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"We are going to kill Master Midoriya".

Those were the first words Katsuki had heard once he walked into the meeting room. Many Shinki appeared before him, nearly two dozen or more from various backgrounds. Katsuki always hated the bad habit Izuku had. Izuku would often name any loose human souls and take them in to be apart of the family.

Izuku Midoriya was the God of Endurance and Diligence, famous all around Japan for his unyielding determination and his successful underdog battles. He always had a need to protect every single human soul, so he had a habit of naming any kind of human soul, even if they were faulty. While Katsuki was proud of his god, he couldn't help but feel like Izuku was holding onto a dangerous burden. It turns out, Katsuki's fears were right.

Katsuki couldn't understand why Izuku's Shinki would turn against their own master. Sure, he was weak looking piece of shit, but Katsuki knew that Izuku was an amazing god. Probably one of the best. Killing him would be a sin.

His gut was right. Katsuki always felt like the rest of the Shinki would often put up an act towards Izuku. It was strange. The worst part was that Katsuki could never agree with the other Shinki, and often times would end up arguing or even fighting those who managed to piss him off. Many Shinki avoided him as a result of his violent behavior, but Izuku didn’t care about it, and still considered him a friend. Sure there were times that Izuku would flinch or look intimidated against Katsuki, but that never got in the way of their friendship. Izuku even put up with the nickname Katsuki gave him, Deku.

However, despite all the red flags, Katsuki would never had guessed that the lead Shinki, a man who was around the age of 45, would betray Izuku. A lead Shinki is the advisor of the god, leading him and offering advice. They're suppose to be Izuku's light in the dark and help Izuku find his way.

"What the fuck are you talking about, " Katsuki says while rubbing his eyes, still a bit drowsy from his nap. Maybe I'm just hearing shit, since I just woke up.

"Bakugou, "the lead Shinki says. "You just barley arrived in time. We're planning to kill Master Midoriya and we want to know if you agree to this proposal".

Blinking from the blunt and straight-to-the-point statement, Katsuki says, "You fucks are serious about this shit? I thought you were all joking. You dumbasses really believe Deku's going to let this shit slide? Believe me, he'll find out sooner or later. He's going to purify the shit out of all of you until you wished that you were dead again".

Fed up with the conversation, Katsuki made his way to the exit, angry that this proposal was even mentioned at all. Unfortunately, he found himself blocked by the other Shinki, preventing him from leaving.

"I knew you were going to be a problem Bakugou," says the lead Shinki. He crossed with arms while he sat on the meeting table. "What makes you, a Shinki who can only turns into a diamond ring, think they can speak to me like that? You're hardly a threat".

Fuming, Katsuki sped walked closer to the lead Shinki, who continued to sit down. "Say that again old man," Katsuki grabbed onto the man's suit and pulls hard. "Ill beat you into submission".

The remaining Shinki, who watched Katsuki's act of violence, stood up in order to retrain Katsuki, but stopped. The lead Shinki raised his hands, indicating that he can handle himself. He smiled at Katsuki.

"I'm sure your aware of Master Midoriya's….. habits".

"You're talking about the mumbling shit? Fuck, sure its annoying as hell but—".

"No, I'm talking about his kindness".

Katsuki let go of the Shinki's attire. What's wrong with Izuku's kindness? Its one of his best traits, and its part of the reason he's such a famous god in the first place.

And part of the reason why Katsuki found Izuku to be so damn attractive

The lead Shinki continued. "….Master Midoriya is far too kind. With his wealth and power, I'm sure other gods see him as a tool. We need to turn our master into a war god. He has the strength and the talent! He just needs to learn how to use it!".

"So you think killing him is the right answer?", Katsuki says. "That is one stupid ass plan".

The lead Shinki huffs at Katsuki's statement. "He won't actually die. Bakugou, aren't you aware of reincarnation?".

"Bakugou," spoke another Shinki, who seemed to be around the age of 30. "A god like Midoriya won't cease to exist. Midoriya is almost as famous as All Might. He'll just be reincarnated into a toddler. That way, we can raise him to be a finer god than he was before".

Not convinced, Bakugou slammed his fist on the table. "So you ungrateful bastards think its okay to just kill your own master!?" Katsuki glared at the man, who could only smirk in response.

"The fact that he will reincarnate doesn't give you the right to decide Deku's future!".

"Listen," the lead Shinki says. "We know what we're doing, either you join us Bakugou, or you're against us. I know just how to deal with people who won't follow my orders".

"You know," Katsuki crossed his arms. "I always felt like something was off about you. The way you would follow Deku like a goddamn hood rat made me sick to my stomach".

The lead Shinki stood up abruptly, and slapped Katsuki across the face. He leans closer to Katsuki's ears, whispering.

"I'll have you killed if you defy me again Bakugou. Now are you with us or against us? I've seen the way you intimidate our god despite being a mere ring, so I'll find heart to forgive you if you would join us".

Katsuki stayed quiet. He can never, ever kill his god, who was perfect just the way he is. He thought about his options. He could just agree and leave the room to tell Izuku but that would make him far too suspicious. Plus, it runs the risk of having Izuku forgiving his Shinki without punishment. I can't let him die. Katsuki's thoughts raced as he considered his next actions.

Katsuki slowly rises his head and replies, "I noticed Deku's been blighted for a while now. I thought it was because of the strain of having too many Shinki but… it was all of you bastards this whole time." Katsuki locked eyes with the older man. "That was quite the smart move there".

The lead Shinki smirked. "Of course. Despite Master's appearance, he's quite the powerhouse if he needed to be. If only he would use his abilities more oft—".

Katsuki's eyes twitched and he couldn't hold back his anger any longer. Katsuki threw a direct punch at the old man in an attempt to wipe the snarky look off of his face. The weight of the punch managed to send the send Shinki flying and slamming against the wall. It was a direct shot against the jaw.

All the Shinki's stood up and raised their hands, ready to use a boundary line in order to trap Katsuki.

"Okay listen up you ungrateful fucks." Katsuki snarled his words as he walks towards the wall where the lead Shinki had just been slammed against. Standing above the lead Shinki's body, Katsuki yelled, "If you want to get your filthy traitor hands on Deku, you're going to have to get through me!"

The crowed finally burst into an uproar. Words such as, "your making a mistake", and, "you'll pay for that", was heard throughout the crowd. Katsuki could care less about what they thought. He looked around, estimating his enemies. There was at least two dozen or more Shinki out to kill him.

Katsuki would never let his guard down.

He does not care if he's forced to become a killer or a monster. Katsuki would protect Izuku with everything he had. He knew that everyone underestimated him since he can only manifest into a diamond ring. But—

Something felt different inside Katsuki. His sweat trickled down his face, and he felt almost ready to explode.





Izuku found himself twisting and turned so much in his sleep, as well as sweating and breathing harshly. There was a sudden sharp and unexplainable pain in his chest that caused him to finally wake up. He tried to get up from the bed, but he felt lightheaded. "Must be the blight," Izuku thinks.

He began walking and nearly stumbled over. The sharp pain remained in his chest, and suddenly he felt bruises develop all over his body. This was something much more serious than he initially thought. "This is more than just blight".

Suddenly, Izuku's natural instincts screamed inside his head. It was there that he knew his Shinki were in danger.

"My Shinki are dying. I have to go save them!"

Despite the intense pain throughout his body, Izuku ran. His chest felt like it was on fire, and he panted, weaked as a result of his blight. He didn't exactly know when or why he was blighted, but he assumed he could endure the pain, as usual.

Izuku found himself running all over the Shrine, opening and searching through every single door he could think of. Izuku realized that there was one more room that he hadn't checked.

The meeting room.

As he ran, there was voices in his head, screaming in agony. Izuku closed his eyes and ran even faster, attempting to block them out.

Finally reaching the meeting room, Izuku sensed a horrific aura in the room. Without giving a second thought, he opened the door wide open, but it was already too late.

The room is dark, and the light is broken, flickering several times being dying down. Izuku felt something warm wet his toes, and looked down in horror.

It was blood.

His Shinki's blood.


Izuku suddenly faced a large amount of bodies that were beaten into a bloody pulp. They practically laid on top of each other, some even to the point where the skull had been smashed inside. Several bodies weren't even intact, and the air smelled like nitroglycerin. Its like an atomic bomb had just exploded inside this room, killing everyone instantly.

Izuku's heart dropped, and the tears began to form in his eyes. He tried to speak, but there was a knot in his throat.

He saw the familiar suit of his lead Shinki.

Running to his side, Izuku raised the body of his former lead Shinki and let go immediately. Lifting his hands up to cover his mouth, Izuku felt horrified. The poor soul had his face smashed in, anything left of his head was now indescribable.

Izuku was living his worst nightmare.

Tears started to roll down his face. Izuku looked around and noticed a black figure standing in the middle,

Izuku jumped over the bodies and walked closer to the figure. Naturally, he would had attacked the figure, thinking it was the killer but....hope filled his body, at least one survived this massacre. There was one left, one family member left!! One had survived! I have to see them and make sure they are okay…!

The black figured turned to look at Izuku, and walked closer. The window's curtains blew from the wind, allowing the moonlight to illuminate the room, and faintly, Izuku recognized Katsuki.

"K-Kacchan!", Izuku says as he rushes to Katsuki's side. He stopped once he notice's Katsuki's body, where he had a torn shirt along with bruises, cuts, and blood.

Katsuki continued to stand, dazed. He had a distant look on his face. Izuku didn’t hesitate to pull Katsuki into a hug, and Katsuki reciprocated, wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist. He placed his face on the crook of Izuku's neck. He mumbled something that was a bit difficult for Izuku to hear, but managed to.

"I… won't let anyone ever hurt you, stupid Deku. That’s a promise," Katsuki said before finally lost control over his own weight and fell against Izuku, who slowly went down with him. Holding Katsuki on his lap, he brushed Katsuki's hair, blood staining his light hair.

"I'm the one who's suppose to protect you," Izuku says. Finally, he let out his bottled up emotions and started crying. In between his sobs, Izuku looked up at the ceiling.

"This was all my fault wasn't it? "




Katsuki eyes shot open, and looked around. He felt a sharp pain hit his body every time he moved, but he ignored it. Katsuki noticed Izuku sleeping on top of his legs, sitting on a chair and folding his arms into a headrest. He took note of Izuku's under eyes, which was tinted in red along with his nose.

Izuku must had been crying, and it was all his fault.

Katsuki felt like it was inevitable. It was either Izuku or the Shinki.

He thought back to that brutal night, where he suddenly had the ability to create explosive with practically his sweat. Despite blasting several victims into smithereens, Katsuki couldn't understand why no one had stopped to reconsider their actions. Its like they hated Izuku, and Katsuki couldn’t understand. Izuku was a ball of sunshine, and he tried his best to please everyone. So why?

"Fucking Deku is going to blame himself, " Katsuki thought as he ruffled Izuku's hair. It wasn't Izuku's fault, if anything, it was the other Shinki who betrayed him.

The door clicked open, and a red-haired individual entered the room. "Oh! So you woke up!" Cheerfully, he made his way to Katsuki.

