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It was not long until the aqua haired woman led the Z-warriors to her desired destination. Upon said destination, the time traveler from the future seemed to be chatting with someone else in front of his time machine; someone everyone hadn't seen in seven years.

"Ta-da!" Bulma shouted proudly as she waved her hands jazzily towards Trunks and the android.

Once everyone took a glimpse of the sight, they were instantly in shock. In unison, they shouted, "16!"

Upon their arrival, the group of fighters gazed upon Trunks and Android 16. The both turned around at once when they heard the Z-warriors' exclamation. They looked upon the gang with astonishment, most especially Android 16. His sole purpose for existing was to eliminate Son Goku, and watching as the Saiyan warrior appeared into his vicinity only reminded him of his mission.

Trunks gandered towards his mother. "You brought them here?

"Of course!" Bulma answered, placing her hands on her hips. "Who else has this much charisma?"

"You've got me there, Mom," the time traveler said with a suppressed laugh.

Trunks and Bulma chatted for a moment until someone from not-so-afar cleared their throat loudly. The both ceased speaking abruptly and turned in the direction of the sound. They saw it was Krillin who had requested their attention.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked the petite fighter.

"Oh, right, I nearly forgot," Trunks quickly remarked, turning away from the group and his mother towards the android. "Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Android 16; I activated him in my timeline so he could aid us in our current situation. Isn't that right, 16?"

The android seemed to be staring intensely at Goku, but his attention was carried away as he heard the time traveler mention his name.

"Yes, that is correct," he answered.

"That's great!" Goku exclaimed, holding a raised fist in the air and ignoring the android's stare altogether. "He'll definitely be some real help!"

"Hold on just a moment," Bulma suddenly interrupted. "Now that everyone's here, we can finally have the party to celebrate Trunks' return! All we need is to bring out the tables and chairs and we'll be all set!"

"But everyone's not even here," Gohan debated. "And wasn't it supposed to be a picnic?"

Bulma gestured towards the room next to them. "Chi Chi arrived shortly before you all did looking for you, and so did Videl when she volunteered to clean up the last party we had for the employees here. Also I felt it would be more appropriate to celebrate my son's visit. We should be all set!"

Everyone hesitantly agreed to her proposition and a wide grin stretched across her face. "Great! Now make yourselves useful and place the chairs and tables here, and chop chop, we don't have all day!"

The group of fighters immediately dispersed, and to her command brought everything out, including the banquet that was somehow prepared on such short notice. But coming from Bulma, it wasn't exactly a surprise. Albeit for Goku he could care less since his stomach began making choices for him. Ravished by the food, his hand began wandering near the food; especially the fresh, juicy mutton laid out near him.

"Goku, no!" Bulma scolded, slapping Goku's hovering hand above the food. "If you want to eat, you're going to have to wait like everyone else. You don't want me to bring Chi Chi out here, do you?"

Briskly, the Saiyan warrior shook his head. "No, no! I'll wait! Don't get Chi Chi!"

The aqua haired woman smirked in victory and sauntered away. During this time, she gandered over to the rest putting the rest of the tables out. Android 16 seemed to be aiding them, and this seemed to catch the woman's attention.

"16," she called out. The android ceased what he was doing and turned to Bulma, awaiting for her to continue. "Hey, you know you don't have to help. This party's mostly celebrating Trunks' return, and that includes you as well since you're helping out and whatnot."

"I insist," Android 16 replied placidly.

Bulma sighed. "I guess I can't stop you. Do as you like."

The both parted ways to go on and do their own thing. Meanwhile, the others finished placing everything out. Having the sight of finishing greatly relieved them; now they could enjoy the party.

The noisy, warm buzz of the party could be heard from afar as everyone chatted happily and ate with no worries. With the exception of the Namekian, Piccolo, as he was mostly concerned with their current predicament than having a good time. Noticing this, the half-Saiyan, Gohan, approached him with a question in mind.

"Aren't you going to join the party like everyone else?"

"No," Piccolo simply answered. "I don't intend on wasting my time to indulge at.. parties."

