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Turn The Lights Out

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She can’t think straight. All she can focus on is the brilliant, gorgeous, strong in more ways than one woman straddling her. She can’t even begin to process everything that happened today so far.

She has to be asleep.

This is a dream, right?

Lena squeezes her thighs around Kara, sinking closer to her in her lap. Her hair tossed to the side, arms draped around Kara’s shoulders.

Rao, she’s is a sight.

Kara grabs Lena’s hips with both of her hands, lifting her gaze up her body until their eyes connect.

“Are you sure?”

Lena chuckles, leaning in, “I’ve never been more sure of something in my entire life.”

She ghosts her lips together, Kara desperate to take them against her own and chases her. Lena chuckles, allowing Kara the smallest connection to sate her during the teasing.

Kara, completely enraptured by the woman on top of her, pulls her closer. She grips at her hip bones as she shifts up and captures Lena’s lips fully. Lena opens her mouth, allowing Kara access as she slips her tongue past Lena’s teeth.

Lena rocks into Kara, catching the girl off guard. Kara tightens her grasp, swinging her in a swift motion as she lays the Luthor on her back. Lena breaks the kiss, gasping at the strength and speed it took to have her on the bed. Kara takes her advantage, planting kisses across Lena’s cheek.

“I never thought you would do that,” Lena’s hands roam about Kara’s back, holding the girl in place as she kisses a line down to Lena’s jawline, “I’ve gotta say, it’s definitely a turn on.”

Kara gives a throaty chuckle, “Noted.”

Lena’s lip quivers as Kara reaches her pulse point. She continues her journey down, making sure every inch is loved adequately enough before moving on. Lena’s eyes flutter shut, tangling her fingers in Kara’s hair while she pulls at the top button of her work shirt.

“You know, when I first saw you in this shirt, all I could think of was how easy it’d be to pop every button off.”

Lena whimpers, tightening her hold on Kara’s scalp. Kara chuckles, pressing a kiss in the now vulnerable flesh of Lena’s collarbone.

She pulls the second button slowly, sliding her fingers underneath the shirt to explore previously hidden territory. Lena is so soft, so pure. Kara stops herself from going further, suddenly nervous that she isn't good enough to partake in such a treasure.

Knowing the signs all too well, Lena drops her hold in Kara’s hair and cups her face. She gently pulls Kara’s head up, making the girl look her in the eyes.

“You are the best thing to ever touch me, Kara,” Lena whispers, “do not feel unworthy. If anyone should, it would be me.”

Raw emotion swells in Kara’s chest, opening her mouth to spew countless words of adoration for Lena, but she’s silenced with a gentle kiss.

Lena pulls away, a loving smile replacing where Kara’s lips just were. “You make me feel worthy. You are the only person that makes me feel accepted and loved.”

With the encouragement, Kara continues her journey down Lena’s body.

She pulls the shirt off of Lena’s body, taking in the black lace bra underneath. Her breath catches at the being in front of her. She had imagined this for so long. Every single aspect of this night she had playing over and over in her head since the very beginning. None of it ever prepared her for the real thing. The sheer perfection of Lena Luthor, in all of her pale beauty, with such a simplistic yet tasteful black bra that made her skin seem to glow in contrast.

Lena presses a kiss to the arm beside her head, regaining Kara’s attention. “As much as I’d love for you to stare at me like I belong in an art gallery, I’d appreciate you continuing.”

Kara wants to apologise for being caught up in the moment, but Lena adds a second kiss to the spot on her arm and a small smile.

She moves, hovering above Lena’s torso as her hands slowly creep up her ribcage and over her breasts. The fullness of them in her hands, the fabric, the experience. It’s all overwhelming. She feels lightheaded that she is, in fact, feeling Lena up for the first time. She squeezes them gently, then delicately pulls the top of the right cup down to expose her nipple. The deliciously pink nub is hard, Kara wastes no time as her mouth latches onto it and sucks it between her teeth.

Lena jolts, fisting her hair as Kara tugs her nipple. Her hips buck against Kara’s, a muffled moan sounding from behind her bitten bottom lip.

Kara looks up, her and Lena’s eyes connecting as she swipes the nipple with her tongue. Lena’s jaw drops, allowing the sounds to float out.

