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You Make Me Sick

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The cool, pleasant breeze slowly filled the room, drifting the curtains gracefully in its wake. The sun shined brightly, colouring in golden hue all that its rays touched. Jungkook laid silent, an arm placed under his head, body turned to his right side. His eyes stuck on the way the small puffs of breath left Jimin's plump lips.

He loved the mornings like these, when he’d wake up to the older boy sleeping besides him. The moments like this very scarce since Jimin shared the room with Taehyung and the latter almost invariably threw a fit whenever Jungkook asked Jimin to sleep with him. But Jimin had always adored Jungkook beyond limits and it never took much toil to get Jimin to agree to anything.

Jungkook had always wanted to share the room with Jimin, but the arrangements always disfavored his desires. Well, Jungkook had a room of his own. Everyone seemed to treasure the maknae, so Jungkook thought. The other two bedrooms being taken by Namjoon and Yoongi; and Seokjin and Hoseok. Seokjin had come up with some strict rules when it came to living together. They all had to respect each other's privacy and comfort level.

Jungkook heaved a long sigh, focusing on the boy right in front of him. Jimin was sleeping on his stomach, face turned towards Jungkook. The sheets had slipped down to his lower back at some point, the oversized sweatshirt showing off a shoulder where the sun left a golden glow. Jimin's tiny hands ducked under the pillow his head rested on. Jungkook huffed in awe, smile threatening to split his face into half. Jimin often tended to sleep with his hands kept under the pillow. It maybe brought a sense of security to the boy, Jungkook thought to himself.

The silver locks of hair that fell gracefully over his eyes made him look ethereal. Jimin had recently dyed his hair to the elegant colour. His costumes, his look, everything made him look like a prince right out of a fairytale. Jimin was beautiful. He had always been beautiful—hair dyed or not. Jungkook almost scoffed at his own thoughts, Jimin having meddled with and overtaken his mind.

The younger tentatively brought a hand to the older's face, clearing the bangs away from his eyes. Gentle. Jimin looked innocent while sleeping; in the moment away from all the worries that afflicted his mind. The thought alone made the younger's heart constrict, he himself had been the reason behind Jimin downcast mood the previous week.

The boys had had been invited to an event in Tokyo couple weeks ago. They had stayed in the city for four days. The proposal had promised another bunch of good memories, except for Jungkook. He had started sulking the very moment one of their managers had come to them talking about the hotel room arrangements. He wanted to share the room with Jimin. He wanted Jimin to stay with him, but when the manager announced that Jimin would be sharing the room with Yoongi, Jungkook couldn't help but feel dejected. What made him furious was how Jimin simply agreed and smiled at Yoongi when the manager had asked all of them if they wanted to swipe. So Jungkook distanced himself completely, ignoring Jimin's existence the entire time they were in Tokyo.

His behaviour had bothered Jimin. He hadn't been as cheerful as he pretended to be. Jungkook knew that it hadn't been Jimin's fault. The older was completely oblivious to his feelings, but he couldn't help it. It hurt to see Jimin make his way to the room alongside Yoongi. It hurt when Jungkook stayed awake all the nights, his mind playing scenarios that he knew were stupid and untrue.

But then while returning back, Jimin had cornered Jungkook and demanded to know why he had been acting distant, Jungkook couldn't help but feel bad. In an attempt to demand attention he had hurt Jimin. He wanted to put things right but words failed him, besides there wasn’t anything to explain. He couldn’t admit that he was feeling jealous. So all he did was remain silent. The entire way back home Jimin had latched himself to the younger's side, never allowing him to be aloof again. It hurt to see how Jimin kept ensuring that the younger was talking to him. How he would slip his hand into Jungkook's warmer one and gauge the latter's reaction whilst.

Jungkook felt his heart constrict. He moved closer to the older, his hand caressing Jimin's hair.

