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Sparks from the Fox’s Tail

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Two Finnish Spitz, photo by VisitLakeland (Creative Commons)



Ryiji (Finnish tapestry rug): Toini Nyström, “Taika Metsä (Forest of Magic)”, 1941.

 Easter Witches from old postcards

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Children as Easter Witches, photo by Visit Finland (Creative Commons)



Lemminkäinen’s Mother, painting by Aksell Gallen-Kallela (1897, public domain) and sand sculpture at Hiekkalinna

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Sandcastles and sand sculptures at Hiekkalinna in Lappeenranta, Finland

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  Untitled  12

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Cloudberry (photo by Blue Elf), and leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheese) with cloudberry jam (photo by Teemu Rajala)

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Green Northern Lights photo by Bjorn Jorgensen at



Aurora Borealis photo By Arctic light - Frank Olsen (Tromsoe, Norway) Creative Commons



Kalevala-metre rune singers, 19th century