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"So, that's what's going to happen. We don't know when or where Cell will come, but all we know is we'll be fighting him soon enough!"

Word spread and everyone met at the lookout, and by everyone, it was Krillin and his wife, Android 18. Present Trunks and Goten, and the young lavender haired's father, Vegeta. Tien and Chiaotzu were no where to be found, to which everyone assumed were training. According to Dende, present Trunks' future counterpart had left somewhere to help a few people to their destination. Piccolo and Gohan were the first there since they came with the Saiyan after meeting face-to-face with Cell. When everyone else arrived with hope that Cell had been rid of, they were met with Goku's dreadful-although exciting to him-announcement.

"And you didn't plan on killing him right then and there?" Android 18 asked angrily, her icy orbs glowering at the Saiyan, though there was a hint of fear from hearing about Cell's appearance moments ago.

"I just thought it'd be best to fight him after training a bit, that's all," Goku explained sheepishly. "It's never failed us before, you know!"

Krillin let out a scoff. "Even though you died," he muttered to himself.

"And I believe you'll leave him to me this time, right, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked with a demanding tone.

"Let's not forget that he's gotten a lot stronger since we last fought him, Vegeta," Gohan began to explain, before being cut off by the prince.

"And let's not forget that so have I!" came the Saiyan's terse reply.

"Cell already agreed on fighting Gohan first, Vegeta. We will have to see how it plays out before deciding who will fight him next," Piccolo added, receiving a shooting glare from the other Saiyan near him.

"Is that so?" Vegeta asked, strolling right up to the Namekian.

"Yes," Gohan replied for his teacher. "Cell and I are having our rematch. There's nothing you can do about it now."

"Rematch?" asked the prince. "You've barely gotten any stronger in the last seven years!"

"After Buu, I think I'm pretty confident enough that I'll beat Cell," replied the half-Saiyan, before forming a determined expression. "Once and for all!"

It went silent for a brief moment, until a young, innocent voice spoke up. "Isn't Cell that guy who.. who killed Dad?"

All heads turned towards that one direction in which the voice came from, which was already known before they turned. It had came from Goten, and he appeared to dread what was to come soon in the future.

"Yeah," his older brother answered, strolling right to him and bending down to be around his height. "He's the one who took Dad's life all those years ago."

"Y-you don't have to fight him!" Goten suddenly blurted out, holding both of his clenched fists in the air. "Trunks and I'll fuse and beat him for you, we've been training really, really hard so you don't have to!"

The demi-Saiyan let out a small laugh and ruffled his younger brother's hair. "I appreciate you going all out for me, but this is something I have to do myself. Besides, Cell's a pretty powerful and dangerous guy, you could get seriously hurt, Goten."

"But that doesn't mean you have to!"

"Listen to me, if I hadn't kept playing with Cell when we fought, then.. then maybe Dad would've been with us in the last seven years, so it's my responsibility, and I need to take care of it," he replied calmly, yet firmly.


"I don't want to hear anymore of it, Goten. I'll be fine, I promise."

The young demi-Saiyan looked down in what appeared to be a dejected manner. Gohan was just about to say something else to cheer him up, but was too late when he saw Goten look up with tears welling up in his eyes.

"You promise?"

Gohan smiled and ruffled his hair. "Promise," he assured, watching his younger brother wipe them away with one arm and smiling in return.

"Remember Gohan," Goku suddenly began at his son, appearing by his side. "If things go south, you have us to count on. Don't go any further than you need to, alright?"

His son nodded firmly at him, heeding his words. He had already repeated his mistake on Buu from when he fought Cell. His arrogance when he was drunk in power was one fatal mistake he kept repeating, which was something he needed to avoid if he was going to fight the bio-android again.

After a rather long walk-for Ron at least-the group arrived at a waterfall, to which the freckled teen collapsed onto his knees and panted.

"It will be my honor.. again.. to pass out," Ron announced to himself, falling completely on the ground.

"Come on, Ron, you said we were almost there, didn't you?" Kim asked, after turning around to look at her partner, the young chimera on her back looking his direction as well.