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Is it because of this.. enigmatic power?"

"Yes, the feeling should be mutual for you as well, Gohan, we can't keep distracting ourselves from the problem."

"I know, I know.. I just thought that maybe you could relax for one second-"

"Relax?" Piccolo asked defensively, taking the suggestion as an insinuation. "This thing could wreak havoc at any moment. We should be searching for it instead of indulging like fools!"

After hearing Piccolo lash out on him, the half-Saiyan had to admit he had a point. But everyone had been searching relentlessly, tirelessly for this unknown, obscure source of this power. He didn't know how much potential it had, but he was definitely positive that its allegiance wasn't with good.

"I guess you've got a point.."

"I do and you know it," the Namekian said, turning away from him and preparing to take his leave. "I'm going to search for this power. Come if you want, but I won't wait for you."

Gohan watched as Piccolo levitated in the air and blasted off into the sky. As soon the half-Saiyan could no longer see him, he turned away from the direction the Namekian left and towards the party. He could see his father eating up a storm as everyone watched. Even Dende was there. Gohan wondered if his father used Instant Transmission to bring him here as an invitation to the party.

"You alright?"

The half-Saiyan turned into the direction of the voice; a familiar one at that. It was the time traveler; Trunks.

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Just a bit concerned," he answered.

"About the mystery power?" Trunks offered.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Pretty much," the time traveler continued. "Everyone's concerned. We don't know how powerful it might be. For all we know, it could overpower your dad."

"Now that you mention it.." Gohan trailed off. He glanced back at the table where his father was wolfing down large amounts of food. A concerned expression spread across his face. "Do you think we should bail?"

"No, no, I promised my mother I'd stay for the party," Trunks answered quickly. "I already missed the first one, so I owe her one. You, on the other hand, can if you want. Just don't let your mother see you."

"I guess I should tell my dad then." Gohan turned to Trunks. "I guess I'll see you around."

"See you."

The half-Saiyan parted and approached the table filled with empty plates and plates filled with food soon to be devoured by his father, the Saiyan warrior. Goku took notice and swallowed all the contents in his mouth with one massive gulp.

"Anything the matter?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, just wanted to tell you I'm going to head out to keep looking for the power, in case Mom asks you where I am."

Goku nodded but later asked, "Has Piccolo left?"

Gohan responded with a half-nod. "Yeah, he said he didn't want to waste anymore time here. I thought I should join him in looking."

"I see," the Saiyan said solemnly, but grinned afterwards. "Well, don't let me stall you, son, go on ahead. I'll probably do so as well when I finish eating."

"Alright, thanks, Dad." Gohan waved goodbye and left shortly afterwards. Goku continued to devour whatever was left on the table.

As the party continued, someone from not-so-afar watched from behind rather thick palm tree. She examined the sight to be certain of what she was viewing in her vicinity. The green one had left, and so had a teen that followed suit. It had been quite awhile since she last saw the Cell Games on television, so she was unsure if these were the right people. Albeit-

"They give off such immense power.." thought L. "It must be them."

It was unfortunate for her that Piccolo and Gohan had departed from the group, but all she really required was a distraction so she could accomplish her initial mission. These people would take care of the real threat for her, and she would take care of her own mission. The plan she had sounded perfect. All she had to do now was figure out how to approach them.

"I could just walk right up to them, no big deal," L continued in her thoughts. "This will be a cinch."

Trunks watched Gohan depart until he could no longer be seen. He then trailed his eyes across the scene of the party, especially near the outskirts where a line of palm trees were. He squinted his eyes as he saw a feminine silhouette leaning by a palm tree. Curious by this, he began strolling silently towards the person. He wondered what their, or in this case, her intentions were. Inwardly, the time traveler hoped her intentions were lawful.

"Excuse me?" he asked aloud, catching her attention at once. "Are you lost?"

