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Shared Gravity

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Somehow it felt weird to be on the ice on a Sunday. Normally it was their free day, but with Victor’s heat set to begin on Saturday, and them having to leave for Russia the Wednesday immediately after, they had decided to forego the break in order to have as much practice time as possible.

Yuri was just coming out of a camelback spin when he heard the door to the rink open and Victor call from near the barrier.

“Yuri, Mari is here with the car. She says it’s all ours for the afternoon, and all of the errands for the inn are done.”

Yuri skated to the barrier, grabbed his towel and wiped the sweat from the back of his neck. “Great! That means we can finish our hotel tour since you didn’t find anything you liked yesterday.”

Victor nodded and leaned across the barrier. Yuri smiled and touched their foreheads together before granting a kiss.

“Was there anything else?”

Victor blanched and stuttered. “She… she said the clinic called to remind me of my final pre-heat checkup tomorrow.”

“You had another doctor’s appointment and forgot to tell me?”

Victor looked away. “I’m sorry… it’s just…”

Yuri turned his face back and kissed him gently on the lips. “It’s ok. Yuko told me about it. When I saw how bad you were when I got back from Tokyo I knew you’d have pushed anything like that from your mind. So I asked her for any details I needed to know about.”

Victor’s face softened and he smiled. “You’re too good for me Yuri.”

Yuri returned the smile. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that? Because you’re definitely too good for me.”

They kissed again and Yuri made his way to the break in the barrier. “Let’s go. There aren’t as many hotels today, but they’re scattered, so driving will eat away a lot of time.”

Victor nodded.


Victor watched the trees fly by outside the car’s windows as they drove up the narrow road. Yuri could tell just by the atmosphere in the car that the Russian was in a good mood and enjoying the drive.

“It’s so pretty Yuri, but is there really a hotel all the way out here?”

Yuri smiled. “Yeah, apparently it’s fairly new. Nishigori told me that he and Yuko stayed here for their shared heat and rut last year, and loved it. It’s a bit pricy though.”


“Apparently the owners bought one of the old onsen inns that closed. The building was in disrepair, but they were able to salvage most of the skeleton. The photos online make it look like they kept a lot of the traditional aesthetic, but have completely modernized the interior. The sliding doors are only for the holding rooms, and the main rooms have regular doors. The walls are all compliant with heat room regulations, and supposedly each room has its own outdoor bath.”


Yuri smiled. He knew how much Victor loved being able to soak in the onsen.

“It’s got all the amenities, plus dedicated room service to bring food and water according to pre-orders. Nishigori said that was one of the best parts. Order everything the night before things get going, and during those moments when you’re not completely in a haze food and water are waiting in the holding area. No ordering and hoping you’ll still be lucid when it arrives from regular room service.”


“There are other things that Yuko says you would probably appreciate too,” Yuri continued. “They’re selling it as a resort destination for couples looking for a honeymoon style getaway, and apparently it’s starting to do ok. They don’t have many rooms though. When I called this morning they said that there were only two remaining for this next weekend.”

Victor nodded in understanding.

Yuri turned off onto a smaller road, and a few minutes later they were crunching across a gravel parking lot. He had to admit, from the outside it looked like any traditional inn and the feeling continued when they stepped inside. It was only when they reached the open room to tour was the illusion broken.

Behind the sliding shoji screen was a narrow space just large enough to store a cart with any deliveries of food, water or essentials. On the other side was a solid wood door.

Even before stepping into the room Yuri knew that something was different, Victor felt different. He watched his boyfriend as the main room was revealed, and saw a look of delight on his face. He followed where the Russian was looking and saw a specialty nesting bed with the mattress recessed into the frame.

Yuri translated the information from the employee detailing the room and the attached alpha suite, but knew Victor was hardly listening.

They’d found the place for Victor’s heat.


Victor was sitting on the edge of the bed, his arms wrapped around Yuri’s middle where the younger man was still standing. Afternoon light streamed through the windows.

“You seem happy,” Yuri murmured as he played with platinum hair.