"I'll just lay down here, you tell Yori I'll be right there-"


All of them turned around completely to face the waterfall, noticing a familiar, feminine silhouette through the wall of water. After hearing the familiar voice, Ron stood right back up and briskly strolled to Kim's side with narrowed eyes.

"Wait a sec, Yori?" he asked incredulously, hearing a giggle shortly after, to which he responded with a grin. "Yori! How's my favorite ninja?"

Yori, one of Master Sensei's best students, walked around the waterfall and in front of the trio and bowed. "You have not changed a bit since we last met."

"And you.." Ron started, stretching out the 'you' and not knowing what to say about the girl in front of him.

"Um, Master Sensei needed us?" Kim cut in with a question, Yori turning in her direction and nodding in reply.

"Yes, if you can please follow me, Kim Possible and.." Once the top student laid her eyes on the mini bio-android on the redhead's back, she rose a brow.

"Long story, just lead the way," the heroine nervously added.

The ninja nodded and walked back around the waterfall, the group following in return. As they walked on the bridge to Yamanouchi, Junior tilted his head slightly as he felt a familiar, large energy nearby. A wave of dread washed through him and he shrank back, which only told him whoever possessed this energy was not good.

"Master Sensei has been expecting your arrival, Stoppable-san," Yori announced to the blonde, as they finished crossing the bridge and into the yard of the school.

Ron laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a bit unsettled by her words. "I mean, it was kind of obvious since he told me to come here back at that restroom. Other than that, well, don't got a clue."

Kim moved forward briskly to be at her boyfriend's side. "Ron, we need to talk," she told him firmly.

The blonde's face went pale, feeling his heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he heard his girlfriend. "Are we breaking up?"

The redhead rolled her eyes and sighed. "No, Ron, we aren't breaking up," she assured him. "This is about something else."

Ron let out a sigh of relief. "Alright, what's up?"

"You dropped a huge load on me back at GJ," she stated. "You said L was once Sensei's student, didn't you?"

The raven-color haired ninja ceased her stroll abruptly and causing the crime fighters to stumble into each other.

The freckled teen turned to his girlfriend after hearing her question. "Uh, one sec, KP." He turned to Yori in front of them. "Hey, what's the hold up? You alright, Yori?"

"Ah, yes, I am well," she answered quickly, turning back slightly with a weary smile. "I appreciate your concern, Stoppable-san, but we must continue. I apologize for that everyone." With that last reply, she continued walking, causing the rest to look at her with a puzzled expression.

As they continued forward, everyone began to look around and noticed something.. odd. There seemed to be a lack of students in the area, meaning: there were no students in the area at all. There was no one practicing their ninja skills, no one sparring with each other, no one meditating, and especially no one in the common area in the middle of the day. It appeared that everyone in the secret ninja school had disappeared suddenly.

"Wow, looks like labor day came early," Ron remarked out loud, causing his girlfriend to place her face in her palms.

Yori began giggling at the freckled teen. "Oh, I see what you are doing, Stoppable-san. By lifting up the mood that has been placed in our time of need, you are making your more of your American-style jokes."

"Haha, yeah!" came the teen's casual reply, before he did a double take on what the ninja just said. "Say what? Wait, huh? What?"

"Hang on," Kim said suddenly, sprinting forward to face Yori. "Yori, about that time of need thing. Where is everyone?"

Yori sighed and looked below dejectedly. "Only Sensei and I remain as guardians. Everyone else has been sent away for safety."

"Safety?" the redhead asked, puzzled. "You mean.."

The raven-haired teen averted her eyes. "Sensei anticipates bad events."

"Bad events?" Ron asked worriedly, seeing the ninja in front of them close her eyes tightly.

"Yes," she answered, continuing forward and ceasing in front of the main building, opening the doors completely and continuing inside.

"Wait, by bad do you mean, like accidentally losing my pants in public kind of bad? Or like eating a plate of nacos and finding a hair in the cheese kind of bad?" The blonde was pinching his fingers together and closing one eye to provide emphasis on the "hair" part of his question.