L cast her eyes in the direction of the time traveler. Her azure, cat-like orbs widened in shock. She didn't hear him approach her, nonetheless feel his energy. Dismissing any further thoughts, she began to examine his appearance. He had his long, lavender hair tied up in a ponytail. He wore a purple jacket that cut off at his midriff, it had the Capsule Corporation logo plastered on the front. He appeared familiar, albeit she could only recognize the hair. Only that feature was one she could distinguish from her memory of the Cell Games.

As soon as she stepped out of the shadow of the palm tree, Trunks' eyes broadened. Bandages was the first word to come to mind, as they covered practically everywhere. Arms, legs, partially her face, etc. She looked like she had been attacked by someone and she barely managed to escape alive. Unfortunately for her, she didn't leave unscathed. Albeit considering who she was up against, she was lucky she had. Not only that, her azure, cat-like orbs staring down at the time traveler intensely began to creep him out.

"Yes, I am," she answered placidly, a kind smile forming on her pale, bandaged face. "Can you please help me?"

"I'll try to," he simply replied. "Where are you headed?"

L gandered over at the grouping warriors indulging. "It's not where I'm headed, it's who I'm finding."

Trunks rose a brow in curiosity. "Any names? I might know someone who can help."

"I don't think I know the name, but I do know a person by the look of them," L said, her kind smile wavering into a smirk. "And it looks like I found them."

Before the time traveler could respond, Bulma appeared by his side suddenly. She eyed the stranger and her son warily, wondering what was going on between the two.

"What happened, Trunks?" the aqua haired woman asked. "Who's this?"

"A-A woman I just stumbled upon," he quickly responded. "She said she needed help."

"Help? With what?"

"Finding someone, or a group perhaps," L interjected, turning towards the aqua haired woman. "I'm hoping I found the right people. Otherwise, my long going search will have been for nothing."

A look of concern spread across her face. "That sounds awful! How do you know you've found them?"

"Let me answer that question with another question." L crossed her bandaged, contused arms, a somewhat sinister look flashing in her eyes.

"Ever heard of the Cell Games?"

It had been a few days after hearing Drakken's newest plan. Shego decided to utilize this time to relax and indulged once more in her magazine. She hoped she wouldn't be impertinently interrupted by her boss as he had multiple times in the past. After a few minutes of reading, the green villainess was finally able to relax. It wasn't until all the lights went out that her attention was driven somewhere else. Shego threw her magazine on the ground angrily and fumed. It was obvious to her who was responsible behind the sudden darkness.

"DR. D!" she shouted angrily, her hands glowing, illuminating a small portion of the dark room.

A spotlight appeared out of nowhere, lighting up a bigger portion of the room, and under that spotlight was the blue, evil scientist himself. Smirking proudly, he strolled forward with the spotlight following his being; one of his henchmen behind it.

"You have exactly thirty seconds to explain what's going on before I make sure you can't explain anything at all, permanently," threatened the fuming villainess, subtly hinting that she'd silence him with violence-as always.

Unfazed by the threat, Drakken approached Shego quite nonchalantly, his proud smirk still plastered on his face. "Then I suppose I have enough time to unveil my newest accomplishment. Feast your eyes, Shego!" The evil scientist gestured to the direction in which he came, featuring another circular spotlight.

"And what's this supposed to be?" she asked disdainfully.

"Have patience, Shego," advised her boss with the smirk still in place. "Just watch and you'll see."

Underneath the circular spotlight was an opening, which opened immediately, allowing whatever was beneath the ground to rise. Once fully risen, a familiar silhouette stood underneath the spotlight menacingly. The silhouette's head was facing down at the floor, until it gazed up at Drakken and Shego with a wide smirk.

"Don't tell me you actually did it.." Shego trailed off.

"But I did," answered Drakken, as he glanced from his sidekick towards his revived synthodrone. "My dear synthodrone, If you could please come forward."

Synthodrone 901, a.k.a. Eric leisurely strolled forward until he was directly in front of the evil scientist and the green villainess. He bowed politely and said, "Here as ordered, Dr. Drakken."

"Oh don't be so polite," the evil scientist remarked. "You're my best creation after all. Just call me Drakken."