"Who the fuck are you, " says Katsuki .

"Oh! I'm Eijirou Kirishima, but enough about me right now. How do you feel? You didn't look like you would make it through the night, but I'm glad you did".

Katsuki turned his attention back to Izuku. Eijirou took note.

"You're master is quite adorable, isn't he?"

"Back off".

"Woah, chill. I'm not making a move or anything, but that doesn't mean I cant appreciate beauty when I see it!"

Katsuki frowned, turned away. Its like this guy knew how to pick at every single tolerance button Katsuki had.

Eijirou, giving his usual bright smile despite Katsuki being cold to him, smacked the back of Katsuki's shoulder. "Heh, you're just as interesting as your god. You came in here, battered and beaten while your god was safe. Who knows what you did to protect him! If it wasn't for your bad attitude, I would've looked up to you!"

Katsuki, having mixed feelings of both feeling offended and complimented, looked back at Eijirou. Eijirou continued to speak.

"My goddess, Yaoyorozu, created all this medical supplies. She's given you permission to stay at her manor while you heal up. Apparently her and Izuku are longtime friends".

Katsuki pulled at his IV fluids, trying to remove them. "Thanks for the help. But I need to get my shit together and take Deku back to the shrine. Plus I gotta clean up, or else Deku's gonna have PTSD or something".


"Yeah, its his nickname. It means useless".

".....Anyway", Eijirou didn’t want to comment about the nickname, having other matters to talk about first. "I should probably bring Yaoyorozu here. She can prepare you to go back to the shrine safely".

Eijirou made his way to the door. Before he left, he turned back to Katsuki. "Don't run off or something!".

Katsuki grunted and then turned his attention back to Izuku.

"Hey Deku, get the fuck up, we're leaving." Katsuki poked Izuku's head repeatedly, causing Izuku to groan in response.

"Ahhh….. give my five more minutes mom".

Katsuki, who had felt extremely tired with his conversation with Eijirou, snapped, "DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR GOD DAMN MOTHER!"

Izuku, startled by the sudden noise, rose his head up. "Kacchan? Is that you?"

"Yes I'm here Deku," says Katsuki. "So where the fuck are we exactly? I don’t know much about this go-"


Izuku practically flung himself on top of Katsuki, causing him to blush in response. Katsuki always knew that Izuku enjoyed physical contact with nearly everyone who he felt comfortable with, but its just something Katsuki could never get used to.

"Get your fucking mucus and other bodily fluids off me Deku," says Katsuki with a groan, but Izuku ignored him.


"Woah, calm the fuck down, I barley heard any of that".

"I'm a failure of a god," Izuku says with a voice slightly cracking. "I—If you want me to release you Kacchan, I would understand…".

Katsuki, practically feeling offended by what Izuku had just said, smacked Izuku's head, causing him to squeak a bit.

"Okay first of all, who the fuck are you to tell me what to do. Second of all, you're not a failure Deku. Its not your fault that your Shinki……," Katsuki words trailed off. What will he tell Izuku?

Katsuki wondered if he should tell Izuku the truth. He was afraid that if he tells the truth, Izuku would hate him forever.

It was there that Katsuki made a life-altering decision. He's not going to tell him, ever. It will be a secret that Katsuki will take to his grave.

Before Katsuki even had the chance to response to Izuku, Izuku grabbed onto Katsuki's face, then pulled Katsuki into a drawn out kiss. Without thinking much himself, Katsuki responded back, taking a hold of Izuku's chin and tilting it, getting better angle. The fatigue of Katsuki's mind were practically melting away. Katsuki had always wondered how Izuku's lips tasted like. It was natural after all, Izuku was known to be quite popular with both genders, but Katsuki never had the intentions to court Izuku. It’s a sin after all, for Shinki and gods to become lovers.

Izuku suddenly pulled away. "Uhm, I-I was planning to hug you but my body just r-reacted on its own......." Katsuki noticed how flushed Izuku's cheeks were.

"Why did you-". Katsuki was then cut off by Izuku, who's eyes shined in determination.

"Kacchan." Izuku held onto Katsuki's hands. "I'm pretty sure you know my Shinki are dead. All of them. You’re the only one left". Tears started to form on his eyes. Katsuki wanted to make him stop talking, but Izuku continued, wiping his tears away.

"I've decided not to take in any more people into my household. You’re the only one I need, my one and only!"

Katsuki felt his chest warm up, but he felt guilty. If Izuku ever found out what truly happen… would he still consider him his one and only?

While Katsuki was busy thinking, Izuku's determined exterior reverted back to his shy and insecure attitude.

"A-ah that is.. If you want to Kacchan…".

Katsuki was fed up with this whole conversation. Deciding to decipher Izuku's actions for another day, he decide to change the pace of the conversation.

"Of course I'll stay behind, you shit. Come 'ere".

Izuku, thinking he was going to get kissed for a second time, instinctively closed his eyes. However, he was surprised to feel Katsuki kissing his forehead. Pulling away, Katsuki looked at him.

"Don't ever call yourself a failure ever again, fucking Deku. You're perfect the way you are, I don’t care how much you think you suck, you’re a god Deku. All of your actions are justified".

Before Izuku could respond, the door clicked open once again. A women with large, black hair pinned up into a pony tail walked into the room. She was beautiful, as her hair contrasted her white long kimono. "Sorry to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but listen".

She walked into the room, confidence radiating from her. "Bakugou, you are exactly what Izuku needs during these dark times!"

Katsuki tiled his head. Momo, who noticed his shock, continued to explain. "Izuku here lost his lead Shinki. Since you’re the only one left, you have to be the next lead". She pulled up her sleeves near her mouth, covering her grin. "And it seems like your doing a wonderful job already, I always knew Izuku preferred men but-".

Katsuki was ready to blow up this women, but he was stopped by Eijirou who popped his head into the room.

"Yo Bakugou! This is my master, Lady Yaoyorozu!"

Izuku turned to the goddess, "Thank you for your constant support Momo".

"It's my pleasure Izuku. I wanted Lady Uraraka to come visit you as well but she couldn't make it."

Izuku shook his head, "Don't worry about it Momo, you've done enough. Look at Kacchan! He's almost good as new".

Momo brought her hands to her hips. "Naturally. Izuku I've always noticed this but, you have a habit of adding -chan to your favorite Shinki's names. Its endearing".

Feeling restless, Katsuki tugged his IV. "Can we go home now Deku? I have shit to do".

Eijirou pouted at Katsuki. "Stay a bit longer! There's this guy I want to introduce you to! He recently became a new member of our family, and he's so adorable. Much more than your god, I might even add".

"No thanks", Katsuki turned to Izuku. "Deku help me get out of these things. This hurts like a motherfucker".

Izuku flinched when he saw Katsuki remove his IV fluids forcefully. "K-Kacchan maybe you should slow down…".

"I'm not going to slow the fuck down Deku, just give me a towel and I can clean myself up".

Momo walked closer and took out a towel from her chest. "Here use this".

"The fuck?" Katsuki raised his eyebrow as he took the towel and placed it on his wound. "Where the hell did you pull that towel out from".

"Kacchan, Momo is the goddess of creation. She can create anything she wants, as long as she knows the materials". Izuku said while carefully making sure that Katsuki is cleaning himself up correctly.

Katsuki thought to himself. Maybe he could ask her to make a car if he asked.

"Bakugou," Eijirou waved his hands to get Katsuki's attention. "We have a car for you and Midoriya. The driver will take you back home".

"You," Katsuki turned to Momo. "You're pretty useful".

Eijirou smacked Katsuki's head playfully. "Her name is Yaoyorozu!".

Izuku and Momo watched as both Katsuki and Eijirou began to argue, with Eijirou somehow winning. The two gods looked at eachother and smiled.

In all honesty, Izuku has never felt this good. Having only one Shinki eased his burden, and he felt like he could do anything. He looked at Katsuki and smiled, pink tinting his cheeks. Momo took note of that and smiled.

"Izuku, you deserve happiness", she whispers.

"What was that?" Izuku asks.

"Oh nothing", Momo said as she begins to head out of the room in order to prepare for Izuku and Katsuki's departure. While she was genuinely happy for Izuku, she knew that there was one person, one significant person, that was missing in Izuku's life.

"Shouto..... I wonder how you would respond to see Izuku falling in love with someone else".

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When Izuku made Katsuki that promise about never taking in another Shinki ever again, it… was difficult to keep, to say the least. Izuku struggled with his new lifestyle, but thankfully, Katsuki was there to keep him in the right path.

"A-are you sure Kacchan? Look at that one! He looks like he needs our help!"

"Holy hell Deku, this is the fourteenth time you've said that!"

These past several weeks have been more than wonderful for Izuku and Katsuki. Izuku found his health getting better each and everyday, and while Katsuki did have a hard time keeping up with his master's new found energy, he enjoyed watching Izuku running around instead of being locked up in his room all day.

Unfortunately, the first week was an entirely different story.

Izuku couldn't sleep at night like he used to. Nearly every night, he was haunted by the realization that his Shinki, his family, were dead. In the past, other gods and goddesses complimented Izuku's ability to keep dozens of Shinki, but now that they're gone? Izuku felt like he didn’t deserve the recognition at all.

What was worse?

Katsuki nearly caught him one night during one of his self loathing sessions.

Holding back a yawn, Katsuki entered Izuku's room, making sure to close the door behind him.

"Hey Deku, look at this."

He carried a beige letter.

Izuku had curled himself with the large white blanket, as if he was trying to hide away from the problems of the outside world. When he heard Katsuki's voice, he popped his head out of the covers at looked at Katsuki. Of course, Katsuki thought this was horribly adorable, but there was something else that needed to be attended to first.

"There's this letter named out for you. I don't know why the fuck the sender thought this was a good idea to send this to you this late at night but-"

Izuku sprung out of his bed and ran to Katsuki's side, taking the letter. Before he could even read who sent it to him, he opened it.

It was a court order from Heaven. It was stamped in a red seal that was lettered 'urgent'.




In short, the contents of the letter ordered Deku and his lead Shinki to appear for a trial. Apparently, word got out quick about the massacre that happened at Izuku's Shrine, and by law, gods are required to cast away their Shinki, or release them when they were dismissed. It was illegal for a god to kill a human soul, and there were protocols and consequences that followed.

When Izuku appeared before the court, he wore mandatory, navy blue god's yukata. Katsuki, on the other hand, wears a simple white button up and red tie.

"Shouldn't you wear a yukata like me? We'll look a bit weird wearing different styles of clothing like this," says Izuku while they walk to the courtroom.

"What are you, the fashion police? Fuck off mom."

Everything was normal for the two. Katsuki made sure to protect Izuku, who continued to be his usual, timid self.

That is, until he entered the court room and became an entirely new person.

Before arriving at the court, Izuku was his usual, timid self.

But once he entered the court room, he became an entirely new person. Katsuki watched how uncharacteristically Izuku entered the room, and chose to make no comment about it.

Heaven's court was a spiral like room, filled with empty seats. Only about nine front row seats were taken, and it was saved specially for the judges. Specifically gods who claimed neutrality.