Kim looked at her boyfriend with a somewhat disgusted expression. "Ew."

"Albeit this hair conundrum you speak of sounds quite bad, I do fear something far worse.." a voice suddenly spoke aloud.

Everyone was briefly surprised by this abrupt speaking, they composed themselves shortly after seeing Master Sensei coming around the corner with a lantern in hand.

"My old student plans to take your life, Kim Possible, at any cost," Sensei finished.

"Are you telling me it wasn't obvious before?" Ron asked, a somewhat angry and astounded expression forming on his face.

"Ron!" Kim whispered loudly, elbowing him in the gut slightly. "Watch it."

"Watch it?" Ron asked her incredulously, feeling the very thing that had held back his pent up rage and frustration reach its end. "KP.. ever since we took on that Area 51 mission, everything's been a complete—hell!" Kim and Yori went wide eyed at the sudden word. "Yeah I said it! It's been a hell! There are two psychos out there who want to kill you! Kill you! At least we knew about Cell! Sensei didn't bother to warn us about L at all until now!"

The redhead gazed at him worriedly, his outburst surprising her a bit. As well as the sudden alteration in his tone. She planted a hand on his shoulder gently. "Hey, look, um, I'm sure he didn't mean to-"

"Didn't mean to?" he interjected while laughing shakily, at the same time shaking off his girlfriend's hand. He stepped back. "Is L even human? Why haven't we heard of her 'til now? Why now? Why all this madness?! There are people who can fly and blow up things and-and just take us out without batting an eye if they wanted to! KP, we could've ended up like Team Go! They're superheroes and Cell took them out faster than I can blink!" After yelling that last part, he collapsed onto the floor and exhaled shakily.

Kim and Junior exchanged worried looks, as did Yori with Master Sensei. The heroine decided to let down the mini chimera off her back so she could comfort Ron, he seemed to have exploded after holding in all his emotions. She came forward and planted a hand on his shoulder once more.

"Ron.. are you okay?"

Ron turned around to face his girlfriend, tears welling up in his eyes. "No, I'm not okay! My girlfriend's been in danger this entire time because I'm the worst boyfriend in the whole world! You've been attacked by L and I've done nothing to stop her, Cell hurt you and I couldn't even do a thing about it! The only reason you were put in that situation is because I acted like a buffoon like everyone says I am! You.." he paused, closing his eyes and clenching his fists. "You almost died and I couldn't do a thing about it.. Just think about what could've happened if that sword guy and his weird-looking friend hadn't come."

The heroine donned a firm look. "Hey, I'm sure you and rest would've thought of something."

"With Cell in the room?" he asked in disbelief. "He probably would have made us watch you die! And even if he did leave, do you really think I could've done something to save you? In the condition you were in?"

"Ron, I-"

"And Rufus?" he asked himself, shaking his head. "I couldn't even take care of my own friend!"

Kim couldn't believe what she was hearing, and after not being able to speak to him, she stepped forward so she could confront him properly. "No, you're wrong!" she shouted. "You've only done what you could. It's just like you told me after the General died. I only did what I could do, remember?"

The freckled teen nodded. "Y-yeah, I remember.."

"You also told me I shouldn't blame myself over something I had no control over," she continued. "You said the only thing I could do was nothing. Don't you think the same applies to you?"

Ron let out a weak laugh as he placed hand on his forehead. "Looks like I've been ignoring my own advice, huh?"

Kim laughed as well and wiped the tears from his eyes with one hand. "Pretty much."

The blonde stood back up with a new emotion in place and turned to Sensei. His anger had leveled down somewhat, enough to confront his old teacher without getting heated up again. "So, what do we do now, Sensei? Are you gonna put us through some serious kick-butt training so we can beat L?"

Yori averted her eyes and Sensei sighed. "I wish that were a possibility.."

"Then why are we here?" the redhead asked.

"Yamanouchi is the only safe place I could think of for you two to be in," the wise old man explained. "If it would come to it, it will be I who will face L. I've taught her all she knows, I know how she will fight."

