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Alternate Earth Different Life

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Barry couldn’t sleep, not with the Alpha laying right next to him. All he could think about was how this wasn’t his Earth, and that the Alpha next to him wasn’t the Oliver Queen he knew. He couldn’t control how his body shook as he listened to Oliver sleep, and how everything in him was screaming run. Barry gripped the sheets tighter to keep from laughing out loud. He was the Flash, fastest man alive, and yet as he stared at the cuffs around his wrists he knew he couldn’t run. Barry thought about the matching pair around his ankles, keeping his speed under control. He still wondered how he found this Earth and how he ended up here, prisoner to this Earth’s Oliver Queen. Slowly Barry looked behind him to see that Oliver had his back to him, and he thought he could escape away for a few minutes. Yet as soon as Barry made a move to leave the bed, he felt the iron like grip of Oliver’s arm around his waist, pulling him back. Barry felt the tears stinging his eyes, but he refused to cry.

            “Where do you think you’re going Omega?” Oliver breathed into Barry’s ear. He tightened his grip around the Omega’s waist and pulled him closer.

            It took everything in Barry not to cry out as he took a shaky breath. “I…I have to go to the bathroom.” Barry shakily spoke out. He hated that Oliver wasn’t out tonight, and he gripped the sheets tighter. “Please let me go.” He didn’t know if he was asking Oliver to let him go so he could hide in the en suite bathroom or for the Alpha to completely release him so he could get back to his Earth and the safety there. Barry couldn’t help the small whimper that escaped his mouth as he felt the arm tighten even more and pulled him further back. He hated that he could feel Oliver’s naked body against his back.

            “You didn’t ask Barry.” He leaned in and nipped at the bond bite, loving the sound the Omega yelping. “Ask nicely and I may consider it.”

            Barry felt his mouth go dry as he took a shaky breath. “May I go to…to the bathroom, Alpha.” He could barely get his voice above a whisper, and hating the bile he felt building in his throat. This wasn’t his Earth; it was the only thing he had to keep reminding himself.

             “You have five minutes Omega.” Oliver spoke. “If you’re not out by then, then I’m coming in to get you. I promise that I will fuck you so hard if that becomes the case. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

            “Yes.” Barry whispered out. He waited for the arm around his waist to be removed, but only whimpered out when the arm tightened around him. Barry was starting to wonder what was going to happen now.

            Oliver let a low growl escape his lips. “How do you thank your Alpha, Barry.”

            Barry realized the mistake he made, and quickly shook his head. “Sorry Alpha. Yes, Alpha, I understand.” Barry waited, and finally let a nervous breath go when the arm finally released him.

            Oliver took a deep scent off of Barry, and smiled when he smelled the fear rolling off of the Omega. “Better. Now get going. Five minutes or else.” Oliver turned back around and got comfortable again.

            Barry didn’t need to be told twice as he slowly got out of the bed and made his way to the en suite bathroom. Once inside Barry closed the door, stopping his hand from trying to lock it, just in case Oliver changed his mind. He slowly made his way to the full body length mirror and saw what he really looked like, his eyes scanning his body. At least on his Earth, marking an Omega this badly could cause legal troubles for the Alpha, but it seemed that on this Earth it seemed that it was the norm. Barry just stared at his naked frame, wishing he could just escape this Earth. The marks all over his body looked so deep and so angry Barry thought they would never heal. Slowly he took his right hand and timidly touched the bond bite. It felt wrong as he felt it pulse underneath his touch, felt how fresh it was, and quickly pulled his hand away. He walked to the sink to splash some water over his face, remembering how all of this happened.

            Barry watched the swirl of time vortex disappear around him as he exited the vortex and slammed the breaks on his feet. He didn’t understand how he let Cisco talk him into exploring how many different Earth’s there were. After all he thought his Earth and Earth 2 were the only ones, until he met the Earth with Supergirl on it. Now Cisco and Dr. Wells were obsessed to find out exactly how many different versions of Earth there were. Barry hoped that they understood the risk he took being an Omega, and that all these Earth’s could treat his sex differently. “Okay Cisco, what now?” Barry spoke into the microphone. Only static came through. “Cisco, come on this isn’t funny. I thought you fixed this so that we could communicate.” Static was the only sound to be heard. “Great.” Barry through his arms up and began to look around. Everything seemed quite and he could tell he landed in a park. Barry was getting ready to try and recreate the vortex when a huge flash of light went off in front of him. He became disoriented and back up, and wasn’t ready when there two more bright flashes of light around him. All his senses became went crazy and he barely heard the people rush him from all sides.

            “It’s a metahuman!” Voices were shouting around him. Barry wanted to get away, but the flashes of light had caused his body to be unresponsive. “Restrain him!” They moved quick, and a few people stepped forward with restraints.

            Barry tried to fight, but he couldn’t see the figures surrounding him, and the next thing he knew was that he was on his back. He wanted to run, but he felt his speed being suppressed when he felt the metal cuffs going around his wrists and ankles. “I’m not a danger!” Barry yelled. He didn’t understand what was going on.