Katsuki couldn’t determine the identity of the mysterious judges. A shadow loomed over their entire figure, leaving no hints of their identities. The only proof of their individuality is their voices that they seem to make no attempt to conceal.

Its not like it mattered if they knew who were the gods, but it would be nice to know.

Standing by his master's side, Katsuki began gritting his teeth and suppressing his ultimate desire to viciously yell at the court who would dare to speak against Izuku in such a patronizing way. He hide his face by looking directly at the ground, seemingly tricking the judges that this was a form of respect.

Normally, Katsuki would act in a way that he sees fit, but he was given a direct order by Izuku to stand down before entering the room.

"Katsuki." Izuku says as he faced away from him. They were in the waiting room, and Katsuki had already begun lighting mini-explosions in his palms.


"You are forbidden to speak during the trial. That’s an order."

Katsuki was surprised to not only hear his given name, but also surprised to hear his usually benevolent god cast an order. He's never been ordered like that by Izuku before, nor has ever seen Izuku with eyes filled with such hatred. Of course it wasn't directed to him, but even so, it caused a shiver down Katsuki's spine.

Frowning, Katsuki knew he couldn’t protest against Izuku. Maybe he could have, if Izuku was acting like his usual, polite self, but right now, Izuku is acting like the god he was born to be.

Once Izuku arrived in the middle of the circular shaped court, he kneeled down, facing down as he did so. Katsuki, originally plotting to simply stand in defiance, soon followed.

"Midoriya." An unknown, yet demanding voice echoed throughout the court. "Explain what happened. How did forty two of your Shinki manage to die in a single night?"

It seemed like the judges won't dance around in this matter.

"Forty two?" Katsuki thought. "Holy fuck, I knew Izuku was a fucking powerhouse, but I didn't think he had THAT many Shinki. No wonder he used to be so bed-ridden."

Once Izuku heard his name called out, he rose with pride. The way Izuku presented himself….made him seem like a completely new person. Katsuki had been with Izuku for several years now, but even then he's never seen Izuku act like this, even during the battles again ayakashi and rebel gods. Its like Izuku wants heaven's court to bow down to him, and not the other way around.

And Heaven's court doesn’t like it at all.

"I've proved my loyalty for heaven countless of times." Izuku looked at the court. "I would not dare to raise my hands against my beloved Shinki. I woke up to find a sharp blight piercing my chest, and I quickly realized that my Shiki were getting murdered. I ran all over my Shrine, and I found the room where my Shinki were killed in masses. Only Katsuki, my last Shinki, remains."

Katsuki continued to kneel. Guilt rose and he felt like utter shit but he continued to stay perfectly still.

"Look at my face!" Izuku's voice echoed throughout the court. "I've been shedding many tears while mourning my Shinki! I do not know what the court is accusing me of exactly, but what I can say with upmost certainty is that I laid no hand against my Shinki."

The court murmured, and Katsuki began fantasizing about punching each and every one of these cocky gods into oblivion.

The god who has been leading the court spoke. "How will you be proving your innocence, Midoriya?"

"With my last remaining Shinki, or more appropriately, my blessed regalia."

If the court were murmuring before, they practically rose into an uproar at Izuku's comment.

"Show us the hafuri vessel."

"With pleasure," says Izuku with a smirk.

Turning to face Katsuki, Izuku raised his index and middle finger together, and traced Katsuki's name as a weapon before shouting, "Shoki!"

A bright light flashed among the court. Few god's were put off guard by the brightness of the light, while other's are seemingly unaffected. Its quite easy to tell who's seen a hafuri vessel and who hasn’t.

Once the light has dissipated, a pair of twin brown and maroon gauntlets slammed on the ground, heavy enough to make a small crack on Heaven's floor. Izuku walked forward to insert Izuku inserted both of his hands into the gauntlets and stood against the court.

"Will any of you care to be my target? Shoki here has a nice, explosive surprise. He used to be such a beautiful diamond ring… who knew he would end up being such a powerful blessed regalia?"

Katsuki, inside the gauntlet and away from sight, found himself feeling conflicted with two emotions. One being thankful for the chance to scowl against the court, and the other, being flustered over the fact that he was called beautiful.

Well technically.

"The reason why Katsuki evolved into a blessed regalia is because he risked his life and name to protect me, his master, during the night of my Shinki's death. There was something, someone, out there wanting to kill me. If my hafuri vessel isn't enough proof for my innocence, then I have no further evidence."

The court remained silent. They had absolutely no argument to counter against Izuku's elaborate argument. As much as they hated the way Izuku behaved during the trial, they all agreed that Izuku was innocent of any charges.

However, some gods just wanted to see Izuku burn.

"Just out of curiosity," an unidentified god who's voice sounded much more younger compared to the last, began to speak. "Midoriya, why don't you test that hafuri vessel right now?"

Izuku, without hesitation or fear, took a fighting stance. "Then come here and fight me yourself!"

The unknown god moved forward, but was stopped by a sudden voice that boomed throughout the court. This time, it was a familiar voice that only Izuku recognize.

"Midoriya my boy. Don't fall for these traditionalist schemes, they're trying to provoke you!"

The previous god, who had challenged Izuku, spoke against the new voice.

"All Might."

"My identity is suppose to be a secret in the court!"

The god seemed to have crossed his arms, while scratching his neck repeatedly. "You obviously favor Midoriya. Why did you appear in this trial if your so biased?"

Katsuki never faced All Might before. He heard so many legends about him throughout his time in Izuku's Shrine, and he was practically the god that Izuku idolized.

"And you! He-who-won't-be-named, you obviously are in favor against Izuku. You're not biased for Izuku, and neither are neutral! So instead of challenging the boy who had just lost all forty two of his Shinki, why don't we both be quiet and let the other gods decide on Izuku's fate?"

"Tsk." says the unknown god. All Might kept his part of the bargain and stop speaking as well.

"Excluding All Might and the god who spoke out of turn, all those in favor for Midoriya, please raise your hand."

Katsuki, still in his weapon form, could feel his heard thumping loudly. What if Izuku was found guilty? What would happen to his god… no he shouldn't be thinking that way. Any action Izuku takes is justified, and heaven knows that.

Izuku proceeded to kneel down while the gods decide his fate. He squeezed Shoki as a way for both himself and Katsuki to feel reassured, and to know that everything is going to be okay.

"Well, it seems like he decision's unanimous."

Izuku raised his head, keeping his facial expressions neutral.

"You are found not guilty".




Katsuki was oddly quiet throughout the whole ride back to Izuku's shrine. By the time they were dropped off, Katsuki finally had the chance to release his bottled up anger.


"I—I'm sorry Kacchan. I-I don't know what got over me.." Izuku looked away from Katsuki and tried to focus on opening the door to his room.

"Well, don't think your off the hook that easily Deku! You're going to make it up to me!"

Realizing what Katsuki had just said, Izuku turned to smile brightly at his Shinki once he realized that technically, Katsuki did forgive him. Once he managed to open the door to his room, Izuku grabbed Katsuki's hands and led him near the bed. Katsuki used one of his legs to close the door.

"Deku." says Katsuki an uncharacteristic calm voice. It made Izuku feel a bit uneasy.

"Hm?" says Izuku nervously while trying to calm himself down.

"What fucking possessed you to act like that anyway?"

Izuku gave a sigh of relief, but nonetheless felt uncomfortable about the confrontation, and pulled away from Katsuki. He crawled onto the bed and sat down, scratching his hair while trying to figure out the next words to say.

"Well," says Izuku. "I normally would be at the very least act respectful to the court, but I guess some of your…habits…r-rubbed off on me? I really don’t know!" Izuku brought his fingers to scratch the side of his cheek.

Katsuki, not unknowing how to respond to that, simply removed his shirt and threw himself on the other side of Izuku's bed. Izuku, watching Katsuki, immediately flushed and turned away.

And of course, Katsuki noticed.

"What the fuck are you blushing for Deku? You're the one who shamelessly clings on me all day long!"

"I—its different! Its not because of you Kacchan! J—just warn me next time okay?"

After giving a grunt of approval, Katsuki rolled to the side, away from Izuku and closed his eyes. He's too tired to deal with his energetic god.

"Whatever," replies Katsuki with a yawn.

"H—hey," Izuku stumbles in his own words while turning to look at Katsuki. "Are you planning to say the night Kacchan?"

"What does it look like?"

"It… looks like you're planning to sleep with me?"

"And I am," Katsuki responds simply.

Izuku words started to stumble even harder. Watching Katsuki lay there, shirtless, muscular and jeans… it made Izuku's heart want burst.

"W—why? You have your room too…" Izuku says.

Katsuki abruptly turns around, making Izuku squeak in surprise.

"So, your saying you don't want me here?"

"I-its not that."

"Then what's the goddamn problem Deku?"

Izuku, finally calming down and feeling the confidence to speak how he really feels, blurts out, "I want to know why!"

Katsuki finally turns his entire body to face Izuku.

"I'm not stupid Deku. You can try to fool me by acting like nothing's wrong, but I know you cry yourself to sleep at night. I don't need you confessing to the goddamn court to know that."

Izuku was surprised to hear Katsuki's honest response, and looked down. He didn't want to lie to Katsuki, but he didn’t want to worry his Shinki.

"And," says Katsuki, "If you're not doing that, then your having constant nightmares. You don't know how many times I have to barge in here thinking you're getting attacked, only to find out you're asleep."

"Its….not like I'm trying to hide it on purpose.." says Izuku, feeling guilty as he realized that he's been a constant inconvenience to Katsuki. He messed up again, didn’t he?

"Tch." Katsuki leans forward and uses his free arm to pull Izuku's neck down in an attempt to give him a hug. Katsuki felt too tired to give him a correct hug, but laying on the bed with Izuku under his arm wasn't so bad. If only he could use his other arm and wrap Izuku up completely.

"You don't have to tell me shit Deku. Just…rely on me more. I'm not used to comforting people. Fuck, I doubt comforting is even in my system."

"Kacchan," says Izuku while giggling. He truly felt more at ease with Katsuki right beside him, helping him get through the night.

Katsuki places his chin on top of Izuku's hair. "You know what Deku? Lets fucking tear this old Shrine down and build a new one! This place is too big for the both of us, and if we don't scale it down, I bet that Kirishima-guy is gonna use our extra rooms as an excuse to have a sleep over. I don’t want to deal with that shit."


"Damn it Deku, can't you let me talk?" Katsuki pulls away slightly from Izuku, trying to look at him with a scowl. However, he stopped when he saw Izuku's eyes close as he pushed himself closer to Katsuki. Suddenly, Katsuki felt himself grow warm at the sight of his god. He felt nervous and wanted to self destruct. But everything was perfect and he almost wanted this moment to last forever.

"Lets stay together forever Kacchan…is that okay?"

Katsuki pushed his body up, causing Izuku to whimper from the lack of warmth Katsuki provided him. Leaning to grab one of the free blanket Izuku's bed carried, he wrapped himself and Izuku and returned back to their original position, only this time using both of his arms to wrap Izuku completely.