Victor looked up. “Yuri, it’s so quiet out there. You don’t understand how hard it was alone with the traffic noise outside, wondering if anybody else in the apartment building could hear or smell me. It was so different there. It felt safe as soon as we stepped out of the car.

“Then the bed… I know I like to nest, and to have a bed made to not only accommodate that, but make it easier… Yuri, I’m still scared, terrified actually, but I know you’ll be there to protect me. For the first time I’m letting myself think that I might have a good heat.”

Yuri smiled. “Do you have everything you want?”

Victor nodded. “Yes, but I think there is one more thing I need.”

“What is it?”

“You. I need you Yuri.”

Yuri laughed. “You just said it yourself, I’ll be there to scent you and be near.”

Victor shook his head. “No. I’m asking you to share my heat.”

Yuri felt as if all air had suddenly been sucked from the room. He stared down. He wanted to, more than he was even willing to give voice to, but wasn’t sure.

“Victor… did I hear that right?”

Victor nodded. “Share my heat with me Yuri.”

Yuri placed his hands on either side of his boyfriend’s jaw and guided his face up so that he could stare into ocean-blue eyes. He looked for any sign of pheromone influence, and sniffed at the air. All he could smell was determination.

Yuri swallowed. “Victor, are you asking for me, or for you?”

“I don’t understand.”

Yuri’s thumbs ran over Victor’s cheeks. “If you’re asking out of a sense of obligation, or that you’re worried that I’ll leave if you don’t, then the answer is no. I refuse to be a burden, and I’m not going anywhere if you spend your heat alone. You’re more important to me than that, and I know you’ve got a troubled history. I won’t add to it just because you feel that you have to ask.”

Victor’s eyes widened and shook slightly.

“But if you’re asking for you, because you feel that my presence will add to your heat; that I can make it a more pleasurable experience… then I’ll gladly join you.”

“Yuri!” Victor cried as he pulled him close and buried his face against his stomach.

Yuri ran his fingers through Victor’s hair again. “I’m not going to lie Victor, a part of me wonders if you’re ready, even if you are asking for you. I know you don’t talk about your heats, and I’ve tried to push as little as possible. But I know from what few discussions we have had that something about them is traumatizing to you. I really want this to be a happy and healthy heat.”

Victor shook and held Yuri close.

“There’s time,” Yuri murmured. “I want you to decide why you’re asking. Really think about it for me. Let me know when you’re ready. Be selfish, I’ll be here either way. In the meanwhile you can get birth control at your appointment tomorrow, that way no matter what you decide you’re covered. Ok?”

Victor nodded, then stood and pulled Yuri in for a kiss.


They were kissing by the light of a dim bedside lamp. The touches were gentle and had lost the desperate edge of the night before.

Yuri sensed that an air of determination once more surrounded Victor, and he wasn’t overly surprised when the Russian pushed off the bed to stare down at him.

“Yuri. I want you to join me for my heat.”

“You’re asking for you?”


“You’re sure?”

Victor nodded. “Three days ago I wouldn’t have asked at all. I was too scared and alone was the better option. I was terrified when you wanted to talk about it, panicked that you’d leave if I told you I wanted to be alone. But you started going on about how the inn wasn’t safe and we needed to find somewhere else. Then you said something… you said you wanted me to be safe and happy.”

Yuri reached up and cupped the side of his face. “Victor, of course I do.”

Victor shook his head. “Yuri, ‘want’ is inherently a greedy word. It’s a request for the self. I don’t think you even realized it at the time, but it cut through my fear. You didn’t tell me to find a place for my own sake, but that you had your own desires about my safety. You weren’t focused on fucking me into the mattress, but instead on what I needed emotionally. These past couple of days I’ve seen how important my needs are to you, and how you put them even above your own.

“Once I realized that you weren’t asking to be there, a small voice inside started wanting you there. I’d think about the past three months, seven months, how much you’ve been there for me. I’d remember conversations, little touches, and I knew I’d miss them, even for a day. That voice grew louder, demanding me to wonder what it would feel like, wrapped in your arms and scent when I’m the most vulnerable.

