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OMG, Goose Please!

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Caitlyn can admit that, growing up, she had engaged fully in the Gooseday excitement most people get wrapped up in.
She remembers learning everything she could about the scientific basis for it (as near as science has been able to determine), and about how Goosedays can play out, and she remembers feeling absolutely gutted to learn that some people never even get a goose.
With the optimism afforded her by being eleven at the time, Caitlyn had never even considered that she might be one of those people.
By the time she graduates from high school, she’s almost sure she is one of those people.
Which, okay, is probably a little bit melodramatic; she’s not the only person she knows who hasn’t had their Gooseday yet, but she’s never even had a crush, and if that doesn't scream forever alone, Caitlyn doesn’t know what does.
But it’s fine. She’s on her way to university (in New England) on a volleyball scholarship, and she’ll probably be way too busy to focus on romance anyway.

And for the first few months, she totally is. College is a steep learning curve, and Volleyball takes up every waking moment that school doesn’t, and she knows that her roommate (Jennifer? Jessica? Something with a J), probably wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a lineup, despite having shared a room with her for three months already.
And then she’s bowled over by two gigantic hockey boys on Lake Quad and suddenly making time for romance seems much more important.
Samwell, Massachusetts is great, really, but Chris Chow is the flash of bright, California sunshine that Caitlyn has been trying to pretend she doesn’t miss.
Their relationship moves fast, but Caitlyn would describe it as anything but a whirlwind; more like finding your other half and not needing to wait because everything is just already comfortable.
Caitlyn is pretty sure that this is that soulmate thing that everyone is always talking about, and if she never gets her goose (or Chris never gets his; at this point she’s not picky), then maybe that’s fine.

Their goose, and neither one of them knows which of them it belongs to, shows up one morning, cuddled between them in their bed.
“Are you serious, dude?” Caitlyn asks, rolling her eyes and flopping onto her back, “We’ve only been married for four years.”