"Are you sure you can handle her, Sensei?" Ron asked, a worried expression spread across his freckled face. "She roughed Kim up pretty badly when we last saw her.. she might be way different than when you last remembered her."

"This option is our only hope," he simply responded, turning away.

"But there has to be something we can do, Sensei, something we can do to help with this situation," Kim said, stepping forward suddenly.

"Perhaps there is something you all can do to help," Yori announced, perking up slightly. "There is something we've been meaning to retrieve for some time in the mountains."

Sensei turned to Yori. "It is not a safe path, my student. I have sensed something odd arrive in that area earlier, and it does not feel right to me."

Junior turned his way briskly when he heard his words. Did he sense it too? The large, but familiar energy? He didn't think it was possible for humans like him to share such an ability.

The wise, old man noticed the curious stare he was receiving from the mini chimera. He turned his way and gave him a gentle smile, stepping forward and bending down to be at his height, the child stepping back and grabbing onto Kim's cargo pants. "And who is this little friend you've brought with you?"

When Kim heard Sensei's question, she answered briskly. "His name's Junior, and he's uh.. well, he's not human obviously, it-it's a long story."

"He has quite a large source of power," the old man continued.

"He really does, doesn't he?" The heroine placed her hands on her hips as she took a gander at the child.

After further observing him, Sensei looked to her with a smile. "He has a good heart, I feel it. But.."

Kim rose a brow and narrowed her eyes. "But?"

"I sense good in him, but something I recognize as well, as if I felt it this energy before. It is odd, but I cannot place it."

"It's.. it's not bad, is it?" the teen asked while throwing Junior a worried glance.

The old man shrugged. "I do not know, but let us hope not, we have something of higher importance to end to."

Kim rose a brow. "What is it? Is it connected to L?"

"It is what I mentioned earlier, Kim Possible," Yori started once more. "There is something we need to retrieve quickly, up in the mountains."

"Yes, but I said the path is now dangerous," Sensei reminded his student. "Something does not feel right about that area, it is not safe to explore at the moment."

"But Sensei, it is only a matter of time before she finds it," the ninja argued. "If she gets her hands on it, it will be a repeat of what happened years ago!"

"What are you guys talking about?" Ron asked curiously. "Is it really that important?

Yori turned to her teacher for aid, to which he came. "There is a scroll hidden in a temple in the mountains," he began to explain. "This scroll is connected to an ability I have taught L. She's already manipulated it enough, but if she finds this scroll.. her ability will break its barriers and become far more deadly than I could imagine."

Kim gazed curiously, but with fear. "What did you teach her?"

The old man was usually composed, but his composure seemed to lessen as he heard this question. "This ability was a technique forbidden for all of the students of Yamanouchi. All with exception of the headmaster. L was originally supposed to be my successor when the time came, so I thought no harm would arrive if I taught her beforehand."

"Wait, wait wait, hold on a sec," Ron started incredulously. "You chose L to be the next headmaster? How?! Why?!"

"Yes, it seemed appropriate at the time, but it seems to have.. as you would say, 'backfired'."

"Okay, okay, uhh I'm sure what you taught her isn't that bad," the freckled teen added. "I mean, if it's hairy cheese bad, then it's all hakuna, right?"

"I'm afraid it's quite the opposite, Stoppable-san," Master Sensei responded. "This technique was originally harmless, it was developed to aid those who are injured or near death."

"How could she manipulate a technique like that?" the heroine asked, confused.

"This technique allows one to give ki to another. It is usually a healthy healing process, but it can be harmful to the user if they give too much of their ki."

Kim cocked her head. "Dumb question, but uh, ki? What is that? Sounds important."

"Very," he responded. "Ki is the life force running through every living being."

The redhead was now reminded of the Namekian back at the lookout. If it weren't for him, she would've been a goner. She now wondered if he gave some of his own energy to heal her. Now she felt more grateful than before.

"Do you mind telling us the whole story behind it?"

