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Journey to the Past

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And so the threat of the Heylin had vanished from the Land of Xiaolin, and all was once again well. The four Kingdoms lived in harmony once again, with Skymond restored and its people reunited once more.

Princess Kimiko and Prince Raimundo's kingdoms were forever linked through their marriage. They lived in the Pyronian palace, though the Skymondian palace was their holiday home, annually hosting the Pedrosa family along with a friend from Raimundo's youth, a young man named Aidan – who was appointed as an advisor to the prince, to listen to the people's needs and inform the prince of any trouble in his absence – and his wife, Keiko, to whom Kimiko and Raimundo bestowed 'their kind of immortality' as a wedding gift.

Prince Clay found a wife in a young girl named Emmaline whose father had been close with his, and granted her the ability to live with him through his extended lifetime.

Prince Omi married his childhood friend, Lilia, who – along with Kimiko, though in a gentler way – had taught him that girls can equal boys and gifted her with an extended lifetime.

And so, with these long lives, the monarchs of the four Kingdoms of the Land of Xiaolin ruled their kingdoms for centuries, beloved by their people and feared by their enemies.

The Land of Xiaolin lived in peace, for the balance of the elements was once again restored.