"Forever is a long time Deku," says Katsuki while secretly grinning. While he did feel so happy, he couldn’t help but feel guilt. Katsuki knew he couldn't feel guilty about what he did, he knows that if he didn't kill every single one of Izuku's shinki, Izuku wouldn’t be here right now, safe and sound within Katsuki's arms.

"Lets take it slow Deku. Tomorrow I'll call useful goddess and that Kirishima-guy to help us demolish this place and make it a house for two".




Momo was more than surprised to see Katsuki arrive at her Temple with a request for her and Eijirou.

"Me and Deku want to give his place a new look. You're so fucking useful, so we wanted to know if you can lend us a hand?"

Momo wanted to laugh at Katsuki's rude way of asking for help, but she simply nodded and called for Eijirou, who's quirk abilities would prove to be useful at a demolishing and re-building project. As she headed out the door, she noticed her lead Shinki, Kyouka Jirou, standing by the door.

"Lady Momo, Denki's training has been running smoothly," says Jirou.

"That’s good to hear Jirou," Momo begins to get her sweater and her umbrella.

Startled, Jirou took a step further. "W-will you allow me to accompany you today? It's been a while since we spent time together," says Jirou. She tried to keep her composure, an action the Momo noticed.

Then, she realized the perfect solution.

"Jirou, why don't you accompany me tomorrow during our ayakashi hunt? I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, but so much has happened to Izuku. Eijirou's quirk, Shinki abilities, and his friendship with Katsuki made him much more suitable for this task." Momo smiled and placed her hands on Jirou's shoulder. Jirou still looked visibly upset.

"I promise okay? Now take care of Denki for me please? You know how overprotective Eijirou can get over him. You’re the only one who I can trust."

Jirou, turning to the side, simply nodded. "Will do!"

After Eijirou and Momo left the manor, it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Deku's Shrine. Deku was dressed up in overalls that made him look much more younger, but adorable nevertheless. Katsuki had a hat, a hammer, and his usual scowl on his face.

"Hey Bakugou!" Eijirou walked up to Katsuki and patted him on the back. "I missed you bro!"

Katsuki frowned. "I didn’t, fucking hedgehog hair."

"H-hey that’s not nice!"

Izuku began laughing at Eijirou's conversation with Katsuki. Momo took a seat down and begin to focus on her tool creation. While she continuously reached for her kimono and removed a bunch of tools one by one, she lost herself in thought about the past.

Despite her youthful appearance, Momo is actually one of the eldest gods in Heaven. While her confidence is unrivaled, it wasn't always like that. Insecurity and uncertainly used to cloud her mind, to the point where she was nearly a completely different person. What caused her personality change was a result from interacting with one bi-colored child.

She remembers that fateful afternoon vividly, as if it was yesterday.

"Who are you?" says the child, tilting his head. He seemed to be around the age of 6, and his half white half red colored hair caught Momo's attention. She doesn't know how she got here, but she remembered hearing someone call for help. Momo couldn’t ignore it, and ended up aimlessly wandering until she ended up here with the young child.

Momo was wearing her usual white kimono, this time with silver sakura lining. She walked closer to the boy, who flinched and ran behind a couch. He poked his head out to look at Momo. In an attempt to help the boy feel more at ease, Momo introduced herself.

"My name is Yaoyorozu. I'm the goddess of creation. I sensed your distressed, and I came to offer you my help, young one."

The boy, who this time completely poked his head out, widen his eyes in awe. "A goddess?!" he says.

Now that Momo can get a better look at the boy, she notices how beautiful he looks. Not only is he bi-colored from the hair, but he has heterochromia eyes, one being black and the other being green. But it was the boy's scar that caught Momo's attention. Naturally, she would respond with a relax attitude, but seeing a young boy with such a large scar worried her.

"What's your name?" says Momo. She sits on the couch where the young boy was hiding. He looks up at her.

"…My name is T-todoroki Shouto. You can call me Shouto though, since you're a god and all." Watching her up close finally gave Shouto the confidence to slowly smile at her.

"Okay. Nice to meet you then, Shouto." Momo smiled at him sweetly while making a 'come here' motion to Shouto, who listened and moved around to sit next to her on the couch. "Tell me, why did you call me here today?"

Shouto looked down and stayed quiet. "I…don't remember calling you here. I'm sorry… "

"Why are you apologizing?" Momo leans and pats Shouto's head, causing him to look up. "Something is causing you pain. You worries called me out here, and I want to help you. I'll do my best to support you. I can't solve all your problems, but I can give you the tools needed to protect yourself."

Shouto glanced away from Momo. By turning, his scar became much more visible. His green eye looked at her, and watched her intently before turning away, immediately covering his left side.

"O-okay I'll tell you. My.. Mom. She is getting hurt by my dad. I don't understand why. He also hits me, saying that its training. Apparently I was born to become his perfect child, with half of his quirk and half of my moms! I hate it so much!!"

Tears start to flow down Shouto's cheek. He continued to stare down at the floor while trying to tell Momo everything.

"My dad doesn’t let me talk to my siblings, or let me have any friends. I feel like a weirdo sometimes. I'm not allowed to go to school like the other kids, and instead I have a tutor here at home. Normally, I wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like this Yaoyorozu, but with you… its like……. you’re my big sister. Only you talk to me more!"

Momo nodded while listening carefully. She encouraged Shouto to continue speaking.

"-I...overheard my mom on the phone. She said my left side is ugly, and when I came out to see her, she…she threw boiling water at my face."

Momo winced. Anger started to grow at her chest, and she suddenly felt like going to this boys parents and obliterating them.

"Hey Yaoyorozu.. Do you think I'm ugly?"

Momo immediately grabbed Shouto by the shoulders, scaring him a bit.

"You're not ugly Shouto!" yells Momo. She couldn’t help it, her heart wasn’t used to listening to a 6 year old boy speak like this.

"But you were just starring at it. I saw you."

Momo felt caught off guard with the way Shouto talked. He talked odd to begin with, but she knew it wasn't his fault. Its his parents fault by raising him in that situation.

"Shouto, I was looking at your scar because I was trying to figure out what type of wound it is. See, look?"

Momo lifted her hands and pointed directly at her chest. "I can create anything, and it comes out of here. I'll prove it! Ask me what you want!"

"I like b-books!" Shouto responds nearly immediately.

Nodding, Momo brought her hands inside her kimono. Wanting to give her privacy, Shouto turned away, but once he turned back, he saw not one but TEN books scattered on the floor.

"Wow! You were telling the truth!" says Shouto while jumping off of the couch and onto the floor. He picked up as many books as he can, while trying to figure out their names.

"There's so many books!"

He settled them all down one by one before calmly picking the book that caught his attention the most. This book in particular had many picture and different stories. He read a few words and realized that they were a bit more advanced, but Shouto was quite intelligent for his age and knew that with a bit of practice, he could read the entire book.

Getting up and sitting on the floor next to him, Momo held onto the book Shouto had grabbed. "This one," says Momo. "This green book talk about the myths of one of my good friends."

"You mean, there's others LIKE you Yaoyorozu?" says Shouto while his eyes practically sparkled with curiosity with the green book.

Momo hums in agreements, and turns the book to a specific page. "Read this part. It talks about a god who was born without powers."

"A powerless god…" Shouto sucks his lower lip, a habit he had when he was in deep thought. "What's his name?"

Momo smiles at Shouto's genuine interest. "His name was Izuku Midoriya. He was born from the wishes of individuals who fought desperately for their hopes and dreams. That's why he's the God of Endurance and Diligence. Sometimes though, Izuku ignores his health. He has a lot of scars on his hands as a result." Momo brings her hands onto the left side of Shouto's face. "He's still beautiful Shouto, one of the most attractive people I've ever met. That’s why… don't ever think your ugly, not matter what anyone says. You're beautiful inside and out Shouto."

"Inside… and out?" says Shouto as he nods before tilting his head. "How does he look like Yaoyorozu?"

"Well," says Momo while he tries to formulate her words. "He looks dainty when he wears his green robes, but he actually has a muscular build. He's on the short side though, I think I'm taller than him!"

Shouto tries his best to imagine Izuku, but he couldn’t think of anything that would be considered attractive. All he could imagine was a short bald man with no neck and a bunch of muscles. His face contours. Momo notices and she snorted while attempting to hold back a laugh.

Shouto, realizing what he just did, pouts at her.

"Don’t tell me you like ugly people big sis!" says Shouto in horror.

"Oh Shouto!" says Momo while laughing. "Izuku isn't bald! He has fluffy hair!" Unable to hold back her laugher, tears started to sting her eyes and she has to use the sleeves of her kimono to wipe them away.

"I didn’t tell you that I thought of a bald man! You can read my thoughts? That’s not fair!" says Shouto while looking noticeably upset.

Momo, feeling much more comfortable with the boy, turns the page and finds a drawing of Izuku, one that doesn’t perfectly captures his beauty, but enough for Shouto to realize that Izuku isn't a short, stubby/no neck man.

"Look Shouto," says Momo while she points at a specific picture in the book. "Izuku was born as a powerless god, but he received his power from the God of Strength, All Might."

She turns several pages before stopping at a page that depicted Izuku holding onto a golden strand of hair. "Izuku ate a piece of All Might's hair-"


"-which ended up giving Izuku the power to inherit All Might's powers. While Izuku's ability is widely unexplained, we know that he has the power to enhance his own strength at sky-soaring levels! A punch from him will send a human body straight to the moon!" Momo raised her arms, trying to capture the image she was trying to convey to Shouto. In response, Shouto's eyes practically glowed.

"Wow! He must be so amazing!" Shouto took the book from Momo's hands and began to flip through the pages.

"He's one of our best gods," says Momo. "He's so shy, but regardless, he is able to break through anything that gets in his way." Momo turns to the side. "He's so much better than me, even when I'm suppose to be his senior."

Shouto, realizing what his new friend just said, closed the book and turned his full attention to Momo. "Why are you saying that? I think your incredible Yaoyorozu! You look like your fit for any job, especially a leader! Plus your powers are amazing!"

Unconvinced, Momo picks up the green book once more. "I was born into this world immediately raised to be an entity that protects others. Sometimes…I-I can't think. It's like my mind gets stuck and-" Momo realizes that she's rambling, but she can't help it.

"-I have a friend. She supports me in everything I do but…. I'm suppose to be the one who knows what to do. I just don’t have the confidence to do what I think its right…. I'm such am embarrassment."

Shouto, who has proven more that enough times of his expressive personality, frowned. "Wow Yaoyorozu, I didn’t think you were capable of being wrong since you’re a god!"

Momo turned to the boy. Shouto continued to speak his mind.

"Your wrong because you said that Izuku is better than you! That's not true! No one is better than anyone else in this world!"

Shouto stands up and turns on the TV. Momo blinks while she watches Shouto shuffling around, trying to find the remote. Once he finds it, he turns to a specific channel. It was a news report.

"Ah here!" says Shouto. "Look! This is why my dad makes me go through training. He says he wants to be the number one hero, but I don't think you could be number one if you hurt your wife and kid."

On the TV, it broadcast two hero's fighting side by side as they defend against an attack from a grotesque villain. In the sidelines, a ranking system can be seen, listing many names of humans that Momo did not recognize.