Suddenly, Shego cleared her throat loudly to gain attention, interrupting the synthodrone and her boss. "Does he remember everything that happened when he was last active?"

"Of course he does! I inserted all of the memories he made when he was first assigned to distract Kim Possible!"

Shego scoffed. "Not only that. Team Possible knows how to stop him again."

"Haven't you been listening to me lately?" Drakken asked bitterly. "I designed him to be the ultimate warrior! Kim Possible and her team can't defeat him the same way they did last time!"

"So he can survive a bite from a naked mole rat?"

The evil scientist scoffed. "I'm not stupid, Shego. Of course he can! Look, l'll even let him out for a test run."

"Test run?" Shego asked with a cocked brow.

Drakken smirked. "That's right. I want you to fight him."

The green villainess formed a wavering smile, snickering as she did. It wasn't long before she began laughing raucously. "Dr. D, I'm going to tell you this bluntly, but your synthodrones can't win in a fair fight, and you know that's not my style."

The evil scientist scoffed and held onto his smirk. "Oo, someone's a bit cocky. Trust me, Shego, I've implanted numerous things in synthodrone 901 that will ensure Kim Possible's defeat. I doubt that you will win against him; even in an unfair fight."

Shego's eyes narrowed as she shot daggers at her boss. "What, you don't think I can beat him? I'll take him on any day!"

"Lets see about that!" Drakken turned to his synthodrone. "Synthodrone 901, engage in a fight with Shego! And do what it takes to win."

Eric nodded, forming a fighting stance at once; crouching slightly and holding one fist in the air. Shego was similar as she formed her own, but it was short-lived as she lunged at the synthodrone. Eric immediately grabbed her being and threw her over him. The green villainess flew through the air and swiftly got on her feet without any scratches.

"Wow, for once you gave one of your synthodrones speed," Shego remarked to Drakken disdainfully. "Lets see if you gave him durability."

Her hands began to glow a green color, and with that she threw green blasts at the synthodrone. Surprisingly to her, Eric "grabbed" the blasts one at a time and threw them back at Shego quickly. The villainess was able to dodge them, but didn't have ample time to dodge the next attack. The synthodrone utilized the time she used in dodging to charge and throw a swift kick at her legs, knocking her down at once.

"Not so cocky now, are you, Shego?" Drakken yelled out.

The green villainess growled and ignored the her boss' retort and attempted to get back up on her feet, albeit not getting the chance to. Briskly, Eric grabbed her by the legs, swung her repeatedly and threw her at the nearest wall. Slightly dazed from the swinging, Shego landed on the wall with her feet and leaped off onto the ground, lacking her usual gracefulness. It wasn't long until she saw the synthodrone charging at her once more. Shego utilized this time to charge up her green blasts.

"Lets see if you survive this!" shouted the green villainess as she managed to dodge a strike from Eric by sliding to the side. She swiped at him near the abdomen with one of her green blasts, expecting a hole to form and all the syntho-goo to pour out, albeit the complete opposite transpired.

"Remember what I said about listening?" asked Drakken cockily. "His 'skin' can take any damage without losing any of his precious syntho-goo!"

Distracted by this, Shego turned in Drakken's direction briefly, allowing ample time for Eric to strike. The strike ensued at once and Shego was practically thrown through the room, skidding across the floor, groaning in defeat.

"Well done, synthodrone 901!" the evil scientist congratulated after the short-lived spar. "You will definitely be the one to defeat my arch foe!"

Once hearing the sentence come from Drakken, a smirk stretched across Eric's artificial face. He could remember everything that transpired with crystal clarity. Especially when he met his demise by a fool's naked mole rat. Not only was it in his programming, but for himself, he vowed to take them all out. Especially Kim Possible, he'd save her for last.

"No matter what it takes."

It had been awhile since her confinement. It was rough at first, even with Ron with her, but with her new company she began to endure it with newfound hope.

Kim only found this hope when she stopped the Cell Junior from killing an innocent animal. She felt lucky to have convinced him that harming others for selfish, immoral reasons were bad.

