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Journey to the Past

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There once was a time when the four kingdoms of the Land of the Xiaolin: Pyronia, Skymond, Seismeccia and the Tsunami kingdom, lived in peace. Until the neighbouring kingdom of Heylin was cursed with a drought for its evil deeds and, instead of learning from this punishment, they merely raided and overthrew the nearest kingdom, Skymond.

The people of Skymond were scattered and the young prince, who was only a year old, and his family fled to the outskirts of the Land of the Xiaolin, where they waited for years to regain their kingdom.

But they never did. The other kingdoms were too afraid to make a move against the kingdom of Heylin, the people of Seismeccia were afraid of losing their warriors, the Heylin threatened to poison the water supplies of the Tsunami kingdom if they made any move against them and the young princes of these kingdoms were still too young – the Seismeccian prince, three years of age and the prince of the Tsunami kingdom, a year old – to unite their kingdoms in aid of Skymond.

Pyronia had their own problems to attend to. A young woman in the village had given birth, prematurely, to their young princess and had died bearing her. The child herself was very frail and the entire kingdom was anxiously bringing her father anything that might ensure her survival and by the time her survival was definite, a year had passed and almost all had forgotten about the plight of the Skymondian people.

And so, the young prince grew up away from his country and with no idea of his birthright and his duty to his country, whilst the Heylin grew impatient of only governing themselves and began attempting to overthrow the other kingdoms also.