"If it will help you understand, then I do not mind," he answered placidly. "As the great warrior Toshimiru carved the monastery out of the mountain, he, like a true master of Tai Shing Pek Kwar, could give his ki to others. Each headmaster of Yamanouchi passed down this ability, but it was forbidden for every student with exception of one the headmaster chooses to be the next head of Yamanouchi. The reason behind it is unknown, but I suppose now it is quite obvious."

"I don't see how it's dangerous," Kim remarked. "I mean, how could she make this technique harmful for anyone else?"

"She has somehow reversed the effect of the technique, making it harmful for the person affected instead of the user."

Ron's eyes widened. "Wait, so that means.."

"Instead of supplying her energy to others, she seizes their energy and adds it to her own."

The redhead let out a small gasp. "So.. so if she takes too much, then that could.."

Sensei went silent, but knowing well what she was going to say. He was reminded of the incident that occurred years ago, an incident which took many lives. He only wished he were a better headmaster and protector of his students back then.

"So if she gets her hands on that scroll.." Ron trailed off.

The face of the old man seemed to darken, appearing far more grim than just previously. "At the moment, her ability is limited to touch," he began to explain. "If she gets her hands on that scroll, she could take the life energy of others without such limitations."

Ron let out a loud gasp. "Then what the heck are we still here for?! We gotta go now!"

"Sensei, I know you have said it may be dangerous, but please allow me to accompany them to retrieve the scroll," Yori said to her teacher pleadingly. "I promise you we will not encounter any danger, and so should we, we will fight until our last breath. We will come out on top!"

The old man turned away, mulling on his answer while stroking his beard. Eventually, he turned back to face his student with a new answer in place. "I will allow it. While you are gone, I will remain as guardian in case L decides to head here first. I only ask that you take great care, I will not lose a student again."

The ninja bowed immediately. "Thank you, Sensei!"

"Let us not waste more time, you all need to hurry and go!"

The crime fighters, Junior, and Yori headed out immediately, she leading them all to their destination. The head of Yamanouchi stared in the direction in which they left in, speaking one last line before returning to guarding the school.

"Before it is too late.."

After leaving out the back way of the school, the group automatically headed to the temple in the mountains. Apparently, the ninja had full knowledge of the path and where it was.

"Yori, how did you know about the scroll's whereabouts?" Kim asked the ninja, strolling forward briskly to be at her side. "Last I checked, every student was forbidden to learn about this technique."

"Yes, but not every student has been chosen to be the next headmaster of Yamanouchi," she answered simply.

The redhead did a retake on what the teen said. "Wait, you mean..."

"Sensei has chosen me as the next headmaster," Yori finished.

Ron threw a fist in the air. "Boo-yah Yori!" He then wrapped an arm around the girl before continuing. "You'll be the headmaster of the century!"

"I do not know about that being the best headmaster, but I will try my very best not to fall ill to a desire for power like L has," she simply responded determinedly.

"Right!" replied the blonde. "Now that you mentioned her, I have a few questions I'm hoping you could answer."

Yori nodded. "I will answer with the best of my ability."

"Do you know why L wants KP to bite it so much?" he asked. "She already planned on getting that scroll before wanting my girlfriend gone, right? So what's the point?"

The ninja perked up slightly. "I remember Sensei telling me something about this. He says because she is very stubborn, she will not stop at any cost to complete a goal. If failing to do so, her self-esteem will drop drastically and she will feel weak."

"Is that all?" Kim suddenly asked, her interest piquing in this conversation.

"She also becomes very ill-minded," she added. "Sensei says she will do whatever it takes to reach her goal. Even if it takes another life or her own."

At that moment, when Ron heard Yori, he had a sudden remembrance. Dr. Director had said those words, not exact, but with the same context, same meaning.

Meaning, she will harm anything or anyone who gets in her way, even if it means taking their life or her own.

"Maybe he got it wrong," the redhead offered. "Maybe-"

"Maybe he got it right," Ron interrupted, turning towards his girlfriend with a solemn expression. "Dr. Director told me the same thing. Sensei's on point, Kim. I know for sure."

Kim stared at him with an indifferent expression. "..I'll take your word for that, let's just keep going now, alright?"