It started on a warm, sunny day. The sky appeared to be unobstructed, without any clouds in sight. The day felt absolutely tranquil, the heroine was positive that this day would be a great day.

Kim was out in the woods again, looking for more food. Of course, the Cell Junior helped out, but his attention was drawn away as he spotted something move in the distance. He was certain it wasn't his father, as his energy was detected off somewhere else. This had to be the work of an animal nearby.

"What'd ya find, little guy?" Kim asked the small blue chimera, taking notice of his attention being drawn by something not-so-afar.

It wasn't long until a deer leaped out from the shadows, chewing whatever it was eating in its mouth. The animal minded its own business, ignoring the two and merely standing there with its incessant chewing.

A smirk suddenly stretched across the Cell Junior's face; one that appeared incredibly similar to his own father's. He lifted a hand, directly at the deer. An orb of ki began to grow and glowed in his palm. The heroine gazed at him with a confused expression, but when a remembrance of the deer Cell reduced to ashes came, she instinctively grabbed his arm briskly and tried to pull it away as far as possible from the animal.

"Hey! Cut that out!" she shouted out, appearing very angry at the sinful thing he had almost committed. "You can't ever do that! Am I clear?!"

The Cell Junior angrily pulled his arm away and shot her a barrage of irate daggers with his pink orbs. He wondered what was her problem since he considered her to be a source of entertainment, but now she seemed to be acting as if she were his parent. He gandered over where the deer was previously at and noticed it got startled and ran off into the depths of the woods. With this in mind, he began to act in an indignant manner towards Kim.

At this point, the redhead wondered if the boy had possessed any morals. After all, he was "born" a few days ago, and he didn't really learn anything in those days but to scavenge food with her. It was the only thing he did, other stuff would be watching his father train or actually get in a short spar with him. If he had learned anything from Cell during that, it definitely wouldn't be close to ethical.

The heroine released a sigh and crouched down to be around the pouting Cell Junior's height. "Hey, you.. you really don't know?"

The small, blue child merely continued to stare at her in an indignant manner. He didn't know what she was talking about, or why she was asking that question. But he definitely didn't want to admit she was right about him not knowing. It was practically in his genes.

"Look, er," Kim began awkwardly, not knowing what to call him. "Ju-just listen to me... killing is bad. You can't take a life just because you want to, it's not right."

The Cell Junior altered his irate expression and gazed at her with a puzzled one instead, cocking his head slightly. "Killing.. bad?"

Kim's eyes broadened slightly. She hadn't heard him speak before, and now was his first time. From what she heard, the child sounded nothing like his evil, despicable father, if anything the complete opposite. He sounded like an innocent child who had done nothing wrong at all. She gazed upon him and saw that the sinister expression that had previously appeared on his face left and was replaced with an innocent one. It looked so unlike Cell she swore she could've seen the child as something far from his predecessor. As of now, he was gazing at her with open eyes and a confused but curious look. It seemed he wanted to know more of what she was trying to teach him.

The heroine placed one hand on his raven-colored shoulder and gazed at him worriedly. "Yeah, it really is. Killing is very bad. I imagine even you don't want to be hurt, right? And killing.. you know, it hurts people, it hurts families, friends, everyone you care about. You don't wanna get hurt, so you wouldn't wanna hurt others, would you?"

The Cell Junior averted his eyes briefly, a guilt-ridden expression forming on his alabaster face as he shook his head. Kim could tell he felt bad about what he was about to do earlier, something which she felt proud about. His father would never feel remorse for those he killed and harmed, and now here was his child feeling bad about nearly killing an animal. A good thing she stopped him before he did, otherwise, he could've become just as bad as Cell.

"Cheer up, little guy, you didn't do anything wrong," Kim assured him, wrapping an arm around the child. "You just didn't know, it's alright."

The redhead hugged the Cell Junior for a moment before parting. "We should head back, uh.." She contemplated on what to call him. For awhile, she'd been calling him "little guy" because she didn't know what else to call him. He wasn't exactly given a name by Cell. "I'm not sure what to call you.." Kim tilted her head to the side in contemplation.

