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A South Wind

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Nobody knows how it happened. Everyone is tucked in for the night, except for Rick, who is taking first watch. His yelling wakes everyone up. They all scramble out from their beds horrified to find that the farmhouse is engulfed in flames. They race forward to, somehow, try to help but before they are able to get close enough to even feel the heat, they freeze when they see what else awaits them. Walkers. An army of them.

"We need to get out of here!" hollers Shane. "Now!"

Rick hesitates, staring at the nightmare in front of them, but then he is corralling everyone toward the vehicles and away from the horror show in front of them. Everyone follows, except for Glenn.

"Maggie!" Glenn shouts, heading for the house.

"Glenn!" screams Lori.

But before Glenn gets more than a couple steps, Daryl grabs him around the middle and drags him away from the scene.

"No! Nooo!" Glenn cries, squirming to free himself.

The walkers are getting closer but Glenn doesn't care.

"No! Maggie!" he calls in desperation. "Maggie!" He struggles with all his might, but Daryl's arms are steel bands.

The rest of the group has made it to the RV. Shane is suddenly there with the pickup.

"Come on!" yells Shane from the driver's seat.

As soon as Daryl wrestles Glenn into the flatbed, Shane guns the engine and sends up a shower of gravel as he swings the truck up the driveway and onto the tarmac of the road, the RV already ahead of them.

"No! God, no! Maggie," Glenn pleads, still fighting to get away and somehow get to the house even though it is more than apparent that there will be no survivors. "Please…please!"

His arms still locked around Glenn, Daryl feels the fight slowly leave the young man as they put more distance between themselves and the house. He finally loosens his hold and Glenn slides away from him. Surprised by the movement, Daryl catches his shirt, worried he is going to make once last effort and throw himself over the side of the moving vehicle. But Glenn just sits up against the corner, staring at the unnatural orange glow that is lighting the treetops.

He doesn't cry. He doesn't move. He just stares, even after the light disappears altogether.

Once Shane feels they are at a safe enough distance, he stops the truck so they can get out of the back and move into the cab where they can ride more comfortably. Daryl jumps over the side of the truck ready to claim one of the seats but notices that Glenn doesn't move.

"Come on," says Daryl, gently.

Glenn won't even look at him. Daryl and Shane exchange glances, Shane's brow furrowing in frustration.

"Let's go, girls. In or out," barks Shane.

Glenn just stares off into the distance.

Daryl climbs back into the truck bed and barely has time to find his seat again before Shane is speeding off in irritation.