"Yes, we have no time to spare," Yori stated. "Let us not continue, we are losing precious time."

With that said, the group agreed to continue forward. Every one of them broke into a run to get to their destination quicker. What they didn't know was that the mini chimera could take all of them there quite quickly. Even Kim knew how fast he could go and how strong he was, which left him wondering why she hadn't suggested it yet.

After running for awhile, they passed across a river and another waterfall before finding a path through the woods, that would lead them directly to the mountain with the temple, according to the ninja leading them of course.

"If we continue to follow this path, we will be at our destination very soon," Yori remarked at the group following her.

"Great, we should be in and out just like that," Kim added.

During their conversation, the freckled teen couldn't help but feel something was awry. He didn't know what it was, but it felt like Master Sensei's gut feeling about the path was right. There was something.. or someone here, it was familiar although not enough for him to figure it out. There was one hint though; his insides churned at what he was feeling. The atmosphere felt awful—like something was smothering him, an energy only he and the little chimera could sense.

"Hey, you guys, wait a sec," Ron started suddenly, ceasing in his tracks abruptly, causing the girls and the mini bio-android to skid to a stop. "Something feels really strange about this path."

"Are you serious, Ron?" the redhead asked her boyfriend with her hands at her hips.

"Uh, hello!" he exclaimed, then pointing to his now grave-looking face. "Note: serious face."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Well, considering what Sensei said, you might have have something."

"Didn't Sensei say something was off about this path?" he asked.

"Yes, but I affirmed that we will overcome this unknown obstacle," Yori answered confidently, holding a fist against her heart.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that, but.." The freckled teen began to look around. "But something does feel off now that we're on the path. I think I get what Sensei was talking about. It feels.. it feels weird, like—freaky weird. Like I'm supposed to know what it is, but I don't."

"Maybe you're thinking too much about what Sensei said," the heroine offered, albeit unsure.

"So you don't feel anything?" he continued, stepping forward to his girlfriend and looking at her right in the eye. "Anything at all?"

"Hey, I'm not saying that, but-"

"You feel it too, don't you? Heck, I bet Yori feels it, maybe-maybe Junior feels it too! Don't lie to me, KP!"

Kim released a sigh and nodded. "I didn't want to admit it because I thought it would get in the way of what we're doing. Besides, it could be nothing, you know?"

"If it was nothing—if it was really nothing.. then why did Sensei not want us to go to begin with?"

Everyone was silent, not knowing how to answer the teen, which left the atmosphere in what the blonde could only name: awkweird. There was one thing he knew for sure though: he was right, more specifically, Sensei was right. There was definitely something odd about the area they were in, as if it were.. familiar. To Yori it wasn't recognizable, but for the crime fighters and Junior, it was.

"We haven't come across anything so far, so let's not assume anything bad, okay?" Kim began positively. "We should stay focused on our mission. We can't let L get her hands on that scroll. We already have an overpowered psychopath in this world, I don't want to add to that."

"Yes, I agree with Kim Possible, we must continue with our mission," Yori added.

"Two outta four, huh?" Ron asked, then turning to Junior who stood near Kim, the little bio-android shaking his head at him. "That's cold, dude. But understandable."

Despite their doubts, they continued forward, the forest getting thicker and thicker as they went. Albeit as they grew closer, the peculiar feeling about the area began to grow, forming into dread. More so that some parts of the thick forest seemed to have been blown away. Literally, blown away. There were huge chunks of trees missing, and an odd smell of smoke in the air. There were also craters seen from afar if they paid ample attention.

Finally, they stumbled upon a clearing in the forest, to which the path ceased at the entrance and continued on the other side. Now that they had arrived here, it instantly clicked in their heads, their dread growing tenfold.

"No.. no, no, no!" Kim breathed out, backing away slightly and shaking her head, memories flashing in her mind—bad memories. "This has to be a coincidence, this.. this seriously can't be real. This is so not happening right now!"

"Guys, ma-maybe it'd be a go-good idea that we just get the heck outta here!" Ron suggested in a quavering voice, backing away as well. "We need to go now!"