            “Take him to the labs.” A man spoke. He carried himself as leader of the group of soldiers around him.

            “Wait, Sergeant Lance.” A man with a deep voice spoke. “What’s his sex?”

            Barry wanted to answer, but at some point the guards around him had put a gag in his mouth. He could only listen as he was talked about. “He’s an Omega, Mr. Arrow, sir.”

            Barry tried to make his eyes focus as he heard the guard say Mr. Arrow. His mind was working overtime as he saw that it was Arrow, and he knew only one person could be Arrow, Oliver Queen.

            “Take him to auction,” Arrow spoke. He walked to Sergeant Lance. “You know Omega’s are rare and special. If he doesn’t sell, then you can take him to the labs.”

            “Fine. Tranquilize him.” Sergeant Lance spoke.

            Barry tried to struggle, tried to get his speed to work so that he could escape but only moaned behind the gag when he felt the prick of needle in his neck. He tried to fight the effects, but was soon lost to the darkness of the drug.

            When Barry awoke, he had been stripped of his suit and was laying on a bed. His wrists and ankles were restrained and he was in nothing but a pair of white boxers. Barry barely had any time to figure out what was going on before he felt hands grabbing his arms and forcing him to stand and walk forward. He tried to protest, but stopped when he realized that there was a gag in his mouth. He could feel his heartrate increasing and worry going through him as he weakly fought the hands guiding him forward. Barry listened to the conversation going on around him.

            “Don’t understand why this one wasn’t just taken to the labs.” One guard spoke. “He’s a metahuman.”

            “Yeah but he’s also an Omega.” The other guard spoke. “Arrow said to try him at auction. As long as the restraints stay on him, he’s nothing but a weak Omega.” Both guards laughed as they pushed Barry further along.

            Barry tried to dig his heels into the ground, failing as the guards continued to push him. He was thankful that they were Beta’s and not Alpha’s. His mind was just trying to figure out what they meant by auction. He froze when he felt them grab him and hold him still. Barry studied the man that the guards halted for and thought he looked familiar.

            “Well, he’s not a bad looking Omega, once he’s out of the suit.” Sergeant Lance spoke. “I would actually throw a bid in if I didn’t know he was a metahuman. Anyway, Arrow said to give him a shot at auction, and if he doesn’t sell today, then he goes to the labs. Omega or not.” Quentin Lance stood to the side and let guards continue to drag Barry by to the auction stage.

            Barry listened as he heard a crowd of people getting louder and louder. He smelled the air and could tell the room was filled with Alpha’s. Every nerve in his body was going into overdrive, wanting to get away from the smell and all the Alpha’s waiting. He blinked his eyes as the lights became brighter and the room that was once full of muttering voices became silenced as he was forced on the stage. New pairs of hands grabbed him and walked him to the center of the stage and held him there. He stared out in the crowd of finely dressed Alpha’s all starring back at him. Barry tried to back away, wanted to escape, but the hands kept him in place.

            “Here you folks go!” The Beta auctioneer started to yell. “An Omega, caught yesterday. Now as you all can see, he’s unclaimed and as you can all see has a very young, breedable body!” He listened as the calls and whistles started to come through, and watched as the Omega squirmed under the glare of the Alpha’s. “Now before we start, as you can all see he is wearing special cuffs provided by Queen Consolidated. Everyone in here knows that means that he is also a metahuman! He was captured by the special ops team and the Arrow, and from what the report says, he has super speed.” He listened as hushed whispers started to go across the room now. “The bidding shall commence at say $12,000 for the Omega!”

            Barry hoped that this was some nightmare, that he was still back on his Earth and when he woke up Iris was going to be by his side. His heart skipped a beat when he heard that the bid went from $12,000 to $14,000 and then up to $20,000. The voices seemed to die down and he listened as the auctioneer started to say going once, going twice and then…

            “$50,000 for the Omega!” A voice cried out of the crowd.

            Barry, along with everyone else turned to the voice, and part of him felt relief when he saw where the voice came from.

            “Sold for $50,000 to the Alpha Mr. Oliver Queen.” The Beta auctioneer proudly spoke as he banged his gavel.

              Barry gripped tighter to the edges of the sink, trying to fight off the panic attack he felt coming, as that memory kept swarming around in his head. He had been bought and forced into a bond the same night by someone who back on his Earth was his friend. The tears came on their own and Barry didn’t try to hide the sobbing that followed, for he needed to escape and get back to his Earth, get back to Iris and his friends. He ran the hot water and splashed his face a few times before he turned to head back to the bedroom, but froze when he saw his pathway was blocked. “Oliver, please.” SMACK! The back hand had Barry on the ground before Oliver was forcing him back up.

            “You will address me properly, Omega.” Oliver spoke. “You will also learn that I mean what I say. I said five minutes, and it has been five minutes since you came in here. Now I am going to fuck you.” He lead Barry back over to the sink area and forced the Omega to bend over.

