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Shared Gravity

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Yuri skated lazy circles around the rink, the bright lights from overhead casting harsh glares on the ice. Outside it was dark and late.

There were eleven days left until the block championship, and Yuri felt that something was missing. He’d changed in the months since the Hot Springs on Ice exhibition, and while the Eros program was still good, he knew it could be better. He just didn’t know how.

He moved to the center of the rink and fumbled for the remote control in his pocket. He started the music. He was the most beautiful woman in town and he knew it. He tossed his hips with a bit more flair and moved in a way that accentuated his every curve. He marked his jumps rather than risk a fall, but otherwise ran the program from top to bottom.

The music ended. It’s still not right.

Yuri was frustrated. He knew the program was missing something, something that had been there for the skate-off against Yurio, but was gone now. Victor hadn’t said anything in practice, but he could see that the Russian man had the same concerns he did.

What changed?

Yuri was getting frustrated. He knew his mood was making things worse, but refused to give up. He started the music again. Was it the katsudon? Is katsudon really my Eros?

Yuri thought of femme fatales and katsudon, but the magic was still missing. He was breathing heavily, having run the program more times than he could count.

“Damnit!” he shouted into the empty rink, his voice echoing in the rafters. “What’s wrong with it?”

He skated to the barrier and gulped down water from his bottle. I’m better than this!

He took a deep breath. Yuri on Ice is good, it’s me, it’s my story and I can feel the connection in my soul. But Eros is eluding me again.

He skated back to the center and assumed his starting position. I’m going to get it right!

Yuri closed his eyes, pressed the play button, ran his hands over his body and opened his eyes to smirk at where Victor would normally be standing.

He promptly fell when he saw the Russian standing there, a steaming cup of what was most likely tea in his gloved hands.

“Vi… Victor!” Yuri called from where his ass was throbbing from the impact. “What are you doing here?”

“I noticed you still hadn’t come home. I came to find out if you needed anything.”

Yuri was quiet. He normally wouldn’t want to have an intrusion at that hour, but he had to admit that he needed the other man’s help.

“It… it’s Eros,” Yuri said timidly, noting that the music still playing gave it away. “It… it’s just not right.”

“Not much you can do about that sitting there.” Victor smiled and set his drink on the barrier. “Are you going to get up, or should I come out there and help you?”

Yuri blushed, stood and brushed ice shavings from his pants. He skated over and noticed a second steaming cup on the cart. Victor picked it up and offered it to the younger man.

“I thought you might like something warm to drink.”

Yuri accepted the cup, took a sip and was grateful that Victor knew exactly which kind of tea he preferred from the late-night cafe down the street. It was even prepared to perfection.

“Thank you,” Yuri said after a moment.

The music stopped, and Victor leaned on the barrier. “I was wondering when you would ask.”


“I could see that I didn’t need to scold you over Eros, that you were already doing that well enough on your own. You’ve been struggling with it.”

Yuri nodded. “Something’s missing. But I don’t know what. Last time I needed to change how I approached the program. I changed how I viewed myself, even how I moved, but I know it’s strictly emotional this time.”

Victor smiled. “Skate it for me Yuri.”

Yuri nodded. “Full, or should I mark the jumps?”

“Whichever you want.”

“I’ll mark then. I’ve been at it for a while and don’t want to risk a fall from exhaustion.”

Victor nodded and accepted the remote from Yuri before the Japanese man skated back to the center of the rink.

Yuri sighed, closed his eyes and nodded when he felt he was ready. He ran his hands over his body. He was beautiful and he knew it; enticing and the center of attention. Every man wanted him and every woman wanted to be him.

The music ended and he wanted to scream. “It’s still wrong,” he spat.

“Come here,” Victor said softly, his voice like silk.

Yuri skated over to where the Russian was standing at the barrier. He braced himself against it, recovering slightly and seething.

“Look at me Yuri.”

Yuri looked up into Victor’s ocean-blue eyes. The older man was obviously in coach mode, but there was something softer in the gaze as well.

“Stand and close your eyes.”

Yuri took a deep breath and did as instructed. A moment later he felt Victor’s fingers on his cheek and could smell the pheromones from his wrist. He leaned into the touch, nosing at the spot.

“I don’t want to douse your fire,” Victor murmured, “but right now you’re so tense that if you do find the emotion you’re looking for it won’t show in your skating.”

Yuri nodded and breathed deep the soothing aroma. After a moment he felt better, more focused. “Thank you,” he said softly.

Yuri could hear the smile in Victor’s replied, “You’re welcome.”

Something tugged at Yuri’s thoughts, and he looked up to meet Victor’s eyes again. He held the hand to his face and took another deep breath of Victor’s scent before speaking again. “I… I like that you can do this for me, that you have that effect. But…”

Yuri squeezed his eyes shut, he didn’t want the closeness of those moments to end.