"He's.. a mini version of Cell, so, Cell Junior? No, that doesn't sound right. Maybe, um.."

The heroine placed a hand on her chin, pondering on each random name that popped up in mind. "No.. sounds too.. Cell." She shuddered at the name. "Maybe.. Junior?"

The Cell Junior stared at her in confusion as she began talking to herself. He figured she was contemplating on something, but he didn't know what. Suddenly, she turned to him, removing her hand from her chin, an expectant expression on her face. "Hey, how about Junior? You like that name?"

The Cell Junior merely nodded to make her happy. Besides, he didn't have a name, so the thought of having one made him happy as well.

"Now that we've gotten that settled, we should head back, Junior, I think I've had enough fruit for today," Kim advised, trying out the name on the child.

Agreeing once more, Junior followed the heroine back to the clearing. It didn't take long for them to return, which made the both glad, albeit there was a dreadful sight awaiting them, especially for Kim. It definitely wasn't going to be pretty.

Kim ceased in her tracks abruptly when she saw the bio-android standing at the edge of the clearing. It appeared he was waiting for them to return, and by the looks of him, he wasn't pleased. The heroine gulped and continued forward hesitantly.

"Get over here," Cell ordered acidly. "Now."

It was fruitless to try and run away, Kim already witnessed how fast he could travel. She decided to gather what courage she had in a deep inhale and exhale.

Both of them entered the clearing, and as soon as they had, Cell turned to his child. "Run along, this has nothing to do with you." Shortly afterwards, the bio-android gestured to the other side of the clearing, wanting him to walk off into the woods, away from him and the human.

Junior complied, acquiescent. He sprinted across the clearing and into the woods. His father stared in that direction until he could no longer see him. Afterwards, he turned to the heroine with an irate expression.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" he asked angrily.

Kim threw him an offended look. "What-no! What makes you think that? I never even said you were!"

"Of course I know that, but you were thinking it, weren't you?" Cell continued on. "Didn't think I'd catch on so quickly?"

The redhead gazed at him with a puzzled expression. "..I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh really?" the bio-android scoffed, crossing his arms over his black-plated chest. "Having fun with my child, are you? Being.. quite the influence, might I add?"

Kim trembled immediately on the spot, the feeling of cold sweat began to sting her skin as his response was heard. She didn't think he'd catch onto her plan this fast, but she couldn't let him be right about that. He could harm her, or even worse—kill her.

"I.. I.." she began, appearing absent minded. "I still don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't play dumb, I overheard your little 'conversation' with my child." The scowl on his face seemed to deepen. "I do not like liars, nor the likes of you. This will not go unpunished."

When Kim heard that last sentence, she began backing away, but emitted an "oof" when she hit the edge of the clearing. The barrier was back up again, which meant there was no else to go. She was cornered.

Cell closed in on the heroine until he was directly in front of her. "Consider this a warning. Your actual punishment isn't going to be as kind as this." He immediately grabbed her arm with a tight, painful grip.

"H-hey!" Kim shouted out, a mix of anger and fear on her face. "Let go of me!"

Ignoring her pleas, the bio-android continued on whatever he was planning. Kim braced for more pain by closing her eyes and looking away. Suddenly, she felt like her arm was being electrocuted; as if her arm was being set on fire. The girl struggled in Cell's grasp as her arm was taking in all the electrocuting torment.

Soon, the bio-android released her. Kim collapsed onto the ground and breathed heavily after all the struggling and pain she underwent. She took one brief look at her agonizing arm, noticing third degree burns and blood everywhere. The most prominent part was the mark Cell left when he gripped her arm very tightly, shown by the few punctures he made with his sharp, black claw-like nails.

A smirk stretched across Cell's face as soon as he saw the blood. Blood was a wonderful sight to him, it signified both life and death, and in this case it was life—albeit it would appear not long if she hadn't dealt with it quickly.

As soon as Kim saw the blood pouring out of her arm, she ripped a large part of her cargo pants to cover it up, not forgetting to apply pressure. The bio-android let out a scoff at her attempt to tend to her wound. She tried to get up and get away but was stopped abruptly by the being in front of her.