            Barry struggled to get away, but the hit had him a daze. He fought to keep his arms apart, but was powerless as Oliver’s Alpha strength won. Barry listened as the restraints around his wrists locked together. He struggled to keep his legs close as he felt Oliver’s knee force them open, and his body slowly giving over. Barry couldn’t help the whine that escaped his mouth as he felt the edges of the sink digging into his lower abdomen and sides and leaving bruises. “Please Alpha. I’m sorry. I didn’t…mmph.” Barry tried to cry out. The tears fell down his face harder as he tasted the wet washcloth that had been shoved into his mouth. He whimpered behind the gag as he felt two of Oliver’s finger’s enter his hole and began working him open.

            “I warned you that if you weren’t back I was going to come and get you.” Oliver calmly explained. He moved his two fingers all around to open the Omega up. “I mean what I say little Barry, and don’t worry. I’m just going to release in you, no knot.” When he was satisfied with his work he quickly pulled his fingers out, listening as Barry yelped into the gag.

            Barry knew what was coming next and barely had time to relax his body before feeling Oliver’s Alpha cock being shoved in. It took a few thrusts, but by the fourth thrust, Oliver was all the way in Barry. Barry whimpered behind the wet gag in his mouth as he felt Oliver pull halfway out before thrusting back in. Each thrust was harder than the last and drove his lower abdomen and sides harder into the edge of the sink. Barry kept his head turned away from the huge mirror in front of him, for he did not want to see Oliver taking him like this. This is this Earth’s Oliver. Barry thought. He is nothing like the Oliver from my Earth. Though his head was turned so he couldn’t see Oliver taken him, the side mirror’s didn’t hide his face. He just starred at his head as he was pushed forward with each thrust; face rubbing into the marble surface of the sink, the tears staining his face, and how his Omega nature wanted to give into the Alpha. As Barry starred at his own reflection, he could see the conflict going on in his green eyes, but most of all the hurt and pain in them. He closed them as he concentrated on the pain that was forming from being slammed into the edge of the sink, and the new handprints that would be forming over the old ones on his hips. Barry knew that Oliver could go a long time, but he hoped that Oliver would stay true about the knot. That is probably what hurt the most of all this, and his heat wasn’t due for another two weeks. Then him taken Oliver’s knot would be less painful.

            “Almost there baby boy.” Oliver panted out. “By the time your heat hits, your hole will be so use to my cock that it won’t need to produce a massive amount of slick.” He smiled as he heard Barry whimper under him. “Can you feel the twitch? I’m getting ready to release.”

            Barry shook his head up and down slowly, trying to show Oliver he understood and how it was different than his head simply moving from the thrusts. Barry cried harder as he felt Oliver’s member twitch, and then a few thrusts’ later, felt Oliver releasing in him. Barry was relieved when he didn’t feel the knot form. After a few minutes, and Oliver was sure that every last drop had been pumped into him, he felt the cock being removed. Barry could help but yelp as he felt cock being pulled out and the Alpha’s release slowly sliding down his leg. He was panting heavily as he felt the gag being removed from his mouth, and a yelp quickly followed as he felt a hard smack on his ass. He also felt Oliver release the cuffs, as he arms fell lazily to his sides. Barry slid off the edge of the sink and fell on his left side and curled into a ball. His could tell that his body was covered in sweat, and that his body was shaking.

            “Clean up before you come back to bed.” Oliver spoke as he kicked Barry in the lower back. “You have ten minutes. If you’re not back in bed in that time frame, then I’m going to believe you want another round and this time I will knot you.” He turned and walked away from the curled Omega and closed the door.

            Barry slowly uncurled himself when he heard the door close, and gripped the edge of the sink. He slowly pulled himself up, and picked up the washcloth that had been in his mouth. Barry knew that if he even tried to get into a shower without Oliver’s permission, then he would be severely punished. Barry worked quickly to clean himself as best as he could, and hoped that when he was done and entered the bedroom, that he had time. As Barry slowly got into the bed, he let out a shaky breath when he realized that he had made it without being raped a second time. Barry tried to close his eyes, but they quickly shot back open when he felt Oliver’s arm snake around him.

            “Shame, I was looking forward to another round.” Oliver whispered as he nipped at Barry’s ear. “But I am an Alpha of my word. Sleep now baby boy.” He took a deep smell of Barry’s scent, before he released his Omega and turned back around and feel asleep.

            Barry had to remind himself to breath once Oliver’s arm was removed from around him. His mind went back to his friends on his Earth, and Iris as he let himself drift into a light sleep. He hoped that they would find a way to get him back and off of this Earth where Omega’s were brought and sold at auctions. Barry also wondered what happened to other metahumans, and hoped that he would be rescued before he found out. He didn’t want to go into a deep sleep, but thinking of his home brought his mind further away and his sleep went from light to deep.