“Even earlier today I still had the tiniest bit out doubt. I’ve never had a heat partner, and, honestly, it scares me. I don’t know how my past will affect things. Then you told me that you would refuse if I was asking for your sake. I thought about it in the onsen, but no matter how I looked at it I knew that I wanted you there.

“Yuri, you’ve been so attentive to my needs I’m sure you’ve pushed some of your own desire aside. But what if they coincide? I want, no, I need you there, with me. So please, join me for my heat. Be my alpha.”

Yuri stared into his eyes, and saw that the omega didn’t waver. He reached up and pulled his boyfriend in for a deep kiss.

“I’ll join you, on one condition.”

Victor tensed. “What is it?”

Yuri smiled. “If you change your mind, for whatever reason, even if you don’t have a reason, you let me know. Even in the middle of your heat. If you don’t want me there, you tell me to go. I’ll still scent the room for you, we’ve reserved a room with an alpha suite so we have that option. Can you do that for me?”

Victor nodded, eyes wide.

Yuri kissed him again, and Victor melted into the embrace.

“Yuri…” Victor said softly.

Yuri smiled, fingers teasing along Victor’s neck.

He took a deep breath. “I… I do have one more concern.”

Victor inhaled sharply and stared, worry in his eyes.

Yuri blushed. It’s ridiculous. I just agreed to spend a day and a half in almost non-stop sex with him. Why am I nervous now?

“You… probably figured this out from talking with me and others. But I’ve never been in a relationship. I… I don’t want my first time clouded by that haze of pheromones.”

Victor blinked. “Yuri?”

Yuri took another deep breath. “I’m asking you to make love to me. Before your heat. I want to know what it feels like to be with you... without being overwhelmed by instinct.”

Victor stared for a moment before leaning in to kiss him. “Of course.”

Immediately the atmosphere in the room changed. Yuri pulled the platinum-haired man close and their kisses deepened. Voicing the desire between them was all it took to dissolve the barrier. One of Victor’s legs slid between Yuri’s and pressed against his rapidly hardening length.

“Victor!” he gasped, breaking a kiss.

“Mmmm, Yuri,” the Russian responded, dropping kisses along his jaw and down to his neck.

Victor was easily as ravenous as Yuri had been the night before, but they both knew they wouldn’t be stopping this time. The younger man closed his eyes and allowed himself to just feel the sensations as Victor dropped open mouth kisses along his exposed skin.

Yuri was hard, his cock already aching for attention. He pushed his hips up to rub against Victor’s thigh and moaned as his boyfriend pushed back against him so that they were rutting against each other.

Victor’s mouth returned to claim his and they kissed, exchanging moans as they moved together.

Fingers traveled down his side and rested on his hips. Yuri broke the kiss to nod silently before their mouths crashed together again.

Yuri shuddered as fingertips brushed over the strained fabric covering his cock, and groaned as Victor pressed the flat of his palm against it. His head fell back in pleasure when the teasing hand wrapped around it and stroked through the fabric.

“Victor,” he moaned breathlessly.

Victor kissed his neck and continued to stroke him. Soon he couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted to inflict the same delicious torture on the Russian. He reached between them and let his fingertips dance over similarly strained fabric.

“Yuri!” Victor gasped, shuddering slightly as nerves alighted.

Yuri used his free hand to pull his boyfriend back into a kiss as they teased one another. But he quickly wanted more.

“Touch me Victor,” he pleaded.

The Russian didn’t need any further prompting and quickly slid his hand beneath the waistband of Yuri’s pajamas and into his boxer-briefs. Long fingers wrapped around his cock and Yuri couldn’t help but buck into them.

Victor broke the kiss to gaze down at him, and for a second Yuri wondered how he looked to the beautiful man above him.

“How do you want me Yuri?”

“Inside me, please,” Yuri moaned.

Victor stopped and stared, prompting Yuri to meet his gaze. He blinked, collecting his thoughts. “Is that a problem?”

Victor shook his head. “No… but are you sure? You’re an alpha.”

