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Shared Gravity

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Yuri knew even before he fully awoke that the earliest stage of his rut had started. He wouldn’t be fully rutting until the next day, but every instinct he had was screaming at him to make sure that his omega stayed at his side.

He could tell by the gentle breathing that Victor was still asleep. He rolled over and cuddled him, nuzzling his shoulder as near the scent gland as he could.

He was hard as a rock, and could tell from the feeling in his cock that the last of the suppressants had worn off and he would be able to knot at any time. A part of him couldn’t wait to share that bond with Victor, and he groaned when he remembered that they still planned to skate that morning.

“Yuri?” Victor mumbled sleepily, turning into the alpha’s embrace. “Smell good.”

He ran his hands up Victor’s chest, mapping the lines of muscle with his fingertips, allowing himself the fantasy of tasting the same skin, and he growled deep in lust.

“Yuri?” Victor asked again, ocean-blue eyes cracking open in the dim morning light.

He hummed in satisfaction at seeing that his omega was awake. He kissed and nipped at his jaw until the Russian gasped and turned into the touch.

Yuri growled, pushed Victor onto his back and moved to straddle him in one smooth motion. He leaned in, a deep rumble in his chest as he claimed his mate’s lips. At the same time he pressed his hips down to let the man beneath him know exactly how much he was desired.

He pulled back from the kiss and saw both shock and need in Victor’s eyes.

“Fuck…” Victor whispered.

Yuri leaned in and nibbled his boyfriend’s ear. “That’s the plan, if you’ll let me.” He rolled his hips, letting his mate feel how hard he was.

Victor shuddered underneath him. “Oh god yes,” he moaned needily.

Yuri claimed Victor’s mouth again, thrusting his tongue into the warm cavern at the same pace he rolled his hips against the other man’s rapidly hardening length. He broke the kiss to suck and nip along the Russian’s jaw and down his chest, careful not to leave marks.

Soon. Soon I’ll decorate all my favorite places on your skin.

He took Victor’s cock into his mouth at the same time he pushed a finger into his slick wettened hole. He could feel how close his partner was just by the movement of his hips, and he pressed a second finger in quickly, searching for the sweet spot as he opened him up.

Yuri sucked and bobbed his head while his fingers massaged and opened up his mate, and he growled in praise when he tasted the warm flood of Victor’s cum on his tongue.


He swallowed and knelt between spread thighs. He lined his cock up with the omega’s entrance and pushed in at the same time that he leaned across and claimed Victor’s mouth again.

He could feel his mate’s moan rumbling through his mouth and into his chest, and answered with an appreciative growl of his own. He sheathed himself fully in one smooth motion, Victor opening easily so close to heat. He only gave his partner a few seconds to get used to the feel before he started pistoning his hips.

Yuri shifted his angle until Victor threw his head back with a cry of pleasure. Having found what he was looking for, he continued to thrust hard against the sweet spot and watched the man below him fall to pieces in ecstasy.

All too soon he was overwhelmed with the instinct to fill his omega, and he came with a growl, thrusting in deep and holding there until his cock stopped pulsing. He kissed Victor throughout, hands tangled in platinum hair and holding him exactly how he wanted.

They stayed that way for several minutes, just kissing, before Yuri pulled out and laid next to the Russian. He folded him into his arms and resumed kissing for several more minutes before his instinct finally calmed down enough to let him relax.

They cuddled, Yuri growling low in satisfaction and Victor humming happily. Their mouths sought each other out every time they thought they were done.

“I could get used to that kind of wake up,” Victor finally murmured.

“Let’s skip practice today Vitya,” Yuri replied. “We can do that until we have to leave for the hotel.”

Victor smiled and kissed him again. “As good as that sounds, you have a competition next week.” He thought for a minute. “But show me three perfect quad flips, and we’ll leave early so that you can ravish me again before check-in.”

“Deal,” Yuri rumbled.


“Yuko?” Victor asked as they walked in to see her sitting at the counter instead of Takeshi. “What are you doing here? Don’t you usually help the girls get ready for school?”

“Hi Victor, hi Yuri,” she replied with a wave. “Takeshi suggested that we switch today. So he’s at home with the girls. He’ll be in this afternoon after the two of you leave.”

Yuri smiled in gratitude, but could sense the confusion from his mate.

“Why?” Victor asked.

Yuko laughed. “Because of Yuri.”

Victor looked over and blinked. “Yuri?”

Yuri sighed, rose to kiss his omega then tried to explain. “Vitya, did you notice how close I’ve been all morning? How I had my hand on you in the coffeeshop, and around your waist on the walk here?”


Yuri blushed, and Yuko laughed in amusement.

“He’s going to be like that all day Victor. I bet you had a very nice wake-up call too.”

