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Insatiable Hunger

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Emma knew she wasn't in her bed before she could open her eyes. The sheets were softer and they smelled like flowers, while hers still smelled like they had been kept into a box for too long—which they had. However it wasn't that what really gave her the clue of her current location.

She felt a weigh on top of her as soon as she was conscious. Regina was sprawled over her, a leg crossing Emma's lower body while an arm held her captive, her hand resting lazily over her ribs. Not like Emma wanted to leave; she was actually enjoying this situation far too much.

Regina's head was resting on her shoulder, so she couldn't see her face, but when Emma shifted her body very slightly, Regina reacted by holding her closer and nuzzling Emma's neck, mumbling incoherently in her sleep.

There was one other thing she noticed: both of them were still naked. With a smirk she remembered the night before. She glanced at the clock and realised she had barely slept for a couple hours, since they had been going all night. Regina's energy never seemed to be consumed and Emma was sure as hell she would not let that opportunity pass on her watch.

Finally, after collapsing on the bed, they had decided to give it a rest. It had been around 4:30 am when Emma last glanced at the clock before drifting to sleep. There was no doubt it had been the best night of Emma's life, and by the way her body ached when she moved slightly, she would have it present for a few days.

She blamed it to her blood. It had seemed to give Regina the last push she needed and dove her into a hurricane of energy; she never seemed to be satiated. Emma remembered the look on her eyes when she had dipped her head between her legs with a smirk and felt the same spot throb only at the memory.

All the times she had imagined having sex with Regina—and they weren't a few—couldn't compare to the actual feeling of the other woman's body rocking against her. Regina's moaning desperately in her ear, biting playfully and sucking her earlobe. Her body had felt on fire for hours and even after they had stopped, she could still feel it tingling against Regina's touch.

Tentatively Emma raised a hand and passed through Regina's head, eliciting a soft hum from her, echoing in her chest. She continued doing it absently as she bit her lip. This, spending time with Regina, having wild sex with her and then waking up to her body pressed against her own? Emma was sure this was what heaven felt on earth. Hell, even without the sex it felt like heaven. And more than that; it felt like home.

When Emma shifted on the bed, Regina slowly left the slumber behind and took in where she was. Her body was pressed against Emma and they fit perfectly. She slid closer to her, still not revealing she was awake almost afraid she wasn't and it was just a dream.

But it wasn't. Last night had happened; it was real.

Suddenly Emma's hand started to run through her head softly and Regina melted. There, half hugging half lying on top of Emma, she felt safe. She let herself enjoy the moment, pushing back the reason she had admitted in the first place to go out for dinner with Emma.

She remembered the previous night and she searched in her memory for a time when she had had such a great time in her life, but the only thing she could come up was a few moments with Henry as a little child. Dinner had been better than she had ever expected and realised it was because it had been simple.

But then, when she had meant to explain Emma…She felt something switching in her low belly at the memory it. When Emma had made her look at her and told her she trusted her, Regina had felt her heart stop. Maybe it had been her words, or the way the deep green of her eyes had made her feel safe, maybe it was a combination of both, but for once Regina had felt like it was okay.

And it had been. Finally tasting Emma's blood had been quite an experience and she was sure she would never forget the bittersweet taste of it as she licked it from her neck. Nothing would ever taste remotely better for her. And it had filled her with so much energy.

And she had stopped. Regina had been afraid of wanting it so much she would actually kill Emma, but she had stopped it. Emma had been right believing in her. However, the hunger for Emma wasn't that easy to satiate and after hours of making her dig her nails on her back as she came repeatedly, Regina felt it wasn't enough for her. She wanted to keep doing that for the rest of her life.

Finally Regina stirred slightly and groaned, raising her head to meet Emma's eyes. The blonde's face light up and she was pining Regina with a happy grin. And Regina's stomach fluttered traitorously; making Emma smile like that was what she wanted to keep doing for the rest of her life.