Yuri growled and pulled his boyfriend in to kiss him deeply. “When have I ever cared about those stereotypes? We’re partners.”

Victor pulled back just enough to blink down at him again. “But don’t you want to be inside me?”

“We can do that too.”

Victor’s eyes darkened with lust, but Yuri could see that he wasn’t sure.

“I know what I want Victor. It’s ok, unless you don’t like being the one to give. If so we’ll do what you want.”

Victor smiled. “I love both.”

“Then there’s no problem except for the fact that I’ve never done this before have no idea what I’m doing or what to expect,” Yuri laughed.

Victor kissed him. “Then let me take care of you.”

Victor closed the gap between them, and their kisses resumed, filling the space between expressed desire and action. Yuri slid his hand into Victor’s pants and stroked him to the same languid pace he was receiving. As his hand worked he wondered what it would feel like to have the Russian inside him. His fingers splayed around the girth and explored the length, he felt the weight of it on his palm. He shuddered as he imagined it, knowing it would be reality soon.

Victor’s mouth moved from Yuri’s lips to his neck, and he growled softly with lust as the omega sucked lightly on his scent gland. Then Victor’s fingers drifted from his cock and massaged at his entrance.

He tensed for half a second before relaxing into the touch.

“Are you sure Yuri?”

Yes I’m sure! Yuri pushed up on one elbow so that he could kiss the Russian. “Make love to me Victor.”

Victor nodded and scooted off the bed. Yuri was confused as his boyfriend pulled out a box and rummaged through it, but quickly understood when he saw the bottle of lube.

“For toys…” the Russian explained with a slightly embarrassed tone. “I usually don’t make enough slick outside of heat.”

For a second Yuri had the fantasy of watching Victor fuck himself with a toy, and realized he had a slight kink for it. He growled in approval, which made Victor’s blush of arousal deepen.

Victor stretched his arms up to remove his shirt, exposing the same tease of skin that Yuri had been so drawn to in the hotel.

“Wait,” Yuri growled.

“Yuri?” Victor froze, skin on tantalizing display.

“Just like that,” Yuri ordered, voice deepening with lust as he moved to lean off the edge of the bed. “Come here.”

Victor stepped close and Yuri growled again as he buried his face against the skin. His tongue darted out and he tasted it.

Yuri pulled away for a second and met Victor’s eye. “Vknuso,” he growled, before leaning in again and sucking small marks along the Russian’s stomach.

“Fuck,” Victor moaned as he pressed himself against Yuri’s eager mouth. He whined softly with each nibble and suck.

Yuri wanted more. He pushed the t-shirt up, his mouth trailing behind. He moved to kneel and kept working up until he pulled the shirt over Victor’s head and claimed his mouth. His hands roamed the delicious skin, and he loved the way his boyfriend shuddered under his touch.

The lube hit the bed, and Victor’s fingers were tugging at Yuri’s shirt. He moved back just enough to let the Russian pull it over his head before pressing close again. Then hands were inside his pants, grabbing at his ass, stroking his cock, thumb circling and dipping into the slit and he convulsed with a wave of pleasure.

“Let me take care of you Yuri,” Victor purred.

For a second Yuri forgot who was the alpha and who the omega, but it didn’t matter. They were about to be together. Finally.

He nodded, mouth suddenly dry and body expectant with desire.

Victor kissed him as he pushed his pants and underwear down toward his knees. Yuri gasped as the cool air touched his cock, and moaned when it was once more engulfed by the warmth of Victor’s hand.

“Victor…” he moaned.

“Lay back so I can pull your pants off you the rest of the way.”

Yuri nodded and awkwardly managed to lay back on the bed. Victor tugged his pants off, then quickly removed his own. Yuri swallowed hungrily when he saw the pale skin and pink tip of Victor’s cock spring free. Then the Russian was on the bed again, their bodies pressing together as they kissed.

Victor moved down, tracing a reverse path of that which Yuri had tasted on his torso. He gasped when Victor sucked and nibbled on his nipples, and shivered as the Russian nipped at the muscles of his stomach.