Yori stared at the both of them with a puzzled look, wondering why the crime fighters were wearing such a frightened expressions. "I do not understand, what will happen if we go any further? Is there something here? I see nothing." She gandered around and saw nothing worth fearing in the area.

Ron sprinted forward and snatched the ninja's arm, pulling her back with him and heading back for Yamanouchi, Kim doing the same for the mini chimera. It wasn't long until Ron and Yori were pushed by an unknown, windy force onto the other side of the clearing. They were put onto that explicit spot so they could be separated from whom the chimera wanted to see.

Once that had transpired, Kim turned to their direction briskly and shouted, "Ron! Yori!"

"We're fine! Just-" Ron ceased speaking and his eyes broadened simultaneously. He then gestured to the area behind her by pointing quickly. "KI-KIM, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!"

When his words made it to her ears, the hair on the her neck stood on end. She already knew who was behind her, she was just too terrified to turn around and face him. She tried as best as she could to think a way out of this situation that was thrown on them. The only thing giving her comfort now was Junior holding onto her leg, but even that could eventually lead up to something bad if a certain someone had something to do about it.

Then, without a warning, she could feel a hand place itself on her shoulder. Reluctantly, without turning her head, she moved her green orbs to her left and saw the hand. Not just any hand, an alabaster one, with raven, claw-like nails. It appeared he deliberately placed it there so she would know how close in proximity he was to her. Nonetheless, the fact that she could feel him touching her invoked pure fear. And, she might've been imagining it, but she could also feel his fingers wrapping themselves there to envelop more of her shoulder.

"What a pity, it appears the marks I've left on you are gone," Cell started at the redhead at her ear. "Surely, you must have learned your lesson by now, or have you come here to receive another one?"

"Hey, don't you touch her!" Ron shouted at the top of his lungs. "Get away from her, you freak of nature!" The freckled teen then grabbed the nearest rock he could find and prepared to chuck it at him.

When Kim saw this, she came out of her fear-like state instantly. "No, Ron, cut it out! Don't do it!" She lunged forward but was yanked right back by Cell.

"Don't leave when I'm speaking to you, human," he told her sternly. "It is quite rude to leave in a middle of a conversation, don't you think?

Seeing the chimera manhandle his girlfriend had Ron impulsively hurling the rock at him. Cell was still looking at the heroine when he caught the rock effortlessly, flicking it back at mind blowing speed. The freckled teen let out a yell as he and Yori dodged it in the nick of time. Both of them gandered in the direction in which the rock flew it and saw that a hole had been burned right through a tree.

"It's also rude to interrupt a conversation," the bio-android added, throwing a brief look at the two in the center of the clearing.

Kim turned back, already regretting the action when her green orbs locked with his magenta ones. "Look, it's me you want, right? Don't drag them into this, they don't mean you any harm!"

Cell let out a scoff. "Do you think I was born yesterday? Your pathetic excuse of a partner-and quite fearlessly I might add-threw that stone at me with intention to harm."

"Oh, so not the drama, Cell! You and I both know you wouldn't have gotten hurt anyway," she continued, her tone sounding surprisingly intrepid—she almost felt proud of herself. "I wasn't born yesterday too, you know."

After hearing her smart remark, a grin stretched across his alabaster face, showing his delight in this little conversation he was having. So, with that in mind, he brought his face lower to be slightly above hers. "So what brings you here to my domain, Kimberly? I'm certain you are not here to capture me again, are you?"

"It's just pure coincidence that we ran into you again. If I knew you were here, I'd be long gone," the redhead responded, still maintaining her intepidity, yet a bit perturbed at the feel of his hand on her shoulder, the same in which he inflicted injury. Not only that, he used her full name as if they were actually acquainted with one another.

"What is-who is that?" Yori inquired Ron. "Why isn't Kim Possible doing anything, Stoppable-san?"

"Yori, he is one of the most repulsive and vile person-monster you'll have the chance to ever meet," he answered, a glowering expression then forming on his face. "He goes by Cell, and he's a way bigger problem than L. Kim doesn't stand a chance."