Shouto shuffles back to Momo. "You can be number one by staying true to your ideals! My mom tells me that I can be a hero if I never forget who I am."

Shouto smiles at Yaoyorozu. "If you keep believing in yourself and doing what you think is right, then your doing a good job!"

Momo felt her eyes water, and she turned away. Now was no time for tears, she's getting lectured on a lesson about confidence from a human child! He even seems to look up to her… Momo realizes that she needs to change… and fast.

"You're right Shouto." She says while turning back and looking at Shouto, who continues to make a frowning face. "I'll work on my confidence from now on, so stop making that face."

"What kind of face am I making?"

"You're making this frowny face." Momo attempts to mimic Shouto's face, and while it wasn't perfect, it was enough to make Shouto snort in an attempt to muffle his laugh.

Satisfied, she turns her attention back to the book. "Now then. Let's take a look at this book again."

"Hey Yaoyorozu… I want to meet this god! I want to ask him a lot of questions, can you bring him here?" says Shouto, smiling with genuine excitement.

"Well," says Momo while she thinks of a response. "Izuku has a big family to take care of. They're not blood related, but he treats them like family. So he might be super busy."

"O-oh that’s fine. Don't ask him, I don't want to be a bother."

Momo, smiling, patted Shouto's hair. "Don't say that! Izuku likes to meet people, I'll ask him to make time for you Shouto!"

Shouto grins, and before he could say anything else, a large sound banged against the door. "Shouto!" says the unfamiliar, but demanding voice.

"Its time to get back to training!"

"I-I'm busy dad!" Shouto gets up and takes the green book from Momo's hands, running and placing it in the book self along with several other books that Momo brought.

Despite his response to his father, it was meaningless. The door continued to bang, but this time it was even louder than before.

"If you don’t get out right now! I'm going to have to remove this entire door Shouto! You have five minutes to meet me at the training room! Don't you dare be late!"

The knocking subsided. Momo slowly turned to meet Shouto, who's smile has long since disappeared. His face flushed in an attempt to hold back his emotions.

"You said you'd help me right?" murmurs Shouto.

"I'll do the best I can, Shouto." says Momo.

"I want my dad to….. STOP BEING LIKE THIS!" Shouto kicks a chair down, then runs to Momo. "I want him to stop hurting my mom! I'm scared! I don't want to be here anymore Yaoyorozu! What if I end up like him? I don’t want to hurt anyone!!"

Momo's heart ached. She wanted to help this boy by removing the obstacles in his life, but she can't do that. If she kills any humans, heaven might respond to her actions. Much more importantly, she wouldn’t know what would become of Shouto if he had no parents.

She had to do something.

Then it hit her.

Focusing her powers in her chest, Momo manifested an object. She sticks her hands into her Kimono once more, and pulls out a two golden bell earrings.

"Take this with you and always wear it. I can't change your father's behavior, but if you ever find yourself in a life threatening situation….these earrings will ring and I'll be by your side immediately."

Shouto takes Momo's gift, inspecting it while shaking it. No sound was heard.

"What will you do to help me?" Shouto asks.

Momo says silent. "I'll……make your dad disappear."

Shouto gasps and pushes the earrings back to Momo.

"I-I don’t want my dad to die! B-but I want to see you again! The bell will only ring if I'm in danger right? I…want you to stay here with me!" Shouto's voice cracks and he tries to say more but sobs kept escaping his voice. He used his sleeves to wipe the tears away.

This was the only thing Momo could do to help Shouto. As much as she wanted to be more involved in his life, its impossible. Once she leaves, he will forget her, no matter how much he desires to be by her side. A god's presence is fleeting. The only evidence that Shouto will remember her by will be the bell earrings, and even then he won't remember how he get them.

Once Shouto puts the earrings on, they will become one with him. The earrings will become an indestructible extension of him. He won't know how exactly they got there, but he will have an uncontrollable need to keep them on.

"Here Shouto, don't cry. Take these earrings, here, put them on." Momo motions Shouto to come. "Put your head on my lap."

Shouto, trusting her, did as he was told. Momo brushes the side of Shouto's hair, and as quickly as she physically can, pierces the earrings on Shouto. Surprisingly, Shouto did not flinch.

"Did that hurt?" asks Momo.

"No, I trust you Yaoyorozu. Just promise me something," says Shouto as he turns his head to the other side.


"Promise me that you won't kill my dad." Shouto looks at Momo, eyes pleading.

Momo stays quiet, then pierces the last earring onto Shouto's ear.

"I promise."

"LADY YAOYOROZU WATCH OUT!!" Momo, startled by Eijirou's yell, was suddenly hit in the face by a small, but vile, ayakashi.

Disgusted, she grabbed onto the phantom and squashed it by smashing it between her fingers.

"Shit Kirishima, your goddess is quite the badass," says Katsuki sarcastically.

"Ha.Ha.HA." Eijirou fakes laughs. "Well what can your god do Bakugou? Is he just eye candy?"

Izuku, who was standing behind Katsuki in an attempt to dust the dirt off of Katsuki's back, replies, "My eyes are not a sugary snack Eijirou. I need them to see."

Eijirou starts to laugh and Katsuki smack him in the back of the head before getting Eijirou in a headlock.

"Deku," says Katsuki while he turns. "Don't listen to this bastard. He's just calling you weak."

"But Kacchan," says Izuku. "I'm not weak."

"I know that Izuku, but this idiot just wante-"

Izuku, completely ignoring what Katsuki just said, jumps back and enters a fighting stance.

"Kacchan! Why don't we spare?" says Izuku. His left hand began to glow a vivid red and suddenly the air begins to sway.

Katsuki, surprised with his master's sudden desire, turns back to Eijirou who simply smiled at the entire ordeal. "Why the fuck should I fight you Deku when I already know you can-"

But Izuku's eyes stayed as determined as ever. Katsuki realizes that there's nothing he could do to convince Izuku to stop.

"Look at what you caused you red fuck! Now I fight to fight against my own god!"

"Love hurts. Katsuki-"


"Kacchan!" says Izuku. Katsuki turns to find Izuku practically jumping in excitement.

"Its been a while since I've felt this amazing! Come on! Lets get… wait a minute!"

Izuku's arm slowly reached back to their original color. He ran to Katsuki.

"You're hurt!"

"Deku." Katsuki turns to Izuku. "You were just about to beat me into a bloody pulp with those weird powers of yours, and now you start worrying about me well being? Fuck, its so hard to keep up with you lately!"

Meanwhile Eijirou and Momo, watching, both laugh.

"Kacchan this is serious! We have to get you some purifying water!" Izuku pulls on Katsuki's sleeves.

"Oh Midoriya," Eijirou slowly stop laughing. "Remember? Katsuki blew up that purifying spring since he didn’t like where it was originally."

Izuku frowns. Great, now he has to find a new one.

"Can't I just borrow yours Momo?"

"Sorry Izuku, right now my lead Shinki is training the new recruit at our spring. He has a quirk that allows him manipulate electricity, and right now we're testing out how affective it works with water. Water could be dangerous for your Shinki."

"Lady Yaoyorozu, Denki can get hurt by being surrounded by electrified water cant he? Why don't you let me train him?" Eijirou turns to his goddess.

"Oh why don't I?" Momo leans closer to Eijirou with a plastic smile. "I've seen those looks you give to Denki. Jirou is much more suited for the task since you'll be more focused on getting Denki to fall for you rather than training!"

Eijirou responds with a overly dramatic gasp. "I don't know what your talking about!" Eijirou turns his attention back to Izuku in an attempt to escape his goddess's wrath.

"A-anyway Midoriya, you heard her. You're going to have to search for another purifying spring."

Katsuki was clearly amused with the way Eijirou wavered. "I didn't know you liked dick Kirishima."

Eijirou, blushing, punched Katsuki's shoulder using his quirk. "Like you’re the one to talk Katsuki!"

"What did I say about calling me by my name dammit," says Katsuki.

Izuku, more focused on getting Katsuki blight cleansed, raises his hand.

"Shoki!" Suddenly Katsuki's weapon name appeared.

"What the fuck Deku. You can't just call me whenever you fucking feel like it!".

"Please bear with it Kacchan! This way we can travel much faster!"

Katsuki's body turned to light and he changed into his weapon form. Eijirou, watching, clearly enjoyed what just happened.

"I don't see what's the problem Katsuki! I would enjoy being in the arms of a beautiful god~"

Izuku walked towards his blessed regalia and put on the gauntlets. He turned to Eijirou. "Ah, so Kacchan wants me to pass on a message. B-but I don't really want to use those kind of words so…."

"Haha, don't worry about it," says Eijirou. "Me and Momo's going to finish up here. We got the foundation settled so it won't take long to finish the rest! I'll leave the paint job to you guys! Momo's already on the furniture, so everything's practically done already."

"How many blankets do you two generally use," Momo asks.

"Make as many as you want Momo! Kacchan likes making blanket and pillow forts so we need as many as we can get our hands on. Oh! Kacchan didn’t want me saying that out loud. Forget I said that!"

Izuku starts to run off. "Thanks! I'll be sure to repay you Momo!"

With that, Izuku moved in god-like speed, searching for the nearest purifying spring.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was fuming.

Izuku not only just turned him into his weapon form, but they have been lost for hours! All just because of a god damn injury, they've manage to waste all of their home building time.

Not only that, but the two have been caught in a small rainstorm.

"Deku," Katsuki says while in his weapon form, "Its just a small amount of blight, quit overreacting!"

What Katsuki really wanted to do instead of being lost in the goddamn rain was to take a nice, warm bath, and cuddle the night away with Izuku's arms. Platonically of course. Yeah. Like he'd ever admit his true desires to Izuku. It wouldn’t be a sin if they just platonically cuddled right?

"Kacchan. You might be saying that now, but you'll regret letting that blight grow." Izuku takes a look at his gaulets. "Look at the way I turned out!'

Seems like you turned out just peachy. Or perfect. Katsuki wants to say. 

"Tch. Don't use yourself as an example, stupid."

Izuku smiled. "Sorry! But you do understand what I'm trying to tell you right? Look at my hand, I'm full of scars. I really don't want to see you get hurt anymore due to my negligence."

The two continued to run in the rain until they managed to find a primitive forest, full of lush greenery. Every step that Izuku took caused a small crackle noise created by the dry spell, scattered along the forest trail. It would have been even more beautiful in a sunny day, Katsuki thinks.

The forest was lonely since every living creature has retreated back into their dens to escape the rain.

That didn’t stop Katsuki from watching Izuku skipping and jumping around in the rain like a madman. He knows that Izuku has always been a fan of the rain. Izuku had told him before that when the rain lands on his skin, he truly feels alive.

Sadly though, Katsuki can't say the same thing about himself. Katsuki hates the rain with a fiery passion, especially since it neutralizes his quirk and made him utterly useless in combat. Thankfully, this is only limited in his human form. As a blessed regalia, one of his upgrades prevented water from having any effect on nitroglycerin in weapon form.

Plus it made Katsuki's hair flop. Kirishima described it as, "like a wet, fluffy dog." At least Izuku seems to find Katsuki's hair adorable while set.