“Kara,” she groans out, “more.”

Her voice is hypnotising. The pitch, how low she can hit and strike directly at Kara’s core. The rhythmic swing, how a two syllable word such as her name can sound like a prayer. How she begs, such need embedded into each cry. It all drives Kara absolutely insane. She never thought she could be addicted to a sound until she heard Lena speak for the first time. Rao save her soul for how smitten she was.

Lena arches her back, pushing her chest into Kara’s face as she whines for more contact.

“Easy,” Kara coos, “let me savour this.”

She pulls the left cup of Lena’s bra down, tracing the woman’s ribcage with her tongue as she crosses to the other nipple. She’s gentle, too gentle for Lena’s liking. She kisses the flesh, her lips just barely brushing against the sensitive nub as she pays attention to not fully touching it just yet.

Not long before Lena groans at Kara’s glacial pace, she takes the nipple into her mouth while ghosting her thumb over the other. The dual stimuli makes Lena’s pupils dilate, grabbing a fistful of the sheets and groaning.

Lifting from Lena’s chest, Kara gives a breathy laugh. The warmth from it cascades across Lena’s torso and she feels she’s about to burst. All from this. Being touched by Kara. Being loved by Kara.

That’s what this was, right?

This was what it felt like to be loved.

Noticing the somewhat vacant stare, Kara slips her thigh between Lena’s and eases her knee gently against her jean clad center.

“Shit,” Lena hisses, being snapped back to reality. She drops herself back on the bed and jerks her hips against Kara’s leg.

Kara grins wickedly, something Lena had never seen before from the girl, her hands flying to the button of Lena’s jeans in an instant. She pops the bottoms open, pulling the zipper down as well as she slides her hands between the jeans and her underwear.

Her fingers glide to soaked fabric, gasping at the contact. Lena nods, answering the wordless question of if this was how Kara made her feel.

Pulse pounding in her ears, she presses into Lena’s underwear, letting the woman’s wetness cover her fingers as she searches for her clit.

Lena’s gasp as Kara applies pressure to the bundle of nerves is music to her ears. She pulls her ring finger, thumb, and pinky to her palm as she massages small circles with her pointer and middle into Lena’s clit.

The small, pinpointed circles nearly launch Lena over the edge instantly through all the build up. The emotional rollercoaster from the last 168 hours, the adrenaline flowing through both of their veins, and finally having Kara right where she wants her throttle her senses. She feels so dangerously good.

“God yes,” Lena’s body stiffens as Kara keeps her maneuvers consistent, “don’t stop. Please Kara.”

Determination alone wouldn’t allow Kara to stop if she wanted to. She wanted this. She wanted to make Lena come undone. She needed it. She craved it.

She goes faster, guiding Lena closer toward the edge. Her knuckles start to sting, continuous motions against denim giving her a bit of a burn, but she doesn’t stop.

Lena’s hands drop from Kara’s hair and grip onto her own hipbones, controlling herself and making sure she doesn’t move away from Kara accidentally.

Her mouth falls open, eyes squeezing shut as her orgasm shutters through her body. She digs her nails into her skin, holding herself in place as she further ruins her underwear.

As the waves die down, she wraps her fingers around Kara’s wrist. She guides the girl’s hand out of her pants, pulling them to her mouth and kisses each of her fingertips.

“You are so absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful,” Kara whispers, “I can’t comprehend how perfect you are.”

She lays down next to Lena, propping her head up with a hand as she looks over the recovering woman. Lena gives a lazy smile, unable to muster up more at the moment.

Kara fist pumps into the air suddenly, unable to contain her happiness. Lena looks over to her cautiously, wondering why the sudden movement. Seeing the bouncing and beaming girl next to her, she laughs.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Kara gushes, “I never thought it would happen, I just thought it was something that would forever live in my head and never become reality. It’s amazing. You’re amazing.”

Clearing her throat and rallying any energy within, Lena rolls onto her side. “You thought about this?”

Kara crinkles her nose at being caught, of course she’d excitedly ramble about this. Dang it.

“Uh,” she mumbles, “well, yeah. Remember the shirt thing from earlier?”

Arching her eyebrow in the only way Lena Luthor could, she gives Kara a smirk. “What else did you think about?”