“Yuko!” Yuri protested, which only made her laugh harder.

“Takeshi does the same thing the day before his rut goes into high gear. He gets super protective and possessive, and makes sure I have no room for complaint.

On the flip side, he doesn’t want any other alphas around me, even those he trusts. Since this is your first heat together, Yuri will be even more on edge to make sure you’re happy and that there is nobody to rival for your attention. Takeshi decided it would be better for him to just give you two the space this morning.”

Victor stared mutely, glancing from Yuko to Yuri and back again.

Yuri sighed. “Thank him for me please. I was prepared to see him here, but my instincts are definitely more at ease now.”

Yuko smiled. “Of course, though I bet Victor would have loved how clingy you would have gotten. It’s obvious how much he likes that kind of attention from you.”


“So how many marks has he left?”

Victor blinked again. “None?”

Yuko’s eyes went wide. “He hasn’t marked you?”

“I was waiting!” Yuri argued.

“Yuri?” Victor asked, confused.

Yuri squirmed under his boyfriend’s scrutiny. “She’s asking about love bites and hickeys. It… it’s supposed to be the most pleasurable for you a few hours before your heat starts… so I… was waiting.”

Victor stared a moment then smiled. “I thought you were holding back on something! Glad to know it wasn’t just my imagination.”

“I’m impressed Yuri,” Yuko said. “Normally I’d be covered in them by this point in his rut. Takeshi can’t hold back when he wants to mark me.”

“I don’t need to know that!” Yuri protested.

She laughed and turned back to something behind the counter. “The rink is ready for you two, go get your practice in.”

They put on their skates and made their way to the ice. “You’re... already rutting?” Victor asked cautiously once they were out of earshot.

Yuri smiled. “Technically. Remember, ruts are longer than heats. I’m in what most call the ‘prowling’ phase. I’m ok to be out and about, though previously I would have used a nasal spray to dull my senses to the smell of omegas nearing heat. I didn’t use it this time because I want to smell you.”

“But… you didn’t knot me this morning,” Victor asked, confused.

Yuri smiled, fisted his hands in his boyfriend’s jacket and pulled him close for a kiss. “Oh believe me Vitya, I wanted to. If you’d agreed to stay home in bed I would probably be knotting you right now.”

Victor blushed. “Wow. Where is this energy in your eros performance?”

Yuri blinked, then chuckled. “Maybe that’s what I should think about in Russia, all the things I want to do to you in the hotel room that night.”

Victor purred and laid his hands on Yuri’s waist. “I think that sounds like a perfect idea.”

Yuri kissed his omega. “Three perfect quad flips?”

“Three. If you can do that we’ll head back early.”

“Challenge accepted.”


Yuri had only managed two quad flips without putting his hand down, and was angry at himself as they sat in the udon restaurant. He was ravenous, and had ordered an extra-large plate of yaki-udon. But as he dug into the steaming pile of noodles he saw that Victor was barely touching his small bowl of miso soup, merely sipping the broth.

“Not hungry?” Yuri asked gently.

Victor smiled. “No. My body doesn’t want solid food right now.”

Yuri frowned. “I’m sorry. I should have remembered and suggested an early lunch so that we could get more into you.”

“I barely touched breakfast too.”

Yuri reached across the table and tangled his fingers with his boyfriend’s. “Do you think you might be up for a smoothie on the way to the hotel? I’d like to get as much into you as possible before tomorrow, since I remember you didn’t even eat the brothy soup last time until almost halfway through.”

“If you order one I’ll take a couple sips.”

Yuri smiled. “I’ll take what I can get.”

They ate in silence for several minutes before Yuri’s phone buzzed with a notification. He looked and saw that he’d received an email from his JSF representative.

“The determination…” he said as he unlocked it and waited for the message to load.

His eyes flew over the characters before he sighed in relief. He turned to Victor, smiled and read from his phone. “After review, the panel has decided to take no further action. The evidence clearly proves that Katsuki Yuri was attempting to de-escalate and remove himself and his coach from the area in a peaceful manner. Even after being assaulted, he showed restraint in his actions and caused no lasting injury to his attacker. The incident will be noted in the skater’s records as having occurred, but will be of no consequence except in the event of future altercations.”

Yuri looked to Victor and saw the joy on his boyfriend’s face. “No caution! Nothing! I can skate without worry!”

Victor’s eyes shone. “Yuri!”


They walked down the hall, rolling suitcases behind them. The bigger one, Victor’s, was stuffed with items for his nest. Yuri’s had the clothes they would leave in, and more nesting material. They had determined that they’d spend most of the time either in the inn’s yukatas or nude, so had devoted space to giving Victor the best nest possible.

Yuri slid aside the screen at their assigned room and they stepped into the narrow holding area as he opened the locking door on the other side.

