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The start of a new man

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Usagi walked up the steps of his new neighbour’s house, he moved here because it was quiet and there was barely any people. He knocked on the door to see who would answer-no one did.

So he opened the door, he knew it was rude but, he was careless.


He heard muffled screams and gags. Maybe the neighbors are into kinky shit? He shook his head and decided to investigate more.


“Who gave you permission to enter my house?” A calm- but eerie voice spoke up from behind him. Usagi’s eyes widened and he turned pale.

“S-Sorry, I just wanted-”


“Wanted to what? To come in my house uninvited?” Usagi’s lip started to quiver and tears welled up in his eyes. A cold smile spread across the man’s face and he raised something into the air. Next thing you know everything went black.




Usagi’s eyes twitched open, but everything was blurry. He tried to sit up but he groaned, his head hurt like crap. After a few minutes everything cleared up and he saw a man with black hair and only in a skirt and striped black and white shirt. He also had bandages around his ankles?


“H-Hello?” Usagi whimpered out as he tried to crawl over to him but he fell. He was chained to something. The man that hit him came out and smiled-a creepy one at that.


“Bum, tell him what happens if you cross that line.” He pointed to the door where Usagi came from.


“Bum” nodded and spoke up,


“I-If you c-cross that l-line, h-he will kill you…” His words got quieter, Usagi shivered in fear and nodded confirmation.


“W-What are your guys’ name?”  An adorable flashed on his face.


“I-I’m Y-Yoon Bum!” Bum looked down shyly at his hands. The man from earlier said and smiled- a kind smile. (lol for now bitch.)


“I’m Sangwoo, I would let you go but I’m afraid I can’t do that.”  Usagi looked at the man,


“B-But Why?” He glared- but it looked more of a pout.


“Bum has taken a liking to you.” Usagi flushed- then sighed.


“Fine, but you better not touch me, please.” Sangwoo nodded and smirked.


“Why are you smirking, you bastard?!” Usagi squeaked. Sangwoo’s smirk widened,

“We are going to have lotsa fun with ya.”