Wet fingers pressed against his entrance, massaging gently, and Victor lifted his head to watch Yuri’s reactions.

Yuri pushed up on his elbows and leaned forward as best he could to kiss his boyfriend. Victor smiled and their tongues danced as the older man convinced the ring of muscle to relax enough to allow a finger inside.

Yuri gasped with the new sensation, and fell back onto the bed with a deep moan.

“You ok?” Victor asked softly.

Yuri nodded. “It’s just new.”

Victor stared for a second then started pumping the finger in and out slowly, making Yuri shudder. “Good?”


Victor returned to kissing Yuri’s torso, moving lower as his finger worked. Then there was a pause. Yuri looked up just in time to see the head of his cock enveloped by Victor’s mouth at the same time a second finger pushed into him.

“Fuck…” he groaned, the sensation too much to focus on anything else except the pleasure.

Victor’s tongue and mouth worked Yuri’s cock as his fingers spread him open, the free hand holding Yuri’s hip steady. Then there was a third finger, and the slight burn of a stretch. Yuri’s hands fisted in the sheets and he moaned, his cry mingling with Victor’s humming on his cock.

Then the fingers and mouth were gone, and Victor was leaning above him, staring down. Yuri’s eyes drifted down to the Russian’s erection and he swallowed, simultaneously wanting it and wondering if he could take it.

Victor moved to kneel over Yuri and kissed him. He could taste his pre-cum on his boyfriend’s lips, and that somehow made him want him even more.

“You ready?” Victor murmured.

Yuri nodded.

“Tell me if it hurts, or if you want me out.”

Yuri nodded again and watched as Victor moved to line himself up with Yuri’s entrance. Then there was a new pressure, a greater stretch as he was pushed into for the first time. He gasped, pain and pleasure mixing as he opened up.

Yuri’s breath stopped as the burn became too much for a second, then it eased as the head popped through. He took several shallow breaths to ease the pain.

“You ok?” Victor asked, concern painted across his face.

Yuri nodded.

“Do you want me out?”

Yuri shook his head, not trusting himself to use words.

“Can I keep going?”

Yuri took a sharp breath, paused a second, then nodded. He wanted more.

Victor seemed to understand despite, the lack of words. He shifted slightly, an action which caused both pain and pleasure and hovered over Yuri, one of his hands reaching out and tangling with the younger man’s fingers.

“Let me know when you’re ready,” he said, squeezing to indicate that he’d understand the nonverbal communication.

Yuri squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the feeling. Underneath the pain there was pleasure, and as his body became accustomed the balance shifted. He squeezed Victor’s hand, and new sensations filled him as the cock was pushed farther inside him.

There were tears in his eyes, and streaming down his face. It hurt, but felt good. Every push inside ignited a firestorm of pain that dulled to the roaring inferno of pleasure. Then the forward momentum stopped and Victor’s mouth was against his. He realized that his boyfriend was fully sheathed within him.

God it hurts, and feels so good.

Victor was kissing his tears away and murmuring softly in Russian. Yuri didn’t understand the words, but the tone sounded like an apology.

He felt so full, he shifted slightly to ease the sensation and moaned deeply when all of his senses ignited with fresh pleasure.

“Yuri?” Victor asked softly.

Yuri opened his eyes and smiled. He nodded.

Victor pulled out slowly, tentatively, and pushed back in at the same careful pace.

So good!

“Victor…” Yuri moaned breathlessly.

“Good?” Victor asked once fully inside again.

“Better,” Yuri replied, and immediately moaned again as the Russian moved inside of him.

They kissed as Victor set a steady pace.

“You feel so good Yuri,” Victor gasped as he broke the kiss.

“You too,” Yuri growled in reply before pulling the omega down again.

Victor’s thrusts quickly became faster, and Yuri’s hips rose with each one to meet him. Then the Russian started shifting slightly. Yuri didn’t understand why until he saw white as the hard cock pressed against a bundle of nerves inside him.

He cried out in ecstasy, head dropping back. Victor immediately leaned in to suck on his scent gland, hitting the same spot with each thrust and overwhelming Yuri with pleasure.