She lifts up a hand, pushing Kara’s shoulder down until she’s flat on her back. Kara grows red as Lena holds herself against the girl, stammering to try and answer her.

“I, uh,” Lena slides her hand up Kara’s shirt, her abdominal muscles flexing at the touch, “well, this.”

Lena moves to rest her chin on Kara’s shoulder, the blonde starting to giggle awkwardly as Lena gently presses a kiss to the side of her neck. Reflexively, she flinches, attempting to break the contact and hide the sensitive part of her skin from Lena by blocking it with her shoulder.

“What else?”

Lena pushes up the shirt as her hand slides further up. She nudges Kara’s shoulder back down, dragging her bottom lip across the fabric until it reaches her throat.

“You taking my shirt off,” Kara stammers. As she says it, Lena’s hand pulls back from her shirt and grabs the bottom hem. She bundles it up in her grasp, collecting it all in her fist as she works the fabric up Kara’s body.

As she tugs Kara’s top off slowly, her eyes never leave the exposed skin, making sure every millisecond is burnt into her memory forever. It's almost reverential, like she's ready to worship at an altar for a god with how delicate she is. As Kara sits up slightly to allow Lena to move the garment off, her eyes drink in the sight before her. A shirtless and wanting Kara Zor-El. Ready for her taking.

She felt the pure lust pulse from her core and radiates to the soles of her feet. She is positively aching for this girl.

If how she felt for Kara was anything like religion, she would be more than happy to get on her knees and pray.

Everything about her makes Lena weak. The dip of her collarbones. The swell of her breasts. Her fucking abs. Sweet lord, Lena feels like she's died and went to the best version of heaven no one ever told her about. She wants to put her mouth everywhere on Kara. She wants to experience everything the Kryptonian would allow her.

Grinning, Kara taps Lena’s shoulder to regain her attention. “You look like a kid in a candy store with a crisp twenty in hand.”

“Can you blame me?” Lena asks, running her hands over Kara’s torso, “you are perfection incarnate.”

Blushing furiously, Kara swats at Lena. She's never felt like this before and she loves it. So unabashedly gleeful in this very moment.

Lena crawls her way down Kara’s body, her from her thoughts as she kisses down her neck, between her breasts, and toward her stomach.

She keeps her eyes up, looking at Kara as she continues. As she nears one of Kara’s hipbones, she gently scrapes her teeth against the rise of skin. She dips lower, opening Kara’s legs as she positions herself between them.

She rakes her fingernails down the inside of Kara’s thighs, inching ever closer to the girl’s slick center.

Before she even tries to take Kara as she’s wanted to for so long, her hands still, holding in place on her legs.

“You never told me what else you thought.”

Every possible curse word she knows, in English and Kryptonian spew through her mind. She was so close to getting Lena inside of her, now she has to play along.

“I thought about your mouth doing unholy things to me,” Kara pants, “I thought about you having me. All of me.”

Lena’s hand slithers carefully up, her digits inching closer and closer toward Kara. Just looking at her, Lena can tell how bad she needs her.

“I thought about how it would feel when you first sink into me.”

Kara reaches down, guiding Lena’s hand. Her breath catches, never thinking Kara could talk like this. She gives her an assuring smile as Lena hesitates.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Lena allows her fingers to just dance across Kara’s inner thighs. She grazes against her wetness, confirmation that she was doing it all right. Regardless of how many times she’d done this before with other girls, something about Kara made her so nervous.

She takes a slow breath in as she moves her fingers against Kara’s core. She gasps, finally being touched. Moving her hand back, she gives Lena a nod to continue, without her guide.

She presses her fingertips into Kara’s clit, gently at first until she starts making circles. Mouth falling agape, she lifts her hips into the air. Lena continues her motions even though Kara was completely drenched, making sure she took her time to make the hero feel good.

Kara whimpers, feeling herself already close after the pent up frustration from everything she did to Lena earlier on.

“Lena,” Kara moans, “I really appreciate all of this. But you need to hurry up or I’ll lose it.”

Lena picks her head up, looking at the desperate girl in front of her. She gives a sheepish grin and mumbles an apology, moving her fingers from her clit and just outside her opening. Kara’s hand flashes onto her’s, forcing her to enter her, not playing around anymore.