Katsuki watched Izuku look up at the sky. "Oh so that’s why you're getting so upset," Izuku says while ignoring Katsuki's scowl.

"No shit Deku, when're we going back? I want to get dry already!"

"I didn’t mean to take us out so far, but hey! You can think of this as a trip, just us two!"

"Deku, a trip in a moisty ass forest is not my idea of fun."


Not wanting to take their chances against the weather, the two dove further into the forest. It practically became more and more mystical as time went by, even making Izuku look like he was caught in a trance.

Wait, that’s not it.

Izuku's movements are faltering.

"Oy, Deku, slow down. Rest, let me take care of you for a change."

Izuku stumbled onto the nearest tree, attempting to catch his breath. He's not tired from running, not at all. It almost felt like… something is hiding in the forest, screaming faintly for him to come.

Pleading for him to come even closer into the dark.

Katsuki took this chance to turn back into his human form, and tried carrying Izuku. "Fuck Deku. You're pale as fuck. Come on, Momo has a spring, they'll probably push whoever's using it away if they find you panting like this."

"Gah…" Izuku sputters. "I-it's not like that. I'm not tired, my head just feels…cloudy?"

"The hell is that supposed to mean Deku. This is no time for poetry."

Izuku shook his head. The symptoms are much more bizarre than overexertion or fatigue, it was as if there was a voice in his head.

Meanwhile, Katsuki's heart sped up slightly. Was his guilt starting to get to his god? Was he the one who blighted Izuku?

Izuku suddenly felt his body rush hot, then cold. "Kacchan.. I think I might be getting sick." Katsuki flinched. "Wait, it's not from what you think. It isn't from the rain. I don't know how to explain it…"

"Now that’s fucking perfect," says Katsuki. "Okay whatever. Your my god, I'll help you out just this once alright?!"


Katsuki leans down towards Izuku, and picked him up in a bridal-like style. Izuku couldn’t help but make a little squeak. "Calm the fuck down," Katsuki frowns. "Deal with this, princess. It's much more comfortable for me to carry you like this. You're not that heavy."

Izuku nodded and turned his face away. Normally, he would be freaking out, but there was something that needed his attention. His head keeps making so much noise, there was a same voice calling him over and over again.

He needs to find the source of that noise.

Katsuki launched himself in the air, carrying Izuku in one hand, and blasting what little explosives he has left. During their takeoff, Izuku felt a strong urge to enter the waterfall.

"Kacchan! See that waterfall down there?" Izuku says.

"Yeah so what? We're fucking soggy enough as it is Deku." Katsuki says.

Izuku makes a lopsided smile. "Funny thing. You're going to jump inside that waterfall," Izuku says.

"What?! Why? Are you sure you didn’t hit your shitty head somewhere?" Katsuki's can feel his patience radiating away from his skin.

"Look I know what you're thinking-"

Katsuki rolls his eyes. "Only one of us will end up living, and sadly I'm already dead, so-"

Izuku looked at Katsuki. Their faces are so close that Katsuki's heart nearly burst out of his chest. He nearly trips. "Don't you trust me?" Izuku says.

Katsuki looks back at Izuku, then at the waterfall.

"Ugh fine! You fucking owe me! This is like what the fifth time?"

"Second time Kacchan."

"Same shit," says Katsuki.

Katsuki looks directly back at the waterfall.

Alright If I time my jump correctly, I can use my right arm to propel us through the waterfall. Wait-fuck! Its raining, so the explosive power won't be that strong. But If I manage to charge enough sweat, I think I should be able to make it!

"Kacchan?" Izuku looked back at Katsuki. "Do you need my help?"

"No! Just shut the fuck up I got this! Just hold onto me Deku. I'm going to use my right hand to propel us inside the waterfall. I'm assuming there's a landing spot right?"

Izuku blinks. He's not so sure himself.

"You don't fucking know do you?"

"Just trust me Kacchan!"

"Kacchan! Kacchan! Don't you get tired of saying that?" Katsuki sprints towards the hill, steep enough to serve as a ledge.

"Not really? It rolls perfectly off the tongue!"

Katsuki felt like dropping Izuku there but, as a better form as revenge, decides to do something entirely different.

Instead of taking the time to warn his precious god like a good blessed regalia, Katsuki decided to follow what Izuku said wholeheartedly.

"Okay hold on tight Deku! If we die, it isn't my fault!"


Expecting Katsuki to warn Izuku before launching into the waterfall was a bad, bad idea. He should had known. Katsuki threw himself from the edge of the hill, and as he was in the air, threw his right arm back.

"DIE DIE DIE!" Katsuki yells, causing small explosions to flicker off his palms. Izuku's small protest can be heard past Katsuki's explosions.

It surely wasn’t as big as his usual power, but it was just enough to push him far enough to push through the waterfall and into the newly discovered ledge.

"Shit, Deku we should do this more often!" Katsuki says with a smirk. Meanwhile Izuku looks back at him with fear in his eyes.

"That was horrible!"

Katsuki, clearly enjoying this, grinned even harder. "Deku, I thought you enjoyed this stuff since you were so eager to make me do that. It wasn't so bad."

Izuku, realizing how good Katsuki looked like when he smiles, tries to wriggle out of Katsuki's arms. "L-Let me go! I can walk!"

Katsuki released Izuku, and starts to walk further down the cave. Squinting, he noticed a faint light source several meters down the cave. How? The cave should be closed off, and even if it wasn't, it was dark out.

Things weren't adding up.

"Deku you see this?" Katsuki asks.

Meanwhile, Izuku felt himself go less lucid by the second. Without putting much thought, he whispers, "Shoki."

Katsuki's weapon name appears before him. He tries to argue, but ends up in his weapon form before he could say anything. Izuku kneels down to equip Shoki, and slowly made his way down the cave.

"What the fuck Deku?! Katsuki snarled. "If you wanted me to take you there so badly, you could had just said something!"

Izuku, even more out of it than before, stubbornly continued on. "Kacchan," says Izuku, "something is calling for me."

"What?" Katsuki responds. "Let me out of here! Deku you're not thinking straight!"

Without hesitation, Izuku replies, "No."

"Dammit Deku if you don’t let me out-"

"Kacchan, I see it!"

The narrow path became wider and wider. Plant life was found in patches, and vines covered the walls. A large amount of burnt material was found scattered here and there, and the grass was were practically made of ashes.

In the middle of the debris lies a large wooden and iron box. Izuku walked closer to the box and inspected it.

'To cover'. Izuku didn’t know nor understood exactly what that meant. All he knew was that his body and mind was on FIRE, and that the only way to make his body stop was by breaking the lock that the wooden box had.

Katsuki was waiting for his master to speak, but suddenly felt hot. He looks around and realizes that Izuku was charging up his One for All's ability, clearly intending to break the box through the combined power of One for All and Katsuki's regalia form.

Izuku didn’t stop to consider the possible consequences that Katsuki could suffer from the impact.

"DIE!" Izuku yells.

"Die?" Katsuki questioned.

Using a force strong enough to break through several trees in half, Izuku smashed the lock from the box. It snapped as easy as a branch, and the impact was enough to launch the box into the air.

Izuku quietly starred at the box while Katsuki continued to yell for Izuku's attention. Honestly, neither one of them were sure what the box had inside. One would think that they would find treasure, a map, heck, even a dead body in a strange looking box found in the middle of nowhere.

But instead, what the boys found was another Shinki, who fell onto the ground, unconscious. He seemed to be around the same age as Katsuki, and his unique feature was his unique bi-colored hair. But the most interesting part of him was the bell earrings found in his ears. Izuku and Katsuki were mesmerized by the man who laid before them, and couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Especially Izuku.

Suddenly, Izuku felt himself even more hotter than before, as if he had finally found the source of what he was searching for.

"Kacchan," says Izuku.

Katsuki, seemingly fascinated with the boy's bi-colored hair and handsome features, turned to look at his god. Then, he realized what his god intended to do.

"Oh don’t you fucking dare Deku!"

Izuku found himself lifting his index and middle finger, preparing to name the unconscious Shinki. Katsuki wasn't happy at all, it felt like Izuku was making light of their promise.

"Deku, what did you promise me?" yelled Katsuki as the blinding light forced him to cover his eyes.

"Wait what?" says Izuku.

"Don't tell me you forgot!"

"No! Its not about that! Look!"

Once Katsuki's eyes adjusted to the light, he noticed a name already written.

"Shou?" he questions.

Fear and the feeling of realization hits Izuku straight into the chest. "Kacchan, I-I named this human before.."

Before Katsuki could respond, the newly discovered Shinki gasped and began coughing uncontrollable. Izuku tried to run to his side, but Katsuki pulled him back.

"Hold the fuck up Deku. I've been letting you get away with so much shit. At least let me check up on him."

Katsuki didn't know what to think of the whole situation. This man could be a nora for all he knows. What was he doing in a box anyway?

Walking towards the man, he kneeled down and began searching for his name inscribed. Katsuki pulled on his shirt and found it quickly, the symbol of "Shou" was found on his left collar bone. Not much different from Katsuki's, whose name was inscribed on the right.

The man, after his coughing fit, stopped after feeling someone grabbing him. He slowly opened his eyes, and noticed Katsuki. He tried pushing Katsuki away.

"Who are you?" he asks, voice hostile.

Izuku, unable to simply stand there, ran to Katsuki's side. "A-are you okay? Shoucchan?"

Katsuki turned to Izuku with a confusion mark practically written across his face. Izuku realized what he had just said, and slammed his hands over his mouth.


Meanwhile, Shouto shot his eyes open as soon. There's only one person who's ever called him that, and that was….


Shouto, ignoring any pain he was feeling, sat up and locked eyes at Izuku, who was kneeling down. "Izuku… is that really you?"

"T-that’s me…" before Izuku could say anything more, he felt himself suddenly embraced by Shouto.

"Izuku! You're safe! Thank god! I thought I lost you!".

While Katsuki was concerned over this Shinki, he couldn’t help but feel defensive towards Izuku. They still didn’t know exactly who this 'Shoucchan' was, and until they know exactly who he is…

"Okay no." Katsuki shoved Shouto away from Izuku. Shouto blinked and absentmindedly looked at Katsuki.

Shouto practically ignored what Katsuki just did. "Izuku," he says, grinning. "You still need to work on that bad habit of yours. This new Shinki seems to have an attitude….though its not like I mind that too much."

"What the hell are you talking about? You act like you know Deku!"

"Deku?", Shouto tilted his head in confusion. "Oh!" Shouto lifted his hands and pounded, as if he realized something very important. "So you gave Izuku a nickname? Nicknames are a special way to represent a special bond between two individ-".

"Shouto?" Izuku leans towards Shouto, raising his hands to caress Shouto's face out of curiosity. He had to know if this was real. The first thing he noticed was Shouto's scar. He brushes against it, causing Shouto to close his eyes. This intimate gesture pissed off Katsuki and nearly made him want to charge up another attack.

"Yes….. Izuku?", Shouto closed his eyes and nuzzled his face against Izuku's hands.