"Hey," she said, her voice still hoarse from the sleep.

Emma's smile widened as she looked at her, "Hey. You comfy down there?" Regina blushed slightly and was about to move away but Emma locked a strand of dark hair behind her ear reassuringly. "I am with you here."

Regina smiled shyly and her eyes travelled down, resting on the marks Emma had on her neck. She frowned and caressed the wound with her thumb, "I…I can make it go away."

"It's okay. I kind of like it." Regina looked up at Emma, who smiled triumphal, "I mean it's a proof that I actually slept with the one and only Regina Mills and that it was not a dream."

Regina chuckled and raised an eyebrow, "Well, I did left another marks to prove that."

"Oh but those are to our eyes only."

Laughing softly now, Regina nodded, "I see." She kept staring at the wound though, and eventually the frown took its place again on her forehead.

"What's on your mind?" Emma asked after a while.

Regina bit her lip and the furrow grew deeper. "I don't want to ruin this moment," she admitted. Emma rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow at Regina, who took the not-so-subtle hint. "Last night I really had to tell you something."

Emma's eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Oh I thought this was…"

"Well it is…and it's not." Regina kept her eyes on Emma's neck, still feeling her pulse there. She thought with one taste it would end, but it was still there. "Your blood feels…like a good ice cream in a really hot day. I can feel you heart beat whenever you're close to me; I can feel your blood running through your veins, in your cheeks when you blush. When I told you it was too strong, I meant it."

She wanted to continue. She wanted to tell her she didn't want to hurt her and that she understood if Emma were to choose to walk away from her life. Instead, she blinked, the words forming a lump in her throat. Regina knew it was selfish, but if the idea of Emma walking away before made her chest hurt, now it was unbearable.

She expected Emma to leave the bed, she waited for it to come, but instead Emma raised her head by her chin to make her look at her. "You bit me."

It wasn't a question but Regina nodded. "You…drank my blood." Regina nodded again, the guilt written all over her face. "You stopped." Regina hesitated this time, but she ended up nodding slowly. "That's what matters"

"But what if next time I don't? What if you slice your finger again near me and I can't control myself? Or if for some reason I haven't fed and you come near me and—"

"We've been in those situations, and you have been able to control yourself Regina. You're stronger than you think," Emma interrupted her but the other woman still was not convinced, the scowl deep in her forehead.

"I don't want to hurt you," she insisted.

"And you won't." Emma cupped Regina's face this time, smiling reassuringly at her, "Regina I believe in you; you won't let that happen, I know you. And you should believe a little more in yourself. You're strong and your love for the people you care for is strong too. I know I was an asshole and made you think you're not good enough and, trust me, I fully regret it and if I have to repeat it to you every day for the rest of the days, I will. You are enough, Regina."

There was a pause. They stared at each other and Emma knew Regina was looking for a trace of lie in her eyes, she knew the Mayor wanted to be sure about it before fully believing it. She apparently found what she was looking for when she smiled.

"So you just assumed I love you?"

It was time for Emma to blush as she cleared her throat. "Uhm, well…yes? Unless what you feel is just because of the hunger for my blood and this is all…," she frowned, leaving the sentence unfinished.

Regina rushed to let her know her feelings weren't powered by her bloodlust, placing a hand on Emma's cheek, "No, no, it's not like that. I've felt like this for a long time; it's just now that I have realised it."

Emma squinted her eyes at her, "Realise what?"

Reading the look in her eyes, Regina felt a smile tugging at her lips, "That I love you, Miss Swan."

A grin took place over the frown in Emma's face as her worries disappeared in thin air, "We're naked in bed, you're telling me you love me and you want to keep it formal 'Miss Swan-ing' me?"

"I didn't want you to get it over your head," Regina chuckled.

"Well, it is impossible to not to get it over my head because I love you too." Emma leaned in to kiss Regina when a knock on her door made them still.

