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Mochi Ice Cream

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Reigen waved his hands in the air. It was characteristic of him, his hand gestures were a little too much, too exaggerated, but they always flowed nicely with whatever he was saying. He was talking to a client, probably giving some advice on how to keep the shoulder curse away by avoiding stress and drinking some tea, but Mob wasn’t paying a lot of attention, he was enthralled by the way Reigen's hands were dancing. They moved and formed figures in the air that looked like birds and lions without any context. Mob didn’t need any context, though, he was caught by the story his master’s hands were telling. When his hands stopped moving and were shoved into his pockets, Mob looked up at him.

He sat up straight on his seat (plus the pile of books on top so he could reach the table), perked up a bit when the customer approached him and he made sure to give them the right change back after they paid. He thanked them for their business and saw them out the door.

Mob returned his gaze over to his master, who sat by his desk, unrolled a newspaper to read and dug his nose in it, making it impossible for Shigeo to see him. He decided to look around a bit, to inspect the whole place which was starting to become familiar to him before he lowered his gaze and directed it to his own little hands. Sometimes he didn’t have much to do, and he wasn’t a kid of many words either, but he enjoyed the silence and most of all, the company.

When Reigen's voice disrupted the stillness of the office as he called his name, Mob looked up at him. “Yes?”

“Do you like mochi ice cream?”

Mob considered it for a second. It had been some time since he last had one so he couldn’t remember if he liked it or not; but he liked mochis, and he liked ice cream.

In the end, he nodded quietly, not taking his eyes off his master.

“Good, good. Of course you do, Mob,” he added with a movement of his hands so swift Mob wondered for a second if he had imagined it. “Why don’t we go get some to snack on, hm? Would you like that?”

Again, he nodded, not helping the little smile that creeped onto his pursed lips. He slid down his seat, careful not to drop the books, and waited for his master to put the newspaper away and come join him.

He noticed Reigen's hands hanging dead by his side and thought for a second about holding one. Those hands that were always so full of life, that complemented Reigen's words and made figures for his own innocent, childish amusement… Sometimes he wondered if they had a life of their own, and he wanted to reach and feel if they did.

But Reigen was his master. He had to remind himself of that every time he thought about crawling onto his lap or napping by his side whenever Reigen fell asleep on his desk on an uneventful day, or when he wanted to hold onto his leg whenever Reigen stepped in front of him to protect him from anything, or when he wanted to hold his magical hands.

So when he reached out to hold Reigen's hand, he stopped himself and dropped his own by his side, letting out a quiet sigh. He blinked and looked up when he felt a hand cup his shoulder and pull him closer.

“Which flavour do you like the most? I was thinking of getting strawberry, but if you also want strawberry, you should ask for a different flavour and we can share. That way we will get to eat different ones rather than simply one.”

But Mob didn’t really care about the flavour. He smiled when his master’s hand on his shoulder couldn’t help but move slightly as he spoke. When he was done talking and the hand was done moving and continued to rest on his shoulder, he tilted his head to the side and let his cheek brush it gently, his little smile refusing to leave his lips.

“Okay. Thank you.”