"I…….I don't remember naming you". Shouto quickly shot his eyes right open, starring at Izuku. He let go of Izuku and pushed him away.

"What? What are you saying…. Don't tell me they….".

"You heard him, halfie. Who the fuck are you?" Katsuki's pushed Izuku behind him and faced the bi-colored shinki.

Shouto took this chance to look around at his surroundings. He stopped at the box that was broken, and walked near it. "To cover…" he whispered under his breath.

"Are you going to answer the question?" Katsuki asks while growing impatient.

Shouto turns around, and his attitude changes completely. "I'm sorry Master Midoriya. It seems like you don't remember me." Shouto scratches the back of his head. "Well.. I guess I should reintroduce myself? I don’t know…."

Izuku walks closer to Shouto, but Shouto hesitates and instinctively moves back. Izuku saw how Shouto moved away from him, and it pained him to see this Shinki, his Shinki, move away from him.

"Shouto… how… how can I forget my own Shinki? I know all of them… even when I had over 43 Shinki! I know them all! Their unique personality, their quirks…. Everything! How could I be so stupid…".

Izuku turns away and used his hands to cover his face. Katsuki walked closer to Izuku and placed his hands on his shoulders, confused about what to do. He didn’t want Izuku to beat himself up more than he already has.

"43 Shinki?" Shouto asks.

"It seems like you know something we don't, hafie. Why don't you spit it out before Deku starts fucking crying. It took me MONTHS to get him this cheerful, so don't waste my hard work!".

"Izuku was crying…?" Shouto says, before realizing what he said. Shouto closed his eyes, and started facing the exit. "I'll talk about everything once I attend to some matters I have to work on. You, his Shinki…".

"Its Bakugou" Katsuki says defensively.

"Bakugou… well since we're giving out these names I guess I should tell you my full name. Its Todoroki Shouto. Just call me …..Todoroki".

Turning around, Shouto suddenly unleashed Ice and broke the box completely. This caused Katsuki to instinctively hold onto Izuku, who was suddenly getting weaker and weaker. Obviously there was something greatly troubling this new Shinki, and it's starting to get to Izuku.

"H-hey Halfie! Stop feeling like shit! It's starting to get to Deku!".

Shouto glanced back at Izuku, who was panting harshly and holding his chest. Katsuki noticed the tears forming in his eyes, and Shouto gave a tsk before walking past Izuku and Katsuki.

"Sorry. I'll…. Be back. I don't know… I need to see someone first. I'm sure they can lead me to the direction to Izuku's place once I'm done so… I'll be leaving. Excuse me."

Katsuki carried Izuku into his arms and watched the bi-colored Shinki speed walk away. He took his attention back to Izuku, who covered his face with his wrist. "Kacchan… I'm such a horrible god. I have no right to be his master!" Izuku began letting his emotions out and crying his feelings out.

Katsuki could not say anything… after all, if he ever had Izuku forget about him, he wouldn’t know what to do himself. All he could do was protect Izuku while Izuku was defenseless. Katsuki figured, with the way Shouto acted so familiar with Izuku, he must had been close with him. How close? He wouldn’t know.


Momo laid on her bed, tired after a long day of helping Izuku work on his newly designed shrine. It was smaller, and much more modest that what Izuku had before, but Momo figured its for the best. A larger shrine would be far too much for Izuku and Katsuki, and it would be much more lonelier that way.

The doorbell rang, prompting one of Momo's newest Shinki, Kamaniri Denki, to stifle a yawn while slowly making his way to the door.

"I'm coming I'm coming! Geeze! Lay off the bell, will you?!"

Denki opened the door, and was surprised to find a stranger push him to the side and rush throughout the home. "H-hey you can't just enter uninvited! Stop!" Denki yells. Shouto ignores and knows exactly where he's going.

After all, this is the home of his best friend.

Opening the door to Momo's room, which hasn’t changed a bit in the last century. Momo immediately shot up to the noise of the door and gasped.

"S-Shouto? Is that you!"

"Momo!" Shouto ran and immediately hugged Momo who was caught off guard by the whole exchange. Of all people, she didn't expect the young boy whom she looked after to burst into her room with tears on his eyes. She brushed his hair to the side where it was scarred while he looked up at her, green eyes that were tainted with red.

"He… Izuku…. He forgot about me!" Shouto couldn’t help but push his head further into Momo's lap, wanting to hide himself from the world. Momo brought her hands and continued to pat his head, waiting for Shouto to calm down.

Seconds past, then Denki electrocuted the door and Eijirou ran inside. "Yayorozu?! Are you okay! Wait…" he looked at the intruder who had his face plastered on Momo's lap. "Am… I interrupting something? Is there something you haven't told us?"

Momo sighed. "Kirishima… I'll introduce the two of you later. Just take Denki and keep watch, and make sure no one else enters my room."

"W-whatever you say." Eijirou tapped Denki's shoulder and then made their way through the door. Momo could hear a faint, "even gods needs to release some of their desires too every once and a while huh?" Momo placed her hands on her face. It wasn’t like that at all.

Ignoring the whole exchange, Shouto lifted his head. "How… long was I exiled Momo?"

Momo opened her mouth to speak, but found herself wanting to choke in her own words. She slowly replied, "It's been over a thousand years Shouto."

Shouto did not react, and instead pounded his fist on Momo's bed.

"Even so." Shouto says. "Izuku would never forget the memories we shared, unless it meant nothing to him…"

"Shouto!" Momo wanted to slap him, but instead yelled. "Stop being so negative! Izuku would never forget you! You don't understand what happened!"

Shouto faced away from Momo, choosing to stare at the wall. "So tell me, spit it out already."

Momo, used to the blunt nature of her beloved friend, replied, "I'm saying he was reincarnated Shouto. Izuku was killed."

Shouto gave Momo a pained expression. "You're joking, arent you? You've always been… tell me. That’s not true, is it?"

Momo, crushed with the way Shouto tried to cling on the hope that Izuku was the same person from a thousand years ago, pulled Shouto into a hug. "I would never lie to you about this."

"NO!" Shouto suddenly threw an ice attack on the wall. Momo wasn't surprised.

"Shouto…. Even though Izuku from his past life died… he's still Izuku, you recognize that right?"

Shouto, trying to calm himself down, placed his head on Momo's shoulder. "I know… but even so. It hurts being forgotten by the person you promised to spend eternity with. Momo, you know about how I felt about him…. And how he felt about me too…."

"I know Shouto." Momo could never forget the day when Shouto ran into her room, an event similar to this one, but a happier day. When Shouto told her that Izuku was the one whom he loved, and when she warned him of the consequences of his actions. Or the day when he told her, "I'm his boyfriend!" to "I plan to spend the rest of my life with Izuku." How much has changed.

"I…. How will I face him Momo. Please tell me what to do."

Momo pulled away, looking at Shouto.

"You need to put your feelings aside Shouto. Look at you. The way you've been acting has surely effected Izuku. He must be hurting… remember your duty as a blessed Regalia comes first.

"I bet he doesn’t even remember the fact that I am a blessed Regalia".

"Then you will show him. Shouto, tell him the truth."

Shouto flinched. "I… Don’t think I can tell him everything Momo. What will he think if I tell him about our relationship? Momo you know we were practically married!"

"Then." Momo began, "Tell him little by little. You don't have to tell him about your relationship in the past, but you have to be honest. Hiding secrets from the one you love is no good."

"Momo, you need to tell me what happened when I was gone. Tell me what I missed throughout these thousands of years, and what happened after I was exiled."

Momo, sitting up and putting hair to the side, nodded.

"You'll be here all night then Shouto. I'll have my Shinki prepare a bed for you in the guest room, or would you prefer sleeping here with me?"

Shouto hesitated. "May I? I… don’t want to be alone right now. The box… it was dark, and cramped. I was all by myself…. It was torture. It felt like a millennia Momo. It was hell."

"I'm no Izuku, but, as a goddess who has always looked over you, I'll protect you during these hard times."

"Thank you Momo."

"Now then! Lets begin catching you up.."

Chapter Text

Shouto walked back home that morning after spending all night talking to Momo. He wasn't sure if he even wanted to return back to Izuku's shrine, it doesn’t even look like at all how it looked in the past! Apparently, even the location of the old purifying spring that he used to go to fairly often was gone.

Momo's words echoed in his head. "You have to be honest to the one you love." Shouto sighed. This is going to be harder than I thought.

If he's going to be perfectly honest, being back in this new era is surreal. Everything feels a dream. Even right now while he's walking, it feels like he's back inside the small, suffocating box, and that this was all just a dream. Though I wouldn’t mind if this was all just some bad nightmare, Shouto thinks to himself.

Shouto walks up to the door of Izuku's shrine and knocks once, then twice. No answer. Instead, he opens the door to find it open. Shouto knows that Bakugou, Izuku's other shinki, probably left the door open for him.

Izuku's other shinki huh.

Shouto takes a look around a shrine. In the past, it used to be extremely large, practically the size of the mansion. The size large enough for a family of shinki. Based on what Bakugou told him, it seems like Izuku named even more shinki than the ones he had before, and then they all died. It's been hard on Izuku too, Shouto thinks. Momo's right, I need to support him in any way I can. Supporting him will be tough. Izuku seems to have remodeled the entire shrine, and based on its current size, there doesnt seem to be any extra rooms. 

Izuku really did forget him.

Either way, Shouto refuses to leave his master's side, memories or not. He shook his head furiously. He refuses to run away and become a stray, or even worst, be killed once more. With that new resolve, he opens a single, large door found in the middle of the shrine. The room is lightly dimmed down, the morning sun being hidden by the curtains on the window. Shouto notices a ball of fluffy green curls asleep on the bed, along with Bakugou having his arms wrapped around Izuku protectively.

I really need to thank the rude shinki for taking such good care of Izuku during my absence.

Shouto moves towards the bed and sits on Izuku's side. He lifts his hands up, hesitates, then slowly pats Izuku's hair. Izuku, waking up due to the sudden touch, looks up to find Shouto, eyes staring back at him.

"Good morning, Master Midoriya," Shouto says. He needs to stay calm, or else Izuku will suffer from more blight.

"Hi Shoucchan," Izuku whispers while breaking a small smile, but it quickly fell down. "I'm sorry about yesterday. I don't know what happened, I would never forget one of my own shinki. I'm appalled by my own actions." Izuku put his face back into the pillow. "Kirishima called me last night when I was searching for you. He told me that you stayed with Momo... Y-You probably rather serve her than me don't you. If you want me to release you-"

Shouto sighed. "Master Midoriya, you have the wrong idea about everything. Momo's like an older sister to me, of course I would run to her when I'm distressed. And.." Shouto flicks his eyes up and stares at Izuku's neck where a small red mark from blight remains, watching it slowly but surely heal away. "I'm sorry I couldn’t keep my calm, the last thing I'd ever want to do to you is hurt you."

Izuku smiles once more, then slowly sits back up while removing Katsuki's arms off of him. "So you'll stay with me, right?"

Shouto smiles back. "Of course. There's no one else I-" Shouto stops himself from speaking further. He can't just declare his love to Izuku right now, not how things are. No, he'll definitely make Izuku fall back in love with him. Even if Momo says to be honest, its hard to tell Izuku everything. Right now, that is. 

