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Matter Over Mind

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Franky didn’t even see it happen. She was outside, talking to a few of the girls, ruffling a few feathers, but when they all went back to the unit something was different. Liz had this look on her face, something bad, something she wanted to say but something she wouldn’t let slip past her lips.

“Whats up?” Franky asked as nonchalant as possible, trying not to let on that there was something Liz knew, that Franky didn’t.

“I thought maybe you could tell me Franky. What was that all about?” Liz responded, assuming Franky had seen everything that went down.

Franky just stared at Liz, a smile across her face and a raised eyebrow in question.

“….with Kim?” Liz continued, in an attempt to prompt Franky.

A questioning head tilt to the side and Liz soon realized that Franky had no clue what had just happened.

Liz slowly started to explain,“Mr Fletcher took Kim”

“Took Kim where?” Franky asked, as she stepped closer to Liz.

“To…to the wet cells” Liz stammering as Franky’s gaze became intimidating.

Franky’s mouth dropped open, her eyes in rapid movements, in an attempt to search her brain for a reason as to why this had happened. She found nothing.


“ I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Franky said, slightly mocking her.

“He said something about the Governor putting Kim in the wet cells. I didn’t really hear, I was caught off guard with everything that had happened.” Said Liz.

The Governor? Why would Erica do that?

“There must have been a reason, she can’t just put people into the wet cells for nothing, isn’t there some files or something they have to fill out saying why?”

Liz’s eyes dropped to the ground for a second in order to avoid Franky’s gaze, she slowly brought them up saying something that Franky probably wouldn’t want to hear.

“ It must be pretty serious”

Franky took in what Liz had said. She walked back into her cell and flopped onto her bed, she always seemed to forget the mattresses there lacked a certain…bounce.


Franky was one of two top dogs at Wentworth. There weren’t too many shady dealings in which Franky was not involved or informed about. It couldn’t have been drugs. She knew Kim didn’t mess around in that stuff. It couldn’t have been anything rough or tumble, Kim is strong mentally but she’s smart enough to know she doesn’t have any weight to throw around.


Franky rolled over onto her back. Lying there with furrowed eyebrows trying to piece it all together. She cared about Kim but never really cared for her. They got along, in certain aspects of course, but Franky being Franky would never let herself feel anything more for Kim, other than the soft skin of her body. As she thought about this she started to get agitated. Kim was hers, she was apart of her family, she was Franky’s plaything and she was Franky’s property. Suddenly she was enraged at the thought that someone had just swooped in and taken away her toy. She knew she had to talk to the Governor, but she had to be smart. There was a reason behind this move and Franky was going to find out.