She lets it happen, her finger just entering to her second knuckle. Just as she moves to go deeper into the girl, she stops.

Lena Luthor has taken Supergirl and Kara Danvers in a way she’s only dreamt of.

She grins, remembering the girl is at her mercy. She would love to sit between her legs, spell out the alphabet several times over against the girl’s sensitive nub until her legs become jelly. Or until Kara accidentally crushes Lena via her legs. Either way, she would take her in every single way possible.

But she doesn’t.

Her heart aches, thinking of only wanting to fill Kara with every ounce of adoration and passion she has in her body. Everything she feels for Kara, she wants to show her.

Lena pushes further inside Kara, pulling back out before sinking two fingers inside. She finds her rhythm easily, gentle but deep strokes.

“Rao,” Kara calls out, matching each thrust with her hips. “I’m- I’m close.”

Lena’s heart pounds in her chest as she surges up, taking Kara’s lips against hers as she drives into her faster. She presses her fingers up, making sure she hits the sweet spot inside as she continues on.

Kara’s back arches, everything building up from Lena straddling her to start the whole thing finally spills over. She loses herself, loses control over everything as she orgasms. She groans into Lena’s mouth, sloppily kissing her between the spasms her body goes through.

Finally, she slumps down, falling into the sheets with her eyes closed. Lena removes herself from Kara, kissing her now closed lips, and sits back to let the girl recover.

As she watches Kara come back to reality, she admires the hold she had over the superhero. She sits back on the bed, back against the headboard, smug as can be.

Kara sits up, blinking heavily at Lena.

“You nearly crushed my fingers and you’re awake that fast?”

The joke doesn’t register and Lena feels she did something wrong at the lack of reaction.

In a flash, she’s on her back with Kara’s head between her legs.

She gasps, grabbing Kara’s hair and pulling it back as she attacks her. Her tongue, her teeth, how she chuckles against her. It all feels too good to be real.

As Lena adjusts to the surprise of the girl’s actions, Kara stops. Lena’s eyes open, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe she imagined this all and she’s awake now?

“Crap,” Kara yelps, launching from a severely naked and wanting Lena, “Alex is going to be here soon. I don’t need to scar her after everything else that happened this week.”

Nope, it’s all real.

Sincerely thinking of just jumping out of the window, Lena lets out an exasperated sigh, flopping her arms in the air and letting them drop dramatically beside her. Kara rockets herself from the bed, using her superspeed to hurry to the door, lock it with the chain lock, and then over to the sound system along the living room wall.

Overhearing several hurried words of, “Come on, come on!” and “Faster, Kara, come on,”, the low tune of music swirls through the apartment. Lena sits up in the bed, trying to look around the corner of the bedroom doorframe to see just what the Kryptonian was doing.

“What makes you think she’ll just leave if she overhears music?”

Kara shrugs to herself, still in the other room as she attempts to find a song that wouldn’t ruin the moment. Settling on Beyoncé, Kara rushes back to the room.

In a blink, Kara’s back between Lena’s legs, tongue firmly against her clit.

“Jesus chri-,” Lena can barely make out, impulsively fisting the covers at the contact, “warn a girl, would you?”

Kara pulls away from Lena’s core, “Would you rather I say or do?”

“Do!” Lena shouts, definitely not wanting to continue a cohesive conversation right now, “do do do do.”

She knots her fingers in Kara’s hair instead of the sheets, pushing the girl back down between her legs. Kara allows herself to be pushed, smirking before taking Lena back into her mouth.

She flattens her tongue against Lena, making sure every part of her is covered by the muscle. As the tip of her tongue passes Lena’s opening, she feels her clench desperately at it. If she had enough focus she would demand the girl finally take her before she explodes without the penetration she ached for.

Kara pulls a hand from Lena’s hipbone, around her thigh, and rests it on her pubic bone. With her thumb and forefinger, she spreads Lena’s folds, enjoying just how pink and swollen she was from her mouth alone.

“Please,” Lena whispers, “please, inside. please.”

Kara follows the demand swiftly, dipping a finger to her second knuckle inside of Lena. The woman howls, finally getting what she’s been craving. She grinds into Kara’s hand, yearning to take the entire finger.