Izuku tiled his head. "Were you going to say something Shoucchan?"

Shouto shook his head. "Forget about it. Anyway, Master Midoriya-"

Izuku patted Shouto's thighs playfully. "You don't have to call me that, silly! It's too stiff, after all I feel like I've known you since forever," Shouto makes a pained smile. Izuku did not notice. "Just call me Izuku! Like what you told me at first!"

"Are you sure?" Shouto asks. "I don't want to do anything to make you uncomfortable."

"Its fine," Izuku says. "I had a dream about you last night, you know."

Shouto looked at Izuku. "What was it about?" Izuku flinched.

"I-it's not important. A-anyway," Izuku coughs. "This might be insensitive, but how did we meet?"

"Its not insensitive Izuku. It's not your fault that you don’t remember," Shouto says quickly and defensively. 

Izuku looks to the side. "Even I would be hurt if someone I cared about forgot about me. I'm terrible, I-"

Izuku suddenly felt a large arm smack his mouth, causing him to squeak and shutting him up. Katsuki peaked out from under the covers, casting a death glare at Izuku's back. "Deku! What did I say about talking shit about yourself?!"

Izuku pushes Katsuki's arm off of his mouth. "You said not to do that 'shit' and that you’re the only one who can say 'shit' to me Kacchan."

Shouto quirked an eyebrow. "What kind of relationship do the two of you have?"

Katsuki's face dusted in pink. "A god and shinki relationship. What else?"

Shouto noticed the pink that spread on Katsuki's face, but chose not to comment. Meanwhile Izuku continued to smile and look at the both of them. "I should ask you the same thing haflie," Katsuki says.

Giving a large sigh, Shouto looked up. "Before we discuss about your poor choice of nicknames, we need to talk. Its important. Its about why I was in the box… and about you, Izuku." Izuku looked at him, not knowing what to say. Katsuki noticed the unease in Izuku's behavior and slapped him lightly on the back.

"If you're going to speak, speak halfie," Katsuki says while frowning. Shouto knows that through Katsuki's vulgar vocabulary, this is his strange way to trying to help Izuku. Even if Katsuki has a poor choice of nicknames. "This story will might change everything Izuku. I'm sure your previous Shinki kept this a secret to you," Shouto says while folding his arms. 

Izuku shook his head. "My shinki would never keep secrets from me!" Shouto noticed the way Katsuki visibly tensed. "Right Katsuki?"

Katsuki only nodded slowly and unenthusiastically. "Yeah. Isn't right for a shinki to do, much less a blessed regalia."

Shouto sighed. He had to start somewhere right?  "Izuku, are you aware of reincarnation?"

Izuku nodded. "Yes, isn't it a god's ability to come back to life so long as they continue to have people who believe in them and pray?"

"Yes. And-" Shouto took a deep breath. "Your current form isn't the first 'you'. You.... died, and that is why you can't remember me. You are not a bad master who forgets his shinki Izuku… it wasn-"

Izuku could do nothing but pull away from Katsuki's hold and stand up from his bed. Shouto saw the way Izuku's fidgeted around, this time not of nervousness or flustered, but of confusion and sorrow. Katsuki appeared to be in shock as well, but this time, became uncharacteristically quiet. Shouto took this as a sign to continue.

"… It wasn’t your fault that you forgot about me Izuku. Back then, you owned many shinki, a lesser extent to than what you apparently had during this lifetime, but more than the average god can physically handle. This made your weak due to the damage caused by blight. One half of your shinki…" Shouto stopped speaking and calmed himself before continuing, "that damn group… they caused a civil war. They're the reasons why you died, because they took advantage of your kindness and plotted against you. They're plan was to-"

"-to forcefully reincarnate Deku, right?" says Katsuki with a calm look. Shouto nodded, wondering how would Katsuki know this, and realized it doesn’t matter. Not right now anyway.

"Yes. They wanted to turn you into a war god, seize heavens power, and have you serve as the greatest god in existence. As your boyf- I mean blessed regalia- I couldn’t accept what your shinki were plotting against you. So about half of your shinki and I, those who were loyal to your name, fought against the rebel group. We fought, and of course there were casualities. Your blight was so bad, that you nearly died because of it. Eventually you somehow found out about what was going on, and you tried to order them to stand down. But you couldn’t. And you didn’t want to release them either."

Izuku sadly smiled. "I would much rather die than release any of my shinki. They're my family you know."

Shouto shook his head. "My favorite thing about you Izuku, is your kindness. But that very kindness is the one that led to your downfall. One shinki, one who knew about our relationship, went to heaven in secret and told them about us."

Izuku tiled his head. "What do you mean by our relationship? Are you referring to me and you, Shoucchan?" Katsuki glanced at Shouto curiously.

"Yes, both you and I committed treason. I cannot tell you what it is, not right now anyway. I don’t want to keep something from you, but I just… I'm not ready to talk to you about this yet. Please Izuku, forgive me." Shouto eye's fell to the ground, suppressing the tears that threatened to escape. He can't let Izuku know how much it hurts. He can't let Izuku be hurt more than he already is. "

"You can tell me when you're ready Shouto." Shouto nodded while looking up and blinking several times before gaining his composure. Katsuki meanwhile pushed Izuku to the side in order to look at Shouto directly.

"You sure as hell are going to tell me though, got that half-n-half?"

Shouto turned away, ignoring Katsuki and the way he yelled in response. Shouto continued his story.

"Heaven has always disliked you Izuku, and they finally had a good excuse to take you down. They sent their army to support the rebel group, and we found ourselves outnumbered. We were taken down. You were held captive and forced to watch heaven banish me into that damned box. The last thing I saw, was my brethren all lined up while you stood there in the middle. You glowed with your power, but it wasn’t enough to prevent my banishment. Then, it seems like one of heaven's own god killed you. I was informed that your remaining shinki, those loyal to you, were executed."

"There were more... I had more family? And I forgot about them?!" says Izuku in shock. Katsuki muttered behind Izuku.

"You better not cry anymore Deku. Remember, we promised that no matter what happens, you'll stay strong."

Before Shouto could continue his story, Izuku threw himself onto Shouto, hugging him and muttering apologies over and over again. Katsuki chose to turn to the side. Shouto noticed this then asked, "Izuku, who's this shinki anyway. If I'm correct, he's a blessed regalia correct?"

Izuku pulled away, tears still in his eyes. Sniffing, he smiles. "Yes! Shoucchan meet Kacchan! As you can see he's very stubborn and a bit mean, but-"

Shouto scoffed. "Nice is an understatement-"

Katsuki threw his pillow in anger. "I'm right here you know!"

Shouto caught the pillow and gave it to Izuku. "Unfortunately."

"You wanna go?!" Katsuki angry grips the sheets. 

"No, though do I want to spare against you. I would like to see who's the better blessed regalia between us."

"I'll show you whose the better one! Come on! We're going to fight right now!"

Before Shouto could respond, Izuku stood there, wide eyed. "W-w-what?!" Both Shouto and Katsuki turned and starred at Izuku.

"What you're hungry?" Katsuki with a glare. 

"Do you need to take a bath?" Shouto asks. 

"I MEAN, YOUR MY BLESSED REGALIA SHOUCCHAN? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!" Izuku rubs his hair frantically as he tries to process the big news. 

"Oh that." Shouto shrugged. "I wanted to surprise you." 

"AND WHY DID KACCHAN KNOW?" yelled Izuku, pointing at Katsuki accusingly causing Katsuki to smirked.

"I took a guess. Todoroki looks like the type of guy who's a perfectionist. Course he'd somehow be your blessed regalia," Katsuki shrugs. 

Shouto looked at Katsuki. "You complimented me."

Katsuki quirked his eyebrows. "So what?"

Shouto turned away. "I guess you're not half bad either. Barley."

Katsuki threw off his shirt. "OKAY NOW YOU'RE ASKING FOR IT. LETS FIGHT RIGHT NOW!"

Shouto grabbed his shirt. "You're on."

Before he could remove his shirt, Izuku jumped on him. "No! Its barley 5 in the morning! Do this later today!"

"No!" both of them said in unison.

Katsuki smiled. "Deku, go make yourself breakfast. This won't take long". Shouto patted Izuku's head, cracking a smile when he saw Izuku pout. 

"Go prepare something for us to drink afterward. I would like to speak to Katsuki and get to know him a little better."

Katsuki watched the way Izuku jumped in place, his fluffy bed head bouncing along. "Yes!" Izuku says while going to the closet. "Oh and Shoucchan." Izuku opens the closet door. 


"I know we just met again, but you can tell me anything that’s bothering you! I'm not blighted or anything, but I do sense unease. I don't know about our previous relationship, but I feel as though you’re an incredibly important person to me Shoucchan. We need to catch up!"

"…." Shouto removed his shirt and placed it on the bed. "… Got it. Sorry for making you worry about me."

Katsuki started walking to the back door. "You two done already? I'm starving and I want to get this over with!"

Shouto nodded and started walking. He watched at Katsuki started stretching and was going to start himself until Izuku came from behind and gave him a hug.

"Izuku?" Shouto asked while a blushing slightly. Being shirtless and hugging Izuku (who was also shirtless) was a feeling he hasn’t felt in hundreds of years, so he couldn’t help but be flustered.

"Good luck out there, Katsuki's really strong," Izuku says, smiling. Internally, Shouto exploded in happiness.

"Y-You too…" says Shouto anxiously trying to distract himself with the weather. "Nice weather we're having…"

Izuku laughs and lets go. "Shoucchan, I'm not the one who's sparring with Kacchan at all!" He starts to go back inside the room. "And yes, the sky is simply beautiful today." Izuku shuts the door, and Shouto nearly freezes himself on the stop. Shouto internally curses himself. He fucked up. Badly. Thankfully Katsuki wasn’t listening.

"Hah! Flustered there Halfie?!" Katsuki smirks while stretching. "It's okay. Our god is quite the cute one isn't he?" Katsuki realizes what he says and blushes furiously.  "J-Just don't fucking tell him I told you this or else he'll be squealing in his chair or something. Our secret."

Shouto nods suspiciously, then remembers something. How would Katsuki know about the rebel shinki plan? No one knew about it, only the gods involve were. Momo wouldn’t tell anyone, and even if she did, she would tell him. Then again, where are all Izuku's other shinki? Unless….

"Speaking of secrets," says Shouto while preparing to stretch. "Seems like your keeping something important from Izuku."

Katsuki flinches. Got you. Shouto chooses his next words wisely. "Don’t tell me, they made you the very same offer? Only this time, you killed them before they could kill you, or even worse, inform heaven."

Katsuki began to walk toward Shouto. "Make sure that damn door is closed halfie, we can talk while fighting. I don’t want Izuku listening in on us, since we're both holding secrets."

"Though my secret won't be considered a secret for long, I think." Shouto gets into his fighting stance. "Would you like to use our abilities against each other? Or do you just want to make this a physical match?"

"Quirk usage is allowed. Hope you like the taste of explosions Todoroki!" Katsuki yells with a sinister smile.