Yuri opened his eyes again and  let Victor’s hand drop. “It’s just… I know you’ve got issues with… being an omega.” Yuri winced when he saw Victor stiffen slightly. “I… I don’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. So… please. If it bothers you, don’t do that any more.”

Victor eyes filled with a mix of emotions that ranged from sadness to indescribable joy. He slid his hand around Yuri’s neck and drew the younger man toward him into an embrace. “Thank you, Yuri,” he said softly.

For a moment Yuri thought that those touches would stop; that he wouldn’t smell that mix of oranges and snow again.

“It means so much that you are so considerate of my feelings. But…”

Yuri looked up at Victor.

“For the first time I like an aspect of my secondary. I see how it calms you, brings you back to yourself, and… Yuri, I like being able to do that for you. I used to keep my distance whenever I thought my smell was too strong. A part of me thought that nobody would ever want to be near it.

“There are a lot of things I hate about… what I am… but being able to do this for you is not one. So, if you’ll let me, I’d like to keep doing this when you need it.”

Yuri felt tears in his eyes and he quickly blinked them back to nod at Victor. “I like it too. I don’t think you understand how soothing, how relaxing it is for me. It cuts through whatever is going on in my head and helps me focus.”

Victor beamed at him, and cupped Yuri’s face again. Yuri sighed as he once more got a whiff of Victor’s scent.

They stood that way for several minutes. Yuri’s hands on the barrier, one of Victor’s wrapped around his back with the other on his face.

“Victor…” Yuri finally asked. “Is… is there something I can do for you… as an alpha?”

Yuri heard Victor’s breath catch in his throat, and he quickly clarified. “My scent is supposed to have its own use, right? I never thought much of it, but I seem to remember that it’s should act in much the same way with you. I mean I’ll protect you if you ever need it, my pheromones are strong enough most don’t want to fight me. But that’s something unlikely to happen, and I want to do what I can to reciprocate.”

“You… you don’t mind?” Victor asked cautiously.

“Of course not.”

“I’d like that.”

Yuri smiled, and saw gratitude in Victor’s eyes. They leaned into each other and rested their foreheads together, each breathing in the essence of the other. They took the moment for what it was, one of mutual understanding and acknowledgment.

After a moment Victor spoke again. “Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking about out there when skating eros.”

Yuri closed his eyes and ran through the program in his head. “The thought that sticks most right now is that I’m the most beautiful woman around.”

“Not katsudon?” Victor joked.

Yuri laughed. “Not anymore. Now it just makes me hungry.”

“So what does the most beautiful woman do?”

“She dances and shows off her beauty. Men want her, and women want to be her.”

“Is that all?”

Yuri raised his head and their eyes met. “What do you mean?”

“Is that all you’re thinking of when you skate?”

Yuri blinked. “Yes?”

Victor smiled softly. “Eros is a dance of seduction. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most beautiful person in the world. You don’t want them to just want you, you want them to beg. Don’t just flaunt your beauty on the ice. Make promises with your body. Hint at forbidden pleasures.”

Yuri swallowed. “Victor?”

Victor smiled. “Seduce me Yuri. If you can seduce me you can seduce the whole audience. Can you do it?”

Yuri gaped, but nodded. He moved to the center of the rink.

“No music this time. Let your skates sing instead.”

Yuri stared at Victor. Seduce him? How do I do that?

Yuri took a deep breath and started. The first thing he imagined was what he hoped to accomplish with his seduction. His hands were no longer his own as they traced his curves. He was mapping out how he wanted Victor’s hands to travel over his body. When he smirked at the Russian it was a playful “come and get it.”

He was more than the most beautiful woman around, he was a temptress and a tease. His hips told stories of what could happen between the sheets, his arms sang promises of ecstasy. When he finished he imagined Victor wrapped in his arms, begging for more, caught in the web of his dance.

He immediately knew that the performance was different. He looked to where Victor was standing, and could just make out a blurry smile. He skated back to where the platinum-haired man was waiting.

“How’d that feel?” Victor asked.

“It… felt good. Right.”

“It was beautiful Yuri.”

Yuri smiled and blushed.

“What were you thinking about?”

Yuri’s breath caught in his throat. “I… well you wanted me to seduce you… I mean…”

Victor laughed. “Ready to head home?” he purred. 

Yuri shook his head. “I’d like to run it a few more times.”

Victor frowned slightly, but nodded. “Just don’t stay too late ok.”


“Your doctor’s appointment is in the morning isn’t it?”


“I’ll see you here after?”

“If all goes smoothly.”


Victor took a step back and walked several paces toward the door. Yuri was sipping his tea when he saw the older man turn.


“Yes Victor?”

Victor was silent for a moment before finally shaking his head. “Sorry, it was nothing.”

“Are you sure?”

Victor nodded, but Yuri could see in his stance that he was unsure and possibly a bit sad. “Goodnight Yuri.”

“Goodnight Victor.”