tongue swirling around his head, tortuous hands wrapped around Shigeo's waist as Teruki dives down, swallowing around him.

He stops abruptly, just as Shigeo is about to explode.

"H-hha--nazawa-kun..." Shigeo rasps weakly; a bead of sweat trickles down his cheek.

Teruki rummages through his pants pocket and produces a packet. Shigeo leans up onto his elbows to observe as Teruki rolls onto his back, hastily removing his underwear, and squeezes what appears to be gel onto his fingers.

It's lube, Shigeo belatedly realizes, only after Teruki is knuckle deep in himself.

He watches, eyes roaming quite boldly over Teruki's body. Then suddenly Teruki is looking at him, beckoning him his usually dark eyes now vibrantly blue, caught in the sun’s descent.

Shigeo moves on top of Teruki and settles between his legs. His hands trail down his abdomen, pausing to dig his thumbs into the fleshiness of Teruki’s obliques.

“Kageyama-kun, please, ” Teruki groans, rolling his hips into the pressure.  

Shigeo knows what is expected of him. He’s not ignorant to the activities of sex, but with Teruki lying underneath him, Shigeo hesitates. In the murkiness of his room, everything feels so surreal, like dust is collecting in his head and clouding his vision. Teruki is just a dream... until his nails bite into Shigeo’s back and the pleasure strips any uncertainty away.

Shigeo sinks into Teruki slowly, every muscle in his body tense and trembling from the sensation. It’s beyond what Shigeo ever could have imagined. The epitome of closeness, hot flames licking up his chest, coloring his face ruddy, and Teruki’s cock twitches against their stomachs.

Teruki moans, desperately grabbing at Shigeo’s shoulders, and only when Shigeo’s hips are flush against him do his arms drop onto the futon. Shigeo lifts his hips with sweaty hands to get even closer, conscious of Teruki’s shaking legs and the sweat that graciously slips past his own eye.

“Kageyama-kun, you’re amazing,” Teruki says low and lusty, and Shigeo can’t help but feel his chest swell.

“Y-you are too,” Shigeo stutters as Teruki shifts his hips, contracting muscles around his dick.

Shigeo begins to move, adrenaline like shards of ice shooting down his spine, and his blood boils.

“Ahh--” Teruki keens, clawing at the futon while Shigeo clumsily establishes a rhythm, hands groping Teruki’s ass.

It feels so unbelievably good. Each thrust becomes more visceral, and Teruki writhes under him, making a plethora of noises. He fists Teruki’s aching cock in hand, making use of his own spit to reduce friction, and strokes him roughly.

Teruki cries out, throwing his head back and arching his spine, and cums in Shigeo’s hand. It’s hot and sticky between his fingers, and it makes his dick throb.

He ardently thrusts into Teruki until the overwhelming harmony of sensations pushes Shigeo to the edge, losing tempo and shuddering into his own orgasm. It hits him violently, doubles him over, and his hands leave marks on Teruki’s skin.

Shigeo feels like he just ran a marathon and won.

Oxytocin buzzes in Shigeo’s brain as he pulls out of Teruki, who looks completely defeated, head lolling and body lax against the futon.

Shigeo flops down beside him, catching his breath.

The glow of the sunset slips beyond the horizon, and the room grows dark before either of them speaks. While reflecting on what just transpired, Shigeo doesn’t notice the silence that’s descended until Teruki breaks it.

“Did you like it, Kageyama-kun?”  

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard before…” Shigeo peels away from the futon, adhered to his back with dried sweat, to face Teruki. “What about you?”

“It was fantastic,” Teruki assures him.

“... You would tell me if it wasn’t, right?”

“I would tell you,” Teruki whispers, squeezing his bicep and turning Shigeo so that he is pressed against his boyfriend before covering him with a kiss, slow and easy like caramelized sugar.

There is a distinct thrumming in Shigeo’s chest that intensifies when their legs tangle together, but he can’t put a finger on it, not even with his own fingers intertwined in Teruki’s hair.

“Are you asleep yet?” Teruki asks his ear, and gently mouths his pulse point before leisurely peppering kisses down his collarbone. Electricity courses through Shigeo, branching out like gossamer threads across his body.

“I might be,” he says.

Hot breath blooms against Shigeo’s neck, and he trembles, breath hitching in his throat.

Teruki smiles coquettishly.

“How about now?”