"Mom? You okay?" they heard Henry's voice behind the door.

"Shit," Emma whispered. "Is it too bad if I forgot about our son?"

Regina rolled her eyes, a smile playing in her lips, as she unmade the soundproof spell she had casted on her room before answering him, "Yes, dear. Everything is fine."

He seemed to hesitate on the door but ended up waking away, much to relief of his mothers. Emma raised an eyebrow at Regina, "You soundproofed the room?"

"You really believed I was that negligent to not make sure our son didn't walk in and ended up traumatized for the rest of his life?" Regina inquired an eyebrow quirking up.

"Well…actually, yes," Emma admitted. Regina rolled her eyes, but leaned in to give her the kiss that had been interrupted. The previous night they had kissed plenty times, but it had been rushed and passionate. This time they took their time, relishing in the feeling of their lips finally together.

When they separated, Emma frowned with her eyes still closed, "Wait, just one more."

"I'm not going anywhere, Emma," Regina smiled, but still leaned in for another kiss. "We do have to deal with Henry though."

"What are we going to tell him?" Emma asked and Regina looked at her as she stood up from the bed, raising an eyebrow.

Emma gazed at Regina's naked body, still amazed by the fact that not so long ago she had run her tongue along those long legs, up to her—

"The truth of course." Emma blinked back at her face and tried to look like she hadn't just been distracted by the other woman's body. Regina smirked, "You are aware that I can feel your pulse right? And where all your blood is going."

Emma blushed and threw a pillow at her, "That's cheating."

Dodging the pillow, Regina's smile only grew wider and disappeared into the bathroom. Emma grabbed her shirt from the floor and followed her, leaning on the door frame. "So you're just going to tell Henry you desired me so much you were going on for hours fucking me?" she asked with a smug smile plastered on her face.

Regina, who was fixing her hair and make up, met her eyes on the mirror and rolled them, "I would rather to leave out the details."

The smugness on Emma's face only grew as she noticed her panties ripped near them on the floor, "You left me without any underwear."

Suddenly, Regina grabbed Emma by the collar of her blouse and kissed her hard, leaving Emma breathless once they separated. "Don't make me leave you without any clothes at all," she growled, making Emma gulp in arousal.

She watched Regina putting her robe on, after selecting two pieces of underwear for herself. When she was at the door, she stopped with her hand on the doorknob to look at Emma behind her shoulder. "Coming?"

Henry raised his head from his bowl of cereals and watched his mother enter the kitchen in silence. The minute they came in he sensed something was different. It wasn't the first time Emma stayed the night at Regina's; sometimes she would crash in the guest room when it got too late. That wasn't what was different.

But it definitely was how nervous Emma seemed to be. He watched how they prepared they own breakfast without a word, Emma making coffee while Regina put some bread on the toaster.

He squinted his eyes at them and when Emma turned with a mug on her hand, she smiled weakly. That was enough for him to know. He hid a smile behind the bowl as he took another spoonful of cereals.

When Regina turned, a plate of toasts in one hand and a mug of blood in the other, she took a seat between them. "How was your date night Henry?"

He choked on his breakfast and Emma helped him tapping his back. When he stopped coughing, he cleared his throat, "Uh…okay."

"Just okay?" Regina asked while putting some butter on a toast. Something in her tone made both Emma and Henry know she was about to snap. "You disobeyed me and snuck out past your bed time to see a boy and it was just okay?"

Henry looked up at Emma, searching for a friendly hand but she shrugged and mouthed, "You screwed up." He narrowed his eyes at her and showed her his tongue before turning to Regina.

"Everything was fine. We just played Alien Invasion for a while," he tried.

Regina let out a strained smile, "Oh so you didn't sneak out to have sex with him. I'm much relieved now."

"Mom!" Henry protested, his ears red with embarrassment. Regina finally looked up at him.