Without warning, Kara adds a second finger as Lena hisses in response. She grasps Kara by her wrist, forcing her to fill her as much as she possibly could.


Not a demand but a request.

Lena lets her grip fall from Kara, allowing her to continue without further interference. She wants Kara to ravish her. She wants to be fucked unconscious, to be at the mercy of the alien. She wants to ache for days after.

Kara, on the other hand, wants nothing but to cherish the woman. She wants to make love to her, as sickly sweet as it sounds.

Lena catches the caring gaze Kara has for her, looking over her body as she pulls out ever so slightly.

“You are amazing,” Kara says, pushing back into Lena, “you are better than anything or anyone I could ever imagine.”

Mewling at the thrust, Lena can’t help but smile. The girl was such a romantic and it made Lena melt in more ways than one.

With a bit more force this time, Kara sets a pace. She pumps her two fingers at a rhythm slow enough for Lena to match with ease.

It’s like a dance, Kara thinks. A dance she could do forever. Lena’s hips meet her hand in perfect synchronization. Still between Lena’s legs, she leans forward to press a kiss just above her clit as she continues her thrusts. Lena reaches down, tucking Kara’s hair behind her ear, caressing her face as well.

Kara can only smile as she fills Lena with adoration, giving the woman everything she possibly can.

Lena’s hips grind hard, begging Kara to pick up her motions. She obliges, feeling Lena clench as she pushes as deep as she can into her.

“Kara,” she turns the girl’s name into the most amazing sound, “keep going.”

Her fingers tangle in hair in an attempt to keep it out of Kara’s face. In appreciation of the help, she opens her mouth and takes Lena’s clit between her teeth. The gentle, constant pressure against the button with the consistent in and out of her fingers, Lena isn’t sure if she can keep it up.

She tightens around Kara’s fingers, groaning through her teeth, feeling the beginning of her second orgasm of the night.

“There’s a buffer, babe,” the petname slips easily, neither of them blink at it, “I want to hear you.”

Kara flicks Lena’s clit with the tip of her tongue, eliciting a loud moan.

Oh Rao could get used to this.

She flexes her fingers up, coaxing Lena to the cliff’s edge. She tightens around Kara as much as she can, the girl hitting every single right spot possible all while still attacking her with her tongue.

How was she this good?

In a mere moment, Lena free falls and crashes against the waves of pleasure. Her hips jerk into the air, rapidly still meeting Kara’s pace as she rides her hand through completion.

Kara lifts her head from between Lena’s legs, finally detaching herself from the woman completely. She lets one finger slide out from within her at a time, fully staring at just what she had done to Lena.

She gives a lopsided smile at her, noticing her head cocked to the side and mouth wide open. Feeling eyes on her, Lena shifts and wipes the drool just barely starting to fall pass her bottom lip.

“You wrecked me,” the rasp of her voice makes Kara want to go again, but the Kryptonian reminds herself of human stamina and slides up Lena’s body instead. “You are definitely otherworldly because that was unbelievable.”

Kara’s smile evolves into a full grin at the praise, “Please, please, do continue.”

Lena clicks her tongue, turning onto her side to face Kara. She fights to open her eyes, only managing to muster enough to crack them open.

She reaches to swipe Kara’s cheekbone with her thumb, blinking slowly but still hoping to keep herself awake.

“I love you, Kara Zor-El.”

She doesn't falter, not being caught off guard like usual. She kisses the tip of Lena’s nose gently, “I love you too, Lena Luthor.”

The words felt so familiar, her heart saying them long before her mouth ever could.

She lays down on her back, allowing Lena to place her head on her chest like she did during that storm. The two snuggle against each other, Lena lazily pressing a kiss to Kara’s ribcage as Kara runs her fingertips up and down Lena’s arm.

This is what true happiness feels like.

Lena can barely hide her giddiness despite being practically asleep. She grins against Kara’s skin, ecstatic to come to a full understanding of the feeling.

The music changes, the combined violins and humming of the song floats about the room. Kara picks up the tune, adding her own humming along, holding Lena closer as the lyrics begin to fill the comfortable silence.

“I was here

when the first morning dawned upon you

I’ll be there

I was here

When you first ever drew a breath

I’ll be there

For the last living thing.


And I will turn the lights out.”