“Yuri? What do these buttons say?”

Yuri looked at the row of buttons near the door. “The first reads ‘In heat,’ the second ‘remove cart,’ and the third is a call button to ask for supplies, see the speaker next to it.”

“This is a heat hotel though, isn’t it? Why do they need the button indicating heat?”

Yuri smiled. “Remember what Takeshi said about food? We’ll order a bunch of stuff in advance and they’ll keep delivering on a schedule, but once everything is over we can turn that off and stop it. Then we can order from the regular menu.”


Yuri wrapped his fingers around Victor’s wrist and tugged him into the room. They allowed the inner door to close as Yuri wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He could feel his omega trembling slightly.

“Vitya,” he cooed, looking into the Russian’s eyes. “Just remember, I love you, and I’ll do what you want. This is your heat, and the only thing I want is for it to be a good one for you. You’re safe, and I’m here to protect you.”

“Yuri!” Victor cried as he wrapped the alpha in his arms. The change was immediate, and the smaller man smelled relief and even a tinge of excitement in his partner.

They took a few more steps, and Yuri saw Victor’s eyes flicking between the nesting bed and the outdoor bath, trying to decide which he wanted first. He moved to wrap his arms around the omega’s waist from behind.

“Let’s build your nest first Vitya,” he suggested. “That way it’s to your liking before the heat hormones make you want to rush.”

It was what the omega needed to hear. He broke into a huge, heart-shaped, smile and nodded excitedly.

Yuri kissed his shoulder. “You open the suitcases, and I’ll grab the pad and liners from the closet.”

Yuri walked over and grabbed an armful of soft materials, then carried them to where Victor was waiting. He knew better than to touch the nest area until invited, but offered to help his omega by fetching whatever he wanted.

Victor placed the absorbent pad on the round mattress, then several easily removable liners on top. With the base in place he moved to kneel in the middle and surveyed the space.

“Pillows?” he asked Yuri.

Yuri smiled and grabbed as many pillows as he could carry from the closet. He passed them to the omega and watched them become the first wall. The second step involved Victor weaving blankets in-between the pillows to stabilize them, then another layer of pillows.

The nest built in as Victor continued to add materials from the closet, and soon Yuri realized that the low rumble he heard was a growl of approval. His omega was building what looked to be an extremely comfortable nest.

There was a pause, and the Russian turned his ocean-blue eyes to the suitcases. “Sweaters?” he asked.

Yuri grabbed all the sweaters and carried them over, watching the colorful fabrics disappear and reappear as they were woven into the existing walls. Victor’s blankets were next, then Yuri’s practice clothes. Finally all that was left were the poodle plushes, and Yuri could see where the omega had left places for them as they were carefully wedged into the openings and completed the nest.

Yuri growled approvingly. His mate had built a beautiful nest, but the sound died as he realized that the omega was whining softly.

“Vitya? What’s wrong?”

Victor looked at him. “Yuri…”

Yuri blinked and stepped as close as he dared. He hadn’t been invited into the nest, and getting into it without permission would stress the omega.

“Vitya? Are you ok? It’s a fantastic nest.”

Blue eyes locked on him, and Victor smiled. He crawled to the edge of the nest, wrapped his arms around Yuri’s waist and tugged him down into fluffy construct of pillows, blankets and assorted soft things.

Yuri started growling again immediately. “You could have asked,” he joked.

Victor hovered above him and smiled. “Nope.”

The Russian leaned in and claimed Yuri’s mouth, kissing him deeply. One hand ran down Yuri’s front, over the front of his pants and massaged at his crotch.

“Needs your smell.”

Yuri smiled and released his pheromones, but stopped when the omega whined.

“Not that smell…” he said rubbing harder on Yuri’s growing erection. “This smell.”

He’s in deep. He wants the smell of his aroused alpha.

“Whatever you want Vitya,” Yuri purred. “I’m yours.”

Victor made a happy noise and kissed Yuri while he continued to rub at the alpha’s cock. At some point his hand drifted inside his briefs and he continued to stroke.

The slow hand-job was amazing. Victor kissed him breathless while he worked, and he could practically feel his arousal seeping into the nest.

“Vitya!” he gasped when a particular motion brought him right to the edge.

Victor curled into him, burying his face near Yuri’s scent gland. He made the same motion with his hand again. “Alpha…” he purred.

The word did Yuri in and he spilled in Victor’s hand and his own pants, shaking with the intensity.

When he came back to himself Victor was purring happily against him, sucking softly on his scent gland.

“Is your nest done now?” Yuri asked softly.

Victor lifted his head and smiled. He nodded.

Yuri hooked an arm around his mate’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. “Good,” he whispered against the omega’s lips. “It’s perfect.”

They curled into each other to kiss in the cocoon of warmth.