"If you want to go see Ben, that's fine with me, but tell me first. And I'm not talking about a note on the fridge, I'm talking about at least a text before I come home to find it empty," she told him softer this time, grabbing his hand.

"Yeah kid, she panicked," Emma chimed in, earning a glare from Regina.

"I did not."

Emma looked at Henry and shook her head, "She did."

"Whatever. My point is that I got worried and a text sooner would've been nice," Regina said coming back to him.

"Okay, sorry mom," he apologized lowering his head. She squeezed his hand and smiled, turning back to her breakfast. Henry waited for it to come but after a while, they remained silent. "So that's all?"

"What do you mean 'all'?" Regina asked nonchalantly.

He looked in between his two mothers and raised his eyebrow, "You totally banged."

"Henry!" Emma exclaimed, her face flushed.

"Sorry…but you did right?"

Emma eyed Regina by the corned of her eye and took a breath, "What we have done or haven't done is not the matter in this but yes, we're together."

"You are?

"We are?" Regina asked in unison to their son.

If it was possible, Emma blushed even more, "Well, yeah. I mean I thought so? If you want to…"

"Ugh, you look like two teenagers in love," Henry commented, smiling behind the spoon.

"Henry!" Regina reprimanded him, but then looked at Emma with a smile, "I do."

They smiled at each other for a moment until Henry cleared his throat, "Uh, I'm still here."

"Yes and you're grounded," Regina said, trying to conceal the smile but still failing.

"But why?" he protested.

Glaring at him, she raised her eyebrows, "You know why, young man."

He pouted and took his bowl, "But I still can go to the park today right? I told Ben I would go with him to walk his dog."

Emma placed her hand on Regina's arm, making her look at the Sheriff. Emma raised her eyebrows and Regina understood at the moment, turning back at Henry, "Okay, go. But you're washing the dishes all this week."

He smiled and kissed her in her forehead, "Thanks mom. Don't forget your blood." Then he went to Emma and raised her hand to high five her, "Thank you for taming the beast."

"Henry," Regina warned behind them and he raised his hands in surrender.

"I'm leaving, I'm leaving! See you later, moms," he said before scurrying out of the kitchen. Both of his mothers stared for a moment to the door where he had disappeared.

"I love to see you two together," Emma said quietly, coming back at her mug. Regina looked at her and noticed the soft pout in Emma's mouth.

"Are you okay?" she asked reaching for her. Emma smiled weakly and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah." Regina raised an eyebrow, not convinced at all and Emma sighed, "I just feel like I've missed things sometimes. Like we're okay and stuff but your relationship is different than mine with him."

"Yes, because you're the cool mom," Regina smiled, making Emma raise one eyebrow. "The fact that is different doesn't mean it's less that yours. You have one thing that is very special and no one can take that away from you two. And you may have missed things, but you're here now and I will personally make sure you don't miss a thing in his life."

Emma's lips tugged upwards and she smiled, "And you wanted to kill me when I first got here."

Regina shrugged, "Misconceptions typical of the first times." That made Emma laugh softly and her heart warmed, "If you ever feel left out, you can talk to me or to Henry. I can assure you we don't want that."

Emma nodded and smiled, more convincingly this time, "I know." Regina glared at her and she laughed again, "Really, I know."

"Okay," Regina conceded. "Now give me a kiss before you drive me crazy."

Leaning in, their lips touched and they relaxed at the same time. Regina cupped Emma's face softly and her thumb drew circles as she kissed her, making sure it reassured her.

Emma leaned her forehead against Regina's and smiled, "I know it's like super soon but I love you."

"I love you too, idiot."

A few months later.

"Moooooom! C'mon, we're gonna be late!" Henry shouted from the front door. He checked himself in the mirror and fixed his bow tie for the tenth time in five minutes.

"You're making me nervous. Come here," Emma said motioning him to turn around. She fixed his bow tie again, since every time he tried to fix it, he made it worse.