“Jimin-ah! Jungkook-ah! Wake up you two!” Namjoon suddenly knocked at the door. Jungkook moved his eyes towards the door and then back to Jimin who was now scrunching his button nose adorably. Jungkook chuckled, but retracted his hand unwillingly, feigning sleep. It took a while for Jimin to wake up, body stretching, while rubbing at his eyes.

“Jungkookie... Wake up,” Jimin grumbled, voice gruff with sleep while his eyes tried to accommodate to the incident light. Jungkook knew that Jimin was a slow riser, it always took him some time to gain control over his limbs.

“Jungkookie,” Jimin called out again and this time brought a hand to the younger’s face, smoothing out his hair and caressing his cheek. Jungkook was trying hard to maintain the facade while his chest overpooled with warmth and love. He was trying really hard to remain still and not smile. As much as he loved being caressed like that by Jimin, Jungkook really wanted to see that dazzling smile. The one smile Jimin just reserved for him.

“Morning hyung,” Jungkook spoke against the older's palm, his own hand coming up to give it a slight squeeze.

“There you are!” Jimin cooed, pinching Jungkook’s nose playfully. “Morning Jungkook-ah, we gotta get ready soon, yeah?” Jimin chimed as he moved towards the window, drawing the curtains further, causing the sunlight to filter in as he slid the windows wide open just to make sure that the younger didn’t drift back to sleep again. Jungkook chuckled, eyes wandering over the older's smaller frame.

“Don’t you dare go back to sleep again!” Jimin threatened as he pulled at the duvet, giggling when Jungkook curled up on himself.

“So scary you are, Jimin.” Jungkook teased, propping himself up on his elbows. He could hear Namjoon trying to wake others up too, and he could clearly hear a whining Taehyung probably complaining about being abandoned.

“Yah! Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin nudged him in the ribs, “I’m your hyung!”, he whined and Jungkook laughed merrily.

“Yes, hyung.” Jungkook smirked.

Jimin muttered under his breath about ‘younger brats these days’ and then motioned for Jungkook to get up.

“'ll be there in a moment,” Jungkook said and Jimin made his way towards the door. A faint smile lingered at the corner of Jungkook’s lips as he watched Jimin walk away. Jimin just had that effect on him—turn the sulking Jungkook into the soaring Jungkook.

He stood up, tossing the duvet further away and made his way to his ensuite bathroom. A little breakfast and then he would have Jimin to himself for the day. Jungkook had asked the older boy to accompany him to the dance studio the previous night while the others were to go to the singing practices. The thought alone made certain warmth seep all over his body. He stripped himself naked and put the clothes in the laundry hamper. Having fetched his toothbrush, he eyed his bare reflection in the bathroom mirror.


He loves you. He just doesn't realize.


Jungkook stepped into the shower, having brushed his teeth. He turned the knob and closed his eyes at the pleasant feeling of the warm water run down his chest. Water slipped against his spine as Jungkook turned around, groaning at the sensation. It felt nice. Running a hand through his hair, he felt the ghost of the older’s touch lingering there. He moved back around then facing the shower head, and lifted his arms to place his hands on the wall.

Under the warm shower—head ducked low, muscles of his arms flexed—all he thought about was Jimin. It was as if Park Jimin had turned into his primal instinct; all he could think of was how pretty Jimin would look right there trapped between his arms. Maybe he'd lower his gaze, cheeks flushed, he'd tremble under Jungkook's touch; or maybe he'd look Jungkook in the eye and grab his face as he closes the distance between them.

Jungkook groaned at the feeling of hot desire conquer his every pore, making his heart pound hard against his chest. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against the cold tiles and let out a deep sigh as he turned the knob to cold.





The morning officially started with the sweet smell of pancakes enveloping their whole dorm. Seokjin always made them pancakes on weekends. Though they still had to go to the studio for some hours but it still was a weekend and that meant that they could afford to be a little late. After all, all the boys secretly waited for the week to end to devour on their hyung's luscious dishes to their fill. He started setting up the table when Jimin walked into the kitchen.