"The thing is, Kimberly," he started, using his foot to shove her back down. "If you had learned your place like you should have, I wouldn't have had to punish you. This is your own doing, not mine. Deal with it."

The redhead glared painfully at the chimera, his foot was pressing down hard against her abdomen. With a free hand, she wrapped her fingers around the lower part of his leg and tried to pry it off. With a strained voice, she said, "Never."

A smirk seized its place on the bio-android's face. "Oh, is this defiance I see? Surely you should have learned by now what I am capable of, or should I demonstrate once more for you?"

Kim was puzzled at that last part for a moment. It wasn't until he lifted his foot off of her and stepped right on her injured arm that she realized his plan. A scream instantly jumped right up her throat and would have made it out of her mouth if she hadn't slapped a hand on it. She did, however, let out a few whimpers out of the scorching pain running wildly in her arm.

"You see, if you had cooperated, I wouldn't have had to harm you like this," Cell continued with a short laugh, twisting and turning his foot as much as he could to increase her pain.

The heroine averted her eyes, trying to tune out everything—trying to tune out Cell. Tears stung and threatened to fall, something she tried desperately not to reveal to her captor. If this was his definition of a "kind" punishment, she feared what he actually had in store for her.

"Look at me."

She flinched at the sound of his voice. After going through great pain, she was surprised she didn't do as he ordered automatically; she guessed it was prideful thing. But it didn't change the fact that she regretted not doing so.

"Stubborn human, still you refuse to cooperate despite all the pain that I inflict upon you," he said to her, continuing to look down at her and waiting to see if she would behave properly. "Now, since I am fair, I will allow you a second chance to do as you are told."

After hearing that last part, she nearly let out a sigh of relief, but with the amount of pain she was receiving, it was impossible to do so. Reluctantly, she turned her head up a bit, her eyes lazily moving to where the fiend was. It was at this moment that her tears finally gave way and streamed across her face.

Cell smirked in a proud-like manner. "Good girl," he complimented, almost genuinely. "Now, I want you to listen closely, human. I am what stands between you and death, so I suggest you start treating me with respect and I will not punish you again. Have I made myself clear?"

The redhead nodded slowly and shakily, not removing her hand from her mouth as an excuse not to speak to him, but she loathed being helpless like this and doing as he ordered. It was all too mortifying and painful for someone like her. She couldn't tell what was worse, the embarrassment or the pain.

The chimera lifted his foot off of her arm and planted it back down on the ground. "There, not so hard, was it? It is a fairly simple task, enough for someone like you to manage. Be successful, and I will be as merciful as I can be. I may even consider giving you a quick, painless death for when the time comes."

Kim heard his words, listening, but trying to ignore the blistering, throbbing pain in her limb. All she was doing now was waiting for him to take his leave so she could be alone again, and hopefully in peace.

When the bio-android took notice of her current behavior, he decided to take his leave. "I suppose now is as good as ever to bid you farewell." With that, he sauntered away to continue his training.

The heroine ignored his goodbye and continued to wrap the cloth tightly around her arm. She concluded it with a tie. Glancing up, she noticed Cell was gone. That she was greatly relieved of. The heroine couldn't take anymore of his presence and his taunting, it's bad enough now with her injured arm.

What was worse is how she was going to tell Junior. If she told him his father had inflicted an injury upon her, he could display behavior Cell would dislike and consider disrespectful, something she was responsible for. The child could be just as in trouble as she was in—or worse.

Kim shuddered at the thought. She tried to dismiss it, but now it was the only thing on her mind. Albeit it had been a few days, she had begun to care immensely for this child, as much as she feared for his safety. The thought of Cell inflicting pain upon his own child just like he did to her sounded so macabre, that she began to shudder on the spot. She hadn't felt this much fear since the incident that occurred at Area 51.

Hiding her arm, the teen hugged her knees with her other arm and held in the stinging, welling tears with all the strength she could muster.