"I'm nervous. And mom is taking forever," he complained, glancing at the clock.

Emma opened her mouth to speak when Regina interrupted her, rushing down the stairs, "I'm here, I'm here. I was just looking for something." She positioned in front of Henry and in the collar of his jacket she put two pins. "Voilá."

She stepped backwards and looked at her son, even taller than before and wearing a suit. Emma noticed the two pins and smiled widely, taking Regina's hand and squeezing grateful. Henry looked down to look at them too and smiled; they were a small swan and a crown.

"I ordered them a while ago and I couldn't find them anywhere. It's so you know you can always count on us for anything," Regina explained, holding back the tears. Henry hugged both of them in a bear hug in response.

"Okay don't make my cry. We're late and we have to go now," he said sniffing. He pushed them outside while they laughed and they made their way to the car, much to Henry's relief.

However Regina stopped on her tracks, "Wait, I forgot—"

Emma grabbed her hand, stopping her from running into the house and lifted a cup with her other hand, "Don't worry, I've got your blood. Now let's go or Henry will kill us."

Regina smiled at her and kissed her, but it didn't last long since Henry shout at them from the car. While they got inside the car, Henry pulled out his phone and texted Ben.

Finally going! I'll see you in a minute.

"Henry Mills." Snow nudged the principal of the school and she cleared her throat, "Sorry. Henry Swan Mills."

The crowd burst into clapping and cheering, Emma and Regina standing up among the people. Henry got up to the stage and picked up his diploma, leaning to let Snow put him his band over his neck. Not being able to hold it together, Snow hugged him tight before letting a flushed Henry go. He turned and smiled at his mothers, slightly embarrassed with the show his family was giving.

When he left the stage and the principal called for another kid, Emma and Regina took a seat with tears in their eyes. "I can't believe he already graduated," Regina said, wiping her tears with a tissue.

Emma sniffed and nodded, "He's so grown up already." She grabbed Regina's hand, "Thank you for the name think by the way. It wasn't necessary."

"I know, but I wanted it that way." Regina squeezed her hand and they watched the rest of the ceremony. When it finished, they rushed to get to Henry, who was talking to his friends. Emma and Regina trapped him in a tight hug by surprise, making him gasp. "Hey moms."

"I'm so proud of you," Regina smiled between tears, cupping his face with a hand.

"Yeah, who though you would go this far," Emma joked, earning a glare from Henry. They laughed together and then Regina turned to the other boy that was waiting next to their son.

"Ben, come here. I need to get a picture of this." She grabbed him and dragged him next to a very flushed Henry. Emma and Regina pulled out their phones and started to snap pictures at them at the same time.

"C'mon, you can smile more than that kid," Emma directed him as she filled her camera roll.

"A kiss?" Regina tried and Henry protested.

"Mom really?" She nodded eagerly and waited, phone in place, ready to press the button. Henry turned to Ben and smiled slightly, "Sorry, they're too much."

"You know I'm okay with your crazy family, Hen. They're pretty cool," Ben laughed it off.

"Well, just in case," Henry insisted and Ben rolled his eyes, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket and kissing him. They heard whistles and cheering from behind, coming from Emma and Regina.

Suddenly Regina tugged at Henry, "Okay, okay. Photo taken, you can leave that for later." Henry laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"I can take a pic of you three if you want," Ben offered and soon he had Emma's and Regina's phone in his hand, snapping pictures with both of them under orders of the two women. When they decided a thousand pictures more and less were enough, Emma and Regina let them go with their friends, both checking the pictures.

Regina smiled at her phone when she found her favourite. In it, Emma was fixing Henry's bow tie while Regina was looking at them adoringly. Emma leaned on her, sneaking a hand on her waist, holding her and felt her pulse. Yes, she still was a vampire and Emma's blood still was really tempting and she would have to live with that for the rest of days. But looking into the future, Regina couldn't think of a better way to spend the rest of her life.