“Guess what woke me up?” Jimin said as he made his way to the kitchen island, smiling gleefully.

“Joonie did,” Seokjin huffed, “Or probably that whiney little baby.” Jimin giggled, scrunching his nose at the eldest.

“Aish hyung! I was trying to compliment you!” Jimin whined as he stood next to the elder, leaning his head towards the pan and taking a whiff of the pancakes. He swooned exaggeratedly. Jimin was adorable and Seokjin never hesitated to accept that he adored Jimin a little more compared to others. Jimin was always the first person he expected to see each morning.

“Taetae just is not a morning person,” Jimin pouted.

“He was whining about having to wake up without his Jiminie.” Seokjin scoffed, Jimin just side-hugged the elder, mumbling a “I'm so hungry” as he went towards the refrigerator, fetching himself a bottle of water.

“Hyung knows you're hungry little boy! You skipped on the dinner last night so obviously you'd be famished. Anyway! Hyung's prepared a lot of dishes today and I want you to eat well and thank me for my overwhelmingly impressive cooking skills.” Seokjin chirped, earning himself giggles from the younger who was clutching onto the counter to save himself from the fall.

“Thank you, hyung-nim, for taking care of us. We're utterly grateful for your overwhelmingly impressive cooking skills and I promise I'll enjoy every single crumb to the fullest,” Jimin teased, bowing exaggeratedly to the elder.

“Aish this kid! Why do you have to be so cute Jiminnie! I wish the others were equally good mannered.” The elder faked a sad sigh as he took the bottles of syrup out of the fridge.

“Who isn't good mannered here, hmm Jin hyung?” Namjoon mused as he made his way to grab a bottle of water for himself. “I obediently wake everyone up on your command hyung, you hurt me!” He clutched his chest, punctuating his words.

“Only my Jiminnie praises my cooking enough. And you took so long completing the simple task of waking everyone up.” The elder said raising the platter containing the delicious pancakes as he proceeded to set them along with the other dishes already placed on the table. As he was done, the elder continued, “I might as well restrict the cuddling sessions and the kisses being planted unceremoniously on my face for a week.”

“Oh my god! You can't do that hyung!” Namjoon widened his eyes as big as he could, giving off a look of sheer surprise. Jimin meanwhile almost bent himself in half giggling, desperately trying not to lose balance. “You love the cuddles and kisses more than I do!”

“Yah! Kim Namjoon!” Seokjin flustered, hitting the younger on his chest. He moved fast to place both his hands against Namjoon's mouth the moment he suspected the younger was going to add more.

“You won't say anything more! Alright, alright, no such restrictions, but you gotta help me with the dishes afterwards.” Seokjin stated, trying to act authoritative.

Namjoon grimaced but agreed nonetheless. “Yes, My Lord," he bowed, "your wish is my command, I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to your service, my—”

“Yah! Namjoon-ah!” The eldest threatened by raising the spatula this time. Namjoon fled towards the hall, laughing all the way, while Jimin choked on the huge gulp of water he had taken.


“I'll make sure to kill him with my fresh stock of dad jokes, just you see.” Seokjin muttered, then looked back at Jimin.

“Did you wake that grumpy kid up?”

Jimin gave him a nod as he placed the now empty bottle on the counter.

“I don't even know how to deal with that boy's mood swings anymore!” Seokjin sighed. “He seems so detached at times that I wonder if he's actually fine. It's all your fault Jimin-ah, you have spoilt him rotten.”

“He just needs some extra care, hyung. After all he's the precious maknae.” Jimin giggled. He loved when Jungkook acted all whiny and pouty, made him realize how young he actually was.

Jimin just hoped that Jungkook would always stay that way, that he’d always be happy and cheerful. His smile slowly faltered, however, as Jungkook’s distressed face flashed in front of his eyes. Jimin just hoped that he’d always be able to be there for the younger.