“I’m going to come soon,” Victor warned near his ear.

Yuri realized that their hands were still tangled together and squeezed. He wanted it.

Permission granted, Victor moved to kneel between Yuri’s legs and held his thighs. He pulled out and thrust in sharply several times, then his head dropped back, eyes closing and mouth opening in an ‘O’ of pleasure.

“Yuri…” he cried into the room even as the man in question felt a warm pulse deep within.

He’s beautiful.

Yuri rocked his hips against his lover, drawing out Victor’s pleasure for as long as possible before Victor collapsed bonelessly on top of him.

They kissed while Victor softened, then there was a sense of loss as the cock was removed from inside him.

It was then that Yuri realized that he’d been so focused on being filled that he’d forgotten his own aching erection. He was quickly reminded as Victor’s fingers wrapped around it once again.

“I want to feel you inside me too,” Victor moaned softly as he searched the mattress with his free hand for the lube.

Yuri’s alpha instincts roared to life at the request and he growled at the thought of filling his boyfriend.

Yuri watched in amazement as Victor found the lube and flicked the top open. He drizzled it over Yuri’s cock, which he was still stroking with the other hand, closed the lid, then dipped his free fingers into the lube that he had just poured and reached back to prep himself.

Yuri enjoyed the sight, but was surprised how fast Victor determined he was ready and moved to straddle Yuri’s cock. He sunk onto it easily, taking him in one smooth motion and groaning in need the entire way.

Yuri’s head fell back again. He couldn’t decide what was better, being inside Victor or being filled himself. He somehow forced his hips to still to allow his boyfriend time to adjust.

Then Victor was moving, rolling his hips and riding his cock and it was just too good. Yuri groaned and thrust up into the heat and tightness of his lover.

Victor leaned back and braced his hands on his thighs, taking him even deeper. Yuri could tell immediately by the change in tone that he was riding that same sensitive bundle of nerves inside.

“Yuri… Yuri…” Victor moaned his name over and over.

Yuri growled and thrust up, wanting to see his omega in even greater pleasure. He was quickly rewarded with desperate whines.

“You feel so good Victor,” he growled, thrusting up hard.

Yuri enjoyed the view and feel of Victor riding him, but quickly realized he wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m close,” he gasped.

He expected Victor to climb off, instead there was a squeeze on his thigh.


Yuri thrust up hard, and again. The third time proved too much and he came with a shout, entire body pulsing with pleasure as he came inside of Victor. Everything was white, and he lost track of time as ecstasy overtook him.

When he came back to himself he found that Victor had slowed. He smiled and beckoned his lover in for a kiss, which was promptly granted. They kissed until Victor shifted off him, then pulled each other close again to continue.

“Wow…” Yuri finally said when he was capable of forming words again.

Victor nodded against him.

They curled into each other, enjoying the blissful high too much to speak for several minutes.

“Victor, that…”

Victor shook his head and Yuri stopped, confused.

Victor brushed the backs of his fingers over Yuri’s face.



“When we’re alone, like this… I’d like it if you’d call me Vitya.”

Yuri blushed. “Isn’t… isn’t that a bit personal?”

Victor smiled. “Yuri. I had your cock in my mouth less than an hour ago. Your cum is trickling out of my ass and I’m pretty sure you’re in a similar state. We passed personal some time ago.”

Yuri’s blushed deepened, but he smiled. “Oh… ok… Vitya.”

Victor smiled and leaned in. “Again,” he purred.


A kiss on the lips. “One more time.”

“Vitya,” Yuri said breathlessly as the Russian claimed his mouth once more.

Their bodies pressed together as they kissed, tangling, minimizing the space between them. The air heated around them, and Yuri soon realized that he was hard again. The press of a cock against his thigh told him he wasn’t the only one.

“You wanna go again?” Victor asked as their lips separated.

Yuri nodded and was flipped onto his back, the Russian settling easily between his legs.

There was the press of Victor’s cock, and his back arched in pleasure.

“Vitya!” Yuri cried as he was filled for a second time.