"No, it cannot be," she said in disbelief. "Do you think she will be fine by herself?"

Ron turned away from Cell and Kim and to the ninja beside him. "With him? Not if I got something to do about it!"

"Stoppable-san, we are running out of time," she continued in a pleading manner. "If we waste anymore, L might have her hands on the scroll by now. She could potentially be a bigger threat than this Cell!"

"What are you saying? Are you suggesting we should leave KP?" the freckled teen asked incredulously. "No, no, no, I can't do that. I'm sorry, Yori, you'll have to go get that scroll by yourself. I've left KP once, and that was one big mistake I promised not to make ever again."

The ninja released a sigh. "Very well, I will try my best to retrieve the scroll. If I do not come back.. I think you will know what has occurred to me." Yori suddenly wrapped her arms around Ron and hugged him tightly.

Ron was slightly taken aback, but then he returned the embrace by wrapping his arms around her. "You'll come back, I know you will. Someone has to be the next headmaster of Yamanouchi after all, huh?"

Yori parted from him and nodded, before giving him one bow and darting to the other side of the clearing, where the continuation of the path lies. After watching the ninja's body disappear into the depths of the woods, the teen turned back to Kim and Cell. The chimera's hand appeared to remain on his girlfriend's shoulder, his grip on her unrelenting. Ron's eyes suddenly narrowed at the at the sight, his hands balling into fists.

Seeing the monster who hurt the person he loved most seemed to ignite something within him. The way he grabbed onto the redhead like she was some sort of useless object angered him to the core.

"Hey!" Ron shouted, his voice taking a odd dip. "Bug man! Over here!"

Cell gave Kim a brief glance before turning to Ron. "Excuse me for a second, my dear, this shouldn't take long." His grip on her never shifted as he turned his attention to the freckled teen in the center of the clearing.

"Get your dirty hands off my girlfriend," the teen threatened, pointing at the girl in his clutches. "Or this isn't going to be pretty."

The bio-android nearly burst out laughing at the human's threat. Before he could respond, he noticed an odd blue glow with a shape of a monkey enveloping his being. Not only that, but his appearance began to alter into something intimidating. There was a dark outlining around his eyes. His hair looked rather spikier than usual, flowing peculiarly in the wind. Surprisingly enough, the chimera could actually feel his energy elevating, something he thought was impossible for someone like him to achieve.

Cell released a scoff and looked down at Ron. "Don't get too cocky, boy. A little power up like that won't do any damage against a warrior of my supreme statu-"

Suddenly, Kim felt a brief windy force beside her, feeling as if someone intentionally pushed her away to avoid potential danger. She briskly turned in the direction in which the force originated and saw that Ron was floating in the air near her, and for some reason his arm was stretched out and his hand was curled into a fist. Cell, however, was no where to be seen. The redhead turned back to see where he went and saw multiple trees had been knocked down. She returned to her boyfriend with widened eyes.

"Ron?" the redhead asked, almost not recognizing the teen before her. "Is that you?"

Ron turned his stony gaze to his girlfriend, by which softened when he saw that she was safe. He would've smiled at her if he hadn't gotten knocked right into the ground, causing a path of dirt to be engraved into it. Then, Kim felt a familiar touch on her shoulder once more, she wincing and turning back as a result.

It was Cell, and there was a scuff on one side of his alabaster face from what she assumed was Ron's doing. He didn't appear angry, but he did look rather impressed or excited about what's to come.

"This shouldn't take long, we'll return to our conversation soon enough," the chimera added to her. "You'd better make sure to remain within my range of sight, or this entire area will go up in flames."

Kim could feel his grip on her shoulder tighten briefly, with intention to remind her of how powerful he was in comparison to her. The redhead merely turned away to find a better view, and to her relief she still saw the mini chimera holding onto her leg.

Cell released her and faced the now glowing teen. "Now, this will make a lovely appetizer before the real main course," he remarked, vaguely speaking of his fight with Goku soon.

"Less talking, more punching!" Ron shouted, the blue glow enveloping him growing larger.

A smirk stretched across the bio-android's face. "Very well then."